WPA - Ramey Cemetery, Brushy Mound Township, Macoupin County IL

A Transcription of the WPA Record in Macoupin County Archives, Carlinville, Illinois
by Mary McKenzie, 2009

Brushy Mound Township

Macoupin County
S. E.  of the N. W. of Sec. 6 T 9 R 7
(Wrote Dec. 14, 1939)

It is situated south of New Experimental Road running from Carlinville to Shipman about 15 rds from road.  It is ½ mile west from the Sooy (sp. ?) orchid, in the Ed Denby pasture.  Land now owned by George Denby Jr. who got the land from his uncle Ed Denby in the last 2 yrs.  The cem. has a great cattle fence all around it.  Its in good condition.  On the north side is 3 barb wires, on the east & south side are 2 barb wires, on the west side is a low woven wire with 3 barbs across it.  All the fence is attached to trees for posts.  There are 4 large cement blocks for stones in cem.  One rock for a marker, one grave without a mark of any kind, and one sunken grave.  There are two very nice ever green trees and a number of oak trees in the cem.  Between the cem. and black top Jubbie High is a medium size pond where stock get their drinking water.  Interview Mr. Geo. Denby.

Mr. Henry Ramey was a civil war soldier.  He belonged to the Calvary.  His son don’t know much about it, but will see his brother during Xmas Holidays and try and find out all they can about it.  His son Elmer has his army rifle.

A Mr. Smith, grandfather of Osa & Elmer and John Ramey got the land from Mr. Hiram Smith.  Then Mr. Ed Denby at the death of Mr. Henry Ramey bought the land and the present owner of the land is Geo. Denby Jr.  There never was a separate deed made to that graveyard.  When Mr. Ramey sold that land he reserved so many ft. for this graveyard and a roadway to get to it.  It was a written agreement between Mr. Ramey and Mr. Ed Denby where Mr. Denby the bought the farm.  It is a private cem.  There are least 6 graves that could be counted.  There never was no trustees to the cem.  It was kept up in good condition by the Ramey family and relatives.  Interview Mr. Osa Ramey for this information.  Interview two people for this information.  Geo. Denby and Osa Ramey.

Ramey Cemetery

The Grantors, Elmer L. Ramey and Hattie Ramey his wife, Osie Ramey and Cora Ramey his wife of Carlinville, Illinois and John Ramey and Ruth Ramey his wife, and Margaret Farnsworth and Ray Farnsworth of Dowling, South Dakota, and Maria Francis and William Francis her husband of Texrkana, State of Texas, who are the heirs of Henry Ramey, deceased and of Olivia Anna Ramey, deceased, late the consideration of the sum of $1,950 in hand do convey and warrant to Edward W. Denby of Carlinville, State of Illinois of following described tract of parcel of real estate situated in the county of Macoupin, and State of Illinois to-wit:  all that part of the SE ¼ of the S# 7 west of the 3rd principal meridian which lies South and east of the right of way at C. & A. R. R. as now located, reserving an exception the following described parcel of land for grave yard purposes, to-wit:  Beginning a point 40 feet north and 20 feet east of the corner of said SE ¼ SW ¼ Sec. 6 _ T ( - running thence north 70 feet then
East ___ thence S 70 feet, thence W 40 feet to the place of beginning, and this deed is made with the reservation to the grantors and their heirs and assigns of the right of ingress  egress to and from the said grave yard tract, from the point in the public road where said road crosses the right of way of said C & A Railroad and it is understood and agreed that the grantee shall be under no obligation  to erect or maintain the fence around the grave yard tract, but that the said fence shall be erected and maintained by the grantors and their heirs and relinquish all right of homestead under the laws of the State of Illinois.  Dated this 29th day of Jan. A.D. 1916.

Elmer Ramey                Hattie Ramey
Osie Ramey                Cora Ramey
John Ramey                Ruth Ramey
Ray Farnsworth            Margaret Farnsworth
William Francis            Maria Francis

Recorded February 15, 1916        Miscellaneous Record 280    Page 409

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