Macoupin County

1875 Atlas - Early Settlers

Transcribed by Gloria Frazier from the 1875 Atlas of Macoupin County, published by Warner and Beers, Chicago.

Name of Settler, Year settled in Macoupin County, Nativity or previous residence.

Barr Township

Wilmer Barr, 1854, Macoupin County IL.
M I Cooper, 1851, TN.
Jefferson Crouch, 1850, East TN.
J W Dalbey, 1857, VA.
E Fansler, 1852, TN.
J F Gary, 1850, Macoupin County IL.
Sally T Gray, 1845, Christian County KY.
R B Haven, 1850, VT.
Christian Hawks, 1860, East TN.
Edwin Henderson, 1818, OH.
J O Henderson, 1838, Macoupin County IL.
J W Henderson, 1833, Greene County IL.
John Mason, MD, no date, no place.
John W Maxfield, 1850, Macoupin County IL.
Sarah J Maxfield, 1840, Rockingham County VA.
R J Metcalf, 1835, KY.
Pressley Robison, 1835, KY.
A Rutherford, 1861, KY.
Henry Snider, no date, no place.
Martha J Teaney, 1870, Greene County IL.
I P Williams, 1866, White County TN.

Bird Township

J H Arnett, 1838, Macoupin County IL.
C R Baker, 1866, WV.
J H Brown, 1838, TN.
W M Chiles, 1834, Macoupin County IL.
A D Comer, 1844, Knox County TN.
Samuel Comer, 1844, Knox County TN.
Henry Craggs, 1854, England.
John Craggs, 1858, Morgan County IL.
J F Culp, 1840, Macoupin County IL.
B W Haley, 1869, Fayette County KY.
Thomas Leach, 1834, England.
James W Lumpkin, 1836, Macoupin County IL.
John M Maze, 1864, Jefferson County TN.
B F Silsby, 1845, Jersey County IL.
Chas. Towse, 1852, England.
John White, 1844, England.
Robert Whitely, 1844, England.

Brighton Township

Edwin Amass, 1858, England.
John Bennett, 1844, Wales.
Daniel Blodget, 1836, NH.
Michael Brown, 1830, OH.
Samuel D Eddington, 1842, England.
C W Heidemann, 1868, Germany.
N Hume, 1852, Island of Guernsey.
J A Ilger, 1874, Ashland County OH.
James Jones, 1861, Wales.
William Jones, 1833, Wales.
Robert Kelsey, 1834, England.
A G Meacham,1871, Rutland VT.
J R Miles, 1832, Logan County KY.
J Montgomery, 1839, Madison County IL.
Asa Potter, 1857, NY.
L P Stratton, 1869, Merrimack County NH.
Samuel Yarham, 1858, England.

Brushy Mound Township

J F Clark, 1831, KY.
George Cowell, Jr, 1865, Isle of Man.
August Hacke, 1852, Germany.
Samuel Huddleston, 1834, KY.
Harmon Miller, 1860, Germany.
Levi Mitchell, 1831, KY.
T M Mitchell, 1833, IL.
L T Peebles, 1838, KY.
Elisha Poole, 1861, England.
Fenelon Trabue, 1835, KY.
C Wheeler, 1833, KY.
John M Wilson, 1834, KY.

Bunker Hill Township

John Badley, England
C T Barnett, physician, no data
J A Beach, 1849, Madison County, IL
J G Benner, 1864, Prussia
Geo Braun, 1871, Prussia
C A Breden, 1829, TN
H R & W N Budd, 1871, IL
Friedrich Bumann, 1849, Germany
Edward Burton, 1838, VT
William A Burton, 1837, VA
I W Camp, 1858, Ashtabula County, OH
G Case, 1842, Hartford County, CT
W H Chamberlain, 1867, Madison County, IL
F W Cross, 1860, England
J F Cummings, 1855, NH
Margaret Cuthbertson, 1873, Ireland
E H Davis, 1839, Merrimack County, NH
W M Dorsey, 1847, KY
Joseph Eddington, 1843, England
E C Ellet, MD, 1839, PA
Fred. Froelich, 1871, Bavaria
Philip Froelich, 1873, Bavaria
John Goodwin, 1849, England
George Harvey, 1862, OH
E W Hayes, 1867, PA
F Y Hedley, 1854, Scotland
E Hollister, 1864, CT
Robt J Hornsby, 1862, KY
Jonathan Huggins, 1839, NH
P C Huggins, 1838, NH
H M Hutchinson, 1851, NH
Max. Ilhardt, 1859, Prussia
Wm O Jencks, 1854, Providence, RI
Ben. Johnson, 1871, England
Francis Lancaster, 1844, England
Wm Love, 1857, CT
Geo McPherson, 1857, Huron County, OH
Fredrick Meinecke, 1852, Germany
J R Meldrum, 1867, Greene County, IL
E S Milton, 1858, ME
David Morris, 1856, Scotland
Wm S Nivin, 1864, St Louis MO
John Quincy Noel, 1861, Adams County, PA
C E Norcott, 1874, NY
John Patrick, 1842, Scotland
J M C Payn, 1843, Fayette County, KY
Jas T Pennington, 1867, Somerset County, NJ
John A Pettingill, 1839, NH
Robert Ridgley, 1855, England
A S Robinson, 1875, MO
S Sanborn, 1861, NH
Mrs M J Sanner, 1867, Madison County, IL
Jackson Sisson, 1837, Jefferson County, KY
Samuel Smalley, 1842, NJ
Th. L. Spangenberg, 1858, Prussia
Samuel C Squire, 1841, Macoupin
Geo. Stephenson, 1871, England
Moses True, 1835, NH
E C Winchester, 1866, LA
Jonathan Lucus Wood, 1833, Washington County, TN
Samuel Wood, 1832, Cumberland County, KY
A N Yancey, 1867
F W Zimmermann, 1851, Germany

