WPA - Little Flock or Reno Cemetery, Shipman Township, Macoupin County IL

A Transcription of the WPA Record (1939) in Macoupin County Archives, Carlinville, Illinois
by Mary McKenzie, 2008

Shipman Township 
Macoupin County
Sec. 16-8-9 SE1/4 NE1/4


About 200 years ago a Mr. Ephraim Nix, a great-great grandfather of Sid Reno donated an acre of land to be used for church and cemetery purposes.  This was a Baptist church known as the Little Flock church.  This was one of the first churches in and around Shipman.  They had church services every other Sunday and all the people of the community came.  Later they started burying people on the west side of the church.

The church was torn down about 20 years ago as the people all started to go to the church in Shipman.

There are quite a few relatives of Sid Reno buried here.  His great grandparents and his grandparents and his parents and other kinfolks.  This is probably the reason it is known as the Reno cemetery.  Their relatives take care of it.  It is about one acre and lots are about 16 by 20.  It was a public cemetery.

A Mr. Tom Doolin is the present owner of the land surrounding the cemetery.  He bought the farm a good many years ago.  At present there is a tenant on the farm by the name of Mr. Lester Stice.

This cemetery is in poor condition.  There is a lot of oak brush and weeds in it that need cutting.  On the west side there is a small grove of oak trees.  There is one evergreen tree along the north fence line.  On the south side of cemetery there is no fence, the main road runs past the cemetery running in a NW.SE direction.  The driveway is very bad leading into the cemetery.  The cemetery slopes to the south & west.

Interviewed 2 people.  Mr. Sid Reno and a Mr. Jim Archer, janitor at the grade school in Shipman.

Mr. Reno said there are no trustees or any money left, but that he was willing to see that they made a collection in order to buy fence to put around the cemetery.

Name of Cemetery:      Reno or Little Flock Cemetery
Location:        Sec. 16-8-9 off Se Ne
Oldest Grave:        Lucy Reno – Nov. 29, 1854
Number of lots:        7
Number of graves:    45
Number of graves to be filled:    5
Number of graves to be leveled:    6
Number of Veterans graves that need stones:        none
Number of stones in cemetery that need resetting    5
Number of stones that need recutting:        3
Rods of fence around cemetery:            27 rods on 3 sides
Condition of fence:                fair
Number of people interviewed:            2

There are no trustees at present time.  No charter.

Lucy, daughter of W. S. & M. Reno & wife of M. Darr died Nov. 29, 1854.  Aged 17 yrs. 7 mos. 1 day.

Veterans Buried at Reno Cemetery
(From WPA Work Sheet)

Name:  W. D. Lawrence
Field Check:    Grave No. 1, Lot No. 2, Upright marker (foot marker)
Information on Marker:  Corporal W.  D. Lawrence, Co. D, 2 Ill. Cav.
Service Record:  Rank – Corporal;  Co. D
Notes:  Grave in good condition; government marker.

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