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Obituary of Sarah MCCAFFERTY, Macoupin County Illinois ©2008 Rick Doty

Name of Deceased: MCCAFFERTY, Sarah
Name of Newspaper: Mt.Olive Herald
Date of Obituary: 22 April 1932
Obituary:FORMER RESIDENT DIED Mrs. Sarah MCCAFFERTY, a former resident of Mt. Olive, died Sunday About midnight at the Springfield hospital, where she had been stay- ing for the past several years. She was aged 81 years and 17 days. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at the Becker Funeral Parlors, Rev. H. IDEL officiating. Mrs.MCCAFFERTY has no known relatives in this community. She was the grandmother of Mrs. Otto BUSCHEN, who died several years ago.

Obituary of John MCCANN, Macoupin County Illinois ©1999 Patricia Lorenz

Name of Deceased: MCCANN, John
Name of Newspaper: Macoupin County Enquirer, Carlinville, IL 
Date of Obituary: Thurs 3 Apr 1947
Obituary: John McCANN, 87, a former resident of Mt Olive, died in Carlinville Friday p.m. Funeral services were held Monday morning at Becker and Son funeral home in Mt Olive and at 9 a.m. in the Church of the Ascension. The Rev. George WINDSOR officiated and burial was in Calvary Cemetery.

Obituary of Sicily Margaret (HAGAMAN) MCCLAIN, Macoupin County Illinois ©2001 Sue Raffurty McMurry

Name of Deceased: MCCLAIN, Sicily Margaret (HAGAMAN
Date of Obituary: July 19, 1905 
Obituary: Sicily Margaret HAGAMAN, daughter of John and Jane HAGAMAN, was born May 15, 1865, and departed this life July 14, 1905. She was united in marriage with Philip MCLEAN (s/b MCCLAIN) August 17, 1880. To this union was born six children, two girls and four boys. Of these five survive, the oldest, Flora, having preceded her mother by two years to a better world. Mrs. Sicily Margaret (MCCLAIN) was a professed and practical Christian, a member of the Shiloh Baptist church, at which place she was baptized by Rev. DEADRICK. She was ever ready to lend a helping hand to any one in distress, a woman universally esteemed, a faithful wife and devoted mother. She bore her long illness with Christian fortitude. She would liked to have lived for her family, but when she realized that the Lord willed otherwise she was willing and ready to go. Mrs. MCLEAN is survived by her father, two brothers, J. J. and George HAGAMAN, her husband and five children, Mrs. John PARKER, Walter, John, James and Truman MCLEAN, Her pallbearers were chosen from neighbors and lifelong friends, being Marion LOVELESS, Alfred EMERY, J. J. FALTER, Henry JONES, Newton MCCLUSKEY and Warren WHEELER. The remains were followed by a vast throng of friends and laid to rest in the Shiloh cemetery.

Obituary of Walter Leo MCCLAIN, Macoupin County Illinois ©2001 Sue Raffurty McMurry

Name of Deceased: MCCLAIN, Walter Leo
Date of Obituary: February 27, 1907
Obituary: Walter Leo, the eldest son of Philip MCCLAIN, was born May 10, 1889 and departed this life Feb. 23, 1907 of pneumonia, aged 17 years, 9 months and 2 days. He was of a kind loving disposition and was admired and respected by all who knew him. A few days before his departure he stated he was prepared and ready to go. He professed a hope in Christ about a year ago and joined the Shiloh Baptist church. He was greatly interested in Sunday school work and attended regularly. He leaves to mourn his sad departure a father, one sister, two brothers, besides other relatives and friends. He has been preceded by mother, one sister and one brother. The funeral was held from Shiloh church Monday at 11 o'clock, Feb. 25, 1907. The remains were laid to rest in the nearby cemetery, Rev. HARBAUGH officiated. A very large concourse of friends were present. The young men who waited upon him through his sickness were chosen as pall bearers. They were E. T. BATES, F. J. COSTELLO, Horace ETTER, Carl NEVINS, Andrew TRIPLETT and Chas. WALTON.