Cahokia Township

H B Blevins, 1834, Macoupin County, IL.
A J Cook, 1840, Parke County, IN.
Wm Eickmeyer, 1862, Prussia.
Frank Holden, 1854, VT.
Z Harris, 1839, Bond County, IL.
E S Holms, 1836, England.
Peter B Karnes, 1831, Scott County, KY.
Mary A Kinder, 1839, IN.
Wm Lancaster, 1839, England.
Henry Meyr, 1865, Prussia.
H Ramhorst, 1867, Germany.
Hugh Rice, 1850, Ireland.
Alexander Robson, 1863, Nova Scotia.
F W Schweppe, 1864, Prussia.
H W Schweppe, 1864, Prussia.
T P Schweppe, 1864, Prussia.
Henry Tatch, 1858, Macoupin County, IL.
W Uchtmann, 1851, Germany.

Carlinville Township

Allendorfer, 1861, Germany.
C H C Anderson, 1834, Christian County KY.
M M Anderson, 1834, Christian County KY.
Randolph Anderson, 1855, NJ.
W E P Anderson, 1850, Macoupin County IL.
J W Bailey, 1867, Ulster County NY.
J W Battise, 1856, Ireland.
Ferd. Behrens, 1866, Hanover Germany.
A P Bissell, 1872, Essex Co NY.
C Bloome, 1850, Germany.
Cicero Borouyl, 1848, Macoupin County IL.
Elliot Braley, 1857, Worchester MA.
Geo. E Braley, 1850, Madison County IL.
John M Brown, 1868, Glasgow Scotland.
T B Brown, 1864, NH.
W F Burgdorff, 1857, Hanover Germany.
H W Burton, 1841, Windham County CT.
Geo. J Castle, 1858, Litchfield County CT.
Jas H Clark, Hampshire County MA.
E S Collier, 1866, Howard County MO.
P Connelly, 1847, Ireland.
S T Corn, 1866, Jessamine County KY.
J P Creamer, 1850, Macoupin County IL.
H Daley, 1852, Ireland.
John Dalton, 1873, St Louis MO.
D C Davis, 1838, Macoupin County IL.
G P Deibel, 1870, Germany.
Thos. R Denby, 1841, Macoupin County IL.
Wm. A Denby, 1837, Macoupin County IL.
J L Dickerson,1854, Macoupin County IL.
E N Dixon, 1866, OH.
John Dohoney, 1851, Ireland.
A McKim Dubois, 1834, Baltimore, MD.
Bernhard Duwe, 1866, Germany.
A W Edwards, no date, no place.
William Farrell, 1854, Ireland.
Patrick Fitzgerald, 1857, Dublin Ireland.
M R Flint, 1865, Niagara County NY.
W W Freeman, 1845, Fayette County PA.
Jas. K Furber, 1848, NH.
James Gaud, 1871, Canada.
D Gore, 1843, KY.
Michael Gore, 1843, KY.
Horace Groin, 1856, TN.
Jesse Grove, 1863, Montgomery County PA.
Jonas N Grove, 1851, Montgomery County PA.
Chas. Hall, 1849, Germany.
Fred. Hanstein, 1874, Germany.
Royal Hays, 1856, Addison County VT.
M H Head, 1851, Jefferson County KY.
Conrad Heineke, 1850, Germany.
Peter Heinz, 1852, Germany.
C W Hoehn, 1872, St Louis MO.
C H Holanenberg, 1856, Macoupin County IL.
Wm H H Horine, 1869, Washington County MD.
Jos. C Howell, 1837, New York.
George R Hughes, 1850, Jackson County TN.
Geo. Hunter, 1855, England.
John D Jones, 1852, Scioto County OH.
Matt. Jonsen, 1868, Germany.
John Junghans, 1856, Germany.
Christian Kasten, 1855, Germany.
J F Kasten, 1855, St Louis MO.
J G Koester, 1853, Germany.
H M Kimball, 1856, Plainfield MA.
Jacob P Klein, 1839, Bavaria.
J G Kuntzman, 1858, Germany.
John Lancaster, 1852, England.
George Lee, 1861, England.
Samuel Lewis, 1832, Simpson County KY.
Frank Link, 1854, Germany.
J B Liston, 1838, Macoupin County IL.
John Logan, MD, 1833, OH.
Thaddeus L Loomis, 1838, Herkimer County NY.
Peter W Lorenz, 1858, Germany.
James Lynch, 1854, Ireland.
F L Matthews, MD, 1866, England.
J P Matthews, MD, 1866, England.
