WPA - St. Catherines Cemetery, Western Mound Township, Macoupin County IL

A Transcription of the WPA Record in Macoupin County Archives, Carlinville, Illinois
WPA Dec. 13, 1939
transcribed by Mary McKenzie

St. Catherine's Cemetery

Western Mound Township
Macoupin County
NE Corner of the NE ¼  NE ¼ of Sec. 22 T10 R9W Illinois

There were no veterans’ names found in the St. Catharine’s Cemetery report.  However, the report does contain information that could be useful to a genealogist if the families mentioned have a connection to any of our members or for locating the cemetery.  Spelling and kept “as is” in original report, but property description has been edited.

Oldest grave:    Josephine, wife of Joseph Stedronsky (Born 6-14-184_ --  Died 9-9-1893)
Number of lots:  124
Number of graves:  50
Number of graves to be filled:   5
Number of graves to be leveled:   25
Number of Veterans graves that need stones:  None
Number of stones in cemetery that need resetting:     4
Number of stones that need recutting:     2
Rods of fence around cemetery:     50 or 800 ft.
Condition of fence:    Good
Rods of fence to be repaired:     None
Rods of fence to be replaced:     None
Number of people interviewed:  4
No veterans’ graves without marker

This cemetery is ¼ mi. east and ¼ mi. south of Hagaman, Ill. on the south side of hard road.

It is situated on New Hard road, Route 108, between Reader, Ill. and Hagaman, Ill.  It is on the south side of road, also 100 feet from hard road.  A grass lawn between hard road and cem. for cars to park on.  The north fence of cem. is steel lawn fence attached to steel posts.  A steel gate near the center of cem.  There is a road way of dirt through the center of cem.  The fence on east, south, and west sides of cem. is woven wire over barb wire on top attached to steel posts.  There are no pines in cem. and it is in very nice condition.  To get to this cem. one travels ¼ mile south from Hagaman, Ill.  Then east on Hard Road Route No. 108, ¼ to cem.  From Reader, Ill. you travel Hard Road  Route 108 you travel about 2 miles west to cem. which is situated on south side of road.  The north side of the cem. there is a cement wall or foundation about 2 feet high and 4 inches thick with steel posts set in the foundation.  To these posts is attached the lawn fence on north side of cem.

(Interviewed 4 people)

Mr. C. C. Robinson Sr. was the first owner of the land where cem. is located.  Cem. was deeded by this Mr. Robinson to church and trustees for cem. purposes.  He is the present owner of the land surrounding the cem.  All papers and deeds are at Greenfield, Ill. in possession of Father Chas Flori “See Mr. Flori”.

The cem. obtained its name from St. Cathrine Church situated in Hagaman, Ill.  The church was laid out by trustees about 1910 or 12.  Don’t know of any soldiers buried in the cem.  There is no permanent caretaker.  The community in general take care of cem.  Lots are sold and money used for upkeep of cem.  It is a public cem.  Fence is in good shape.  Nicely keeping by cem. management.  The present trustees are Mr. Ed McAliney, Luke Castelo, and Rev. Chas Flori.  Rev. Chas Flori address is Greenfield, Ill.  Mr. McAliney and Luke Castilo, Chesterfield, Ill.  Rev. Chas Flori is sec. & Treas. of Board of Trustees and has all records and papers of cem.  Went to Greenfield, Ill. and interviewed Rev. Flori and he told us all papers were in Springfield concerning cem.  Mr. McAliney thinks the deeds are recorded in court house, but referred us to Rev. Flori, for exact information about them.

St. Catherine’s Cemetery Deed

The Grantor, Charles C. Robinson and Kate Robinson, his wife, who are residents of Hagaman, Illinois, in the County of Macoupin and State of Illinois, for and in consideration of $100 in hand paid, conveys and warrants to the Right Rev. James Ryan, Bishop of Alton, Illinois and his successors of Alton, County of Madison, State of Illinois, the following described real estate, to wit:  [here is a long legal description]   One acres more or less.

Dated this third day of April – 1908.

                                Charles C. Robinson
                                Kate E. Robinson

Recorded May 20, 1908                    Deed Record 233    --   Page 512
Copied December 14, 1939.

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