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Obituary of Elizabeth WADE (FORTH), Macoupin County Illinois ©1999 Patricia A. Crouse

Name of Deceased: (FORTH) WADE, Elizabeth
Name of Newspaper: Macoupin County Enquirer, Page 5, Column 1
Date of Obituary: December 14, 1898
Obituary: {Chesterfield} The grim reaper Death made his appearance in our little village again last Friday morning and laid claim to a loving wife and mother who has long resided here. Elizabeth FORTH was born in Kentucky Feb. 7, 1852, but came to this vicinity at an early age and has since resided here. In 1873 she was married to H.D. WADE and the union was blest with eleven children, seven of whom, survive her. She was a devoted wife and mother and their home life was made cheerful by her constant love and care. Her husband and children, her aged mother and her brothers and sisters who survive her all have the deepest and heartfelt sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement and their only consolation is the knowledge that she has entered that eternal rest free from all sorrow and pain. Funeral services were held in the M.E. church on Saturday morning at 11 o'clock conducted by Rev. REED after which the remains were laid away to rest in the Loomis Cemetery.

Obituary of Hamilton Duke WADE, Macoupin County Illinois ©1999 Submitted by: Patricia A. Crouse

Name of Deceased: WADE, Hamilton Duke
Name of Newspaper: Macoupin County Enquirer 
Date of Obituary: July 30, 1919 
Obituary: Hamilton Duke WADE was born in Butterville, Allen County, Ky, May 2. 1835. In the year 1859 he was married to Miss Mary CARPENTER. To this union three children were born, namely, Lindsy A., of Chesterfield; Levi F., who died in Bowling Green, Ky. in 1913 and Haney who died in infancy. Mr. WADE enlisted in Company A. 52nd Kentucky Regiment, Mounted Infantry, Union army in August, 1863 and was mustered out in February, 1865. His wife died May 9, 1864. He was again married December 2, 1868 to Miss Frances CAMPBELL. To this second union one child was born, which died in infancy. His second wife died November 9, 1870. He was married the third time to Miss Amanda Elizabeth FORTH, March 6, 1873, and to this union children were born, namely Miss Fannie ELIDGE of Chambersburg, Charles E. of Chesterfield, Samuel H. of Bird township, Finis of Chesterfield, Mrs. D.A. SHARKS of Medora, Mrs. Rosa SHARKS of Chesterfield, Mrs. Mayme FENTON, of Bird township, Claude, Clarence, Bartley and Hattie, who died in infancy. He came to Chesterfield in 1851. His third wife died December 9, 1898. He resided in Chesterfield till January of this year, since which time he has resided in Jerseyville and Medora. He died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. B. A. SHARK in Medora, July 23, at the age of 84 years, 2 months and 21 days. Besides his children he leaves 30 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren and a host of relatives and friends. The funeral was held at the M.E. church at Chesterfield, Friday morning, July 25, at 10 o'clock, conducted by Rev. H. M. ELLIS. Interment in Loomis cemetery. The pallbearers were John DAMS, W.R. TAPSCOTT, Charles LYONS, James DOYLAND, A.P. PEEBLES and Charles E. WILSON. Six of his grandchildren were flower bearers. Those from a distance were miss Fannie ELEDGE and son of Chambersburg, and Mr. and Mrs. H. M. MINTON of Carlinville. CARD OF THANKS We extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who so kindly assisted us in any way during the sickness, death and burial of our father. CHILDREN OF H.D. WADE

(Corrections of names in obituary: Mrs. D.A. SHARKS should be Mrs. D.A. SPARKS; Mrs. Rosa SHARKS should be Mrs. Rose SPARKS; Mrs. B.A. SHARKS should be Mrs. D.A. SPARKS.  Hamilton Duke WADE was my g-grandfather and Mrs. Rose SPARKS my grandmother. Submitted by: Patricia A. Crouse)

Obituary of Edward W. WALTON, Macoupin County Illinois ©2002 Submitted by: Chris Grove Surgis

Name of Deceased: WALTON, Edward W. 
Name of Newspaper: Daily Enquirer 
Date of Obituary: 2-8-1911 
Obituary:  Edward W. WALTON, an old resident of this county and a highly respected citizen, died at his home at Miles Station, Brighton Township, at 5:15 p.m. Monday. He was a retired farmer and a prominent man in his home community. Mr. WALTON was 77 years of age. He was born in Monroe County, this state. At the outbreak of the Civil war he enlisted in Company A, 130th Regt. Illinois Vol. Infantry and during his long term of service, which terminated August 7, 1865, he was never either captured or wounded, although he participated in fifteen engagements and on many other occasions was in great danger. He took part in the siege of Vicksburg, Spanish Fort, Sabine Cross Roads and Cane River and was with the Red River expedition. His wife was also a native of Monroe county, and seven children were born to them, among these being Dr. John Edward WALTON, a prominent physician of Medora.

Obituary of Hampton Wm. WALL, Senator, Macoupin County Illinois ©2006 Crystal Jensen

Name of Deceased: WALL
, Sen. Hampton Wm.
Name of Newspaper: Edwardsville Intelligencer
Date of Obituary:
August 19, 1898
Obituary: Hampton Wm. Wall was born in Macoupin Co, Nov 10, 1831. At the age of 4 years he went to live with his Grandfather, Talmachus CAMP, remaining until he was 16, when he bagan the battle of life on his own responsibility. The advantages he had for acquiring an education were the same as those enjoyed by boys generally throughout the west 40 years ago. He received the elements of an education in an old log school house, the first in Staunton Township. In 1852 he married Mary E. ROSEBERRY, her death occured in 1855. From youth he exercised economy. His grandfather gave him 40 acres of land and thus he had a little capital on which to begin operations. On December 18, 1856 he married Sarah I. ROSEBERRY, a sister of his first wife. After this, he moved to Madison County, where he purchased a farm. On part of his land he laid out the town of New Hampton, now Worden, and was its' first postmaster. In 1866 he disposed of his interests at New Hampton, and returned to Staunton and engaged in business. In 1874 he opened up the first bank in Staunton. On April 6, 1879 his wife died. In 1876 he was elected to the legislature and in 1878 was re-elected. In 1880 he was again married, this time to Martha SCROGGINS. In 1889 he was elected Illinois State Senator. He leaves a mother, age 86 years, a wife, 5 daughters and 3 sons, besides a number of grandchildren. The funeral services were conducted yesterday afternoon, when very impressive addresses were delivered by J.P. CHARLES of Staunton; Rev. A.W. CLAXON, pastor of the Baptist Church of Bunker Hill; and Rev. S.L. STIVER, also of Bunker Hill. The remains were laid to rest in the Staunton City Cemetery. The funeral procession was one of the largest ever seen in Staunton. == Note: Hampton Wm. Wall was murdered, near Staunton, 16 Aug 1898.

Obituary of John WAPPLER, Macoupin County Illinois ©2002 Submitted by: Doug Mitchell

Name of Deceased: WAPPLER, John 
Name of Newspaper: Staunton Star Times 
Date of Obituary:
July 25, 1913 
Obituary: JOHN AUGUST WAPPLER, age 27 years, two months, and eighteen days, while at the home of his uncle, Mr. Henry HUNSINGER in the north part of his city, was stricken with heart trouble last Sunday evening and died from the attack. He was the son of John WAPPLER, who now lives in Venice, and his mother is a daughter of Mrs. E.D. HUNSINGER, a respected lady living in this city for many years. Mrs. WAPPLER and her son lived with her mother Mrs. HUNSINGER. John WAPPLER, at age seven years, had a hard attack of typhoid fever that seemed to affect his mind and heart: his body grew, but his mind remained as a boy of seven years. These spells marked his life after the illness and many times relatives thought that he would die in these spells. He survived many of these ordeals until the one last Sunday evening proved the last. At the home of Lewis HOYLE, in the same yard with Henry HUNSINGER, John, in company with the two sons of Henry HUNSINGER, were eating mulberries and playing about in the yard, when suddenly and without warning, he pitched backward, falling in a faint as the relatives supposed. After a short time it was seen that the faint was nothing less than death, and relatives immediately summoned a doctor who confirmed their fears in this line. He was entirely harmless and his affliction sat heavily on his relatives, who dearly loved this child-man, and he was capable of doing errands and chores, thus being quite a help and consolation to the parent and relatives. An inquest was held over the remains and the verdict was to the effect that John WAPPLER died of natural causes in one of the faints to which he was accustomed. The funeral was held from the residence to Zion Lutheran Church on last Tuesday at 2:30 pm. Rev. J.G.F. KLEINHANS officiating. Interment was in the city cemetery. Many relatives attended the obsequies.

Obituary of Henry WARD, Macoupin County Illinois ©2002 Submitted by: Chris Grove-Surgis

Name of Deceased: WARD, Henry 
Name of Newspaper: Macoupin County Enquirer 
Date of Obituary: February 13, 1899 
Obituary:  Died on February 8th, little Henry WARD, son of Wm. WARD, deceased.

