WPA - Knowles Cemetery, Polk Township, Macoupin Co IL

Knowles Cemetery

Polk Township
Macoupin County
Sec. 24 T9N R8W NW corner NE 1/4 SW 1/4

From the WPA Project in the late 1930's.

The Knowles Cemetery is a small cemetery (south on the Lawson ?Taylor farm) which covers an area of one acre but there were only a few people buried there and then was abandoned. This cemetery evidently derives its name from the Knowles family who owned (as land records and Atlas show) the land in section 24 of Polk Township prior to 1875. Just when this cemetery originated will nevr be known as there is no one who knows much about it and there is just one stones at a grave which happens to be a government marker at the grave of a veteran. All of the other graves are marked by common rocks. (There has been no burials made there in over 20 years.)

Land records of Macoupin have been searched for a deed to the Knowles Cemetery but none can be found. We have however traced the transfers of the land in Section 24 of Polk Township and the cemetery is excepted in the deeds after the land leaves the Knowles estate.

The earliest deed that we can find to the transfer of the land is:
Francis M. Ray )     Dated: October 26, 1877
Eliza Isabell Ray)    Recorded: October 26, 1877
                                  Book "CL" at page 97
To: - Warranty Deed)          Consideration:- $75.00

Siemon Barrow)                Homestead Released       :
CONVEYS: The NE. 1/4 of the SW.1/4 of Section 24 and the W.1/2 of the NW. 1/4 of the SE.1/4 of Section 24, All in Township 9, N. R.8, West, REserving however 2 acres out of the NW
corner of the NE1/4 of the SW 1/4 of Section 24---------------------------------
(This deed does not mention that the land reserved is used for cemetery purposes)
In 1918, the present owner of the land purchased the above lands and his deed reads as follows (in part) THE GRANTOR: Cassius M. Rhodes and Amelia H. Rhodes, his wife of the town of Brushy Mound in the County of Macoupin and State of Illinois for and in consideration of the sum of $7295.00 in hand paid, CONVEY and WARRANT TO Lawson Taylor of Carlinville, County of Macoupin and State of Illinois, the following described real-estate, to-wit:
The SW. 1/4 of the NE.1/4. The W.1/2 of the W.1/2 of the SE.1/4 and the NE.1/4 of the SW.1/4; all in Section 24, T.9 N. R.8 West of the Third Principal Meridian. Excepting about 1 20/100 acres heretofore conveyed for cemetery purposes---------------------
(This deed is dated March 9, 1918 and was recorded in the office of the Recorder of Deeds for Macoupi County, Illinois

page 2

in Volume 289 of Miscellaneous Records at page 503, on March 11 1918,)

The Knowles Cemetery at the present time measures 214 feet on the north and south sides and 182 feet on the east and west sides. as fenced in.

This cemetery is not incorporated.

There are no trustees to the Knowles Cemetery at the present time.

The Knowles Cemetery is an abandoned cemetery. It is situated on the top of a hill. The brush is so thick one can hardly get through. There are about 25 graves in this cemetery but only 15 can be distinguished. Only one grave in the cemetery has a tombstone, the others are marked by common rocks. There is no driveway leading to the cemetery. There has been no cleaning done to this cemetery in the past 10 years. One cannot locate the cemetery until right on the land where the one tombstone can be seen. Large trees were cut down and the stumps are still standing. The woven-wire fence which encloses this cemetery on the south, east and west sides is almost lying on the ground. The north side of the cemetery is to the public road and is unfenced.

To reach the Knowles Cemetery one travels 4 miles southwest of Carlinville and 1/2 mile east on a surfaced road.  The 1/2 mile road is dirt road and is hard to travel in wet weather. This road is seldom used. The cemetery lies on the south side of the road.

Regiment or Vessel
U.S. or State
Date of Death
Grave #
*Haston, J. G.
30 Illinois Inf.

*Has governement marker.

The oldest grave in this cemetery cannot be located as there are no tombstones in this cemetery except that of the veteran and the date of his death not inscribed on the marker.

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Name of Cemetery Knowles Cemetery
Location Sec. 24 T.9 R.8
Oldest Grave
Number of lots 1
Number of graves 25
Number of graves to be filled
Number of graves to be leveled
Number of Veterans graves that need stones: none
Number of stones in cemetery that need resetting: 1
Number of stones that need recutting: 1
Rods of fence around cemetery 42
Condition of fence fair
Rods of fence to be repaired 20
Rods of fence to be replaced none
Number of people interviewed 3
Inquire to find if any veterans grave in cemetery has no marker.
This Cemetery has only one stone, a govt. marker with no date of death, so we can't find the oldest grave.

page 4

Work Sheet No. RC
County Macoupin
City or Twp ?Brushy Mound                Cemetery Knowles

Name (First) J                  (Last) Haston                    (Middle) G.

Field Check
1. Grave No.   1      Lot No.  1        Block No.
2. Marker: Flat______   Upright             None ____________
3. Information on Marker: (Copy exactly) J. H. Haston Co. H. 30 Ill Inf.
Field Foreman blank
Cemetery Record Date
4. Grave No.blank    Lot. No.blank        Block No.blank
5. Date of Burial blank Remarks left blank
6. Book No. left blank           Page No. left blank
left blank

No Information

Death Certificate Data
Certificate No. ________________blank

7. Address ___blank______ 
                   (Street)                     (City or Town)
8. Date of Death There were no dates on the stone  Place blank            Cause blank

9. Date of birth    Place blank
10. Next of Kin     name blank      Address blank
Clerk blank

Service Record
11. Date enlisted blank    Date Discharged blank    Serial No. blank
12. Branch of Service    blank
13 Company, outfit or ship Co. H Ill. 30 Ill. Inf.
Sources blank

Sources: (a)Inspection of burial plot   (b) Section or cemetery record (c) Death certificate or burial permit  (d) Patriotic organization (Name)  (e) Official U. S. Records (f) Other

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