WPA - Richie aka Ross Cemetery, South Palmyra Township, Macoupin County IL

A Transcription of the WPA Record in Macoupin County Archives, Carlinville, Illinois
by Mary McKenzie, 2008

South Palmyra Township 
Macoupin County
Sec. 8-11-8 NE ¼  NE ¼

I usually don’t include the entire legal description of the cemeteries in this publication, but the following notes include additional information that may be useful to a researcher of this cemetery.

The Grantor, Bertha Challecombe Eyer  of Hettick in the County of Macoupin and State of Illinois for the consideration of One Dollar convey and quickclaim to Walter M. Richie of the town of South Palmyra County of Macoupin and State of Illinois:

The South East quarter of NE quarter of Section No (8) and sixteen acres off of the South side of the SW quarter of the NE quarter of Section No. (8) all in township No (11) North Range 8 West of the third principal Meridian excepting the cemetery on said last (tract).  This deed is made to supply the loss of a deed to said premises which was made by the children Achiles Tongate viz:  Mriagale (sp.?) Tongate, Commodore Perry Tongate and Mollie his wife, Serena Hoover and her husband, to two other children of Archiles Tongate, viz:  John Tongate and Francis M. Tongate which deed was last without being recorded after it was delivered to said John and Francis M. Tongate situated in the County of Macoupin in the State of Illinois hereby releasing and waiving all rights under and by virtue of the Homestead  Exemption Laws of this State.
    Dated this 5 day of January A.D. 1906
    Signed, Sealed and Delivered in Presence of:

    Walter M. Richie}  Bertha Challacombe     (Seal)
            }  Willie Eyer

    Recorded 22 day of Jan. 1906
    Book 221 Page 142

Cemetery is surrounded by wheat fields.  There are 24 graves in the cemetery.  They are all but seven tombstones broken off and laying on the ground, nearly covered with grass.  There is no fence around it.  Ground is level with a slow drainage.  It is situated in a large field, now clover and about 40 ft. from public roadway.  On five of the standing stones are the following names.

Myra, wife of Thomas B. Ross  Died March 1, 1848  Age 21 yrs 3 months
Thomas B. Ross  Died Oct. 6, 1870 age 45 yrs 10 months
Jane, wife of Thomas B. Ross  Born Oct. 17, 1828  Died Aug. 11, 1909
J. W. Ross  Born Jan. 2, 1859  Died July 1888
Joseph M. Ross  Born June 26, 1867  Died June 8, 1891

It has no caretaker.

Robert Ross owned the land when first set aside for a cem. about 1836.  There is about 36 graves in cem., but we could only find 24 graves.  There is no deed to cem.  Frank Richie owns land which cem. is on.  Cem. is located in Sec. 8.  There is no soldiers in cem.  Name of cem. is now Richie cem., but used to be known as Ross cem. many years back.  Frank Richie is the only trustee.  He doesn’t know if there is any more trustees or not.  No one seems interested in fixing up cem.  There probably won’t be anyone ever buried there again.

    Name of Cemetery:  Richie
    Location:  Sec. # 8 – 11 N 8 W    1 mi. s. & 1 mi. W. of Palmyra, Ill
    Number of Lots:   10
    Number of Graves:  24
    Number of Graves to be filled:  10
    Number of Graves to be leveled:  10
    Number of Veterans Graves that need stones:  none
    Number of stones in cemetery that need resetting:  12
    Rods of fence around cemetery:  none

   This cemetery is in a very poor condition
    Surrounded by a wheat field

The following page is a legal description of the Richie cemetery, which I usually don’t include in the WPA cemetery projects; however, this page names the heirs of the Richie family, so it maybe helpful to someone.

The Grantors, Sarah J. Richie, widow of Eli W. Richie deceased.  Robert R. Richie and Dora B. Richie his wife; William C. Richie and Emma Richie his wife; James M. Richie and Minnie Richie his wife; Walter M. Richie, Emma Richie his wife; Maurice E. Richie and Birdella Richie, his wife; Carrie Richie Huson and Charles Huson her husband; Scott Etter and Myrtle T. Etter his wife; Eelfa Flentg and Frank Flentge her husband; Ross Etter  Ola Etter.

Palmyra of Macoupin in the county of Macoupin and State of Illinois for and in consideration of nine thousand six hundred and eighty three and no/100 dollars in hand paid convey and warrant to Frank M. Richie of Palmyra, county of Macoupin, State of Illinois, the following described real estate to wit:  (long legal description of land here).  Containing in all about one hundred and seven (107) acres excepting the cemetery site located thereon all of the above described lands being located in township No. Eleven (11) North Range Number eight (8) west of the third principal meridian.  Situated in the county of Macoupin in the State of Illinois hereby releasing and waiving all rights under and by virtue of the homestead Exemption Laws of the State.

The Grantors and the Grantee herein and the heirs at Law and the only surviving heirs at law of the Estate of Eli W. Richie deceased.

Dated this 23rd 1905 (as is).  Sealed signed and delivered in presence of:

Charles Huson        Minnie E. Richie        Sarah F. Richie
Scott Etter        Walter M. Richie        Robert R. Richie
Myrtle F. Etter        Emma Richie        Dora B. Richie
Elfa Etter Flentge        Maurice E. Richie    William C. Richie
Frank Flentge        Birdella Richie        Emma Richie
Ross Etter        Carrie Richie Huson    James. M. Richie
Ola Etter

Recorded 23 day of Jan. 1906      Book GD  Page 488

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