WPA - Mitchell Cemetery, Brushy Mound Township, Macoupin County IL

A Transcription of the WPA Record in Macoupin County Archives, Carlinville, Illinois
by Mary McKenzie


Brushy Mound Township
 Section 24-9-7
Macoupin County


(Spellings are “as is” in WPA Project - Box 2)

No typed list of veterans was found in the Mitchell Cemetery WPA records. I did find some miscellaneous notes that follow on the next page.

Name of Cemetery: Mitchell Cemetery
Oldest Grave: Samuel B. Clark, Died 1838 – 45 yrs. of age
Number of lots: 44
Number of graves: 206
Number of graves to be filled: 45
Number of graves to be leveled: 115
Number of Veterans that need stones: 2
Number of stones in cemetery that need resetting: 38
Number of stones that need recutting: 56
Condition of fence: Fair

John F. Mitchel & Mary A. his wife to Samuel D. Blake deeded 1-12-1857. Recorded 3-5-1857 Book M.M., Page 167, no exceptions

Elijah Mitchel and Hannah his wife to Melberry J. Carrico a tract of land in Sec. 24-9-7 with no exception deeded 1-30-1858. Recorded in Book Q.Q. Page 1058 Elijah Mitchel and Hannah his wife to Elizabeth Bull a tract of land in Sec. 24-9-7 deed made in 1-30-1858. Recorded in Book Q.Q. Page 1059

Elijah Mitchel and Hannah his wife to Martha Ann Brown deed made 11-30-1858 for a tract of land in Sec. 24-9-7. Recorded in Book Q.Q. Page 1060.

Elijah Mitchell and Hannah his wife to Sarah Friend a tracxt of land in 24-9-7. Deed made 11-30-1858. Recorded in Book Q.Q. Page 1061.

Elijah Mitchel and wife to Rhoeba Mitchell a tract of land in 24-9-7. Deed made with no exceptions 11-30-1858. Recorded in Book Q.Q. Page 1062.

Elijah Mitchell and wife Hannah to Lucy Scott a tract of land in Sec. 24-9-7. Deed with no except. Made 11-30-1858. Recorded in Book Q.Q. Page 1063.

Mr. Peter Mack was commissioner of Brushey Mound Twp. And was supposed to of made Deed to But said he didn’t . I found no deed while he was commissioner.

Mitchell Cemetery History
Wrote Nov. 15, 1937
Deeded About 90 Years Ago by Elijah Mitchell, if Deeded

There were trustees, Mr. Luther Perrine, Mr. Enoch Dooley, Mr. T. T. Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell is dead and there has been no other trustee elected. Just ha two trustees at present time. The trustees are the care takers of the cem., without any pay. They sell no lots. Just custom ownership of lots. Mr. Travis gave $500 for upkeep of cem. and it was put in a gov. bond and only the interest can be used for cemetery. It mostly keeps the cem. cleared of weeds and brush, but it has not been used this yr. for cleaning cem. It is a public cem. The fence is in just fair condition. The addresses of Mr. Enoch Dooley, and Mr. Luther Perrine, the present trustees is R.F.D., Gillespie, Ill.
Information received from Mr. Enoch Dooley present trustee. Interviewed 4 people.


There is no gate leading into the cem.
Interview 6 people.

Mr. Enoch Dooley, Trustee, said there was at least 40 graves or more, some infants, mostly grown people buried in the old cem. That nobody knows where they are at. It would be very hard to dig a grave in the old part without digging into a grave.

This cemetery is situated in Mr. Luther Perrine’s pasture, north and east from the public highway about 60 rods. It is fenced on three sides – north, east, and west. There is no fence on the south. It contains 3 acres of land. Mr. Herbert D. Ruyle owns the land on the east of the cem. and Mr. Luther Perrine owned the land on the west and north sides. The south side which has no fence around it runs to the rock road or public highway. The fence on the west, north & east sides is barb wire, 4 strands, stapled to hedge posts. There is a 14 ft. roadway leading into the cemetery from the south east corner of cem. and runs a north west course to center of cem.

The cemetery is in bad condition. The weeds and grass have not been cut this yr. There are a number of very fine tombstones, mostly all standing erect. The Mitchells, Dooleys, Perrines, Jacksons, Drakes, Clarks, Ruckers, and Bickels have very fine tombstones. Also Withworths have a very fine stone.

There are 106 graves in old part of cem. which is the north end of cem. There is 100 graves in new part of cem. situated in about middle of the cemetery. The south end of cemetery is hilly and has a great many large trees, Hickory and Oak. In the north end or old part there are several large Oak trees. The cemetery drains well, slopes from three sides north, east and south. It is on the north side of the new gravel road leading west from Route No. 4, first road leading west – south of the Gillespie Country Club. It is ½ miles west on Gravel road to the cem.

The oldest grave is Samuel. B. Clark, Died In 1838. Age 45 yrs.

There are four soldiers Mr. Duly says, But he can’t locate them, only two of them, a Mr. Jackson and Wilhite. Mr. Duly, one of the trustees, says if it is deeded, it was done by the supervisor of the Township, Mr. Peter Mack was the supervisor. He don’t know about a Charter. (See Pete Mack for Information)

The cemetery got its name from Mr. Elijah Mitchell, (father of Travis Mitchell). Mr. Elijah Mitchell had 21 children.

Veterans’ Work Sheets – Mitchell Cemetery
Brushy Mound Township
No Typed List of Veterans Found
Information from Work Sheets Only

Name: Robert Jackson
Field Check: Grave No. 1; Lot No. 4; Block No. Sec. 2; Marker – Upright;
Information on Marker: Robert Jackson, 1842 – 1915 No gov’t. marker

Name: Thomas Wilhite (sp. ?)
Field Check: Grave No. 1; Lot No. 12 No gov’t marker

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