WPA - Emrick Cemetery, Brushy Mound Township, Macoupin County IL

A Transcription of the WPA Record in Macoupin County Archives, Carlinville, Illinois
by Mary McKenzie


Brushy Mound Township
Macoupin County
Section 5-9-7


The Macoupin County Archives has in its files, indexes/listings of many veterans buried in numerous Macoupin County cemeteries. WPA workers compiled the indexes during the Depression Era (about 1939-1940). The cemeteries below were checked for veterans and I found there was also other information that a genealogist might find useful.   I generally didn't copy the legal descriptions of the property if they were very long and drawn out. If you want that information, contact the Archives.

As in previous issues of the Macoupin County Searcher, I listed veterans' information from both typed sheets and work sheets. The work sheets are typed in bold and the typed sheets are typed in a normal font. In some cases the work sheet had additional or conflicting information from the typed sheets. The work sheets with soldier information stated to check these sources: burial plot, cemetery record, death certificate or burial permit, patriotic organization (name), official U. S, records or other. These sources would probably be good sources to check still, today, as we have no way of knowing how thorough the WPA workers were. In these records, as always, I try to keep the spellings "as is" even if it appears incorrect.

Emerick or Meece Cemetery
(aka Hampton Cemetery)
E 1/2 S. E. Sec. 5, T. 9. R. 7
Brushy Mound Township, Macoupin County
1 Mile South of Carlinville, Illinois

Name of Cemetery Emrick or Meece Cemetery
Location E 1/2, S. E. Sec. 5, T. 9. R. 7
Oldest Grave Sandford Petty; April 6, 1870
Number of lots 40
Number of graves 118
Number of Veterans graves that need stones 2
Number of stones in cemetery that need resetting 3
Number of stones that need recurting 8
Rods of fence around cemetery 51
Condition of fence Poor
Rods of fence to be repaired 51
Rods of fence to be replaced None
Number of people interviewed Two

Inquire to find if any veterans grave in cemetery has no marker. — Dan Kincaid, Thos. L. Lawson & James King are buried in this cemetery but have no markers of any kind, grave can not be located.

The Emerick or Meece Cemetery is a fair sized cemetery which was laid out by Charles Emerick during the early years of 1850. This cemetery was once known as the Hampton Cemetery and then it was called the Meece Cemetery because the Meece residence was the nearest to it. Since Mr. Emerick granted a part of his land to be used for burial purposes, the people of the vicinity prefer it called the Emerick Cemetery.

Land records of Macoupin County have been searched for a deed to the Emerick Cemetery but none can be found. We have also traced the transfers of the land on which the cemetery is located for an exception to the burial grounds but no mention is made of the cemetery.

The only description that we can give of the Emerick Cemetery is that made by the fieldmen, of the cemetery as fenced in, and could read as follows:

1 acre of land out of the E. 1/2 of the SE. 1/4 of the SE. 1/4 of Section 5, T.9 N. R.7, West of the Third Principal Meridian and measures as follows: Commencing at the SW. corner of the Emerick Cemetery and running thence North 191 feet; thence East 217 feet; thence South 191 feet; thence West 217 feet to the place of beginning, situated in the County of Macoupin and State of Illinois.

The Emerick Cemetery is not incorporated.

Mr. and Mrs. John Behme take care of the cemetery of their own accord. They see that the grass is cut several times a year.

There is no known trustees to the Emerick Cemetery.

The Emerick Cemetery is hi good condition. 118 graves have been counted in the cemetery and they are in good condition but many are without markers. Of the few markers that are there 3 need resetting and 8 of the stones are worn and the inscriptions need recutting. The woven-wire fence which encloses this burial grounds is in poor condition and need replacing. The entrance to this cemetery is on the west side but there is no driveway. There is a slope to the land giving it good drainage. This cemetery is in a good location and could be used for many years to come.

To reach the Emerick Cemetery one travels 1 mile South of Carlinville on a graded road to the cemetery. The cemetery lies on the east side of the road.

There are 9 soldiers buried in the Emerick Cemetery but only 5 can be located. The others do not have any markers and since certain trees and other perishable markers have been removed the relatives are unable to point out the graves.

There are three typed sheets and two work sheets for these men. Most of the information is the same, but some have a little extra info. I combined all information for each man together.

