WPA - Old Solomon Cemetery, Barr Township, Macoupin County IL

A Transcription of the WPA Record in Macoupin County Archives, Carlinville, Illinois
INDEXED 1939 – 1940
transcribed by Mary McKenzie

Old Solomon / A. M. Solomon Cemetery

Barr Township
Macoupin County
NW ¼ SE ¼  Sec. 14 T11N R9W Illinois

Located in the NW ¼ of the SE ¼ of Sec. 14 Town 11 N Range 9 W Barr Township.  This cemetery is back in a pasture about 200 feet from the main road on Mr. Williams Collens  farm, west of his house in his pasture.  A. M. Solomon started this cemetery about the year of 1850.  He was buried here about 30 years ago.  He has no stone, Mr. Collins said.

Jane, Wife of A. M. Solomon died Feb. 16, 1876.  Aged 50 yrs. 5 mo. & 19 das.

Joseph M., Son of A. M. & J. Solomon died Sept. 1, 1857.  Aged 11 mo. & 27 das.

William J. died Jan. 20, 1865.  Aged 4 yrs. & 13 das.

Sarah A. died Oct. 20, 1865.  Aged 16 yrs. 2 mo/ & 5 das.  Children of A. M. & J. Solomon.

Margaret J., Wife of Levi James, died Mar. 13, 1884.  Aged 41 yrs. 10 mo. & 11 das.

Martha M., died May 30, 1881.  Aged 10 yrs. 9 mo. & 22 das.

Sarah E. died May 30, 1881.  Aged 3 yrs. 10 mo. & 16 days.

Delia E. died May 13, 1860.  Aged 1 yr. & 6 days.

Adam died Feb 20, 1862.  Aged 7 mo. & 8 days.

Children of L. & M. J. James

Look upward and your child you’l see fixed in his Blest abode.
What parent would not childless be to give a child to God.

Mr. William Collens told me that his folks told him that that the children that are buried in the cemetery died with a fever called Spotted Fever which is now called Spinal Menenigitis.  The cem. Is in a very poor condition.  Graves are sunken.  Stones are broken down.  There is no fence around the cemetery.  It drains to the north.  It is 32 ft. wide and 40 ft. long East & West.  There are 15 graves in the cemetery.
The cemetery has no trustees.  No one has anything to do about it in the way of care.
Mr. Collens said he wished that some one would take care of the cemetery and fence, as he didn’t like for his stock to run in the cemetery.

The records show in Book U. U. Page 441 that A. M. Solomon wad deeded 40 acres of land by James Adams – yr. 1853.  This 40 acres being in same Sec. As cem., but does not mention cem.

In Book     Y.Y., Page 480, Arval (sp. ?) McCoy Solomon, recorded from the Receivers Office at Edwardsville, Ill. For the sum of fifty dollars: = 40 acres of land at $1.25 per acre.  This deed don’t mention a cem., but it is situated in this tract of land, NE ¼ of SE ¼ of Sec. 14.11.9.  Yr. 1850.
In Book BJ, page 394 A. M. Solomon, deeded this farm to Wm. J. Dorman.  All in Sec. No. 14.11.9, No exception mentioned or anything about a cem.  Yr. 1869.
Was unable to find any deed or exceptions to the cem.  
                        Wrote: Dec. 27, 1939
Searched then the Tax Books and could find no exception to the Old Solomon cem.  Dec.  28, 1939

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