Obituary of William WARD, Macoupin County Illinois ©2001 Submitted by: Sue Raffurty McMurry

Name of Deceased: WARD, WILLIAM 
Name of Newspaper: The Daily Enquirer, Carlinville, IL 
Date of Obituary: February 28, 1899 
Obituary: Died at Chesterfield, Il., Feb 13, 1899, William WARD, aged 67 years, 5 months and 20 days. Monday night at 10 o'clock another of the Chesterfield aged and respected farmers passed away. An active life is closed, a face familiar to all will be seen no more in this busy world of ours. Mr. WARD's illness was very short. He was taken ill on Monday 3 a.m. and died 10 p.m. the same day. Dr. CROUCH of Chesterfield, was hastily summoned and all that medical aid could do was done but all in vain. He passed away as peacefully as though falling into natural sleep. William WARD was born in Yorkshire, England, August 24, 1832. He was the oldest son and began hard work at a very young age. He worked for the small sum of sixpence (12 cents) a day. He was one among the best of farmers in England. He came to this country at the age of 25, hired out for two years and saved a small sum of money. After this he was united in marriage to Miss Mary PEARSON, Sept. 6, 1860. Seven children were the fruits of their union, five now surviving, namely, Alice WARD, Robt. W. WARD, Hannah LOVELESS, Helen MORTON and Willie H. WARD. Mr. WARD settled on a piece of land 2 1/2 miles north of Chesterfield and remained there until the time of his death. Mr. WARD was a hardworking man, never content only when at work. The funeral occurred at his home, Rev. REED officiating. A most impressive sermon was spoken for the benefit of the living. Mr. WARD was laid to rest in the Smith cemetery on a piece of ground he bought himself some 4 1/2 years ago and had it nicely arranged for himself and family. Mr. WARD was a good moral man and tried hard to have something for his children to live on after his death. He leaves to mourn his loss, a wife, five children, two brothers, two sisters and a host of friends. "Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life." Prov. 4:23 Guard me, Savior, by thy power, Guard me in the trying hour; Let thy unremitting care Save me from the lurking snare. R.W.W.

Obituary of Forest Elmo WATERS, Macoupin County Illinois ©2002 Submitted by: Chris Grove-Surgis

Name of Deceased: WATERS, Forest Elmo 
Name of Newspaper: Daily Enquirer 
Date of Obituary: June 27, 1911 
Obituary: Forest Elmo WATERS, the two month's old child of Mr. and Mrs. Ollie W. WATERS of Shipman, was found dead in his bed about 4 o'clock Monday morning. As the child apparently had not been ill and no doctor had been attending the coroner was called and an inquest was held Monday, at which the cause of the child's death was found to be heart trouble. The child was born on April 21, 1911, and has been in good health. The boy appeared to be in normal condition Sunday, and was put to bed about 8 o'clock as usual. Between eleven and twelve o'clock the mother stated that the child woke up and was very restless. Mrs. WATERS dropped off to sleep and about 4 o'clock woke up and found the child dead. Mrs. Eva WILKINSON, one of the neighbors, was called in, who at the coroner's inquest testified that she found the child stiff and cold. The verdict of the jury was that the child came to its death about 2 o'clock Monday morning, caused from heart failure.

Obituary of Minnie KORTUM WATERS, Macoupin County Illinois (c)2002 Submitted by: Barbara Hitch

Name of Deceased: WATERS, Minnie KORTUM
Name of Newspaper: Bunker Hill Gazette
Date of Obituary: March 20, 1941
Obituary: Mrs. Minnie WATERS Brought Here For Burial Mrs. Minnie KORTUM WATERS, 84, of St. Louis, a resident of Bunker Hill some thirty years ago, was brought here for burial in the family lot in the city cemetery last Thursday afternoon. Mrs. WATERS, a widow of the late Thomas WATERS, died at 2:10 p.m.., Monday, March 10, at her home in St. Louis. Mrs. WATERS was a daughter of the late L. H. KORTUM, who will be remembered by older residents as a local carpenter. The family resided in the house now owned by Mrs. Anna NOEL. Surviving are one daughter, Adele WATERS, and a sister, Louise KORTUM, both of St. Louis.

Obituary of Peyton C. WATERS, Macoupin County Illinois © 2006 Matthew Ferricks

Name of Deceased:
WATERS, Peyton C.
Name of Newspaper: Carlinville Democrat
Date of Obituary:
March 27, 1901
P.C. WATER. Jacksonville, Ill., March 22.
- PC WATERS, of Waverly, died today (March 22, 1901) at the Catholic hospital, where he had been ill a number of weeks. Deceased is the father of William, Sam and George W, of this city. Mr. WATERS was for many years a resident of Bird township, but removed from here to a farm a few miles south of Waverly a number of years ago. He was a brother of James C. WATERS of this city. The funeral services will be held at Charity church Monday. Rev. HART, of Franklin, will preach the funeral service at Charity church Monday at 11 a.m. Remains were laid to rest in Charity church.

Obituary of Susan Caroline WATERS, Macoupin County Illinois (c) 2006 Matthew Ferricks

Name of Deceased:
WATERS, Susan Caroline
Name of Newspaper: Carlinville Democrat
Date of Obituary:
Oct. 13, 1902
Death (October 11, 1902) of Mrs. Susan WATERS. Saturday morning at 11 o'clock Mrs. Susan Waters, widow of the late Peyton WATERS, died in a hospital in Jacksonville, after a three years' illness of nervous prostration. The deceased was a former resident of Bird township and a well known citizen, having removed to Jacksonville some ten years ago. She was the mother of Samuel, George and William WATERS and Mrs. (Lula) Kenney BAINES, of Davenport, Iowa. She was about 65 years of age, and had been in a private hospital in Jacksonville for some time. The funeral occurred Monday morning at 11 o'clock from Charity church, Rev. HART, of Franklin, officiating. Interment in Charity cemetery

***Two obituaries below for WEED, Sarah Caroline (CHERRY)

Obituary of Sarah Caroline WEED (CHERRY), Macoupin County Illinois (c) 2010 Submitted by: Kay Stein

Name of Deceased: WEED, Sarah Caroline (CHERRY)
Name of Newspaper: The Daily Enquirer, Vol. VI, No. 1, p. 4

Date of Obituary: Monday, August 12, 1901
Obituary: Mrs. George B. WEED, aged 49 years, died early Sunday morning, after several months' suffering with heart trouble. The funeral took place from the family residence, Rev. T. J. GIBLETT of the Baptist church officiating. The remains were interred in Girard cemetery. Besides her husband, the deceased leaves two children, Thomas and Gertrude.
Comments: The deceased was a daughter of Thomas Calhoun CHERRY and Elizabeth H. (SMITH) CHERRY, and wife of George Barclay WEED. The children referred to were Thomas G. WEED and Mary Gertrude WEED.

Obituary of Sarah Caroline WEED (CHERRY), Macoupin County Illinois (c) 2011 Submitted by: Kay Stein

Name of Deceased: WEED, Sarah Caroline (CHERRY)
Name of Newspaper: The Girard Gazette, Vol. XXIII, No. 37, pg. 5

Date of Obituary: 8 August 1901
Obituary: SARAH CAROLINE CHERRY was born near Scottsville [sic] Ill. on May 18th 1852. Died at her home in Girard at 1:30 o'clock Sunday morning Aug. 4th 1901, aged 49 years 2 months 16 days. She came with her parents to Girard, Dec. 1854. Sept. 15, 1875 she was married to George B. WEED. Of this union were born two children Thomas and Gertrude both of whom with the husband and father, are left to mourn the the [sic] loss of mother and wife dearly beloved. When Mrs. WEED was 14 years of age she became a Christian and united with the Presbyterian Church. During the month of March 1878, in connection with a series of meetings held by Bro. MCBRIDE, she united with the Baptist Church of Girard, Rev. M. V. KITZMILLER then being the pastor. Of this church she remained a consistent and very much respected member. Today she is a member of the church of Triumphant. For many years Mrs. WEED was in poor health but she showed great fortitude and patience through it all. In her family she was much beloved and her death removes a mother and wife who will be sorely missed. Her piety was was [sic] of a quiet, unostentation, yet a very genuine type and her pastor bears greatful [sic] testimony to her appreciation of the spiritual side of his visit to the home during her last sickness. The home, the church, the community are poorer by the translation of such a character. May God's grace be given the members of the family that they may be able to bear this crushing sorrow which has come upon them. Our sincerest sympathy is extended to them.

Obituary of Wilson WEEKS, Macoupin County Illinois ©2006 Crystal Jensen

Name of Deceased: WEEKS
Name of Newspaper: Edwardsville Intelligencer
Date of Obituary:
Dec 22, 1932
Obituary: Wilson WEEKS, 62, died suddenly on his farm near Worden this morning at 7:45 o'clock, following a paralytic stroke. Funeral plans have not been made.
Mr. Weeks was born May 26, 1870 in Staunton, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. George WEEKS. Surviving are his wife, the former Miss Rosa WEEKS of Staunton.
Four sons: Jesse, Worley, and Wesley WEEKS of Granite City; James WEEKS of Worden; six daughters: Mrs. Ernest WILLART, Chicago; Mrs. Carma ESLEY, Mrs. Mable MEYER, Granite City; Mrs. Rose McCann, Alton; Miss Beulah WEEKS of St. Louis; Miss Louise WEEKS of Worden; one sister, Mrs. Sarah RICHARDSON, and 25 grandchildren.