Card of Thanks: We wish to thank our many friends for the assistance and kind attention they gave us during the sickness and death of our loved ones. Philip MCCLAIN and daughter. 

Obituary of David MCDANIEL, Macoupin County Illinois ©2002 Chris Grove-Surgis

Name of Deceased: MC DANIEL, David 
Name of Newspaper: Daily Enquirer
Date of Obituary:
November 15, 1913
Death of David M'DANIEL Mrs. Walter CREW received a message, Saturday, telling the sad news of the death of her brother, David MC DANIEL, which occurred, Friday, about noon, at Salem, Washington. Mr. MC DANIEL was born and raised here in Carlinville and has many friends who are sorry to hear of his death. The funeral will be held, Sunday, in Salem, where he has lived for two years. He was the son of Mrs. Charlotte MCDANIEL and was 52 years of age.

Obituary of Mrs. J. A. MCCLUSKEY, Macoupin County Illinois ©2002 Chris Grove-Surgis

Name of Deceased: MC CLUSKEY, J. A., Mrs.
Name of Newspaper: Daily Enquirer
Date of Obituary:
  November 24, 1913
Obituary: Mrs. J. A. MC CLUSKEY died at her home, near Nilwood, Sunday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. She was sixty-five years of age and a sister of Mrs. D. C. MURPHY, of this city. The funeral services will be held Tuesday morning, at the home at 9 o'clock, and interment in the Reader cemetery. The Rev. Wm. VAUGHN will have charge of the services.

Obituary of Rollie E. MCGHEE, Macoupin County Illinois ©2006

Name of Deceased: MCGHEE
, Rollie E.
Name of Newspaper: Girard Gazette
Date of Obituary:
25 Oct 1894
Obituary: ROLLIE E. MCGHEE was born Feb 22nd, 1865 in Nilwood Township, Macoupin County, and died Monday Oct 22d, from an accident, aged 29 years, 8 months. He was married October 14th 1885 to Mollie Foster. From this union, three children were born, a boy and two girls, who with their mother mourn the loss of a father and husband. The deceased was a goodsouled, goodnatured man, beloved by all who knew him, a good worker, always ready to do his part wherever assigned. He was a leading Republican of his township. He delighted in furthering the interest of his party, but was never a seeker of office. The deceased was a member of the Modern Woodmen of America and held a policy payable to his legal heirs for the sum of three thousand dollars. He was an active member of the Woodmen, and on of the Order's best workers. In August 1884 he united with the Presbyterian Church of this city and was one of its active members taking part in Sunday school and Young Peoples Society. His funeral took place at 11 A. M. Tuesday October 23d from the Presbyterian Church, sermon being preached by Rev. M. L. Williams assisted by Revs Kitzmiller and Wiseman, after which Peach Tree Camp, Modern Woodmen of America of this city took charge of the remains and with the impressive ritual ceremony, were peacefully consigned to mother earth. His family have the sympathy of this county in the sad demise of their father and husband.

Obituary of Angeline MCGINNIS, Macoupin County Illinois © 2006 Matthew Ferricks

Name of Deceased: MCGINNIS,
Name of Newspaper:
Carlinville Democrat
Date of Obituary:
September 30, 1903
Death of Mrs. McGinnis. Mrs. Angeline MCGINNIS, relict of the late Martin MCGINNIS, who formerly resided in Bird township, died at the home of the daughter, Mrs. Henry SLAGHT (?SCHLICHT), in Nilwood, Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock, aged 78 years. Funeral Thursday afternoon at 1 o'clock from Charity church.

Obituary of Infant son MACK, Macoupin County Illinois ©2002 Chris Grove-Surgis

Name of Deceased: MACK, Infant son
Name of Newspaper: Litchfield Daily News
Date of Obituary:
January 18, 1912
Obituary: Mr. and Mrs. Jasper MACK's infant son died in Gillespie.

