WPA Record for Chapman's Point or Oak Grove Cemetery, Macoupin County IL
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North Palmyra Township
Macoupin County, Illinois
3½ Miles Northeast of Modesto

Note: The following information was compiled by the WPA in the 1930's. It includes a description, history and list of veterans' burials in this cemetery through that time. These records are housed at the Macoupin County Archives in Carlinville, IL. I tried to keep the original spelling used.

The Oak Grove Cemetery was first laid out by John CHAPMAN in 1842, for a burial place for his daughter who died in that year. At one time this cemetery was known as Chapman's Point Cemetery. Chapman's Point is a land mark at the end of the nine mile road running straight West of Virden where Mr. CHAPMAN was one of the first settlers and large land owner. That part of the township is still known as Chapman's Point.
On August 19, 1876 a meeting was held at Chapman's Point for the purpose of building a church and also for the laying out of a cemetery for the community. The following men were elected as trustees and members of the board.

Nathan Chamberlain----President
J. R. Spires--------------Secretary
Thomas Hubbard-------Trustee
R. K. Alderson----------Trustee
S. L. Twitchell----------Trustee
Nathan Chamberlin-----Building Committee
I. N. Johnson------------Building Committee
John Houetner----------Building Committee

In 1876, the Chapman's Point Cemetery was platted and surveyed by John L. MORRELL.
The description and survey of plat reads as follows:
Commencing at a point 6 chains and 66 links West and 1 chain and 32 links South from the NW corner of the SE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 12, T. 12 N. R. 8 West of the Third Principal Meridian, in the County of Macoupin, State of Illinois and running from said point South 3 chains; thence West 3 chains and 75 links; thence North 3 chains; thence East 3 chains and 75 links to the place of beginning. The same survey is laid out as shown by platt herewith given unto my hand this November of 1876.
Signed: John L. Morrell (Surveyor)
(The above certificate of survey and the map of the Chapman's Point Cemetery is in the possession of the cemetery association and this information was copied from their print. It is not as yet recorded.)
In November 1876, a meeting was held of the people of the community of Chapman's Point for the purpose of forming an association and electing a board of trustees. The following men were elected to serve as officers of the association.
Thomas Hubbard-------President
Nathan Chamberlain-----Secretary & Treasurer
Thomas Hubbard-------Trustee
Sidney L. Twitchell----Trustee
Robert Alderson-------Trustee

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In 1877, a deed was made conveying the title to Chapman's Point Cemetery to the trustees, and reds as follows: WHEREAS the inhabitants of the neighborhood of "Chapmans Point" in the County of Macoupin and State of Illinois have organized an association for cemetery purpoes by electing a board of trustees consisting of: Thomas HUBBARD, Siden L. TWITCHHELL and Robert K. ALDERSON, and WHEREAS said board has organized by electing Thomas HUBBARD, President and Nathan C. CHAMBERLAIN, Secretary and Treasurer and have selected and surveyed a plot of ground for a burying ground or place for the interment of the dead for the use of CHAPMAN and his wife Charity, and WHEREAS they the said parties of the first part being desirous of dedicating the same for the use of the said neighborhood of Chapmans Point associated together and acting through their said board of trustees; now therefore the grantors; John CHAPMAN and Charity, his wife in consideration of $1.00 in hand paid and for the purpose of dedicating the premises hereinafter described as a burying ground or a place of interment of the dead for the use of the neighborhood aforesaid, CONVEY and WARRANT TO THE "County of Macoupin" in the state of Illinois all the following described real-estate: That plot of ground bounded as follows: to-wit:

Commencing at a point 6 chains and 66 links West and 1 chain and 32 links South from the NE. corner of the SE. 1/4 of the SE. 1/4 of Section 12, t. 12 N. R. 8 West of the Third Principal Meridian, running thence South 3 chains; thence West 3 chains 75 links to the place of beginning, situated in the County of Macoupin, State of Illinois hereby releasing and waiving all rights under and by virtue of the Homestead Exemption Laws of this state. (This deed is dated January 22, 1877 and was filed for record in the office of the Recorder of Deeds for Macoupin County, Illinois on September 20, 1890 in Book EO, Pages 107 and 108.)