Obituary of Dora WEISE (DARTHEA), Macoupin County Illinois ©2002 Submitted by: Libby (Weise) Naderhoff

Name of Deceased: WEISE
Name of Newspaper: Carlinville Democrat 
Date of Obituary:
February 20, 1901 
Obituary: Died Monday morning at 8 o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Gus RATHKE, living in the third ward, Mrs.WEISE, aged 80 years. Mrs.WEISE has been in poor health for some time past, but her death was sudden and unexpected. This morning she got up feeling as well as usual, and after breakfast sat down in her chair. Her daughter, Mrs.RATHKE, shortly afterwards called to her in regard to something, and receiving no answer went to her and found her dead in her chair. Mrs. WEISE was a lady whom all knew but to love, and her relatives and friends were sorry to learn of her sudden death. She leaves a number of children to mourn her death. The funeral was held from the Lutheran church Wednesday afternoon at 2:30. Interment in the city cemetery.

Obituary of William WEISE / WIESE, Macoupin County Illinois ©2002 Submitted by: Libby (Weise) Naderhoff

Name of Deceased: WEISE / WIESE, William 
Name of Newspaper: Carlinville Democrat 
Date of Obituary: September 8, 1892 
Obituary: Wm WEISE, of this city, met with an accident which resulted in his death Thursday evening. He was engaged in watering a cow when it is supposed the board upon which he was standing gave way, precipitating him into the well.  His family missed him but thought he had come up to the square. When he did not appear the next morning a search was made and the body found in the well. The deceased way a native of Germany, but had been in this country about 35 years, and had for many years been a resident of this city. He was 74 years of age at the time of his death, and leaves a wife at home and six married children, two boys and four girls, to mourn his loss. Funeral services were held Sunday at 2 o'clock p.m. at the Lutheran church.

Obituary of Wm WELLENBRINK, Macoupin County Illinois ©2010 Submitted by: Sharon Buethner

Name of Deceased: WELLENBRINK
, Wm 
Name of Newspaper: Mt Olive Herald
Date of Obituary:
November 17, 1900, p. 1, col. 1
Obituary: Called to the Reward
Wm. WELLENBRINK, one of Mt. Olive's most respected citizens, died Monday (12 Nov) evening shortly after 6 o'clock , of dropsy, aged 68 years and 13 days.
He was born in Borgholzbausen, Germany, October 30th, 1832 and came to this country about 45 years ago, settling down in St. Louis, where he was united in marriage to Wilhelmina BUSCHMAN. He conducted a business there for several years and in 1877 came to this city. He joined the firm of Keiser-Niemeyer Mercantile Co. as a partner and was an active member of the firm until last spring, when he turned his interest over to his son, Henry, he himself withdrawing from active business to rest from his life of labor and to spend the rest of his days in leisure.
Until several months ago he seemed to be strong and well, and no one even thought that he would pass away so soon, but the dread disease, dropsy, took hold of his system, and about a month ago he was forced to his bed, from which he no more arose. His death was peaceful, his spirit quietly leaving the mortal body for the realm beyond, with his wife and children around him. His son, William, who resides in Kansas, had been notified of his father's condition , and arrived here about two weeks ago, and remained at his father's bedside until the end.
The deceased was a thorough business man, upright in all his dealings, and was respected by all who knew him. He was a true friend, always ready to do a favor or to help where it was needed, and many are those [one line not readable - dark line on the copy] - yet determined manner won him the respect of his business associates, and during his entire business careers worked in perfect harmony with all concerned.
The funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon, Rev. ABEL conducting a short service at the residence of the deceased, whereupon the remains were taken to the Immanuels Church, of which the deceased had been a faithful member of many years, where Rev. ABEL held an impressive funeral sermon. During the service nearly all the business houses were closed, honoring his memory, and a large concourse of friends attended to pay their last respect, showing in what high esteem he was held. The firm of Keiser-Niemeyer Merc. Co. remained closed from Wednesday noon until Friday morning.
He expressed the wish shortly before his death that we be buried in St. Louis, and the remains remained in the church until the next morning, when they were taken to St. Louis for burial, accompanied by a large number of relatives and friends.
The following gentleman acted as pall-bearers: C. J. KEISER, W. NIEMEYER, A. NIEMEYER, Fred DROSTE, Herman DROSTE, Charles KUENETH, Eugene KUENETH and Theo. H. KOCH.
His body was laid to rest in the St. Peters cemetery in St. Louis.
He leaves a wife and two sons, and also two sisters to mourn him, besides a large number of friends.

Obituary of Wilhelmine WELLENBRINK, Macoupin County Illinois ©2010 Submitted by: Sharon Buethner

Name of Deceased: WELLENBRINK, Wilhelmine 
Name of Newspaper: Mt Olive Herald
Date of Obituary:
November 26, 1937
Mrs. Wilhelmine WELLENBRINK, Mt. Olive's oldestresident, was called by the angle of death Wednesday evening at 10:30 o’clock at her home.  She reached the advanced age of 93 years, 8 months and 28 days.
Six weeks ago she fell down the steps at her home, suffering injuries which caused her to be taken to the Litchfield hospital, but from which she apparently was recovering. She returned home from the hospital two weeks ago, and her host of friends hoped for a complete recovery, but she grew steadily weaker, until death called her Wednesday.
She was a widow of the late Wm. WELLENBRINK, and lived in this city for more than half a century.Surviving are two sons, Henry and William, both of whom have made their home with her.
Funeral services will be conducted Saturday at 12 o'clock noon at the Droste-Carleton Chapel in this city, with Rev. E. WIDENHOEFER officiating.
The remains will be laid to rest in St. Peters's Cemetery in St. Louis at 3 p.m. A more detailed obituary will be published next week.

Mt. Olive Herald, Friday, December 3, 1937, p. 1
Mrs. Wellenbrink Laid to Rest
Funeral services for Mrs. WilhelmineWELLENBRINK, the oldest resident of this city, who died at her home last Wednesday evening, at the age of 93 years, 8 months and 28 days, were held in the Droste-Carleton Chapel in this city Saturday at noon, the Rev. E. WIDENHOEFER, pastor of the Immanuel Lutheran Church, officiating. Mrs. August JAECK and Mrs. Wm. SCHEIWE rendered a vocal selection.
Mrs. Wellenbrink was one of the charter members of the Ladies Aid of Immanuel Lutheran Chuch, organized 53 years ago. The members of the Aid attended the services in a body. The two remaining charter members, Mrs. Mary PAHDE and Mrs. Mary MONKE, were among those in attendance.
The deceased was in good health and was active, being able to look after the duties of taking care of her home, although nearing the century mark in the journey of life, until the accident six weeks ago, when she fell down the stairway at her home.
She was born in Westphalia, Germany, Feb. 26, 1844, coming to this country in 1865 and making her home in St. Louis. In 1866 she was united in marriage to Casper BUSCHMANN, who died several years later. Two sons were born to this union. In 1869 she married Wm. WELLENBRINK, and in 1877 the family moved to Mt. Olive, Mr. WELLENBRINK being associated with the Keiser-Niemeyer Merc. Co. until death called him in 1900.
Besides her sons, Henry and William, who resided with her, she is survived by one sister, Mrs. Caroline SCHEER, of St. Louis.
The remains were taken to St. Louis, were they were laid to rest in St. Peters Cemetery.
xx Married in St. Louis, Missouri -- Wilhelm WELLENBRINK and Mrs. K. W. BUSCHMANN on 12 Oct 1869.

Obituary of Normetta WELTE, Macoupin County Illinois ©2014 Submitted by: Gloria Frazier

Name of Deceased: WELTE, Normetta
Name of Newspaper: Girard Gazette
Date of Obituary:
Thurs December 25, 1930, p1 c4

This community was shocked Wednesday morning when it learned that Miss Normetta WELTE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank WELTE, had passed away during the night. Miss WELTE was a senior in Girard Township High School, and had been out of school only a few days. Death was caused by pneumonia.
Normetta Carolina WELTE was born in Carlinville November 11, 1912. She came to Girard six years ago with her parents when her father was made manager of the Kroger store, which position he still holds. In addition to her parents, she is survived by a twin sister, Norma and two brothers, Carl and Frank.
Funeral services will be held in the Girard Christian church at 1:00 p. m. and in the Zion Lutheran church, Carlinville at 3:00 p. m. Friday conducted by Rev. William L. PETERSON of Farmersville assisted by Rev. Geo. BIEDERWIEDEN. Interment will be in Carlinville Cemetery.

