WPA - Fishback Cemetery, Brushy Mound Township, Macoupin County IL

A Transcription of the WPA Record in Macoupin County Archives, Carlinville, Illinois
by Mary McKenzie


 Brushy Mound Township
Macoupin County
Section 2-9-7

Wrote Jun 17,1940
Tosberg Pasture - Henry Tosberg: - Widow Owner

Mr. Tosberg has owned it for over 30 yrs. Effie Tosberg is the Widow of Mr. Tosberg who died 1830 (as is). Steve Tosberg a son is the Only Heir besides the Widow. Mrs. Steve Tosberg don't know what the name of the Cem. is, But Many yrs ago a person by the name of Fishback owned all the land in this Community. The Cemetery Might be Called Fishback Cemetery. It is a Public Cem; But there has been No body buried there for thirteen yrs. Emma Smith Daughter F. J. M. & P. Smith Died 1879. One tombstone is Jeremiah M. Smith Died 1-22-days (as is)1870 age 51 yr. Pervanie Wife of J & M. Smith died 1892.

    {Edward N.Dixon Born 11-10-1856; Died 1-8-1908}
    {Sarah J. His Wife Born 6-4-1849; Died 7-13-1926 }
    (Denten (?) E. Dixon Age 7 yrs.    }
    {Edna M. Dixon Age 12 yrs. }

    Alexander Carrico died 9-4-1874 Age    58yr

8 graves In Cem. that we can Count. The Fishbacks are buried in the Cem. The other part of Cem. lies west of the first graves that are inclosed by a woven wire fence. There has been a number of people buried in the cem. that there is no marking of any Kind.

Information obtained from Mrs. Steve Tosberg and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Smith.

Casandra Harlan Is the daughter of Pervania Smith. Casandra Harlan got the Land from her Mother Pervania Smith, and she sold it to Mr. Henry Tosberg 48 or 50 yrs ago. Mrs. Wm Ward things (as is) there is a deed to this Cemetery. The Cemetery was laid out by the Fishbacks. (don't Know Mr. Fishback's given name). Mr. Jeremial (as is) bought the farm over 80 yrs ago from the Fishbacks. Mrs. Wm Ward don't think there is any Soldiers buried in the Cem.

    Jeremiah Smith - Henry Tosberg 30 yrs ago.
    Casandra Harlan - Henry Tosberg 48 - 50 yrs ago.

B AU (?AV) Page 267
B 222 P 248

Cemetery in Tosberg Pasture

The Grantors James T. Keplinger and Sarah L. Keplinger his wife of the Township of Honey Point in the County of Macoupin and State of Illinois for and in Consideration of $7,000 in hand paid, Convey and Warrant to Henry Tostberg (as is) of the Township of Bird County of Macoupin, State of Illinois, the following described Real Estate, to wit: 50 33/100 acres off of the S end of the W l/2 of the NW 1.4 of section No 1 also 40 acres off of the N end of the SW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of section # 2 being all that part of said tract that lies North of the Center line of the public highway located across said tract, except 3/4 of one acre reserved for a grave yard as described in deed recorded in the recorders office of said County in Book A. U. (?A.V.) page 267 thereof and the SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of section # 2 except a piece thereof deeded for grave yard purposes described as follows: beginning at a point in Center of public road on the line between the SW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 and the SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of said section 2 thence running East 31 feet North 20 rods, West 31 feet thence South 20 rods to the place of beginning. All of said land is in Township #9. North Range # 7 west of the third Principal Meridian, situated in the County of Macoupin in the State of Illinois hereby releasing and waiving all rights under and by virtue of the Homestead Exemption Laws of the State of Illinois.

Dated March 1, 1906    signed James T. Keplinger, Sarah L. Keplinger
Recorded March 1, 1906    Book 222  P 248

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