Macoupin County IL - Charity Cemetery Bird Township

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Macoupin County Illinois
Charity Cemetery
Bird Township Section 14
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Charity Baptist Church of Macoupin County, Illinois (1849-1908, some later dates) Book

Cathy Parnell Vance's Charity Church page

Partial Listing
Donated by - Matthew Ferrick and Gloria Frazier

Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Adcock, Sarah Jane Maguire Sept. 10, 1934 July 26, 1994 In Heaven Now Proclaimed
For thus says the Lord Behold I will
extend peace to her like a river. Isaiah66, 10-13
(w/o Edwin)
Angelo, Elsie M. Apr 16, 1913 Oct 1, 1985 (2nd w/o Gilbert)   GF  
Angelo, Gilbert Dec. 16, 1910 Jun. 4, 1993 (h/o 1st Martha, 2nd Elsie)   GF  
Angelo, Martha E. 1908 1951 (nee Sutton, first wife of Gilbert)   GF  
Angelo, Minnie Jane Ethel   1945 (d/o G & M)   GF  
Davenport, Ellen P. Mar. 1, 1827 Dec. 9, 1908 "At Rest"   MF  
Davenport, Milford E. May 8, 1825 Mar. 5, 1894     MF  
Enos, Edna S. Sep 27, 1902 Sep 29, 1977 (nee Sutton w/o Leon)   GF  
Enos, Leon May 20, 1893 Aug 31, 1961 (h/o Edna)   GF  
Maguire, Harold Evans December 14, 1908 December, 31, 1992 The Woodcarver   GF  
McNish, Cecil Oct 19, 1908 Sept. 24, 1973 (on stone with Charles)   GF  
McNish, Charles May 7, 1910   (on stone with Cecil)   GF  
Pitchford, Gilbert J. 1895 1960 (f/oEthel, Gilbert, Wilbur, Everett)   GF  
Roach, Delila
  August 11, 1865 w/o William
Roach, William
69 Y's 4 M's 22 D's July 4, 1861 w/o William
Talbert, Delbert G. 1914 1999 (h/o Dorothy 1st; h/o Nora 2nd)   GF  
Talbert, Dorothy E. 1917 1964 (1st w/o Delbert)   GF  
Talbert, Nora A. 1902 1987 (2nd w/o Delbert)   GF  
Tigo, John V. 1913 1995 Till We Shall Meet And Never Part
(h/o Lucy)
Tigo, Lucy F. 1918 1995 (w/o John)   GF  
Tigo, Patsy A.   Dec. 17, 1944 (d/o J & L)   GF  
Waters, P C 1827 1901     MF  
Waters, Susan C
1837 1902     MF  

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