Prenuptial Agreement - 1789 - William Black – Anne Hawkins - Halifax Co., VA

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William Black – Anne Hawkins Prenuptial Agreement

October 1789, Halifax Co., VA

Circuit Court Book 14, pages 512-513.
Almost no punctuation.
Page 512:

This Indenture made this thirteenth day of September in the year of Our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and Eighty eight Between William Black of Halifax County of the one part and Anne Hawkins of the same county, Witnesseth:

That the said William Black for the love and affection he bears to the said Anne Hawkins but more especially in consideration of a sure Promise by her the same Anne Hawkins made to him the said William Black of lawful marriage at any time after the date of these Presents have given granted bargained and by these Presents do give grant bargain and confirm unto the said Anne Hawkins and to the Heirs of her body born or begotten in the life of the said William Black Twenty five head of Nitt [Neat?] cattle Eight Negroes namely Will one Charles two Beck? Three Lucy four Mary five Peter six Sal seven Phil eight also four hundred acres of Land lying and being in the county aforesaid being granted to the said William Black by Patent bearing date and bounded as per Patent and General Record may appear But provided the said Anne Hawkins neither bear a child or conceive in the life time of the same William Black then the said William Black by the Power of these Presents only give grant to her the said Anne Hawkins her choice of half the cattle half the negroes and half the Land which shall be to her Heirs and assigns forever.  And the said William Black as for himself and his Present Heirs consent and agree to and with the said Anne Hawkins that he the said William Black and his Present Heirs the above cattle and their Increase the above negroes and their Issue the above land and appurtenances unto the said Anne Hawkins and to the Heirs of her body in the First Case and to her and her Heirs and Assigns in the second case and further Provided the said Anne Hawkins bear a child or children or Prove Pregnant in the time as above said and same child or children die or as the apparent conception prove abortive the whole number of cattle Negroes with their Increase Land and Appurtenances shall by these Presents be everlastingly invested in and to the right of the said Anne Hawkins and her Heirs and assigns forever.  In Witness whereof the said William Black and Anne Hawkins have interchangeably set their hands and [af]fix their seals the day and year above written.
Before marriage Signed Sealed & Acknowledged        William Black     SS
In Presence of us
Thomas Yuielle  Wm. Bates   James Tribble
Thomas Sprague Jr      George (his mark) Tribble

Memorandum That on the thirteenth day of September one Thousand seven hundred and eighty eight Peacable Possession of the within mentioned cattle and Negroes “Liven and seizen” of the within mentioned Land and Appurtenances was given and made sure

Page 513:

to the said Anne Hawkins as within by the within named William Black according to the form and Purposes of the within written Deed or Indenture.

[mark here, which could be Anne’s X]

At a Court held for Halifax County the 27th day of October 1788

The within written Indenture was Proved by the oath of one witness thereto subscribed to be the act and Deed of the said William Black Party hereto and at another court held for the said County the 25th day of October 1789.  The same was further Proved by the oath of two others of the witnesses hereto subscribed to be the act and Deed of the said William Black Part hereto and was ordered to be Recorded.

Teste George Carrington _____
Duly Recorded
Teste  William Thompson D.C.H.C.

County Coordinator
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