Girard Gazette, Thurs Jan 1, 1931 p1 c4
One of the largest funerals held in this city for some time was that of Miss Normetta WELTE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank WELTE, which was held in the Christian church in this city at 1:00 p. m. and in the Zion Lutheran church, Carlinville at 3:00 p. m. last Friday.
Miss WELTE, a senior in Girard Township high school, had made hundreds of friends and her death Tuesday night following an illness with pneumonia of only a few days, was a shock to the entire community. Only a small part of the big crowd could gain admission to the church, which was crowded before the funeral party arrived from the home.
Services were conducted by Rev. William L. UETERSON (as is) of Farmersville, assisted by Rev. George BEIDERWIEDEN of Carlinville. Interment was made in Carlinville cemetery. The pall bearers were: Harold WYLDER, Daskel FOX, Calvin RUYLE, Mervin GUTHRIE, Kenneth HINKLE and Chris SCHOTT. Flowers were cared for by Amilda ANDREWS, Zola NICHOLSON, Wilma CHERE, Maxine ENGLAND, Alberta ENGLAND, Dorothy HAMILTON, Ruby HINKLE, Elsie GOODWIN, Katherine ERWIN, Esther BUTLER, Marthalene ENGLAND, Marjorie KNOX, Velma HAYES, and Dollie DAVIS.
The following from out of town attended the funeral: Mrs. John SCHLICHTING, Mrs. Fred BOHENSTIEHL, Miss Gussie MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. BEUTEL and daughter, Willette all from Troy; Mr. and Mrs. Theo. GUENNWIG, St. Jacob; Herman HENKE, Staunton; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. BELL, Leona and Virginia WHITNEY, Mr. Thomas REID all of Chatham; Mrs. P. H. MOHAN, Mrs. George GIRARD, Mr. and Mrs. Percy LOGAN, Mrs. J. MAYFIELD, Mrs. Clarence GORDAN, and Mrs Harry CRIMM, Springfield; Henry BEUTEL and son Henry, Marysville; Mr. and Mrs. W. P. SCHMIDT, Carrollton; Mr. and Mrs. W. FREDRICHSON and Mr. and Mrs. Ed KNIBBS and son of Bunker Hill; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. PRICE, Gillespie; Mrs. August RATHKE and daughters Anita and Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin RATHKE, Martin WELTE and daughters Dorothy and Esther, Miss Clara BEHRENS, Miss Nell WEISS, Mr. and Mrs. August EICHEN, Mr. and Mrs. George EICHEN and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Charles EICHEN, Mr. and Mrs. Albert DALBY, Mrs. Mary WEISE and daughters, Anna and Susie and Mrs. David POOLE all from Carlinville; Mrs. H. C. TITTLE and sons Raymond and Harold, Mrs Gilbert LIVENGOOD, St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs. Edward MUHLANDT, Virden.

Carlinville Enquirer, Wednes December 31, 1930, p4 c5
Obituaries of Several Citizens Who Have Been Called to the Great Beyond the Past Week.
Marmette (should be Normetta) WELTE
Miss Marmette WELTE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. WELTE, died at the family home in Girard, Tuesday evening at 9:15 o'clock at the age of 18 years, one month and 14 days. She was sick only a few days, having been taken sick with tonsilitis which developed into pneumonia.
She was well known by many of the younger folks here, as the family resided in this city up to within the last few years when they have been located in Girard.
Decedent leaves to mourn her passing, her parents, a twin sister Norma, and two brothers, Frank and Carl. She was the grandaughter of Mrs. August RATHKE of this city.
The funeral was held Friday at 1:00 p. m. at the Christian church in Girard and at 3 o'clock at the Zion Lutheran church in this city. The services were conducted by Rev. William L. PETERSON of Farmersville, assisted by Rev. George BEIDERWIEDEN.
The pall bearers were Mervin GUTHRIE, Harold WYLDER, Kelly RUYLE, Dascal FOX, Kenneth HINCKEL, Chris. SCHOTT. Flower bearers were the Misses Zola NICHOLSON, Maxine ENGLAND, Alberta ENGLAND, Dorothy HAMILTON, Ruby HINCKEL, Amalda ANDREWS, Wilma CLEAR, Velma HAYS, Esther BUTLER, Dollie DAVIS, Marjorie KNOX, Marthalene ENGLAND, Elfa GOODWIN, Catherine IRWIN. Interment was in the city cemetery.

Carlinville Democrat, Wednesday, December 31, 1930, p2 c3
Death of Former Carlinville Girl
Mr. and Mrs. Frank WELTE of Girard mourn the death of their daughter Miss Marmette (should be Normetta), aged 18. She died Tuesday, December 23d, at the home of her parents in that city. She had been ill with tonsilitis which later developed into pneumonia. Mr. WELTE and family formerly resided in Carlinville later going to Girard where he is manager for the Kroeger store.
Funeral services were held from the Zion Lutheran church in Carlinville, Friday afternoon, Rev. Geo. BIEDERWEIDEN, the pastor, officiating. Interment was in city cemetery

Obituary of Sarah A. WESTBROOK / WESBROOK (TOSH), Macoupin County Illinois ©2008 Submitted by: Rick Doty

Name of Deceased: WESTBROOK / WESBROOK, Sarah A. (TOSH)
Name of Newspaper: Litchfield News Herald
Date of Obituary:
15 Oct 1915 
Obituary: Mrs. Sarah A. WESTBROOK Mrs. Ike , wife of Wilburn WESTBROOK died at her home five miles east of Litchfield in North Litchfield township yesterday afternoon at 3:22 o'clock. Mrs. WESTBROOK was 51 years, 6 months and 17 days old at the time of her death. Sarah A TOSH was born in Macoupin county April 1864. She was united in marriage in 1880 at St.Louis, to Wilburn WESTBROOK. To this union were born eleven children, four of whom have preceded Mrs. WESTBROOK in death. The deceased is survived by her husband, three sons, Fred, Henry and Lee WESTBROOK, who reside at home; four daughters, Mrs. Bertha KLEPPER, who lives in North Litchfield township, Mrs. Marie CALHOUN of Chicago and Lida and Hazel WESTBROOK RANDLE of this city; one sister; five brothers and five grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at the Honey Bend Baptist church at 10 o'clock Sunday afternoon, conducted by Rev.William DOBBS. {wife of Milburn WESBROOK, daughter of Cornelius O.B. & Sarah J. DANLEY TOSH}

Obituary of George Henry WESTERMEIER, Macoupin County Illinois (c)2013 Submitted by: I forgot

Name of Deceased: WESTERMEIER
, George Henry
Name of Newspaper: Unknown
Date of Obituary
: Unknown
Obituary: In less than four month's time, death robbed the WESTERMEIER family in this city of both parents.

The father of the family, George Henry
WESTERMEIER passed away at his residence here on last Tuesday, November 9th, (1915) at 9:25 a.m.
Their mother died on July 25, 1915.

At the time of his death, Mr. WESTERMEIER was aged 72 years, 4 months, and 27 days. He was born in St. Charles, Mo. on June 27, 1843. After attending parochial school in that vicinity, he entered the St. Charles College of that city and studied for two years to become a member of the Evangelical denomination. At the end of two years he abandoned the idea and took up farming as a vocation. After spending a few years engaged in that vocation he was united in marriage to Miss Sophia Marie BARLECAMP. About thirty-seven years ago Mr. and Mrs. WESTERMEIER moved to a farm in the vicinity of Staunton where they resided for about five years, when they moved to Staunton and Mr. WESTERMEIER engaged in mining. For a period of over thirty years the family resided in the same spot and witnessed the growth of Staunton from a village to a city. They were married forty-five years and were inseparable companions during the whole of their lifetime. Mr. WESTERMEIER seldom left his home, and his wife was his constant companion. Her death which occurred on July 25th last, was a severe shock to him , and the family feared that he would not be able to bear the sorrow long. In this they were right, but his death coming at this early time was not expected, and made the shock of losing both parents in so short a time a severe one.

...about five years ago when he suffered a paralytic stroke. Although he was ill for some time following the stroke he finally overcame it to such an extent that he was able to be up and about three weeks ago when he suffered from a complication of diseases due to this advanced age. He was forced to spend his time in a chair as he was unable to be placed in a reclining position on account of suffering from asthma. He gradually became weaker until death came to relieve him of his misery. He was conscious to the last moment that he lived.

During the last days of his illness nearly all of the children remained at his bedside, including Miss Mollie WESTERMEIER, of Chicago, a trained nurse.
Mr. WESTERMEIER was of a quiet and retiring disposition. After he had retired from active work he spent nearly all of hie time reading. Of a studious nature, he found his chief pleasure in reading.

During the civil war he served as a guard in the Missouri state militia and he never tired of relating his experiences which he underwent while the war progressed. He was well informed on current events, and it was not until the last week of his illness that he gave up reading the daily paper.

He was not one who sought for political honors, but a man devoted to his home and Its interests. He was a member of St. Paul's church in this city and had been a lifelong member of that church in St. Charles, as well as after he had moved to Staunton.