J T McConnell, 1852, Butler County KY.
James McIntyre, 1864, Ireland.
S P Merriam, 1874, NH.
Thos M Metcalf, 1835, Hopkins County IL.
Wm. Mieher, 1853, Germany.
John C Miller, 1836, IN.
R B Minton, 1862, Morris County NJ.
T G Moore, 1838, Macoupin County IL.
Victor, Mylius, 1849, Germany.
M F Nantez, 1835, Washington County KY.
J S Otwell, 1831, Washington County IN.
C S Patchen, 1849, OH.
I J Peebles, 1834, KY.
L P Peebles, 1836, Macoupin County IL.
T S Phillips, 1847, Macoupin County IL.
Sam'l Pitman, 1851, NJ.
J L Plain, 1831, KY.
C T Prouty, 1858, Huron County OH.
Jesse S Quimby, 1860, NH.
C H Ransom, 1872, Madison County IL.
B M Rasmusson, 1869, Germany.
Henry Riefenberg, 1865, Germany.
John I Rinaker, no date, Baltimore MD.
D C Robison, 1856, AR.
Michael Rogge, 1854, Germany.
A S Ruark, 1867, Shelby County KY.
Jacob T Sargent, 1861, Merrimac Co NH.
Jacob Schafer, 1843, Germany.
Peter Schafer, 1843, Germany.
Geo Schoenherr, 1856, Germany.
Thomas Shutt, 1840, England.
Wm Siemens, 1857, Brunswick, Germany.
C H Slagel, 1868, PA.
Guy A Snell, 1864, Jersey County IL.
W H Snelling, 1868, Mercer County KY.
E A Snively, no date, no place.
J B L Soule, 1865, Cumberland County ME.
T H Steinmeyer, 1856, Germany.
J G Stewart, 1852, England.
R E Thomas, 1855, England.
Charles Tostberg, 1852, Hanover Germany.
J M Valentine, 1848, Greene County IL.
Charles A Walker, 1831, Nashville TN.
Geo. S Warburton, 1850, England.
Fred. Washman, 1860, Germany.
W R Welch, 1864, Jessamine County KY.
Thomas Whelen, 1852, Ireland.
John W Wills, 1839, Macoupin County IL.
Jas H Wolfe, 1839, Morgan County IL.
Fred. Wolters, Jr, 1868, Prussia.
Friedrich Wolters, Sr, 1855, Kingdom of Hanover.
J P Woods, 1858, KY.
William Wright, 1835, Mercer County KY.
Aaron Yard, 1854, England.
August Zuepffel, no date, no place.

Chesterfield Township

John Allen, 1850, England.
James Birdsall, Jr, 1871, Madison County IL.
Chas. Bramley, 1858, England.
Robert Carter, 1848, OH.
W T Carter, 1851, IL.
D Challacombe, 1844, England.
N Challacombe, 1840, England.
Edwd. F Corey, 1852, MA.
Mary Ann Cundall, 1854, IN.
Mary Dowland, 1849, England.
Richard Duckels, 1835, England.
George Garratt, 1856, PA.
Thomas S Gelder, 1831, England.
David T Hall, 1849, KY.
Edson C Hall, 1866, Gratiot WI.
J G Harlan, 1852, KY.
L L Harlan, 1840, KY.
Wm. H Holmes, 1863, England.
E Kirby, 1847, Macoupin County IL.
Z B Lawson, 1836, NY.
Samuel J Lee, 1851, Greene County IL.
Horace J Loomis, 1838, Herkimer County NY.
Francis Metcalfe, 1852, England.
R Metcalfe, 1854, England.
Robt. Oliver, 1851, England.
Wm G Palmer, 1848, VT.
M Paulsen, 1868, Norway.
J C Peebles, 1839, KY.
C C Percival, 1857, VT.
M W Rew, 1861, NY.
Wm. H Rhoads, 1831, KY.
James W Rice, 1835, VA.
John W Rice, 1835, VA.
S F Rice, 1843, IL.
Thomas B Rice, 1835, VA.
John Richardson, 1844, England.
Benjamin Rogers, 1856, Boone County KY.
Thomas Sawtell, 1855, England.
William Shires, Jr, 1849, England.
F B Simpson, 1836, VA.
Wm. M Simpson, 1835, VA.
Ralph Smith, 1860, England.
P B Solomon, 1827, KY.
Henry Stamm, 1868, France.
M L Stumpff, 1858, KY.
William Towse, 1852, England.
H B Warner, 1866, MI.
J H Williams, 1837, MS.