Obituary of R. H. MCLEAN, Mrs., Macoupin County Illinois ©2006 Submitted by Chris Grove-Surgis

Name of Deceased: MC LEAN
, R. H. Mrs.
Name of Newspaper: Macoupin County Enquirer
Date of Obituary
: 2-10-1881
Obituary: Mrs. R. H. MC LEAN 2-10-1881 printed pg 1 D 2-6-1881 Macoupin County Enquirer Death�s Doings Mrs. R. H. MCLEAN, wife of the station agent at this place, died on Sunday after a short illness, leaving several quite young children. The remains were taken to Lexington for interment. Mr. M. has the earnest sympathy of many friends in his immeasurable affliction. Typed as printed.

Obituary of William MCMAHAN, Macoupin County Illinois ©1999 Shera Thompson

Name of Deceased: McMAHAN, William 
Name of Newspaper: Unknown 
Date of Obituary: September 1915 
Obituary:  WILLIAM McMAHAN William  was born in Green County, Illinois, October 5th 1847, died at his home in South Otter Township, Macoupin County, Illinois, September 29th, 1915 at 10 o'clock. When sixteen years of age he became a member of Captain YOUNG'S Company of the State Militia and when 18 years of age he enlisted in Company F, 61st Illinois Infantry. He stood guard in the wild storm and under the quiet stars, and followed the old flag until the close of the war. and received his honorable discharge at Springfield, Illinois. In 1881 he moved to the place where he has continuously resided in South Otter until the time of his death On October 23rd, 1866 he was married to Addie CURTIS. Eight children have been born to brother and sister McMAHAN--four daughters and four sons. He is survived by the widow, four daughters and three sons, and eleven grandchildren. One son Ira Otis, having preceded him to the spirit land in 1906. He was an active member of Peach Tree Camp No. 633, M. W. A. He was an honored member of Luke Mayfield Post No. 516 G. A, R. Brother McMAHAN was a member of the Christian Church, having been received into its fellowship by Rev. W. M. GROVES. He was a genial, kind hearted, generous man; a christian gentleman in the truest sense of the word; a tender husband, a loving father and a good neighbor. What better tribute can be paid to his memory? The Golden Rule was his watchword, and the principles of the Christian religion his guiding star. May it not be said of him, Life's race well run, Life's work well done, Life's victory won, Now cometh rest? Brother McMAHAN was cut off in the full tide of his usefulness, just after he had passed the meridian of life, while yet in the enjoyment of his faculties, and before the evening of life had come on. Job said, "My life is swifter than the weaver's shuttle" but death came as the dread messenger of pain and sorrow, the rude foe to happiness, the maker of widows and orphans; that banishes hope and installs despair; that blots out sun, moon and stars, and brings aroung the sable clouds of rayless night--but, thanks to the good God above us, to us again appear and smiles the gentle moon, and again beam the lovely stars--the forget-me-nots of the angels. We come to tarry just a little while and depart. The pleasures of living, the transitory joys of life, thrilling and intense as they sometimes seem, are of little permanent value. The true worth of life is found in the opportunity it gives for forming character. The character which is formed by the experiences of our earthly existence, whether born for long makes us what we are and alone goes with us to the life beyond. Brother McMAHAN builded along these lines and has left to his family the precious heritage of a good name more to be desired than great riches, although his sufferings were intense at times through it all for four long, weary weeks, he was patient, and spoke often of his willingness to go when his Master called him. "One less at ! The charmed circle broken--a dear face Missed day by day from its usual place But cleansed, saved, perfected by grace One more in heaven, One less on earth! Its pain, its sorrow, and its toil to share One less the pilgrim's daily cross to bear, One more the crown the blessed to wear. At home in heaven." 