In 1905, Ed WALKINGTON, on whose farm the Oak Grove Cemetery is located made an addition to the cemetery. The deed transferring the title to the land which was added to the cemetery has not been found on the records of Macoupin County; but the map of the survey and certification of the said correct plat is on record and reads as follows:

State of Illinois, Macoupin County:

I, Ed WALKINGOTN, owner in fee simple of the SE. 1/4 of the SE. 1/4 of Section 12, T. 12 N. R. 8 West of the Third Principal Meridian, except a certain piece of ground in the NE. corner of said tract formily ploted and deeded to the County of Macoupin for cemetery purposes and is recorded on the records of said county. The undersigned does by these presence desire to lay out a plot of ground 96 feet North and South and150 feet East and West along the south side of said cemetery formily layed out. Beginning at the SW corner of said Oak Grove Cemetery, and running South 96 feet; thence East 150 feet; thence North 96 feet to connect with the South line of said Oak Grove Cemetery. This plat is surveyed into 48 lots and numbered from 1 to 48 inclusive; said lots are the size of 8 feet wide East and West and 24 feet long North and South with an allyways 4 feet wide running North and South full width of said plat, 96 feet long and when the said plat is recorded shall be known as the Ed. WALKINGTON First Addition to the Oak Grove Cemetery situated in the NE. corner of the SE. 1/4 of the SE. 1/4 of Section 12, T. 12 N. R. 8. The plat also shows a strip 10 feet wide and 96 feet long on the west side of the First Addition which is not loted but is left for a driveway and paupers ground. (This certificate of record and map of the Ed WALKINGTON First Addition to Oak Grove Cemetery was dated April 7, 1905 at Modesto and was filed for record in the office of the Recorder of Deeds for Macoupin County, Illinois on April 12, 1905 in Land Plat Book "B", Page 28.

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In 1929, the members of the board of trustees and the patrons of the cemetery decided to form a legally organized cemetery association. The following petition was drawn up and sent to:

State of Illinois, Macoupin County: To Louis L. EMMERSON, Secretary of State:

We the undersigned: A. J. HAGLER, George W. WRIGHTSMAN, James A. SMITHSON, J. W. CRUMP, Bryan R. STULTS, O. C. WILLIAMS, George M. ROBINSON and Ed. WALKINGTON hereby present this our petition setting forth our desire to organize a cemetery association under an Act of the General Assembly of the State of Illinois, entitled, An Act to provide for the organization, ownership, management and control of cemetery associations," approved May 14, 1903. Said cemetery to be located in Macoupin County and to be known by the name and style of "Chapmans" Point Oak Grove Cemetery." The Post-office address of the business office of said association is at number R.R. # 1, Girard, Illinois, street of North Otter Township in the County of Macoupin and State of Illinois. Signed: A. J. HAGLER George W. WRIGHTSMAN J. W. CRUMP Bryan R. STULTS History of Chapman's Point Oak Grove Cemetery John Chapman, the original owner and donor of the land for the Chapman's Point Oak Grove Cemetery was one of the earliest settlers of Macoupin County. He settled on land on the section line of North Palmyra and North Otter Township. At that time these townships had vast belts of timber varying from a quarter of a mile to a mile in width. The prairie portion was a fertile rich land and was well drained by the three creeks which run through the townships. The banks of the creeks were covered with timber and the wolves, deer, panther and bears found a home beneath their branches. The men who first settled there were well suited for the territory. They were men of irreproachable character and very industrious. Within a few years they cleared the timberland and changed the rough and hard prairie land into rich tillable soil and productive farms. They were also skilled with the rifle and the wild game amply supplied meat for food. With the progress of civilization these animals soon disappeared. The homes of these early settlers were crudely built cabins with no windows. The only light was from the door and chimney.