Dorchester Township

J H Bauer, 1848, Saxony, Germany.
Henry Darries, 1854, Germany.
Elihu Flannery, 1830, TN.
Isaac Funderburk, 1829, SC.
E T Irish, 1860, NY.
Abraham Isaacs, Jr, 1851, IL.
Abraham Isaacs, Sr, 1840, KY.
Schuyler Ison, 1854, VA.
Charles Kretschmer, 1860, Germany.
P H Luken, 1855, Juniata County, PA.
T J Luken, 1854, Juniata County, PA.
David Moore, 1841, Lincoln County, TN.
Samuel E Palmer, 1834, TN.
Nelson M Pope, 1845, Butler County, KY.
John R Sawyer, 1837, Madison County, IL.
Josiah Sawyer, 1835, Macoupin County, IL.
Lemuel Sawyer, 1831, NC.
William Schreier, 1852, Germany.
C W Wayne, 1844, Bourbon County, KY.
E D Wilder, 1854, Madison County, IL.

Girard Township

C C Armstrong, 1855, IL.
George Ball, 1854, Wales.
Henry Ball, 1854, Wales.
John Ball, 1854, Wales.
Thomas Ball, 1854, Wales.
F Bock, 1858, Germany.
Michael Brown, 1866, OH.
John Brubaker, 1864, VA.
Jonathan Brubaker, 1865, VA.
T F Burnett, 1855, NJ.
H Carr, 1863, Fayette County OH.
Benj. Clardy, 1868, TN.
D J Cotingham, 1868, MD.
Jacob T Cripe, 1866, TN.
George Dohm, 1857, Germany.
M M Duncan, 1859, VA.
A W Edwards, 1848, OH.
Samuel England, 1833, TN.
Charles E Fish, 1866, Orleans County VT.
Sam'l W Gobble, 1853, Macoupin County IL.
Isaac Heaton, 1853, PA.
M V Kitzmiller, 1856, Washington County TN.
William Lancaster, 1843, England.
H V Lowe, 1868, NJ.
Dan'l S Mackner, 1860, NJ.
J D Metcalf, 1855, Hopkins County KY.
W E Milton, 1841, IL.
R J Mitchell, MD, 1871, MO.
Samuel C Ridgway, 1866, Ross County OH.
J F Roach, 1851, TN.
Anthony Roberts, 1861, Canada.
John B Smalley, 1846, NJ.
L J Thompson, 1832, Macoupin County IL.
W C Thompson, 1826, TN.
Henry E Whitler, 1860, Germany.
F Willet, 1867, Germany.
J B Wiley, 1866, Huron County OH.

Gillespie Township

Francis M Adams, 1853, Macoupin.
Peter J Ahrens, 1852, Germany.
Wm W Atkinson, 1849, England.
Theo O Bailey, 1849, KY.
Myron Bartlett, 1856, Grafton County, NH.
Henry H Behrens, 1867, Germany.
Hermann Behrens, 1867, Germany.
C H Black, M.D., 1873, Bond County, IL.
Robert Brown, 1854, Ireland.
S H Burton, 1843, Bedford County, VA.
John J Clark, 1837, Logan County, KY.
Randal Clark, 1835, SC.
Anthony W Crowder, 1838, Madison County, IL.
E Cruttenden, 1853, England.
J T DeBaun, 1816, Mercer County, KY.
Geo Dewhirst, 1850, England.
Luke Dilliard, TN.
B H Dorsey, 1846, Macoupin.
T Warren Floyd, 1859, KY.
John Fogarty, 1857, PA.
John Foster, 1865, Madison County, IL.
Chas Francis, 1845, Ireland.
Wm Francis, 1845, Ireland.
Abraham Frey, 1847, Kingdom of Bavaria.
W J Fuess, 1865, St Louis, MO.
D Gibbs, 1840, VT.
L A Gwin, 1849, Macoupin.
Weye Harms, 1853, Hanover, Germany.
Emma J Huddleton, 1857, Macoupin.
W T Keas, 1833, Logan County, KY.
Charles Lister, 1856, Germany.
B P McDaniel, 1847, DeKalb County, TN.
A McDonald, 1872, Greene County, IL.
Henry Meenen, 1854, Hanover, Germany.
H Meinecke, 1871, Germany.
Mrs Z L Miller, 1870, IL.
Fitz Niemeier, 1854, Germany.
M C Parsons, 1857, Bucks County, PA.
P H Pentzer, 1849, Marion County, MO.
Chas Pettingill, 1847, Macoupin.
Mary A Porter, 1854, Philadelphia, PA.
Joseph Proto, 1866, Canada East.
Robt D Quiqley, 1852, AL.
Thomas Rose, 1867, PA.
Tamma Sawyer, 1865.
G W Schmidt, 1865, Germany.
B F Sheppard, 1858, NJ.
Mannie J Smith, 1870, Germany.
Weye Smith, 1853, Germany.
J D Wagner, 1834, Madison County, IL.
W H Whitfield, 1847, NC.
John T Young, 1855, Madison County, IL.