The following children are left to mourn his departure: Conrad WESTERMEIER, of this city; Mrs. Will BRUSH of Peoria, Mrs. G. Bley PATRICK, of Decatur; Mrs. Larkin NOLAN, of Peoria; Miss Hollie WESTERMEIER, of Chicago; Miss Winnie WESTERMEIER and Miss Adda WESTERMEIER of this city.

The funeral services were held at the old family home in this city on Thursday afternoon at two o'clock. Many friends attended the funeral as a testimony of the respect in which the venerable gentleman and his family were and are held by the residents of this city.

Rev. Wm. HACKMAN, a nephew of the deceased and an Evangelic minster of St. Louis, assisted by Rev. LUCKE of this city conducted the services.

They are buried in Staunton City Cemetery.

Obituary of Weye Henry WEYEN, Macoupin County Illinois (c)2006 Chris Grove Surgis

Name of Deceased: WEYEN
, Weye Henry
Name of Newspaper: Macoupin County Enquirer
Date of Obituary
: 2-8-1933
Obituary: WEYEN, Weye Henry D 2-6-1933 printed 2-8-1933 Macoupin County Enquirer W. Henry WEYEN, aged 39, well known farmer of Cahokia township, died at 1 o’clock Monday afternoon, Feb. 6, at the Macoupin Hospital following a few days illness with influenza and pneumonia. He was taken to the hospital Sunday morning from his home, northeast of Gillespie. Descendent was the son of John and Hannah CORDUM WEYEN of Gillespie and for a number of years had been engaged in farming. He was active in Farm Bureau work in the county and was one of the most successful farmers and stock feeders in the community. He was united in marriage with Miss Helen FRANKE, Nov. 2, 1921, who with two sons and two daughters survive. He is also survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John WEYEN, two sisters, Mrs. Russell HOEHN and Miss Hilda WEYEN, of Gillespie.

Obituary of Mrs. Anna WHALEN Macoupin County Illinois © 2000 Nancy Janusweski

Name of Deceased: WHALEN, Mrs. Anna 
Name of Newspaper: Illinois State Journal 
Date of Obituary: February 24, 1929 
Obituary: Girard, Feb. 23 -- Mrs. Anna WHALEN 85 years, 1 month and 28 days old, died at her home Tuesday morning after an illness of several months. Descendent was born Dec. 28, 1844 in Queens County, Ireland. Her husband (Peter) preceded her in death Nov. 18, 1917. She had lived in Girard more than sixty years. Survived by two sons, Peter of Canon City, Colo., and Patrick, at home; four daughters Mrs. John FINNERTY, St. Louis, Mo; Mrs. Sarah SAMSAG of Streator, Mrs. Pearl COVERDILL, of Girard; four children preceded her in death. Twenty-two grandchildren and six great grandchildren also survive. Funeral services will be held at 9:30 a.m. Monday at the Catholic Church, Rev. Father KENNEY of Virden officiating. Interment in Girard cemetery.

>Obituary of Leo WHALEN Macoupin County Illinois (c)2000 Submitted by: Nancy Janusweski

Name of Deceased: WHALEN, Leo 
Name of Newspaper: Macoupin County Enquirer 
Date of Obituary:
December 23, 1925 
Obituary: DEATH OF LEO WHALEN - Leo WHALEN died Wednesday evening at his home in Springfield after an illness of several years duration. He was aged 34 years. The family were formerly residents of this city and he was for several years engaged in the cigar business. He was a veteran of the World War. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Katherine WHALEN and two sisters - Misses Catherine and Theresa WHALEN, all of Springfield. The body was brought to this city and funeral services were held Friday morning at 9:30 o'clock at St. Mary's church, Rev. Father HENESY conducting same. Interment was in Calvary cemetery.

Obituary of Mary Ann WHALEN, Macoupin County Illinois © 2004  Submitted by: Michael McGough Name of Deceased: WHALEN, Mary Ann
Name of Newspaper: Girard Gazette
Date of Obituary:
March 1934 
Obituary: Taken from Girard Gazette 03/1934:
Funeral Services for Mary Ann WHALEN Held in Girard Monday Morning Funeral Services for Miss Mary Ann WHALEN were held in St. Patrick's Church, Girard, at 9:00 o'clock, Monday morning, Rev. D. L. SCULLY, Pastor, officiating. Interment was in St. Martin's cemetery, Farmersville. She was the daughter of Cornelius and Elizabeth WHALEN, and was born in Jerseyville September 1, 1958. She has been a member of the Catholic Church all her life, and has made her home in Girard for about 40 years. She died at the home of her brother Dan WHALEN, in Girard Saturday. She is survived by two brothers, Dan and Thomas of Girard; a half- brother, Joe WHALEN of Litchfield; a half-sister, Mrs. Sarah CRABTREE of Raymond, several nieces and nephews, and a host of friends. Pallbearers were Neil SPRAGUE, John FROMMAE, Leo WHALEN, Dan SHERIDAN, Howard SHERIDAN, Virgil GLUR.

Obituary of Mary Anne WHALEN Macoupin County Illinois ©2000 Submitted by: Nancy Janusweski

Name of Deceased: WHALEN, Mary Anne 
Name of Newspaper: Illinois State Journal 
Date of Obituary: November 24, 1927 
Obituary: Virden, Nov. 23 -- Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Anne WHALEN, aged 74 years, 9 months and 22 days, who died Tuesday afternoon at her home in this city, will be held at 9:30 a.m. Friday at St. Catherine's church. Rev. Father KENNY officiating. Interment will be in Virden cemetery. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Byron WILSON, St. Louis, and Miss Alice WHALEN, Virden, and two sons, Mike T., Pawnee, and Thomas of this city.

Obituary of Michael WHALEN Macoupin County Illinois ©2000 Nancy Janusweski

Name of Deceased: WHALEN, Michael 
Name of Newspaper: Illinois State Journal, Springfield, Illinois 
Date of Obituary: December 15, 1900 
Obituary: CRUSHED BY FALLING SLATE Gas Inspector of the Greenridge Mine at Girard Meets Instant Death Girard, Dec. 14 - (Special) - Michael WHALEN, gas inspector of the Greenridge mine, was crushed to death this morning by falling slate. His body was buried beneath a mass of slate and coal. WHALEN went into the mine about 3 o'clock in the morning to make his usual inspections for gases. He did not return to the surface at 6 o'clock and the engineer became alarmed. By that time the miners began arriving at the shaft and a cage load was sent down. The searching part fond the mangled remains in the twelfth room they visited. It is supposed he tapped the roof of the room with a hammer and as the coal was loose, it fell upon him. WHALEN was 40 years old. A widow and five children survive him. (Note: Michael WHALEN was the 2nd child of Patrick and Anna BRADY WHALEN. He was born in New York City. His wife was Katherine DRURY WHALEN. His children were Francis P., Michael Leo, Mary Therese, Ella C., and Catherine.)

Obituary of Arthur C. WHEELER, Macoupin County Illinois ©2001 Submitted by: Sue Raffurty McMurry

Name of Deceased: WHEELER, Arthur C. 
Name of Newspaper: Macoupin County Enquirer, Carlinville, IL 
Date of Obituary: February 23, 1927 
Obituary: Arthur C. WHEELER passed away at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Fred WYLDER, in Carlinville, Ill., at 11:15 a.m., Wednesday, February 16, 1927. His illness extended over a period of several months. At times he seemed to improve, and finally consented to go to Carlinville from his home, so as to be under the best of care, but he gradually grew weaker until he passed away at the age of 67 years and two months. Mr. WHEELER was born in Bird township, Macoupin county, Dec. 16, 1859. He was a son of William and Mary WHEELER. On April 20, 1882 he was married to Dora Francis JACKSON of Scott county. In his early life, he united with the Shiloh Baptist church, March 6, 1876, always remaining a devoted member. Spending his active years in farming, upon the death of his father he became owner of the old home, from which he will be very much missed by his neighbors and friends. Surviving him are his wife, Francis; one daughter, Mrs. Pearl WYLDER; her husband and two grandchildren, Florence and Irene. There were many relatives from out of town who came to be present at the funeral. From Missouri came John WHEELER, of Clinton; Mrs. Elma BARE of St. James, and her two sons, Chester and Jesse of St. Louis; from Granite City, Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. COTTER, Osmey COTTER, and Beal COTTER; from White Hall, Mrs. Clark SMITH; and Mr. and Mrs. Cruse FISCHER of Easton, Ill. The officiating minister was Rev. B. F. DRAKE of Palmyra, Ill.
Card of Thanks: We wish to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our neighbors and friends for their kindness during the sickness and death of our husband and father. Mrs. Arthur WHEELER.  Mr. and Mrs. Fred WYLDER and family.

