McGaughey or Weeks or Bohlen or Phelps Cemetery, Omphghent Township - Madison County IL

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McGaughey or Weeks or Bohlen or Phelps Cemetery
Madison Co IL
Omphghent Township, Section 11
Coordinates Latitude: 38.98394, Longitude -89.84371

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Located on Prairietown Road southwest of Staunton. Travel the Prairietown Road until you see the sign for the cemetery. Part located in Section 11, Omphghent Township, Madison Co IL.

Complete Listing - last burial 1957
Donated by - Rick Doty

Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Anderson, Benjamin 1864 1898     RD  
Bangert, Elizabeth Schneider, Mrs
April 30, 1868
June 1, 1947
79yrs 1mo 28das
w/o Fred
died at Macoupin Hospital
no stone or may have been destroyed.
Bird, Jacob   Feb. 9, 1871     RD  
Bird, Tennessee   May 1, 1859     RD  
Bohlen, Elisabeth Dec. 10, 1850 Sep. 10, 1938     RD  
Bohlen, Henry Oct. 29, 1847 Feb. 9, 1914     RD  
(Bohlen, Peter)
(From Genealogical Society Pub)
Lenord, Infant   1929     RD  
Lenord, Neta 1914 1916     RD  
Lenord, Robert 1907 1910     RD  
M.A.E.S     [All that is on the stone.]   RD  
Ruhl, E 1870 1912     RD  
Ruhl, J (R.)
1867 1930
Ruhl, M 1905 1910     RD  
Ruhl, P 1896 1916 (Gen Society says b/date 1876)
Schneider, Elisabeth Jul. 2, 1837 Apr. 23, 1912     RD  
Schneider, Wilhelm Dec. 24, 1830 Jun. 17, 1901     RD  
Sutton, Corp'l Peter     (no dates)
Co. H. 51st IL. Inf.
Yes RD  
Swain, Margaret Jun. 1, 1820 Oct. 14, 1857     RD  
Trepatz, Albert 1880 1943     RD  
Trepatz, Bertha 1879 1919     RD  
Weekes, Charlotte   Oct. 17, 1851 (w/o Wilson Weekes, 31yrs. 3mos
from Gen Society reading)

Weekes, Clara (16 yrs)
Aug. 16, 1884 (age from Gen Society reading)   RD  
(Infant son of Clara)
(2 Sept 1864)
(From Gen Society reading)

Weekes, Henry T. (9yrs)
Apr. 1, 1875 (age from Gen Society reading)
Weeks, 2 babies     (no dates)   RD  
(Weeks, Clarence) (1889) (1957) (From Gen Society reading)
(Weeks, Ellen) (1863) (1926) (From Gen Society reading)   RD  
(Weeks, G) (1890) (1908) (From Gen Society reading)   RD  
(Weeks, M) (1888) (1908) (From Gen Society reading)   RD  
(Weeks, R) (1898) (1903) (From Gen Society reading)   RD  
(Weeks, Washington) (1862) (1903) (From Gen Society reading)   RD  

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