Mr. CHAPMAN worked hard and became the owner of 130 acres of rich land in sections 12 and 13 of North Palmyra Township and about 234 acres in North Otter Township. The part of the county where Mr. Chapman settled became known as Chapman's Point and from it derives the name of the cemetery.

Mr. WALKINGTON who is the present owner of the farm on which the Oak Grove Cemetery is located gave an addition to the cemetery. He is of English decent. His father, William WALKINGTON came to this county in 1851 and settled about 1 ½ mile North of the present WALKINGTON farm. His voyage across the Atlantic from England to America took two months in a sailing vessel. William WALKINGTON, with the earlier pioneers worked hard in making this part of the county prosperous and livable.

Private Arthur J. HAGLER who is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery and of whom we would like to make mention due to his unusual funeral was born in 1903. About 1 ½ years prior to his death he joined the U. S. Marines and at the time of his death was stationed at Post Au Prince, Haiti. His death was caused by Malaria Fever and a Cerebral Hemorrhage on November 24, 1924. His body was shipped from Post Au prince by way of the USS Kittery to Hampton

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Roads, Virginia, arriving on November 26. On December 1, 1924 a large military funeral was held in his honor. Six Marine Sergeants came from St. Louis to act as pallbearers. Privates Eldon HAYNES and Paul BATES, who were friends and former neighbors, came home with the body. Private Arthur J. HAGLER is entitled to an honorable discharge.

The Chapman's Point Oak Grove Cemetery is in excellent condition and is well taken care of. There are many lots available for burial purposes and will be used for a long time. Very little repair is needed on the cemetery. A few stones are down and need resetting and about four graves need filling in. The ground is kept clean and neat. There are no weeds or brush in the cemetery. The wire fence which encloses the cemetery needs re-stretching.

There are 19 veterans buried in Chapman's Point Oak Grove Cemetery.

Name War Rank Company Regiment or Vessel
U.S. or State
Date of death Grave, Lot, Blk
BURNS, I. C. C Pvt.
Confederate 7-3-1923 G-2, L-62, B-2
BUSH, Thomas 1812 Pvt.
IW. Tenn, Mil.
G-1, L-2, B-1
CHAPMAN, Daniel C Sgt. E 122 Ill. Inf. 9-27-1916 G-1, L-65, B-2
CHAPMAN, Edmund C Pvt. D 122 Ill. Inf. 10-11-1862 G-8, L-7, B-1
CHAPMAN, Franklin C Pvt. D 122 Ill. Inf. 09-27-1862 G-7, L-7, B-1
4. Reg. 12-26-1890 G-1, L-35,B-2
CLINE, Wilson C Corp. A 85 Ill. Inf. 6-24-1903 G-1, L-50,B-2
COVEY, Samuel C Pvt. E 122 Ill. V Inf. 10-9-1865 G-6,L-10,B-1
CRUMP, C. Glenn W Pvt.
159 U.S.M. Det. 7-3-1920 G-1,L-27,B-1
COWEN, Marshall C Pvt. G 101 Ill. V. Inf.
GOODE, Roy D. W Cook
Med. Corps. Debark Hosp AEF 7-2-1927 G-1, L-32
HAGLER, Arthur J. W Pvt.
U.S.M. 11-12-1924 G-3,L-1,B-3
HUBBARD, Allen C Pvt.

11-8-1863 G-3,L-12,B-1
JOHNSON, Isaac N. C Pvt. D 122 Ill. Inf. 1-14-1896 G-6,L-8,B-1

4 Reg. 5-26-1878 G-6,L-8,B-1
RICHARDS, E. S. C Corp. E 122 Ill. Vol. Inf.
WILLIAMS, John C Pvt. E 122 Ill. V. Inf. 11-8-1924 G-1,L-9,B-1
WILSON, J. H. C Pvt. H 80 Ill. Vol. Inf. 2-14-1911 G-2,L-35
WOLF, John C Pvt.

2-10-1881 G-1,L-59

The oldest grave that we can locate in the Chapman's Point Oak Grove Cemetery is that of Amanda A. CHAPMAN, daughter of John and Charity CHAPMAN who died on April 4, 1842.

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