Obituary of Ellen WHEELER, Mrs., Macoupin County Illinois ©2006 Chris Grove Surgis

Name of Deceased: WHEELER
, Ellen
Name of Newspaper: Illinois State Journal
Date of Obituary:
Obituary: Ellen Wheeler Illinois State Journal Tues. 2-14-1928 pg 10 Special to The State Journal Scottsville, Feb. 12 Funeral Services for Mrs. Ellen WHEELER, who died last Tuesday were held at 1‘clock Thursday at the Christian church at Scottsville. Rev. Mr. Symons, pastor of the M. E. church, officiating. Interment was made at Hartland cemetery. Pallbearers were H. D. Feely, Reccy Goodballot, G. S. Owens, Curt Ambrose, T. L. Redfern, Ray Woolfolk, The flowers were carried hy Mrs. Janie Feely, Mrs. Ethel Clausen, Mrs. June Butler and Mrs. Fannie Edwards.

Obituary of Elmer E. WHEELER, Macoupin County Illinois ©2002 Submitted by: Chris Grove-Surgis

Name of Deceased: WHEELER
, Elmer E. 
Name of Newspaper: Daily Enquirer 
Date of Obituary: November 24, 1913 
Obituary: The funeral of Elmer E. WHEELER was held in the Baptist church in this city, Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The church was not large enough to hold the friends who gathered to pay their last tribute of respect and the many who came from Chesterfield with the remains, made a long funeral procession. The services at the church were conducted by Rev. Euclid E. RODGERS, of Springfield, and Rev. H. A. COTTON of Chesterfield. The latter gave the prayer and read the scripture and a short sketch of the life of Mr. WHEELER and Dr. RODGERS delivered a beautiful sermon on death. Mrs. COUCH of Chesterfield, Miss BROWN and Messrs. W. A. CHALLACOMBE and L. E. ROSS of this city former (formed) a quartet that sang Mr. WHEELER'S favorite hymns. The interment was made in the city cemetery, the Knights of Pythias lodge of Chesterfield having charge of the services. Their number was augmented by many Knights of this city.

Obituary of John WHEELER, Macoupin County Illinois 17 June 1998 ©1998 Submitted by: Mary Ann Kaylor

Name of Deceased: WHEELER, John 
Name of Newspaper: Possibly Carlinville? 
Date of Obituary: July 1895 
Obituary: JOHN WHEELER: Died at 11:45 P.M. July 3rd, 1895 at his home in Bird Township. John WHEELER was 88 yrs, 9 months, 27 days old. Grandfather WHEELER as he was familiarly called, first saw the light of day Sept 6, 1806 in Mason County, Kentucky. He was raised on a farm and when he grew to manhood, he chose that profession for a livelihood and continued in that pursuit during his life. He lived in Ohio a short time, afterwards in Indiana. In the year 1832 he started on a tour of inspection through Illinois on horseback and went as far as Pike county. On August 28, 1828, he and Miss Mary CAMERER, a native of Kentucky were joined in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony and they journeyed down the stream of life for nearly 67 years. His wife still survives him, though is quite feeble being about 3 years his senior. In the year 1833, he and his wife moved to Greene Co. Illinois and in the spring he entered land in what is now Bird Township, Macoupin County, built a residence thereon, moved thither and lived on that farm until he passed 61 years. In those days, there were no railroads, and the majority of settlers located near streams of water where they could boat their products and stock to market. He, having passed through Macoupin County on his way to Greene County, near the Illinois river, noticed that Macoupin soil seemed to suit his fancy better than any. He had then consequently concluded to come back and cast his lot here. He at once began to thrive. He hauled his surplus grain to Alton to sell, also drove his stock to market and did most of his trading there, while on those trips. It took about 3 days, on an average to make the round trip in a wagon, and it took about one week on a average, to drive stock to that point, dispose of them (of course they had to wait until the stock had been slaughtered to sell them) and to return home. We have heard him say often his brothers would joke with him about having to haul his grain and drive his cattle so far to market. While they and his father who lived in Pike Co. near the IL River could make several loads each day to the boat landing on the IL River and besides get all the fish they desired with but little trouble. He replied that it was very inconvenient to get his surplus stock and grain to market, but as for fish he would want to go see his brothers and father occasionally and would bring back a barrelful of fish with him. For a number of years after he settled in he county game was in great abundance, was here more especially deer and turkeys of which he was fond. He always had venison and turkey when they were to be found. He was the eldest of his fathers family of 7 children and he outlived all of them except his youngest sister, Mrs. Betty JACKSON of Glascow, Illinois. He has 3 sons and 2 daughters living, 2 daughters having died while living in Indiana. He has about 75 grandchildren and Great Grandchildren and all of them had a kind word for "Grandad" as he was always kind and affectionate to them. He never had any political aspirations, and was a Democrat of the Andrew JACKSON type and cast his first vote for him in the fall of 1828 and ever since made it a special point to attend every election. He was an industrious, progressive, prosperous farmer caring very little for what is termed style, but always wanted something good and substantial. he owned a good farm and had given the most of his children each a good farm. He had but little book learning though possessed good common sense, sound judgment and indomitable progression, disposition, treating everyone as he wished to be treated, had but few enemies if any, and it seemed as if everyone honored and respected him. He was a healthy robust man until recent years when his sight became dim and his strength began to fail, which prevented him from doing any work, and this seemed to worry him more than all else. Mon. a. m. July 1, 1895, he became quite sick, went to bed and gradually grew worse until a few minutes before midnight on Wednesday night at which time he breathed his last. The remains were taken to Shiloh Grave Yard on Friday, amongst one of the largest congregations we have witnessed at a Funeral and a great number of them were old people. The Surviving children are: William WHEELER, Carlinville, Illinois Marion WHEELER, Hettick, Illinois Calvin WHEELER, Greenfield, Illinois Hulda WHEELER STEWART, Hettick, Illinois Barbara RIBBLE, Hettick, Illinois.

Obituary of Mary WHITLOCK (ABNEY), Macoupin County Illinois ©1999 James I.Johnston

Name of Deceased: WHITLOCK,, Mary ( ABNEY) 
Name of Newspaper:
Annandale Advocate, Annandale, Minnesota, 
Date of Obituary: December 12, 1912 
Obituary: Mary was born near Carlton, Macoupin Co., Illinois, on the 16th of October, 1829. She was united in marriage to Mr. Ervin WHITLOCK on April 30th, 1849, in Quincy, Illinois. At the close of the Civil War they removed to Minnesota, settling in Corinna. About seven years ago they removed to Annandale, where they have since resided. The infirmities of age leaving them no longer able to care for each other as formerly, they made their home with their daughter, Mrs. George WALTERS, at whose residence she died on Tuesday evening, December 3rd, 1912, having reached the advanced age of 83 years, 1 month, and 18 days. Mr. and Mrs. WHITLOCK had the unusual privilege of spending nearly 64 years of happy wedded life together. To them were born seven children, of whom three survive. She leaves to mourn her loss, her devoted husband and the following children: Mrs. Clara PHILO, of St. Cloud, Mrs. George WALTERS, of Annandale, and Mr. H. L. WHITLOCK of Washburn, North Dakota. She also leaves a sister, Mrs. Martha WOOD of Quincy, Illinois, who is seven years older. In addition to these there are also 25 grandchildren and 33 great-grandchildren. The funeral services were held at her late home and from the Advent Christian Church on Thursday, December 5th, 1912 conducted by the pastor of the church, Elder A. E. BLOOM, assisted by Pastor J. M. BURNS of the M. E. Church. Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, a goodly number attended the services. The floral offerings were very nice. She was laid to rest in Woodlawn Cemetery, in hope of eternal life, waiting for the return of the Savior in whom she had put her trust. [A poem followed].

Obituary of Isabelle SHIPLEY WIGGINS, Macoupin County Illinois ©1999 Submitted by: Mary Jansma

Name of Deceased: WIGGINS
, Isabelle 
Name of Newspaper: Unknown 
Date of Obituary: December 1927 
Obituary: Isabelle, daughter of Thomas and Phebe SHIPLEY, was born at Stanford, Ky., Jan. 14, 1845, and died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Arthur WALDEN near Carlinville, Ill., Dec. 3, 1927, aged 82 years, 10 months and 19 days. She was married to Robert WIGGINS in 1880. She was converted at the Buchanon school house 50 years ago uniting with the Baptist church of which faith she continued faithful, being a member of the Hettick Baptist church at the time of her death. The husband, two sons and one daughter preceded her in death. One daughter, Mrs. Arthur WALDEN survives her. "Aunt Belle" as all knew her, was of a large family of which only two remain. Jas. SHIPLEY of Palmyra and Samuel of Mattoon. She was of a kind and loving disposition making lasting friends of all she came in contact with. She leaves the above mentioned relatives to mourn their loss with many other friends. Funeral Services were held at Concord church, Tuesday, Dec. 6th, conducted by Rev. Wm. ENGLAND followed by interment in the Weller Cemetery near by. Cards of Thanks: We wish to express our deep appreciation and, gratitude to out friends and neighbors for their many acts of kindness to us in our bereavement in loss of mother and sister. Mrs. Arthur WALDEN and Family James SHIPLEY and Family.