Hilyard Township

J C Brown, 1843, IL.
Samuel Brown, 1844, NC.
C F Carroll, 1856, IL.
Wm M Coulter, 1862, MO.
Chas. Davis, 1868, OH.
Thos. Davis, 1868, OH.
William O Hayward, 1852, IL.
Charles Lockyer, 1868, England.
Joseph M McCurdy, 1868, PA.
C E Naegelin, 1870, MO.
J C Owen, 1865, IL.
A W Schultz, 1860, NY.
Alexander Schultz, 1866, PA.
R H Vandeventer, 1851, NJ.
Joseph Waggoner, 1854, IL.
John H Wyatt, 1865, IL.

Honey Point Township

Marion Berry, 1873, Fairfield, County, OH.
John Cromwell, 1842, Montgomery County, OH.
Abraham Deck, 1850, Madison County, IL.
Chas. Galton, 1859, England.
William J Hart, 1838, Morgan County, IL.
William Jackson, 1845, Macoupin County, IL.
John McReynolds, 1836, Madison County, IL.
John B Masters, 1828, IL.
Samuel Potter, 1865, IL.
John H Shears, 1858, Canada West.
P F Sunderland, 1861, Jersey County, IL.
George Walton, 1855, Macoupin County, IL.
T I Williams, 1863, MO.
Elbert P York, 1851, Macoupin County, IL.

Nilwood Township

J N McElvaim, 1851, KY
John H Ballinger, 1866, KY
David C Enslow, 1865, IL
John W McVey, 1825, IL
Chas. Ed. Smith, physician, 1855 NY
D C McIver, Attorney at Law, 1846, Morgan Co IL
W J Norvell, 1833, Macoupin
J W Etter, druggist, 1836, IN
E E Etter, druggist, born in Macoupin County in 1857.
T J Dews, blacksmith, 1851, MO
H Dopride, wagon maker, 1865, Germany
Wm C Roach, miller, 1850, TN
T C Malone, agricultural implements, 1859, KY
Isaac N Corrington, dealer in machinery, 1865, Greene County IL
T W Thacker, 1844, Edwards County, IL
J D Kelley, 1856, OH
I M Paden, 1852, SC
H T Jones, physician, 1874, KY

North Otter Township

Robert K Alderson, 1855, Macoupin County, IL.
W C Alderson, 1834, Macoupin County, IL.
Thos B Allen, 1855, Greene County, IL.
A A Atkins, 1856, VA.
A W Brickey, 1866, Monroe County, IL.
N Chamberlin, 1849, Oneida County, NY.
Wm H Cox, 1829, Macoupin County, IL.
William C Crump, 1834, Nicholas County, KY.
Joseph England, 1835, Morgan County, TN.
Thos W Freeman, 1850, Sangamon County, IL.
James G Hagler, Jr, 1851, Macoupin County, IL.
Enoch Hall, 1857, Madison County, IL.
Samuel Hall, 1854, Greene County, IL.
W H Hart, 1836, Morgan County, IL.
Aaron Hays, 1832, Macoupin County, IL.
John Hochreitner, 1852, Switzerland.
A D Holliday, 1849, KY.
I N Johnston, 1844, Macoupin County, IL.
B F Kable, 1865, Greene County, OH.
H C Kable, 1864, Miami County, OH.
Christian Ohmurt, 1866, VA.
H C Sanders, 1862, Madison County, IL.
John J Sims, 1873, Morgan County, IL.
Elisha Smith, 1835, TN.
R J Walker, no date, PA.
Peter Weir, 1852, Germany.
Jas Williams, Jr, 1846, Greene County, IL.
John W Williams, 1838, Morgan County, IL.
Chas. A Woolley, 1865, Greene County, IL.
Chas M Wright, 1869, Morgan County, IL.
John M Yowell, 1850, KY.

