WPA - Henry Schmidt Farm Graves, Nilwood Township,Macoupin County IL

A Transcription of the WPA Record in Macoupin County Archives, Carlinville, Illinois
by Mary McKenzie, 2010
The Macoupin County Archives has in its files, indexes/listings of many veterans buried in numerous Macoupin County cemeteries.  WPA workers compiled the indexes during the Depression Era (about 1939-1940). 

Henry Schmidt Farm Graves

   W. ½ of the NE. ¼ of Section 34, T. 11 N. R.6
Nilwood Township, Macoupin County Illinois

Name of Cemetery:              Has no name
Location:                On Henry J. Schmidt Farm, Nilwood Township
Number of graves:            8
Rods of fence around cemetery:        Has no fence
Number of people interviewed:        2

A man by the name of Geo. Williams, a Bachelor and another Bachelor Bro., and one Married Bro. Buried their Mother in this Cem.  That many yrs ago and that is the only one out of the eight people buried there that he knows the name of.  The cemetery is 13 ft wide and 50 ft. long.  Perfectly level.  Can’t see where there is any graves.  The first owner of this land that Mr. Henry Schmidt knows of was Wm. Terrall Burford, who owned all the land around Sulpher Springs Cem., now owned by his widow & Heirs.  Mr. Buford sold it to Judge Enslow, Judge Enslow sold it to his Bro. Dave Enslow.  Mr. Henry J. Schmidt the present owner of the land bought it from Dave Enslow in the year 1908 or near that time as best as he can remember.  Mr. Schmidt says there is no deed for the cem. and there was no exception in his deed for it.  He plows right up to it but does not plow over it.  Many years ago there was timber all around this little cem.  That has now been all cleared.  There never was any tombstones at any of the graves.  Wm. Schmidt owns 160 acres of land, divided into two tracts, 80 acres each.  this cem. is on the back on the 80 acre ¾ of a mile north from the public highway and ___ his house & barn.  This tract of land is ¼ of mile East and West and One Mile North and South or Mile the other way.  This North 80 acres South 80 was bought by Mr. Henry J. Schmidt’s father from Mr. Schaffer the man from whom Schaffer Mine got its name.  To go to this cem. Travel Public Highway running East & West by Schaffer’s Mine 2 ½ Miles east of Schaffer to crossroad turn north 2 miles, then East on road going by Yowell Cem. ½ mile East of Cemetery to the Home and farm of Mr. Henry J. Schmidt on which this little cem. is located.   

Information obtained from Mr. Henry J. Schmidt – present owner of the land and Cemetery.

Land records of Macoupin County have been searched for a deed to the burial grounds but none can be found.  This small cemetery is not incorporated and there are no trustees in charge of the burial grounds.  We have also checked the transfers of the land on which the cemetery is located for an exception to the burial grounds but no mention is made of the cemetery.

The only description that we can give of this small cemetery is that made by the fieldman of the burial grounds which is reserved by Mr. Schmidt and could read as follows:

A small plot of ground (.58 of an acre) out of the W. ½ of the NE. ¼ of Section 34, T. 11 N. R.6, West of the Third Principal Meridian and measures 15 feet on the North and South sides and 50 feet on the East and West, situated in the County of Macoupin and State of Illinois.

There are no known soldiers buried in this burial grounds.

We are unable to give the date of the oldest grave in the cemetery since there are no markers.

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