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Shiloh Cemetery

transcribed by Mary McKenzie

Bird Township
Macoupin County
Sec. 20 10 8 SW ¼ SW ¼

From the WPA Project in the late 1930's.
7 miles West of Carlinville

Shiloh Cemetery is located about 7 miles West of Carlinville on Route 108. It is about 30 feet off of the highway and has a gravel road leading to the entrance of the cemetery. Just west of the cemetery is the Shiloh Baptist Church from which derives the name of the cemetery. This cemetery was laid out in 1859.

The patrons of the Shilow Baptist Church decided that they should have a burial grounds near their church and so the ground adjoining the church yard, (on which there were already a few graves) was purchased. The deed to this land reads as follows:- This Indenture made this 17th day of March 1874, between Mr. Oliver Murphy and Susannah Murphy his wife of the first part and the trustees of Shiloh Baptist church in the town of Bird, Macoupin County, State of Illinois of the second part, Witnesseth that the said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of $5.00 to them paid by the said party of the second part sold, conveyed and released to the said party of the seconde part and their successors and assigns forever all that certain piece or parcel of land situate, lying and being in the town of Bird, Macoupin County, State of Illinois and known, designated and described as follows:-
Beginning at a stone about 2 chains and 50 links Southeasterly from the NW. corner of the SW. 1/4 of the SW.1/4 of Section 18, T.10 N. R.8, West of the Third Principal Meridian, from which stona a Pin Oak five inches in diameter bears South 52 1/2 degrees East 21 1/2 links; thence East 4 chains; thence South 2 chanis and 50 links; thence West 4 chains; thence North 2 chains and 50 links to the place of beginning (Index of needle, 7 1/2 degrees East) for the use of a burial place only.) (This deed is dated March 17, 1874 and was recorded in the office of the Recorder of Deeds for Macoupin County, Illinois on March 17, 1874 in Book "BL," Page 560.)

After many years a mistake was discovered in the deed of 1874 as to Section in which the cemetery is located. Therefore in 1896 a correction was made whereas, THE GRANTORS:-Jasper Warren Wheeler and Sarah Emma Wheeler his wife of Bird Township, Macoupin County, State of Illinois for and in consideration of the sum of $1.00 in hand paid CONVEY and WARRANT to Francis M. Bates, George Reader and William Wheeler, trustees of the Shiloh Baptist Church and their successors in office also Bird Township, Macoupin County, State of Illinois, the following described real-estate:-
Beginning about 10 rods Southeast from the N.W. corner of the SW. SW. of Section 20, corner stone witness Pin Oak, South 52 1/2

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degrees East 21 1/2 links; thence East 4 chains; thence South 2.50 chains; thence West 4 chains; thence North 2.50 chains to the place of begginning, said tract being one acre used as a burying ground, the same is in Section 20, T.10 N. R.8, West of the Third Principal Meridian. The above described tract is deeded to the trustees of the Shiloh Baptist Church for burial place. (This correction deed is dated December 25, 1896 and was recorde in the office of the Recorder of Deeds for Macoupin County, Illinois on December 30, 1895 in Book ?FQ, at Page 432.

Shiloh Cemetery is church property and the lots are not sold. Family lots are acquired by a custom deed, whereby any member of the church could go in the cemetery and stake off a plot of ground for a burial place of his family and the lot automatically became his without cost and no one else could claim it.

The congregation of Shiloh Church appoinst the trustees, who serve as trustees of the church and cemetery. The present trustees are:-
J. W. Wheeler
Hugh Bradshaw
William Ward
All of the trustees are from Carlinville, Illinois.

This cemetery does not have a fund for its upkeep. When it is necessary to have financial aid a committee is appointed who go out and solicit from the members who contribute generously. It has always been kept neat and clean by the patrons of the church and the relatives of the deceased.

Shiloh Cemetery is a beautiful burial grounds surrounded by a thriving community. The ground slopes to the center, giving it a nice drain. 12 of the older graves need filling and leveling. Many of the stones need resetting and recutting.

There are two veterans buried in the Shiloh Cemetery

Regiment or Vessel
U.S. or State
Date of Death
Grave #
Adams, John Quincy
122 Ill. Inf.
Comer, Addison

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These veterans graves have family markers but no government markers.

The oldest grave in the Shiloh Cemetery that we have been able to locate is that of Sarah J. Morris, wife of J. W. Morris who died on June 26, 1859 at the age of 19 years and 8 months.