North Palmyra Township

R J Allmond, MD, 1857, DE.
Robert Bramley, 1860, England.
C Capps, 1861, Clark County, KY.
T W Chiles, 1833, Smith County, TN.
A J Crum, 1846, Macoupin County, IL.
Henry Davidson, 1866, Morgan County, AL.
J L Day, MD, 1864, Greene County, MO.
James Faith, MD, 1871, KY.
Henry D Foltz, 1869, PA.
John C Grimmett, 1850, Monroe County, TN.
Hez. Hanshaw, 1855, VA.
Henry Hart, 1850, Morgan County, IL.
Henry Henke, 1856, Germany.
J L Hodges, 1846, Greene County, IL.
Joseph Liston, 1835, Marion County, KY.
W C Martin, 1856, Washington County, TN.
Jas M Mills, 1866, Morgan County, IL.
A E Moffet, 1828, Macoupin County, IL.
Isaac Naylor, 1851, OH.
A S Nevins, 1830, TN.
E S Nevins, 1836, Macoupin County, IL.
J F Nifong, 1828, Madison County, MO.
Spencer Norvell, 1828, TN.
H S Powell, 1855, Williamson County, TN.
H M Shumway, 1841, Palmyra County, NY.
Dempsey N Soloman, 1827, KY.
S J Steidley, 1836, Greene County, OH.
William Todd, 1867, Scotland.
R Tucker, 1853, MO.
I B Vancil, 1828, Union County, IL.
W C Waters, 1847, Casey County, KY.
Henry C Wiley, 1851, KY.
R M Wilson, MD, 1869, Morgan County, IL.
John H Young, 1828, Pope County, IL.

Polk Township

E G Duckels, 1842, IL.
Moses S Eldred, 1856, Herkimer County NY.
John Hounsley, 1851, England.
Timothy O'Neil, 1855, Ireland.
James Raffurty, 1834, KY.
Silas W Snell, 1869, IL.
W A Towse, 1852, Macoupin County IL.

Scottville Township

Charles Ahrens, 1874, Germany.
J B Angelo, 1853, PA.
A J Arnold, 1840, Macoupin.
Hopson Arnold, 1837, Macoupin.
Christian Baiter, 1857, Germany.
Lemuel Banning, 1844, Cumberland County, KY.
B F Booker, 1828, IL.
R A Buchanan, 1854, Macoupin.
C M Butler, 1848, Macoupin.
John W Butler, 1844, NC.
Z W Butler, 1844, NC.
Wm Carling, Sr, 1853, England.
W A Clark, 1856, IA.
Geo W Cunningham, 1856, Baltimore, MD.
James W Eades, 1866, Marion County, KY.
Benjamin Ellis, 1865, Marion County, KY.
George Erhart, 1859, PA.
L A Gray, 1852, IL.
Thomas J Hart, 1866, Morgan County, IL.
W B Hart, 1867, Morgan County, IL.
G Hoskins, 1861, KY.
C W Howser, 1841, Macoupin.
Cris Kellar, 1851, Germany.
Fountain Land, 1828, Madison County, KY.
T C Lobb, MD, 1874, KY.
John Lynch, 1842, Macoupin.
J L Nevins, 1841, Macoupin.
B F Owens, 1836, TN.
Wm M Owens, 1845, Greene County, IL.
A W Richmond, 1857, TN.
Austin Ruyle, 1830, Sumner County, TN.
John Tucker, 1860, KY.
Wm Vanbebber, 1831, TN.
James Walker, 1856, IL.

Shaws Point Township

W T Barnett, 1842, IL.
C D Buffington, 1870, IL.
C F Carpenter, 1840, IL.
L N English, 1830, IL.
John W Fletcher, 1870, IL.
E J Fullington, 1821, KY.
A K Gates, 1865, KY.
George F Grotts, 1856, IL.
S M Hudspeth, 1845, TN.
C J March, 1865, MO.
J W Masters, 1853, IL.
C T Richardson, 1837, KY.
Peter Rose, 1858, England.
H S Roundtree, 1862, IL.
David Rusk, 1855, SC.
C W Smith, 1821, KY.
G V Smith, 1860, England.
John Smithson, 1850, IN.
Abraham Travis, 1856, OH.
E D Trout, 1865, KY.
Charley Whitson, 1874, IL.
J C Wilson, 1868, IL.
R A Wilson, 1868, IL.
John J Womack, 1835, KY.
Mrs E Wylder, 1865, IL.