Obituary of Louis C. MCREYNOLDS, Macoupin County Illinois © 2006 Submitted by Chris Grove-Surgis

, Louis C.
Name of Newspaper: Litchfield News Herald
Date of Obituary:
Obituary: L. C. MCREYNOLDS TAKEN BY DEATH Louis C. MCREYNOLDS, 58, a resident of this community his entire life, died this morning at 7 o�clock at the home four and one-half miles north of Litchfield, on route 126. He had been an invalid for the last five years. He was born in Macoupin county, January 14, 1874, son of Dee MCREYNOLDS and Mary Josephine Isabell MCREYNOLDS, and had always been engaged in farming. Surviving relatives are one son, James Wilson MCREYNOLDS, with who he resided, two brothers and one sister, William MCREYNOLDS and Mrs. Kate ROBERTS, who reside at the home, and Oliver MCREYNOLDS of Litchfield. His wife, who was Miss Susan WIGGINS, died 16 years ago. The was removed to the Dodds funeral home, where it will lie until the hour of funeral services, which have been set for 2 o�clock Wednesday afernoon (afternoon) at the Dodds chapel. Rev. R. J. ANDERSON, pastor of the Baptist church, will be in charge. Interment will be made in Elmwood Cemetery.

Obituary of Sarah MC WAIN, Macoupin County Illinois ©2004 Submitted by: M Trover

Name of Deceased: MC WAIN, Sarah
Name of Newspaper: Macoupin County Enquirer
Date of Obituary: January 20, 1902 
Obituary: The remains of Mrs. Sarah MC WAIN were brought from St. Louis this morning and taken to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. RODGERS, in Third Ward. Mrs. MC WAIN died in St. Louis last Saturday, aged 76 years. She was a former resident of this city, coming here in 1833, and resided here until 15 years ago, when she removed to St. Louis, where she died. She was married in this city, the late John M. PALMER performing the ceremony. The funeral occurred this afternoon from the RODGERS home at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. J. A. LUCAS, of the M. E. Church. Interment was made in the city cemetery. She leaves two sons to mourn her death, Charles and Thomas MC WAIN. The following accompanied the remains to this city from St. Louis: Charles BIVIN, Charles MC WAIN Jr, Bert Mc WAIN, Edward and Thomas SEXTON, Thomas FOOTE, and Michael ROTHERY. (Note: She was the former Sarah A. FLINN, married previously to John W. RITCHESON on Jan. 23, 1845. Later she and Wm. Fitch MC WAIN were united in marriage on May 26, 1849. He was the brother of Nancy MC WAIN SEAMAN.)

Obituary of Thomas MC WAIN, Macoupin County Illinois ©2004 Submitted by: M Trover

Fri Dec 12 10:56:51 2003
Name of Deceased: MC WAIN, Thomas
Name of Newspaper: Enquirer
Date of Obituary:
February26, 1913 
Obituary: The funeral services of Thomas MC WAIN were held from the undertaking parlors of H. C. Heinz and Bro. Thursday afternoon. The Odd Fellows had charges of the services and interment was made in the city cemetery. The deceased was a member of the Canton Odd Fellows Lodge. He was a printer by trade having learned under E. A. SNIVELY in this city. At the time of his death he was working on the St. Louis Star. The pallbearers were Zack WATTERS, Christopher REMLING, Albert MORRIS, C. L. HAMILTON, Cicero BOROUGH and W. E. P. ANDERSON. (Note: Thomas McWAIN was the son of Wm. Fitch Mc WAIN and Sarah A. FLINN. He was born about 1853 in Carlinville, IL.)

Obituary of David MAGEE, Macoupin County Illinois © 2007 Carol Cyrus

Name of Deceased: MAGEE,
Name of Newspaper: Macoupin Enquirer
Date of Obituary:
2 Sep 1875 
Obituary: On Wednesday of last week David MAGEE died at his residence in Girard, in the 75th year of his age. The deceased was an old resident of this county, and for twelve years was a member of the county court, and for twenty years a justice of the peace. He was beloved by all who knew him, and no man more fully enjoyed the confidence and respect of his fellow citizens.

Death of Dr. J. H. MAGEE - Contributed 10 May 2018 by Norma Hass

Name of Deceased: MAGEE, J. H.
Name of Newspaper: Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society
Date of Obituary:
01 Jul 1912
On May 29, 1912, Dr. J. H. MAGEE of Springfield, Ill., president of the Colored Illinois Historical Society, died suddenly of heart failure. Dr. MAGEE  was one of the most prominent colored men of the State of Illinois. He was born in Macoupin county, Illinois, about seventy years ago. He was a preacher and a school teacher. He was educated exceptionally well for a colored man of his time. It was not easy in the days previous to the Civil War for a negro to obtain educational opportunities. He attended Spurgeon college in London, England, and did excellent service for his race along educational, religious and civic lines.