*Have government markers.

*Name:    Bishop, W. L.; Civil War; Pvt. Co. K, 122 Illinois Inf; Grave 1 Lot 34
Name:    Bishop, W. L.
Field Check:       Grave No. 1 Lot No. 34; Upright marker
Information on Marker: W. L. Bishop, Co. K. 122 Ill Inf.
Service Record: Infantry; Private; Company K 122 Illinois Infantry; Civil War

*Name:    Dier, T. H.; Civil War; Co. K 122 Illinois Inf; Died 6/4/1897; Grave 4 Lot 36
Name:    Dier, T. H.
Field Check:       Grave No. 4 Lot No. 36; Upright marker
Information on Marker: T. H. Dier, Co. K. 122 Ill. Inf.
Death Certificate Data:   Died 6/4/1897
Service Record: Infantry; Private; Co. K. 122 Illinois Inf. Civil War

*Name:    Fones, Eugene; Civil War; Pvt. Co. D 54 Illinois Inf; Died 3/2/1901; Grave 3 Lot 24
Name:    Fones, Eugene
Field Check:      Grave No. 3 Lot No. 24; Upright marker
Information on Marker: Eugene Fones, Co. d, 54 Ill. Inf.; 1842 -1901
Death Certificate Data: Died 3/2/1901; Born 1842
Service Record: Infantry; Private; Co. D. 54 Illinois Inf.; Civil War

Name:   Fones, G. A; Died 1/19/1920; Grave 1 Lot 1
Name:   Fones, G. A.
Field Check:      Grave No. 1 Lot No. 1; Upright marker
Information on Marker: G. A. Fones, 1889 - 1920
Cemetery Record Data: Date of Burial Jan 21,1920
Death Certificate Data: Died Jan. 19,1920 at Carlinville; Cause - Tuberculosis; Born Dec. 19,1889 in Illinois

Name:   Kincaid, Dan; Civil War; Corp. Co. K. 122 Illinois Inf; Died 2/23/1924; No Marker
Name:   Kincaid, Dan
Field Check:      No Marker
Death Certificate Date:   Died 2/23/1924
Service Record: Infantry; Corporal; Company K 122 Illinois Infantry; Civil War
Notes:   Cannot locate grave of Dan Kincaid. Neighbors state that he is buried in this cemetery.

Name:   King, Jim; Civil War; Pvt. Co. A 81 Illinois Inf.; Died 5/24/1900; No Marker
Name:   King, Jim
Field Check:      No marker
Death Certificate Date: Died 5/24/1900
Service Record: Infantry; Private; Company A    *
Notes:   Jim King is buried in Emerick Cemetery but grave has no marker and cannot be located.

Name:   Lawson, Thos. L; Died 1/26/1931; No Marker
Name:   Lawson, Thos. L.
Death Certificate Data: Died 1/26/1931
Notes: Listed on Gen. Garrity's list. Cannot locate grave as it does not have a marker.

Name:   Mayberry, Win. Everett; World War; PvL Co. M 101 U. S. Inf.; Died 2/25/1926; Grave 2 Lot 13
Name:   Mayberry, William Everett
Field Check:      Grave No. 2 Lot No. 13; Upright marker
Information on Marker: Wm. Everett Mayberry; May 21, 1890; Feb. 25, 1926; A. E. F.
Cemetery Record Data: Grave No. 2 Lot No. 13
Death Certificate Data: Died 2/25/1926; Born 5/21/1890
Service Record: Infantry; Private; Company M.   101 U. S. Infantry; World War

Name:   Rhoades, G. Washington; Civil War; No Marker
Name:   Rhoades, G. Washington
Field Check:       North end Service Record: Civil War
Notes: The grave of George Washington Rhoades cannot be exactly located. Mrs. Anderson, a step daughter cannot point out grave as some of the trees and markers have been removed.

The graves of Dan Kincaid, Jim King, Thomas Lawnson (as is) and George Washington Rhoades do not have any markers and their graves cannot be located. Relatives say that they are buried in the cemetery but cannot locate the graves since certain trees and markers have been removed.

The oldest grave in the Emerick or Meece Cemetery that we can locate by the dates on the markers is that of "Sandford Petty" who died on April 6, 1970 (as is). There are earlier graves but they are without markers.

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