Macoupin County

Charity Baptist Church Records 1849-1908

Charity Baptist Church and Cemetery are located in Bird Township west of Carlinville.

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37 Index A-G

Adams, Aden, Alibaugh, Allan, Allen, Allibau, Allibaugh, Allin, Allsbaw, Amith, Angel, Angelo, Angels, Angilo, Angils, Antle, Armstrong, Arnett, Asbas, Asbaw, Asbow, Ash, Asbaugh, Ashbaw, Aulabaugh. Ai;sbaigj. Baom. Ballak, Balleek, Ballok, Barr, Barrick, Barton, Bates, Batty, Beasley, Beavers, Bevers, Bird, Black, Bowen, Bown, Bragg, Bristow, Brown, Bryant, Buckley, Bush, Camp, Canada, Canaday, Canady, Carr, Carter, Cartwright, Case, Casteel, Casteele, Chapman, Chiles, Clark, Coffee, Coffey, Coffin, Cole, Collins, Comer, Comers, Cook, Coombs, Coss, Courtney, Cowan, Cowen, Cox, Cramer, Crough, Culp, Cundall, Curry, Davenport, Deadrick, Dedric, Dedrick, Deeds, Delaney, Denby, Dews, Dilong, Dixon, Dixson, Drake, Duncan, Edwards, Elkin, Enis, Enos, Falkenstein, Farley, Farrar, Fite, Fitzgerald, Ford, Frazier, Fullington, Gaither, Gaithor, Gimlen, Gimlin, Gimling, Gore

38 Index H-Rob

Haley, Hall, Hamlin, Hampton, Haner, Hanes, Hare, Harris, Hart, Hartley, Harvey, Harvy, Hawk, Hawkins, Haynes, Heart, Henry, Higgins, Hoblet, Hoblit, Hodge, Hodges, Horn, Haunsley, Hubbard, Huddleston, Huff, Hulse, Huskey, Husle, Jacobs, Johnson, Joiner, Jones, Kerns, Kesinger, Kessinger, Keysinger, Killam, Killan, Kissenger, Kitzmiller, Lane, Layar, Laycock, Lee, Lelaney, Lott, Loveless, Loving, Loyd, Madison, Manard, Marsh, Marshal, Marshall, Mason, McBates, McBevers, McCain, McCann, McCracken, McGinnis, McMellon, McPeak, McWhartor, McWorter, McWright, Mead, Melton, Metcalf, Michel, Miller, Milley, Mitchel, Mitchell, Moor, Moore, Mooris, Mooss, Morris, Moss, Mott, Nahan, Nixon, O'Brian, O'Brien, O'Brine, O'Dell, Parker, Parnell, Parvis, Peebles, Pervis, Philips, Phillips, Pierce, Potts, Prouty, Purvis, Quarton, Raferty, Raines, Reynolds, Rhoads, Rhodes, Rice, Richie, Rimer, River, Roach, Roberson, Roberts, Robinson

39 Index Rob-Z

Robison, Rood, Rowen, Runnels, Rutherford, Sackie, Sacre, Sample, Sayor, Scoutan, Scouten, Sell, Sells, Sels, Severe, Short, Smith, Snider, Snyder, Soloman, Solomon, Soving, Spain, Spicer, Spier, Sscre, Stanfield, Stanton, Stebbins, Stebins, Steinmetz, Steward, Stewart, Stigall, Stivers, Stratton, Stull, Talkenstein, Tewet, Tewett, Thewit, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Trinity, Trusty, Underwood, Vahan, Vanarsdal, Vanarsdale, Vanasdale, Vancial, Vancel, Vancil, Vansel, Vararsdale, Vaughan, Vaughn, Vevse, Walkenstein, Walker, Wamac, Wamic, Ward, Waters, Watkins, Welton, West, Westrope, Wheeler, White, Wiggins, Wilder, Wilhite, Willhite, Wills, Wilson, Wilton, Womack, Wood, Woodman, Woods, Woolard, Wright, Write, Yard, Young, Zartman

Source: Charity Baptist Church Records 1849-1908, by Wanda Warkins Allers and Eileen Lynch Gochanour, published in 1985, 39 pages. Written permission to put on the Macoupin County ILGenWeb given by Eileen Lynch Gochanour (passed away 27 Mar 2004 at the age of 81 in Thayer MO) addressed to Mary Ann Kaylor. Pages scanned by Nancy Moore.

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