Obituary of Charles Thomas WILLIAMS, Macoupin County Illinois ©2010 Submitted by: Sharon Buenther

Name of Deceased: WILLIAMS
, Charles Thomas
Name of Newspaper:Mt. Olive Herald
Date of Obituary:April 12, 1940, p. 1, Col. 6 [10 years ago?]
Obituary: Death Calls Thos. WILLIAMS
Thos. WILLIAMS, residing in the Carlsburg suburb of Mt. Olive, passed away at the family residence Thursday afternoon, at the age of 64 years, 3 months and 14 days. He is well known, having been a resident here for a long number of years, and is survived by his wife and family of grown children. The funeral services will be conducted Sunday afternoon at 1:30 at the residence and at 2:00 o'clock at the M. E. Church.
Additional information: Charles Thomas WILLIAMS was a stable boy at age 9. and a mine runner at 9. He spoke four languages. He was the Grandfather of Russ STODDARD. This information was given in the book, "Remembering Mt. Olive", April 1993. Date of Death: 11 April 1929, Buried Union Miners Cemetery, Mt. Olive, Macoupin Co., IL Wife: Married October 17, 1885 Madison Co., IL to Margaret Elizabeth WIDOWFIELD [b. Feb 1863 England, d. 9 June 1933 Litchfield, Montgomery Co., IL; Buried: Union Miners Cemetery, Mt. Olive, Macoupin Co., IL Children: Charles T., Edgar, Florence E. [Mrs. David William STODDARD], Arthur, Lillie, John, Katherine, Robert, and Clarence.

Obituary of Florence Victoria Huddleston WILLIAMS, Macoupin County Illinois ©2013 Submitted by: Mark Thompson

Name of Deceased: WILLIAMS
, Florence Victoria Huddleston
Name of Newspaper: The Daily Enquirer
Date of Obituary: 21 July 1906, p.1, c.5
Obituary: Mrs. Julius WILLIAMS
Mrs. Julius WILLIAMS died at her home three and a half miles northwest of Gillespie at 1 o’clock Friday morning, after
a protracted illness, at the age of about 40 years. Mrs. WILLIAMS is well known in this city and the surrounding vicinity.
She is survived by three sons, Roy, Rubie, and Rolly, and one sister, Mrs. Carrie JAMES, who was living with her at time of her death.
Her husband has been dead several years.
Funeral services will be held Sunday morning at 11 o’clock from the M.E. church at Gillespie. Interment in the Gillespie cemetery.

Carlinville Democrat - 25 Jul 1906, p 1, c 2
Death of Mrs. Julius WILLIAMS
Mrs.Julius WILLIAMS died at her home north of Gillespie, Friday morning, July 20th. She had been ill for some time and had suffered a great deal
Mrs. WILLIAMS was about forty years old. Her large circle of friends are mourning her loss, as well as the family, but she has gone to join her
husband who died some years ago. She is survived by three sons and one sister who was living with her at the time of her death. The sons are Roy, Rubie
and Railey, the sister is Mrs Carrie JAMES.
The funeral services were held Sunday morning from the Gillespie M. E. church and the interment was in the Gillespie cemetery.
[Compiler’s note. Florence Victoria Huddleston WILLIAMS, (May 6, 1860 - July 20, 1906.) was the daughter of Daniel HUDDLESTON and Rachel (HUDDLESTON)
HUDDLESTON. Her husband, Julius WILLIAMS, died in 1897.]

Obituary of Julius WILLIAMS, Macoupin County Illinois ©2013 Submitted by: Mark Thompson

Name of Deceased: WILLIAMS
, Julius
Name of Newspaper: Carlinville Democrat
Date of Obituary: 9 Sept 1897, p 4, c 2
Obituary: "Gillespie"
Died at his residence two miles north of town on Sunday evening, September fifth at nine o'clock, Julius WILLIAMS, aged thirty eight years. The funeral services
The funeral services will be conducted by the Rev. H. S. EARLY assisted byl Rev. J. A. HAMPTON on Tuesday Sept. 7th at two P. M. The deceased was taken away
in the full bloom of manhood. He was a kind and affectionate husband and a loving father. He leaves a wife and three children to mourn his loss.

Carlinville Democrat, 16 Sept.1897, p. 4, c. 5.
Died, Sunday Sept. 5th, at 9:15 p.m., at his home, two miles north of Gillespie, Julius E. WILLIAMS, of typhoid fever.
Mr. WILLIAMS, who was known to all our people, was sick about two weeks. Aug. 24th he went to St. Louis on business. He had not been well for a short time
previous to that. While in St. Louis he became so ill that he found it necessary to go to his hotel and lie down, but later he managed to get home, something he
had feared he could not do. The disease soon took a serious aspect, yet no alarm was felt until last Friday, when he grew much worse, and congestion and
death followed. Rev. HAMPTON, who was absent at the camp meeting at Greenfield, was recalled by telegram, and the funeral services were conducted by him,
assisted by the Baptist preacher, J. H. EARLY, from the M.E. church at Gillespie, Tuesday afternoon. Interment at Gillespie. The funeral was largely attended.
Mr. WILLIAMS leaves an estimable wife and three sons, the youngest about five or six years of age. He was, we believe, not a member of any church.
His family is an old and well known Baptist one; his wife’s people are Methodists. Her parents were among the first settlers near Gillespie, having come to,
Gillespie Township in 1832. Mr. WILLIAMS was young to die, about thirty-six. His family will have the sympathy of all in their great bereavement.

[Compiler’s note. Julius WILLIAMS (July 7, 1858 - September 5, 1897) was the son of Samuel J. WILLIAMS and Margaret (POPE) WILLIAMS. His wife was
Florence Victoria (HUDDLESTON) WILLIAMS, the daughter of Daniel HUDDLESTON and Rachel (HUDDLESTON) HUDDLESTON.]

Obituary of Samuel J. WILLIAMS, Macoupin County Illinois ©2013 Submitted by: Mark Thompson

Name of Deceased: WILLIAMS
, Samuel J.
Name of Newspaper: The Daily Enquirer
Date of Obituary: 20 March 1908, p. 1, c. 4.
Samuel J. WILLIAMS, of Gillespie Answers the Last Call.
Samuel J. WILLIAMS, one of the best known residents of Macoupin county, died at his home near Gillespie Thursday night at 10:45, aged 84 years and 16 days.
He was in good health up to Thursday morning, when he was taken down suddenly.
The deceased was born March 3, 1824, in Knox county, Tennessee. He was a son of Samuel WILLIAMS, also a native of Knox county.
In 1836, Samuel WILLIAMS came as a pioneer to Illinois, entering a farm of 160 acres in the vicinity of Bunker Hill, Macoupin county. This he successfully
operated a number of years, dying there at the age of sixty years. He was the father of a large family, fifteen children reaching maturity.

Samuel J. WILLIAMS may be considered as one of the early settlers of Gillespie township, for he entered his present farm in section 1 in 1845. He was then but
21 years of age, full of energy and ambition and the task of clearing 160 acres of land was not so formidable a job to him as it probably would be to many young men
of today. All of the improvements on the property have been made by Mr. WILLIAMS, including three large barns and an unusually commodious and comfortable
residence, in addition to other improvements which serve to make this one of the most valuable properties in the township. His barns now shelter modern machinery
of various kinds, but Mr. WILLIAMS broke every part of the farm and placed it under cultivation with an ox team. For a long time his markets for produce and stock were
as far away as St. Louis and Alton, Gillespie not being settled at that time. The few dwellings in the neighborhood were all of hewed logs, and as saw mills had not yet
been built in the vicinity, the early schoolhouses and churches were constructed of the same material.

Mr. WILLIAMS has devoted attention to general farming, wheat and corn being his leading crops, has raised both horses and mules and now has a large herd of
Durham cattle and many Poland China hogs. For 12 years, beginning about 1847, Mr. WILLIAMS served his neighborhood as postmaster, the office located on his farm
and being noted as Honey Point postoffice. Later when the postoffice was moved to Mt. Olive, it was moved into a country store, and so continued until it was moved
to Gillespie.

Mr. WILLIAMS was first married to Lucy Ann CARMACK who died three years later, survived by one daughter, Mrs. Jane ASH, who lives in St. Louis. On November
10, 1853, he married Margaret A. POPE. She was born November 10, 1833, in Butler county, Kentucky, and is the daughter of John and Martha POPE, who came to
Illinois among the early pioneers. Of the 11 children born to this union, these survive: Mrs. Lydia ODELL of Litchfield; Mrs. Selina CLARK of Gillespie; Mrs. Minnie CLARK of
Brushy Mound; Mrs. Hattie DELANEY of Gillespie; and Henry and Osa, who live at home, the sons operating the farm.

From being a Republican in his political attitude, Mr. WILLIAMS became a supporter of the Greenback party, but for years has entertained independent views on
public questions. He served as one of the first supervisors of the township, was assessor for many years and a school director for a long period. He was a liberal
supporter of both schools and churches. Both he and his wife belonged to the Baptist church. He was vice-president of the Macoupin County Fire Association, and
served 25 years as president of the Farmers’ Mutual Fire and Lightning Association of Gillespie.

