WPA - Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Mt Olive Township, Macoupin County IL

A Transcription of the WPA Record in Macoupin County Archives, Carlinville, Illinois
by Mary McKenzie, 2010

Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Mt Olive Township

Macoupin County
Section 2



        The Macoupin County Archives has in its files, indexes/listings of many veterans buried in numerous Macoupin County cemeteries.  WPA workers compiled the indexes during the Depression Era (about 1939-1940).  The following cemeteries were checked for veterans and although not all of these cemeteries had veterans listed, there was a wealth of other information that a genealogist or historian might find useful.
    In previous issues of the Macoupin County Searcher I listed veterans’ information from both typed sheets and work sheets. The work sheets are typed in bold and the typed sheets are typed in a normal font. At times the work sheet had additional or conflicting information from the typed sheets.  The work sheets with soldier information stated to check these sources: burial plot, cemetery record, death certificate or burial permit, patriotic organization (name), official U. S. records or other.  These sources would probably be good sources to check still, today as we have no way of knowing how thorough the WPA workers were.  I tried to keep spelling and punctuation the same as it was on the original copy except in several cases when there were obvious typos.

Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Copied November 8, 1939

Name of Cemetery:
Immanuel Lutheran
Mt. Olive
Number of lots:
Number of Graves:
Number of graves to be filled:
Number of graves to be leveled:
Number of Veterans graves that need stones:
Number of stones in cemetery that need resetting: 
Number of stones that need recutting:
Rods of fence around cemetery:
46 1/2 S.W.
Condition of fence:
Rods of fence to be repaired:
Rods of fence to be replaced:
Number of people interviewed:

Inquire to find if any veterans grave in cemetery has no marker.

    The Immanuel Lutheran cemetery is under the direction of the Immanuel Lutheran Church of Mount Olive from which it derives its name.  This cemetery originated in 1889 and the land for the cemetery was bought in 1892.
    In 1892 the members of the Immanuel Church purchased the land for the burial grounds of the members of their congregation.  The deed conveying the title to the land over to the Church reads as follows:  THE GRANTORS:    Justine Whitehouse, Anna (Hanna) B. Nieman, Henry G. Whitehouse, John A. Whitehouse, Martin H. Whitehouse, Matilda K. Schroeder, Ida A. Miller, William C. Whitehouse, Emma A. Whitehouse, in the County of Montgomery and State of Illinois for and in consideration of the sum of $360.00 in hand paid, CONVEY and WARRANT to the Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel’s, Gemeinde U. A. C. Church of the Village of Mount Olive, County of Macoupin and State of Illinois the following described real estate, to-wit:

    Beginning at a stone, the center of Section 2, T. 7 N. R. 6, West of the Third Principal Meidian …(Here begins a long legal description which one can learn by contacting the Macoupin Co. Archives for it) . ( This deed is signed by the above     named grantors and is dated May 17, 1892 and was recorded in the office of the Recorder of Deeds for Macoupin County, Illinois on June 30, 1892 in Book “E” of Warranty deeds at page 254).  [On a loose page of notes it is written that it is recorded in Book EW  Page 254]

The Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery does have a state charter.

It has a trust fund.

Taken care of by caretaker.

There are 6 veterans buried in the Immanuel Cemetery.

    The oldest grave that we can locate by the date on the markers is that of Heinrich C. Horstmann, son of M. Horstmann, who died on August 17, 1889.  Emma Horstmann (Child) August 24, 1889.  [On loose page of notes it states Emma Died Aug. 24, 1881; children of M. Horstman]

Loose Page of Notes

Christopher Frickel  Dec. 29, 1893
Charles Jueck Sr. 1841 – 1889 “Father”

This list of names has no other information:  Krenneth, Sehien, Gehner, Pahde, Droste, Arekebauer, George, Monke, Sassmuchausen

Outstanceing  (sp. as is) tone of the Droste Family.

Veterans Buried in the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery

    This list is confusing because information between the typed list and the work sheet often doesn’t match.  I copied it just as it is written on the original.

Name:  Ahnert, Chas.    Civil War, Pvt.  Co. B  6th Mo. Inf; Died 10/20/1901;  Grave 5  Lot 1  Block 3
    *Editor’s Note:    (I think the following person is the same man, but the information differs somewhat).  Could it be a poor transcription)?
Name:  Ahnert, Karl
Field Check:        Grave No. 8  Lot No. 1  Block No. 1  Sec. 3; Upright marker
Information on Marker:    Karl Ahnert; Born Dec. 17, 1827 – Died Sep. 20, 1901
Death Certificate Data:  Died – 9/20/1901  Born – 12/17/1827
Inspection of burial plot:  No Gov’t. Marker

Name:    Gehner, Martin    World War;  Pvt.  Co. F  372 F. A.;  Died 9/12/1918;  Grave 1  Lot  2
Name:    Gehner, Martin
Field Check:        Grave No. 4  Lot No. 5  Block No. 2  Sec. 3; Upright marker
Information on Marker:    Martin Gehner, Batt. F  327 F. A.   Oct. 30, 1892, Oct 22, 1918
Death Certificate Data:    Died – 1918  Born – 1892
Inspection of burial plot:    No Gov’t. Marker

Name:    Heien, Martin    World War; Pvt. Co. M. G.  350 Inf.; Died – 6/1/1920;  Lot 3  Block 1            3
Name:    Heien, Martin W.   
Field Check:        Grave No. 1  Lot No. 4  Block No. 1  Sec. 2; Upright marker
Inspection on Marker:    Martin Heien, Iowa  Pvt. 350 Inf. 88 Div.  June 1, 1920
Death Certificate Data:    Died – 6/1/1920
Inspection of burial plot:    Has Gov’t Marker

Name:    Jackson, Arthur    World War; Pvt.  Co. 3  357 Aero Sqd.;  Died – 7/16/1920;  Grave No. 2  Lot  2    Block 2
Name:    Jackson, Arthur
Field Check:        Grave No. 6  Lot No. 4  Block No. 5  Sec. 2; Upright marker
Information on Marker:      Arthur Jackson  Born 1901  Died 1920
Death Certificate Data:    Died - 1920  Born – 1901
Inspection of burial plot:   No Govt. Marker

Name:    Mehl, Wm    Civil War; Pvt.  Co. D  85 Mo. Inf.; Ded – 6/6/1923
Name:    Mehl, Wm
Field Check:        Grave No. 8  Lot No. 6  Block No. 2  Sec. 3; Upright marker
Information on Marker:    Wm Mehl, Born 1845  Died 1923
Death Certificate Data:    Died – 1923  Born - 1845
Inspection of burial plot:    No Govt Marker

Name:    Peine, Arno    World War; Pvt.  Co. B  14 Bn;  Died – 4/3/1918; Grave 4  Lot  4
Name:    Peine, Arno   
Field Check:        Grave No. 3  Lot No. 2  Block No. 6  Sec. 1; Upright marker
Information on Marker:    Arno Peine, Born 1889  Died 1927
Death Certificate Data:    Died – 1927  Born  - 1889   
Inspection of burial plot:  No Govt Marker

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