Shipman Township

J B Andrews, 1858, IL.
Thomas H Bowman, 1854, IL.
James W Christopher, 1864, OH.
J T Damielle, 1850, IL.
Andrew Deahl, 1865, Germany.
G W Gillson, 1872, NY.
John Gillson, 1872, NY.
W S Gillson, 1872, NY.
A Goodman, 1873, Germany.
E L Hupp, 1858, PA.
Henry Huskinson, 1868, England.
Edwin Johnson, 1869, NY.
Harmon Justison, 1844, DE.
Samuel R Justison, 1848, DE.
H K Kendall, 1839, DE.
F Markel, 1857, Germany.
R Meatyard, 1836, England.
James Morgans, 1860, South Wales.
L Newcomb, 1855, NY.
George Parker, 1834, VA.
R F Rambo, 1858, DE.
W W Reynolds, 1852, KY.
Louisa Samuels, 1827, TN.
M W Seaman, MD, 1854, NY.
T H Stratton, 1836, TN.
H G Talley, 1849, DE.
Joseph R Talley, 1851, IN.
Samuel Trible, MD, 1835, England.
Edwd Wales, 1849, VT.
J M Wilcox, 1866, IL.
C B Wilson, 1835, IL.
John D Wilson, 1844, IL.

South Otter Township

Jeff Adams, 1834, KY.
Wm P Allen, 1846, IL.
Robt. Bacon, 1837, England.
Thomas Bacon, 1837, England.
T S Barrow, 1830, KY.
J W Brakebell, 1862, IA.
S J Brown, 1858, TN.
J B Champney, 1855, NH.
Jesse M Cherry, 1843, Macoupin County, IL.
George D Crawford, 1833, East TN.
Jonathan Crawford, 1847, IL.
A B Cunningham, 1835, IL.
D Davidson, 1832, AL.
John Davidson, 1845, IL.
William Etter, 1830, VA.
Jackson Hall, 1858, East TN.
Eliza Harbour, 1864, IL.
Moses Howell, 1850, KY.
John Jenkins, 1855, KY.
H M Johnson, 1866, IN.
J D Johnson, 1855, IN.
R Z Johnson, 1857, IN.
J B Jones, 1867, KY.
Francis Keller, 1856, Bavaria.
W J Loveless, 1843, East TN.
Thomas Mahan, 1850, IN.
William D Metcalf, 1838, IL.
Thomas Morgan, 1850, England.
Fernando W Morse, 1855, MA.
D H Murphy, 1856, OH.
Woodford Neighboure, 1851, KY.
Jonathan J Nixon, 1860, OH.
Charles W Palmer, 1854, Macoupin County, IL.
Joseph Price, 1855, NJ.
William Price, 1855, NJ.
P M Shane, 1854, VA.
J Shores, 1856, TN.
Mortimer Smith, 1837, NY.
Orson P Smith, 1848, IL.
John M Snyder, 1839, Macoupin County, IL.
J Staats, 1855, Germany.
John Stokes, 1864, Ireland.
Samuel M Welton, 1845, IL.
M Whitaker, 1856, VA.
John Zambrock, 1857, Germany.

South Palmyra Township

M M Copatco, 1855, Bohemia.
Jefferson Crouch, 1850, East TN.
J T Hogan, 1874, IL.
A C Hulse, 1853, TN.
Frank Kabechie, 1864, Bohemia.
J M King, 1854, IL.
Bartl Larar, 1860, Bohemia.
F H Mahon, 1851, KY.
John J Ramsey, 1853, IL.
Mrs Nannie E Searcy, 1868, MO.
Mary Jane Tuningley, 1854, East TN.
J P Williams, 1866, White Co, TN.

Staunton Township

John M Ahrens, 1855, Germany.
Henry Albers, 1870, Germany.
Wm Altefogt, 1858, Germany.
Meint Arkebauer, 1856, Germany.
Jacob Bub, 1844, IL.
Samuel Clark, 1842, Ireland.
William Clark, Jr, 1842, Ireland.
Mr and Mrs William C Clark, Sr, 1842, Ireland.
Charity Coalson, 1856, IL.
John Coerver, Sr, 1865, Monroe County, IL.
B T DeWerff, 1865, Germany.
H P Dingerson, 1843, Prussia.
Hannibal Dixon, 1874, Marion County, TN.
John Dowzer, 1868, Ireland.
Mrs Thomas Dripps, 1838, Ireland.
Thomas Dripps, 1844, Ireland.
John Gauer, 1858, Germany.
Frank Godfrey, 1847, NC.
F M Henderson, 1853, MO.
Mrs F M Henderson, 1869, IL.
John C J(e)annin, 1871, MO.
C J Keiser, 1855, Germany.
Harbert J Keiser, 1853, Germany.
Wilhelmina Kruse, 1854, Germany.
Arthur Little, 1842, Ireland.
Mrs Arthur Little, 1850, Ireland.
Rudolf Menke, 1857, Germany.
Christ. Niedermeier, 1871, Prussia.
Wm Niemeyer, 1866, Germany.
Mr and Mrs Jesse Olive, 1847, KY.
William Panhorst, 1855, Germany.
Henrich Prange, 1854, Germany.
S B Sawyer, 1833, NC.
R B Shirley, 1852, Madison Co IL.
W C Shirley, 1852, White Co, TN.
Emery C Small, 1865, Monroe Co IL.
Nancy Jane Small, 1865, Monroe Co IL.
Hosea Snell, 1821, NC.
Robt Snell, 1821, TN.
W C Stevens, 1860, MO.
James Taylor, 1849, VA.
Henry Voge, 1869, Germany.
Daniel Williamson, 1862, Ireland.