Shiloh Cemetery derived its name from the Shiloh Baptist Church. This church was built by the early settlers of the community in 1851. This church was built by the early settlers of the community in 1851. The carpernters were Pascal Reader and William Loveless. William Loveless bought the lumber for the entire church, having paid $250.00 for it in gold. He and Mr. Reader furnished their labor free for the building of the entire church. Johnny Lumpkin, Hughy Smith, the Comers, Cupls, Bates, Wheelers and the Loveless families were among the most prominent in planning the building of the church and the laying out of the Shiloh Cemetery.

We have been able to secure much of the early history of Shiloh Church and Cemetery from Hugh F. Loveless, oldest member of the church who is still living. He is 97 years old at the present time. He was born in Bird Township in June 1843 and there grew up to manhood. He was one of the younger children of the family and he made his home with his father until his marriage. In 1863, he was married to Sarah A. Sell and four children were born to this union. Mr. Loveless made a thourough study of agriculture and is well informed on all branches of farming and stock-raising and achieved a practical success in his efforts. In relating the history he also compared farming of the present day to that of early times. In the early days the ways and means of farming were slow and much hard labor was attached to it. The land was plowed by a one-horse, wood-shear plow. They used a heavy brush lim as a harrow to level the ground. The field was marked but in lines made of stakes and then cross lined before the corn was planted. They used Hickory Bark for the lines to guide the horses. Every day at noon they would put those lines in the furrow and cover them with dirt to keep them soft and pliable. The wheat in those days was cut with very poorly made scythes which at that time were called cradles. A man would follow the cutter and make little bundles of them and tie them with a wheat straw instead of a string. Most of the wheat was threshed out by beating or tramping it out. All of the bread used at that time was corn bread. The farmers would take their corn to a crusher, which was made of wood and there he would wait his turn to have his corn ground. Sometimes he wait all day, getting home late in the night.

Mr. Loveless spent much of his time in caring for both the church and cemetery. He was the son of William Loveless who contributed much to the building of the Shiloh Baptist Church.

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Name of Cemetery Shiloh
Location 7 Mi West of Carlinville 10-10-8
Oldest Grave Sarah J. Morris Died June 26, 1859 - 19 yrs & 8 mos
Number of lots
Number of graves 168
Number of graves to be filled 12
Number of graves to be leveled 12
Number of Veterans graves that need stones need govt markers
Number of stones in cemetery that need resetting 25
Number of stones that need recutting 18
Rods of fence around cemetery about 52
Condition of fence good
Rods of fence to be repaired none
Rods of fence to be replaced none
Number of people interviewed 5
Inquire to find if any veterans grave in cemetery has no marker.

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Hereby expressly releasing and waving all rights of Homestead Exemption, under and by virtue of any law of the State of Illinois, now in force, or which may hereafter be enacted, exempting Homesteads from sale by virtue of Execution, or under Mortgage or otherwise. Together with all the privileges and appurtenances to the said land in anywise appertaining and belonging.
To Have and to Hold the above granted premises, to the said party of the second part, their successors and assigns, to their behoof forever for a graveyard, and no other purpose. And the said party of the first part, for their heirs, executors and administrators, do covenant with the said party of the second part, successors as aforesaid assigns, that they are lawfully seized in fee of the afore-granted premises, that they are free from all incumbrances, that they the said parth of the first part, have good right to sell and convey the same to the said party of the second part, as aforesaid; and that they will and their heirs, executors and Administrators shll Warrant and Defend the same to the said party of the Second part as aforesaid and assigns, against the lawfel demands of all persons.
In testimony Whereof, The said party of the first part have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written. (This deed ??)....may have been more but this is all I copied gf

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Work Sheet No. RC
County Macoupin
City or Twp Bird Twp                Cemetery Shiloh

Name (First) Attison                    (Last) Comer                    (Middle)

Field Check
1. Grave No.         Lot No.          Block No.
2. Marker: Flat______   Upright     X         None ____________
3. Information on Marker: (Copy exactly)
Cemetery Record Date
4. Grave No.blank    Lot. No.blank        Block No.blank
5. Date of Burial blank Remarks left blank
6. Book No. left blank           Page No. left blank
left blank

Death Certificate Data
Certificate No. ________________blank

7. Address ___blank______ 
                   (Street)                     (City or Town)
8. Date of Death 1879  Place blank            Cause blank

9. Date of birth 1854   Place blank
10. Next of Kin     name blank      Address blank
Clerk blank

Service Record
11. Date enlisted blank    Date Discharged blank    Serial No. blank
12. Branch of Service    blank
13 Company, outfit or ship Civil War
Sources blank

Sources: (a)Inspection of burial plot   (b) Section or cemetery record (c) Death certificate or burial permit  (d) Patriotic organization (Name)  (e) Official U. S. Records (f) Other

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