WPA - Miles Cemetery, Brighton Township, Macoupin County IL

A Transcription of the WPA Record in Macoupin County Archives, Carlinville, Illinois
by Mary McKenzie

Miles Cemetery

Brighton Township  5T 7N R9W Macoupin County
  Located about 2 ½ miles north east of Brighton Illinois
Indexed by WPA ca. 1939-1940

The Miles Cemetery is located about two and one half miles north east of Brighton in Sec. 5 T. 7N R. 9W, Brighton Township.  This cemetery is in fair condition except for the weeds which are very high.  This cemetery was started about the year of 1864 – 1867.

Mr. John Montgomery sold this four acres of land to the Cemetery Association in 1866 for cemetery purposes and donated the rest of the four acres for church purposes.

There is no deed to the cemetery at the present time.  This cemetery is a public cemetery.  The lots are sold for the upkeep of the cemetery.  Edward Stubblefield is the only trustee.  This cemetery has no driveway through it, it has a drive leading to the cemetery which could stand some repairing.  There is no fence around this cem. and it has a good drain.  This cemetery is still in use, but not very often.  This cemetery could use a good cleaning up.

There are ____ soldiers buried here, one of them is a Confederate General.

Name of Cemetery:                Miles
Location:                     2 chains 50 links W. of SE corner of Sec. 5 T. 7N R. 9
Oldest Grave:                    Mary E. Miles, Born Oct. 13, 1846.  Died Aug. 11, 1852
Number of Lots:                    249
Number of Graves:                90
Number of Graves to be Filled:            12
Number of Veterans Graves that Need Stones:    5 have no government marker  
Number of Stones in Cemetery that Need Resetting:    8
Number of Stones that Need Recutting:        10
Rods of Fence Around the Cemetery:        105 rods.  All hedge fence
Condition of Fence:                Poor
Rods of Fence to be Replaced:            105 rods
Number of People Interviewed            3

The names of the veterans are listed in the order that they were on the original typed sheet.  The information on the work sheet is listed in the order that it was listed on the work sheet, with the exception of the name that was listed first name first.

At the top of each work sheet is listed:  County – Macoupin; City or Twp. – Brighton; Cemetery – Miles

Typed sheet is listed first --  Work sheet is listed second (in bold)

Johnson, Bushrod R.    Civil War   Rank – General;  Company - Conf. Army;  Died 9-12-1880
Johnson, Gen. Bushrod  Grave No. 1  Lot No. 1  Block No. 17
Marker – upright
Information on Marker: Gen. Bushrod Johnson; Died Sept. 12, 1880  aged 62 yrs. 11 ms.  5 ds.
Service Record:  Confederate Army; Rank - General
No govt. marker

Miles, John R.  Civil War   Rank – Col.; Company – Staff; Regiment 27 Ill. Inf.; Died 4-1-1903
Miles, John R.  Grave No. 1  Lot No. 3  Block No. 30
Marker:  upright
Information on Marker:  Col. J. R. Miles  Nov. 17, 1817 – Apr. 1, 1903
Death Certificate Data:  Date of Death – 4/1/1903; Date of Birth – 11/17/1817
No gov. marker

Smith, George H.  Civil War    Rank – Pvt .  Company B  Regiment – 16 Ill. Inf.; Died 3-13-1903
Smith, George H.  Grave No. 3  Lot No. 2  Block No. 14
Marker: upright
Information on Marker:  George H. Smith; Oct 22, 1841, March 13, 1902
No. gov’t. marker

Walton, Edward W.  Civil War  Rank – Pvt.  Company C Regiment 77 Ill. Inf.; Died 2-6-1911
Walton, Edward W.  Grave No. 3 Lot No. 4 Block No. 15
Marker – upright
Information on Marker:  Edward Walton; Sept. 18, 1833  Feb. 6, 1911
Death Certificate Data:  Date of Death – 2/6/1911  Date of Birth – 9/18/1833
No gov. marker

Sams, John A.
Sams, John A.  Grave No. 1  Lot. No. 1  Block No.  37
Marker – upright
Information on Marker:  John A. Sams  1845 – 1935
Death Certificate Data:  Date of Death 1935  Date of Birth – 1845
No Gov. marker

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