Virden Township

Robert Alderson, 1830, TN.
Robert N Allen, 1870, Greene County IL.
Richard Ball, 1855, South Wales.
Jacob Blocher, 1871, OH.
G M Chedister, 1856, Morristown NJ.
J R Clemmons, 1865, NC.
G W Conn, 1865, Erie County PA.
Balfour Cowen, 1858, NH.
L Cowen, 1858, NH.
John J Cox, 1853, IL.
Albert S Crane, 1859, IL.
Henry Crawford, 1864, Fayette County PA.
George Dorr, 1867, Germany.
Thos G Duckels, 1838, IL.
William Emmerson, 1857, England.
P S Greene, 1868, Blair County PA.
C P Heaton, 1853, IL.
L Hegans, 1865, IN.
J H Henderson, 1853, KY.
J P Henderson, 1853, KY.
Levi M Hess, 1871, Elkhart IN.
Henry B Hill, Jr, 1872, OH.
Henry Hill, Sr, 1867, OH.
Chas. Humphreys, 1871, KY.
J F Huston, 1868, OH.
A C Hutchinson, 1854, NJ.
M B Jones, 1869, Greene County IL.
J S Kenyon, 1864, Madison County NY.
James Lumsden, 1856, Scotland.
John L Morrell, 1851, ME.
J W Odenwalder, 1873, Germany.
Charles F Ortmann, 1867, Prussia.
W W Post, 1872, VT.
Mahlon Ross, 1854, Mercer County PA.
W H Rowen, 1871, At Sea.
John Schmeh, 1858, Germany.
Hattie Silloway, 1856, IL.
Perley Silloway, 1856, NH.
Geo. W Simons, 1859, England.
E A Stuart, 1854, Madison County IL.
W F Thompson, 1868, IL.
J W Utt, 1856, OH.
A L Virden, 1852, Ross County OH.
C M Walworth, 1866, IL.
Henry E Whitler, 1860, Germany.
B F Wigginton, 1865, Scott County KY.
S B Wilcox, 1855, Geneseo County NY.

Western Mound Township

E Bates, 1843, Macoupin County, IL.
E Bement, 1852, NY.
Thomas Bielby, 1853, England.
George Brotschy, 1867, Switzerland.
A B Carr, 1832, TN.
Thomas B Carr, 1864, England.
Elizabeth Chism, 1835, VA.
Sarah Cole, 1852, KY.
Meredity Cook, 1865, NC.
Philip R Cook, 1865, KY.
Eliza Crooke, 1858, IL.
William Dams, 1840, PA.
William K Davis, 1840, KY.
John Dews, no date, England.
James Dorson, 1862, England.
Lucy A Duncan, 1841, IL.
I W Earnest, 1864, Sangamon County IL.
Geo. Etter, 1845, Macoupin County IL.
M Flanagan, 1858, Ireland.
James H Gary, 1832, KY.
John Hagaman, 1856, KY.
J C Hall, 1853, Greene County IL.
James Hall, 1874, TN.
John Hand, 1865, Greene County IL.
David Holmes, 1831, TN.
Louisa A Holmes, 1851, Macoupin County IL.
W H H Ibbetson, 1840, NY.
P W Kesinger, 1850, Macoupin County IL.
Henry Kramer, 1867, Germany.
Peter Lamb, 1867, Ireland.
Nancy Jane Lasiter, 1847, Macoupin County IL.
O W Lee, 1831, SC.
Patrick McAliney, 1855, Ireland.
R A McCluskley, 1851, KY.
William McCulley, 1852, Ireland.
Elvira E Maxwell, 1868, Jackson County TN.
Dan. Pitman, 1853, Macoupin County IL.
W D Reader, 1848, IL.
William Ronksley, 1860, England.
L B Smith, no date, no place.
Henry Snyder, no date, East TN.
E A C Teaney, 1850, VA.
E Washburn, 1839, Macoupin County IL.
M H Wilson, no date, no place.
Ralph Woolf, 1849, Ireland.
H C A Viney, 1856, KY.
Woolley, J R, 1865, NY.

Transcribed by Gloria Frazier from the 1875 Atlas of Macoupin County, published by Warner and Beers, Chicago.

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