Tine Sawyer Cemetery - Dorchester Township Macoupin County Illinois

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Tine Sawyer Cemetery
formerly West Prairie
Macoupin County Illinois
Dorchester Township Section 11

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Partial Listing
Donated by Rick Doty, Daryl Butcher, John Scroggins

WPA for Tine Sawyer

WPA for West Prairie (former name of Tine Sawyer)

A 1931 article describing the area. donated by Sharon Buenther

Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.
Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Beard, Donald 16 Feb 1912 24 Sep 1979     RD  
Brooks, Charles
1yr 1mo
11 Jun 1861
s/o Mrs Edie Brooks of AR (Edie was sister of Mrs. Smith Farris of West Prairie) Edie and her children were travelling from AR when the 4 children got Scarlet Fever and died. Edie buried them in Tine Sawyer. Years later a Mr. Brooks (maybe a brother to those children who died) came up and with help he was able to find the four graves and he put stones on the four children's graves.

From WPA Report

Brooks, Fanney J.
6 1/2 yrs
12 Jun 1861
d/o Mrs Edie Brooks of AR (see note for Charles)

From WPA Report
Brooks, Henry C.
9yrs 11mos
16 Jun 1861
s/o Mrs Edie Brooks of AR (see note for Charles)
From WPA Report
Brooks, William A.
2 1/2 yrs
11 Jun 1861
s/o Mrs Edie Brooks of AR (see note for Charles)
From WPA Report
Faris, Charles H. 16 Jan 1863 24 Sep 1866 s/o Wm & P   DB  
Farris, Geo W. About 66 yrs. 27 Jan 1865     DB  
Flanary, Albert D. 13 Apr 1853 10 Jul 1873 20yr 2m 28das   DB  
Fletcher, Erika Anna Maria 1939 1988     RD  
Fletcher, Jennie 1869 1955 s/s Adison   RD  
Fletcher, Adison 1863 1935 s/s Jennie   RD  
Fletcher, Robert L 29 Aug 1936 31 Dec 2007 PFC US Army Yes RD  
McKimmey, Nancy 1 Nov 1804 3 May 1885 wife of William   RD  
McKimmey, William 14 Apr 1800 1 Mar 1871     RD  
Partridge, Laura 31 Aug 1909 18 Feb 1993     RD  
Sawyer, Ann Scroggins

Aunt of Martha Scroggins Wall who is buried Staunton City


Sawyer, Emmet 7 Nov 1888 15 Jan 1891     DB  
Sawyer, Mary Ann 25 Jun 1801 29 Nov 1853 w/o V(alentine) Sawyer
Old Stone
Sawyer, Walker 14 Jan 1877 28 Mar 1877     DB  
Sawyer, Dorothy D 1919 1919     RD  
Sawyer, Earl Dwight 29 Sep 1898 26 Feb 1921 Private Co E 52 Inf 6th Div Yes RD  
Sawyer, Emmet 6 Sep 1903 19 Mar 1904 son of P & F   RD  
Sawyer, Henry  
15 Feb 1883 aged: 52 y 16 d   RD  
Sawyer, Jennie Compton 1871 1936     RD  
Sawyer, John Wm 18 Oct 1847 23 Sep 1921 s/s Sabra   RD  
Sawyer, Sabra 13 Feb 1848 not shown s/s John Wm   RD  
Sawyer, Lemuel 1808 1886     RD  
Sawyer, Lillie 1893 1974 s/s Richard   RD  
Sawyer, Richard 1875 1955 s/s Lillie   RD  
Sawyer, Mary V 1854 1929 s/s William P   RD  
Sawyer, William P 1849 1937 s/s Mary V   RD  
Sawyer, Perry A 11 May 1880 2 Mar 1956     RD  
Sawyer, Wesley 1852 1912 s/s Malinda   RD  
Sawyer, Malinda 1852 not shown s/s Wesley   RD  
Sawyer, Willie 28 Jan 1882 24 Oct 1900     RD  
Schnaare, Iva Belle 11 Mar 1907 10 Dec 1995     RD  
Scroggins, William

f/o Martha Scroggins Wall


Walker, G.H.     Co I 122nd Ill. Inf. Yes RD  

Edwardsville Intelligencer Newspaper

Tuesday March 3, 1931 Observed Birthday

Mrs. Mary Wooldridge, a lifelong resident of the vicinity of Staunton passed her 83rd birthday celebration. She has been ill for the past 3 weeks and the event was not celebrated.

Mrs. Wooldridge was born in West Prairie, 4 miles west of Staunton, March 1, 1848 and was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sawyer.

Valentine Sawyer who donated the Tine-Sawyer Cemetery, one of the oldest landmarks in this part of the country, was her Grandfather.

With the exception of 3 years spent in Harvel, after her marriage to Harrison Wooldridge of West Prairie in 1868, she has always resided in this vicinity. After the death of her husband in 1924 she spends Winters in Staunton and the Summers at one of her houses located on a part of 200 acres which she still owns. At present time she has rooms with Mrs. Minnie Blase, who cares for her during her illness.

Mrs. Wooldridge recalls the changes in the City of Staunton since her girlhood.

The family traded at the store of the late Charles Fischer, father of the Fischer brothers of Staunton, and at the Hosea Snell store in early days. "We used to have to help the men folk shell corn around the fireplace of an evening, which they brough to Staunton to be made into meal at the mill, but we did not think our task hard at that time"

She has 3 sons: Alonzo Wooldridge of near Staunton, Hampton Wooldridge of Staunton, and John Wooldridge of Gillespie, ILL.

Mrs. William Best of Worden, Ill is a sister and Mrs. Sabra Sawyer, who celebrated her 83rd birthday on Feb 14th, was reared by Mrs. Wooldridge's parents and the two have always been like sisters, so nearly are they of the same age.

=== Note: Mary was married to Harrison Wooldridge, son of Larkin and Catherine Ellen Truitt Wooldridge. Harrison died 17 July 1924. xxxxxxxx If this is as it appears to be [that West Prairie is the same as Tine Sawyer], this has the co-ordinates and a map.   http://graveyards.com/graveyards/IL/Macoupin   Shown as Gillespie South but is not far from Bunker Hill.  It appears that this area was known as "West Prairie" as many Sawyers are listed as being born in West Prairie in the early 1800s [1830s].

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