He was the author of several books relating to the problems of the colored people; the most noted of which is entitled "The Black Man's Burden." At one time he was a teacher in the schools of the southern counties of Illinois, and became acquainted with Secretary of State, James A. ROSE. He was much attached to Mr. ROSE, and the Secretary had a high regard for him.

Dr. MAGEE  was at the time of his death and had been for some years past, employed in the office of the State Printer Expert. When the news of the death of Mr. ROSE reached him, he was much affected and was nearly overcome by grief, though he had been in his usual health. He went to his home completely prostrated, and that same night, May 29, at about 9:45 o'clock, he was seized with an attack of heart failure from which he died, thus following his faithful friend, James A. ROSE, into the Valley of Shadows, within the short space of seven hours.

Dr. MAGEE  believed in the future of his race. He did all in his power to promote its welfare. He was the leading spirit in the organization of the Illinois Colored Historical Society, and was its president.

He was a good man and an example to the young people and, in fact, to all the race for whose betterment he earnestly labored.

Obituary of Mrs. MAGRIFF, Macoupin County Illinois © 2007 Carol Cyrus

Name of Deceased: MAGRIFF,
Name of Newspaper: Macoupin Enquirer
Date of Obituary: 2 Sep 1875 
Obituary: Mrs. MAGRIFF, aged about 75 years, died on Wednesday of last week, at her home on WAGGONER'S Prairie.

Obituary of James Henry MAHAN, Macoupin County Illinois ©1999 Mary Jansma

Name of Deceased: MAHAN, James Henry
Name of Newspaper: Unknown
Date of Obituary: July 17, 1924 
Obituary: James Henry MAHAN Dies. Had lived in this vicinity since 1860. A useful life ended. James Henry MAHAN, son of John and Leticia MAHAN, was born near Salvia, Mercer County, Kentucky, August 15, 1832. He departed this life July 14th at 10:15 p. m., aged 91 years, 10 months and 19 days. He united in marriage to Miss Susan SHIPLEY of Kentucky, Sept. 8, 1857. To this union were born ten children. Mrs. R. H. VANCE of Palmyra; W. B. MAHAN of Springfield; Mrs. T. J. CRUMP of Bellingham, Washington; Mrs. William MORRELL of Lakeland, Florida; Mrs. C. L. STEWART of Palmyra and Misses Mary, Alice, and Myrtle MAHAN at home. John R. and Ida Nora MAHAN preceded him in death. There are fourteen grandchildren and six great grandchildren. His devoted wife passed away February 3, 1904. Mr. MAHAN with is wife, came to this country in 1860, and has lived in this community ever since. He was a carpenter and many of the houses in Palmyra and vicinity were built by him. He united with the Palmyra M. E. church in 1868 and thus had been a member of his church 56 years. His life stood for the church, for the advancement of education, and for the betterment of the community. He was a devoted husband, a kind and loving father. He was a member of the Palmyra I. O. O. F. Lodge No. 348 for more than 50 years. He was of a jovial disposition, and in spite of his years retained a strong mind and good memory. He was contented, and in his last days was often heard singing old hymns and praying. Thus has passed from our community a life of usefulness. Funeral services were held from the M. E. church July 16th at 2:00 p. m., conducted by Rev. V. E. KING assisted by Rev. R. E. STEVENSON. Music was rendered by Mesdames O. L. STULTS and A. J. SMITH, Messrs. G. W. ARRAS and O. S. ROBERTSON, Mrs. SMITH say, No Burdens Over There. Flower bearers were Mrs. R. J. ROBERTSON and Miss Frances MAHAN of Springfield and Miss Helen STEWART of Palmyra, granddaughters of the deceased, Misses Marie SHIPLEY and Mildred FARMER of Palmyra. The pall bearers were Messrs. H. E. STANDEFER, George REEDER, Oral SIMPSON, J. A. BROWN, Wyatt DAVENPORT and Lester JAYNES. Interment in Oak Hill cemetery.

