WPA - Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, Cahokia Township, Macoupin County IL

A Transcription of the WPA Record in Macoupin County Archives, Carlinville, Illinois
by Mary McKenzie, 2010

Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
Cahokia Township

Macoupin County
S. E.  of the N. W. of Sec. 12 T 8 R 6


History of the Evan. Luth Church Cem.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery is located about three and one half miles South and East of Hornsby, in the S. W. quarter, N. W. quarter, Sec. 12, T. 8 W. R. 6. West of the third Principal Meridian.
This cemetery began in the year of 1893, when Mr. J. S. gave  the Congregation four acres of land for the Church and Cemetery purposes and also for the parsonage.

This cemetery is in a very good condition, the fence is a board fence one of the best fences of the Country Cemeterys in this part of the County.

There are no weeds and brush in this Cem. as the trustees keep it purty clean.

There are approximately sixty five graves in this Cemetery.

In 1911 there were two trustees, their names are August Kruse and Fred Marburger, in 1911 the Cemetery ws surveyed and platted, and is recorded in Book D. page 15 of the Plat books.

The present trustees to this Cemetery are Milo Ernst and Frank Niehaus.  This Cemetery has a good drive down the center of the Cemetery and the drain is good.

There are no Veterans buried there.  The oldest grave is that of George Marburger died in the year of 1898.

This Cemetery is in very good Condition.

(Deed – WPA Dated Dec. 29, 1939)
The Grantors F. W. Hartke and Wilhelmine Hartke His Wife of Cahokia Township in the County of Mac. and State of Ill., In hand paid Convey & Warrant to the Ev. Luth Dreinin. Keits Germeinide its Trustees, F. Wm. Hartke and Aug. Knese or successors of Cahokia Township Co. of Mac. State of Ill. The following described Real

Estate:  to Wit:  Commencing twenty seven (27) rods East of the Southwest corner of the South West quarter of the North west quarter of sec. twelve (12) Twn. (8) Range (6) West of the 3rd P. Merd. Thence North 25 rods and 13 ft – Thence east 25 rds and 13  ft – to the place of beginning, donated to said Germeinide for Congregational  purposes, so long as the said Germeinide make use of them for the purpose named and in doctrines and practice unreserved by holds to the rules, regulations and constitution adopted at their meeting of organization held on the 18th day of June A. D. 1893, It is further agreed that should the buildings erected on these premises be vacated for five successive years, then the premises described in this deed shall revert to the Grantor or his heirs, situated in the Co. of Mac. State of Ill. hereby releasing and waiving all rights under the virtue of the Homestead Exemption laws of this State.

                            F. W. Hartke Seal)
       Wilhelmine Hartke (Seal)

Filed for record June 27, A.D. 1893 at 8:00        John Homer, Clerk
Book E.Y. Page 574               
(Dated Jan. 2, 1896)
Plat of Cem. of the E. L. D. G. showing the original Plat & New additions Located in the SW ¼ of the NW ¼ of Sec. 12 – 8 – 6 W 3 PM  A. 133

Old Plat & New Addn.  D. 15


State of Illinois
Macoupin County

    I W. D. P. Warren, County surveyor do hereby certify that on May 26, 1911 I did Survey & plat for the trustees A. Kruse & F. Marberger, the Cem. of Evangelische Lutherische Dreininschiets Germeinde, which cem. is made to include the cem. Heretofore known as the F. W. Hartke Evangelical Lutheran Public Cem., said old cem. being now a part of the New Cem. as surveyed by me & platted hereas.

                            W. D. P. Warren
W. H. Hartke – A – 133 Plat of Cemetery

Plat of F. W. Hartkee Evan. Luth. Public Cemetery Described & bounded as follows, to wit:  Beginning 868 feet 10” east & 21 ‘ 4” North of the quarter section corner of Section 11 & 12 T. 8 N R. 6 W of the 3 PM, thence E 106 ft., thence N. 105 feet 8 in. N. thence West 106 ft. thence S. 105 ft 8 in. to place of beginning. 

    We the undersigned do hereby Grant & Convey the shown public road, streets & alleys for Public use as described in above Plat.

    Witness in hand & seal this 2nd day of Jan. 1896.
                            F. W. Hartke
                            Minnie Hartke
    Surveyed the 21st day of Oct. 1895

State of Illinois                        (Filed for use Jan. 16, 1896.  Green Book A. 33)

Mac. Co.

    I John Homer, Clerk of Circuit Court do hereby certify that F. W. Hartke & Minnie H., his wife signed, sealed & delivered the above plat their free & voluntary wil, for the use & purpose therein set forth including the release of Homesteads.  Wit my hand & seal the 16th day of Jan. 1896.

February 28, 1910 - F. W. Hartke & Wilhelmine Hartke sold all coal rights to the church and it was recorded on April 21, 1910 in Deed Book 249, Page 45.  This is a lengthy record and I didn’t feel it would be of much use to the researcher, however, if you are interested you will find the record in the deed book mentioned.

Name of Cemetery:
Evangelical Lutheran Church
W. W. ¼ N. W. ¼ Sec. 12. T. 8 W. R. 6
Oldest Grave:
George Marburger, Born 1822 – Died 1898
Number of Graves:
Number of graves to be filled:
Number of graves to be leveled:
Number of Veterans graves that need stones:
Number of stones in cemetery that need resetting: 
Number of stones that need recutting:
Condition of fence:
Rods of fence to be repaired:
Rods of fence to be replaced:
Number of people interviewed:

Dirt driveway about.

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