WPA - Seaton Cemetery, Shaws Point Township, Macoupin County IL

A Transcription of the WPA Record in Macoupin County Archives, Carlinville, Illinois
Information Compiled For WPA Project 1940

by Mary McKenzie

Seaton Cemetery

Shaws Point Township
Macoupin County
Section 10 T10N R6W Illinois

The following information is located in Box 2 of the WPA Cemetery Records, found at Macoupin County Archives in Carlinville, IL.  All information is copied “as is.”  It was written on January 26. 1940.

Size of Seaton Cem. 40 by 40.  Now belongs to Anna ROGERS land.

There are over thirteen graves in the cem.  Only one can be found, whose name was KITZMILLER.  No markers.  There was at one time some rocks for stones, but know they have been moved away, and the ground is being plowed & farmed.  It is in Sec. 10 – T. - 10 R. – 6 N. W. ¼.  This cem. is located in the South East corner of a 40 acre tract of land. The south boundry of this land comes to the timber.  This cemetery is situated East of SCHAFFER LAND ABOUT 1 MILE AND ¼ MILE South On the farm where Mr. CROUCH now lives as a tenant.

The farm is now owned by Mrs. Anna ROGERS an heir of the SEATONS.  It is also located 2 miles West & 1 mile North of Atwater, and ½ mile East of public road.  This farm house where Mr. CROUCH lives is ½ mile from main highway.

Very few people know any thing about this cemetery, as it is never used any more.  Interview 6 people.  Information obtained from Mr. BOSTON and Mr. & Mrs. EASLEY of Atwater.

The land on which the cem. is located, produced a large crop of soybeans this year.

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