Cards of Thanks. As the days and years go by, and these sad times come into the lives of our dear friends, we hope to be able to show our great appreciation of their sympathy and help. The MAHAN Children. 

Obituary of John R. MAHAN, Macoupin County Illinois ©1999 Mary Jansma

Name of Deceased:  MAHAN, John R. 
Name of Newspaper: Unknown 
Date of Obituary: June 1895 
Obituary: In Memoram. The people of this community were pained to learn of the sudden death of John R. MAHAN at the residence of his parents, James H. and Susan MAHAN, Palmyra, Friday evening, June 14, 1895, aged 18 years, 1 month and 21 days. He was somewhat indisposed the preceding Wednesday, but was not thought to be seriously ill until the afternoon of his death when he began to fail rapidly, and after hours of intense suffering death came to his relief at 7:40 o�clock. Deceased was the youngest of ten children, two sons and eight daughters, all of whom with the parents are left to sustain their great loss. The entire family, with the exception of a daughter living in Nebraska, were with him at the time of his death. Johnny was a good, quiet, cheerful, obedient, bright, manly boy and will be greatly missed by his associates, and at home. He professed saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ a short time before his death and expressed himself as ready to answer the summons. The M. E. church being closed for repairs the funeral service was held in the C. P. church at 3 p. m. Sunday, the writer officiating, assisted by Revs. Wm. WRIGHT and W. M. RHOADS, of the Baptist church. A very large audience was in attendance desirous of expressing their sympathy for the bereaved family. The remains were laid to rest in the King Cemetery. "My life is like the Autumn leaf That trembles in the moon�s pale ray, Its hold is frail, its date is brief, Restless, and soon to pass away" W. T. HEATER.

Obituary of Ida Nora MAHAN, Macoupin County Illinois ©1999 Mary Jansma

Name of Deceased: MAHAN, Ida Nora 
Name of Newspaper: Unknown 
Date of Obituary: January 1921 
Obituary: Miss MAHAN passes on. Miss Ida Nora MAHAN, daughter of James H. and Susan MAHAN, died at her home Monday, January 3, 1921, after a serious illness of several months. She was born near Palmyra August 27, 1874, and was one of a family of ten children. In the family were two brothers and eight sisters and Ida was the first of the sisters to be called away. She attended the Palmyra schools when a child and after graduating from the high school she spent the rest of her life as a public school teacher. Having s high regard for her noble calling, and the real worth of children, her work among them was pervaded by that strong and winning quality that brought her the love and esteem of all, and won the regard of a host of worthy people. How great the influence of such a beautiful life. She was converted in the year 1894 and joined the Methodist church of which she continued a faithful member until her death. In earlier years she did much work for her Master by giving her services to the church of her choice. She never allowed her personal sufferings to embitter her spirit. A devout Christian in her daily life she was patient and resigned and drew her strength from her Christian faith. On one occasion she remarked, "My faith in God helps me to endure my sufferings." Knowing that death is the destiny of all she patiently endured affliction and submitted to God�s plan. She was preceded in death by her mother, Susan MAHAN, and one brother, John R. MAHAN. Surviving are her aged father James MAHAN, one brother, William B. MAHAN of Springfield and seven sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth CRUMP of Kiona, Wash., and Mrs. Richard VANCE, Mrs. Lawrence STEWART, Mrs. William MORRELL, and Mary, Alice, and Myrtle MAHAN all of Palmyra. Sadly will this beloved sister be missed in her home where her gentle influence was so greatly felt. Sleep sister, sleep. No more our vigils by thy bedside we keep. Cold lies thy form before us, Thy sweet spirit has left its house of clay And in the realms of perfect day With God abides. With hearts resigned we humbly pray, That God Thy soul will keep. Sleep sister sleep. Funeral services were held at the residence Wednesday at 10:30 a. m. by her pastor, Rev. W. C. HARRIS, assisted by Rev. W. E. KING, after which interment was made in Oak Hill cemetery beside her mother and brother.

Card of thanks. We wish to thank our many friends and neighbors for their sympathy and aid during the illness and bereavement of our beloved daughter and sister. J. H. MAHAN and family. 

Obituary of Myrte MAHAN, Macoupin County Illinois ©1999 Mary Jansma

Name of Deceased:  MAHAN, Myrtle 
Name of Newspaper: Unknown 
Date of Obituary: November 1946 
Obituary: Services for Myrtle MAHAN held here Friday. Myrtle Jane, youngest daughter of James H. and Susan SHIPLEY MAHAN, was born near Palmyra, Ill., Sept. 13, 1880, and departed this life at her home in Palmyra, November 20, 1946. In young womanhood she united with the Methodist church in Palmyra. In earlier years she did much work for her Master by giving her services to the church of her choice. She attended the schools of Palmyra and chose the teaching profession as her life work, having taught for 23 years in the public school of Macoupin County. She was fond of children and realized how great was her responsibility as a teacher. This made her a conscientious and popular teacher. She was a devoted daughter and loyal sister. During the last few year, it had become her lot to care for sisters as their health failed. This she did patiently and unselfishly, always wishing she could do more to make them comfortable and happy. The parents, one brother, John and five sisters, Miss Mary, Miss Alice, Miss Ida, Mrs. R. H. VANCE, and Mrs. Wm. MORRELL, preceded her in death. Surviving are a brother W. B. MAHAN, Springfield, Ill., two sisters, Mrs. T. J. Crum (CRUMP), Bellingham, Wash., and Mrs. C. L. STEWART, Palmyra. Also several nieces, nephews and cousins. Sleep, Sister, Sleep. No more our vigils by thy bedside we keep. Cold lies thy form before us, Thy sweet spirit has left its house of clay, And in the realms of perfect day, With God abides. With hearts resigned we humbly pray That God thy soul will keep. Sleep, Sister, Sleep. Funeral services were held Thursday at 2 p. m. at the Stults funeral home, Rev. W. F. HUNTER officiating. Interment in Oak Hill cemetery. Casket bearers were John and Jamie STEWART, Homer WEATHERFORD, Theodore MAHAN, Ally SHIPLEY and Oscar CRUMP. Flowers were cared for by Mrs. H. L. WEATHERFORD, Mrs. JoeCAPP, Mrs. J. W. STEWART and Oscar CRUMP.

Obituary of John MALOY, Macoupin County Illinois ©2002 Submitted by Chris Grove-Surgis

Name of Deceased: MALOY, John 
Name of Newspaper: Daily Enquirer 
Date of Obituary:
April 14, 1911 
Obituary: John MALOY Was Old Settler He Had Lived in This County for Forty Years- Died Thursday John MALOY died at his home on S. Locust street Thursday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock. He was an old and highly respected Irish-American citizen, with many of the fine characteristics of his race, and lived and died a thrifty, honest, trustworthy man. Mr. MALOY was a true son of the "ould sod". He was born in 1839 and passed his boyhood among the shamrocks and native heathes of his home land. When 14 years of age he came to this country and for three years lived in Pennsylvania, proceeding thence to Alton where he stayed four years and where he was married to Miss Julia CROWLEY, who survives him. Their first nine years of married life were passed at Rockbridge, Greene county, where the husband was in the employ of the C. B. & Q. railroad. Then they came to this county and for thirty years lived on a farm in Polk Township. The relentless hand of time oppressed them after all these years of hard work, and having accumulated enough of this world's goods to retire from active work, about ten years ago Mr. and Mrs. MALOY moved to Carlinville, where they have since resided. His widow and five children survive Mr. MALOY, the children being Michael H., of Brighton, John M., and Thomas of Carlinville, Chas. J., of St. Louis, and Miss Ella of Springfield. Also three sisters survive him, all of whom live in Ireland, and three grandchildren came to bless his old age. Death called three of his own children while they were young. The funeral will be held at St. Mary's church Monday morning at 9 o'clock, where all that is mortal of John MALOY will be given the honors of the church to which he was faithful all his life. Interment in the Catholic cemetery.

Obituary of Cora MANN (HARLAN), Macoupin County Illinois © 2006 Submitted by Chris Grove-Surgis

Name of Deceased: MANN (HARLAN)
, Cora
Name of Newspaper: Carlinville IL news paper
Date of Obituary:
Obituary: Cora HARLAN MANN Carlinville, IL newspaper 12-26-1928 Cora HARLAN MANN, 50, a resident of Chesterfield, died Dec. 26. She was the wife of H. D. MANN and they were the parents of three daughters, Mrs. E. J. JACOBI, Chesterfield; Mrs. B. J. HIGHFILL, of Hornersville, Mo., and a daughter died in infancy. Mrs. Edwin BANKS is a sister. Funeral services were held in Chesterfield from the BANKS home. Rev. Wayne Tolson officiated. Burial was in Keller cemetery.

Obituary of John F. MAY, Macoupin County Illinois ©2000 Nancy Janusweski

Name of Deceased:  MAY, John F.
Name of Newspaper: Illinois State Journal
Date of Obituary: June 22, 1942
Obituary: JOHN F. MAY, 79, DIES AT ST. JOHN'S Was Coal Miner Nearly Fifty Years John F. MAY, 79, of 405 South Grand avenue west, died at St. John's hospital at 6:20 p.m. yesterday following a long period of ill health. He was a coal miner in Sangamon and Macoupin counties for nearly fifty years before his health forced his retirement ten years ago. Mr. MAY was born May 2, 1863 in Jonesboro, Tenn. He left home at the age of 16 and obtained work on a farm in Macoupin county. After a few years he entered the coal mine at Girard and from that time until his retirement followed the mining occupation. He was mine boss at the old Peabody mine at Pawnee for twenty years. He then moved to Springfield where at various times he worked in the Old West mine and at Mine B. He was a member of the Progressive Mine Workers of America, local No. 54. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Sarah MAY, three sons, Ralph and John of Springfield; Lieut. Raymond MAY of Camp McCoy, Wis.; three granddaughters and one grandson and a sister, Mrs. Rebecca Garst, Jonesboro, Tenn. Remains were removed to O'Donnell & Son funeral home where funeral services will be conducted at 9 a.m. Tuesday and at 9:30 a.m. at Blessed Sacrament church, Msgr. M. A. Tarrant officiating. Burial will be in Girard Cemetery.
Obituary of Martin MAYERNICK II, Macoupin County Illinois ©2006 Submitted by Wanda Mayernick Bober

Name of Deceased: MAYERNIK,
Martin II
Name of Newspaper: Virden Reporter
Date of Obituary:
January 5, 1912 
Obituary: Martin MAYERNIK, aged 16 years, 3 months and 25 days, is dead as the result of a bullet which was shot from a twenty-two rifle in the hands of Virgil WILLIAMS another boy. The affair happened on the afternoon of Wednesday near the Henderson grove. Martin MAYERNIK and two other boys were on the west side of the hedge fence examining a bird that had been killed and Virgil WILLIAMS was on the east side of the hedge with the rifle. There was a sharp report and the ball from the rifle had entered the left temple of Martin MAYERNIK and he died yesterday afternoon a few minutes after twelve o'clock noon. Coroner D. H. KARNES came up from Carlinville Wednesday and impanneled a jury composed of A. J ROBERTS, E. P. KIMBALL, Chas ROSS, Theodore LIMBERG and Arthur SMITH, and after examing a few witnessess, the jury adjourned and resumed hearings yesterday evening. The coroner's jury returned a verdict that "death was due to a gunshot wound from a gun in the hands of Virgil WILLIAMS." Inasmuch as there was evidence that suggested other than accidental shooting, the verdict was so worded that it would not interfere with future actions should there be occasion to take the matter up. The boy killed was a son of Mr and Mrs Martin MAYERNIK. The funeral service will take place in St Catherine's church this morning at nine o'clock.

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