Funeral services will be held from the Gillespie M.E. church Sunday, March 22,at 10: 45 a.m.

[Compiler’s note: Researchers should be aware of the following: Samuel James WILLIAMS, March 3, 1824 - March 19, 1908. Mr. WILLIAMS first wife’s name may
have been Lucy Ann MCCORMACK and their marriage may have been on 26 Nov. 1846. Her death may have occurred sometime in 1850. The data base, “Illinois
Marriages, 1815-1935” shows his marriage to “Margarate” A. POPE as 28 Nov. 1850. An 1850 marriage date to Margaret POPE would be consistent with an 1851
birth date for daughter Lydia shown in the 1860 census. The death record for Lydia ODELL, 14 Nov. 1936 in Litchfield, Illinois, indicates a birth date
of 12 January 1853, a date inconsistent with both the obituary above and the 1860 census.]

Carlinville Democrat, 1 April 1908, p. 5, c 3.
Death of Samuel J. WILLIAMS
Samuel J. WILLIAMS, who has always been one of Macoupin county’s best and kindest old residents, died Thursday night March 19th, at his home near Gillespie. He had passed his 84th birthday and had been in splendid health till the morning of his death. He had called on friends in Carlinville just previous to his death. Mr. WILLIAMS was of a very kindly disposition and was known to many as “Uncle Sam,” and his death is both a surprise and a keen loss to all who have known him.

He is survived by his aged wife, Margaret POPE WILLIAMS, and the following children: Mrs. Lydia ODELL, of Litchfield; Mrs. Selina CLARK, Mrs. Hattie DELANEY, Henry and Osa, all of Gillespie, and Mrs. Minnie CLARK, of Brushy Mound.

The funeral was held Sunday morning at the Gillespie Methodist church, Rev. MARSH, a Baptist minister, of Alton, officiating. The interment was in the Gillespie cemetery.

In February, 1906, a long interview from Mr. WILLIAMS appeared in THE DEMOCRAT, but space forbids re-publishing several of the characteristic incidents therein related by Mr. WILLIAMS. We give, however, as an autobiography , a portion of the interview as the following:

“I was born in Eastern Tennessee, about twelve miles from Knoxville, March 3, 1824, and came to Illinois when a mere boy, settling near Bunker Hill. Edwardsville was our closest trading point and we used ox teams with which to go to the mills. It required the entire day when the roads were good.

“I reside two miles north of Gillespie on land I entered from the government, and have never lived any other place.

“I think I entered the 160 acre tract in 1850, and I have seen as many as a hundred deer lying about on the prairie as cattle now.

“I was postmaster for about twelve years, the office being at my house. Sundays were the biggest days, when people would come for miles around for their mail and visit with the populace.

“I remember Bunker Hill when it had but one house, that of Major HUGGINS, who conducted a store. I joined the Baptist church in 1844 and was baptized near Bunker Hill by Rev. WITT, of Carroliton.

“Some forty years ago Harvey PHELPS built the barn, now standing on my place, which contained some of the timber from the cornice of the old court house, which stood in the middle of the square, in Carlinville, and the barn is good yet.

“About 1852 I married my present wife and we have lived happily together since. Previous to my marriage my brother and I kept batch and we had a lovely time.

“I voted the Whig ticket for years, William Henry HARRISON being the first president for who I voted. When the Whig party went out of existence I voted the Republican ticket till the greenback movement came along, and Joe CLARK, myself, and others championed that reform. The Democrats wanted hard money, not free silver. I am out of politics now, however, and usually vote for the man.

“I was president of the Home Insurance Co., for forty years since its origin; was president of the Capital Scale Company; was president of the Farmers’ Protective Association; was president of the Macoupin Fair Association as long as I would have been a member of the organization as director or something since its organization for more than half a century. I was also president of the Anti Horse Thief Association. That was good thing for the primitive county when organized and has put horse stealing out of business.

“Of course, the little wires running all over the country, make it almost impossible to get away. I have been clerk at the Baptist Honey Creek church for fifty years. I think that church was the pioneer in arranging the pulpit in the front of the building.

“I recently cut down a large Romanite apple tree, which was one of four I purchased from the old JONES’ nursery which was conducted where Clyde now stands.

“There are 220 acres in my present farm.

“If I have an enemy in the world, I do no know it. I have never darkened the door of a saloon in my life and never expect to.”

[Compiler’s note. The “aged wife” of Samuel J. WILLIAMS, his second, was Margaret (POPE) WILLIAMS who did not die until December 24, 1921. In addition to the children of Margaret listed in the obituary, WILLIAMS was survived by a daughter of his first marriage, Jane “Jennie” (WILLIAMS) ASH of St. Louis, Missouri. One of WILLIAMS’ employees at the Home Insurance Co. in Gillespie was Emmett Thomas RICE. RICE was married to Rosanna E. (FRANCIS) RICE and their daughter, Pauline C. RICE, married Reuben WILLIAMS, the grandson of Samuel J. and Margaret WILLIAMS.]

Obituary of Jeremiah WILLIAMSON, Macoupin County Illinois (c)2006 Gloria Frazier

Name of Deceased: WILLIAMSON, Jeremiah "Jerry"
Name of Newspaper: Carlinville Democrat p 4, c 3 News Items and Girard Gazette
Date of Obituary: Thurs. 1-27-1887
Obituary: Carlinville Democrat, Thursday Jan 27, 1887
"Died, at his home a few miles west of this city, on Saturday. Uncle Jerry WILLIAMSON, of apoplexy. The deceased was father of Mrs. Joseph CHRISTOPHER, of this city. His wife has been lying very low for several weeks past at the residence of her daughter in this city and her death has been expected for some time. Mr. WILLIAMSON was quite active for a man of his age, frequently walking from his home to this city and returning the same day without scarcely stopping to rest, which is remarkable for a man upwards of 80 years of age. On last Saturday he walked to this city to see his wife, who was lying then almost at death's door, without a thought entering his mind that he would precede his beloved companion to the grave. He caught a severe cold after returning home, and this with the apoplexy caused his death. His remains were brought to Girard cemetery for burial."
Girard Gazette, Jan 27, 1887, Thurs, p4, c3 under headline "Local and Other" "Jerry WILLIAMSON, one of the oldest citizens of South Otter died there on Saturday ??can't make out blurry word and was buried in Girard cemetery on Sunday afternoon. He had attained the age of eighty-four years, leaving behind an eighty-three old widow and children to mourn over his departure."
Girard Gazette, Jan 27, 1887, p4, c4 "North Otter" "Jerry WILLIAMSON died Saturday morning at about half past seven o'clock and was buried in Girard cemetery Sunday. He was one of the oldest settlers of Macoupin county."

Obituary of H. H. WILLOUGHBY, Macoupin County Illinois (c)2008 Cindy Leonard

Name of Deceased: WILLOUGHBY, H. H.
Name of Newspaper: Staunton Star-Times
Date of Obituary: Thursday, May 31, 1951 - Page 1 & 5
Obituary: H. H. WILLOUGHBY Funeral Services Were Held Friday Funeral services for H. H. WILLOUGHBY, retired Staunton attorney, were held Friday afternoon at the Huntman Funeral Home in our city, with Rev. J. T. FINNAN, pastor of the Staunton Baptist church, officiating. Interment was in Memorial Park cemetery. The casket bearers were Atty. Paul H. BALDING, Albert KEHNAST, Tony SAFKO, William SCHULTZ, W. H. BIRD and C. W. WEIS. Practically all of the members of the Macoupin County Bar Association were in attendance as well as many other friends from this part of the state.
Atty. WILLOUGHBY passed away Tuesday evening of last week, following a brief illness. He was aged 85 years, 3 months and 12 days.
H. H. WILLOUGHBY was born on Feb. 19, 1866 near Summerfield, St. Clair County, a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. A. L. WILLOUGHBY. He spent his boyhood in that vicinity. His father passed away when he was 18, but he completed a course at the Central Normal College at Danville, Ind., after which he taught school in Nokomis for two years. He then accepted an appointment as deputy sheriff of Montgomery County, serving four years, during which time he also studied law in the office of Judge Thomas JETT in Hillsboro. In 1897 he was admitted to the bar, and in 1898 he opened a law office in Granite City, the first in that newly established city. In 1910 Atty. Willoughby came to Staunton, opening an office for the practice of his profession, which he continued until a few years ago, when he turned over his practice to Atty. Paul H. Balding. Atty. WILLOUGHBY was active in Republican politics and was favored by appointment to the state arbitration board, holding this position for several years. In 1925 he was elected mayor of Staunton and served for two years. For a number of years he served as Republican committeeman from Staunton precinct 1 and from 1928 to 1930 served as county chairman.
Mr. WILLOUGHBY was thrice married. In 1897 he married Miss Ruth SHARP, who died in 1901. To this union, one son, Harold WILLOUGHBY was born, the young man meeting his death in an accident while employed as a news photographer for the Miami (Fla.) News. In 1907 Mr. WILLOUGHBY married Miss Hattie BIRD of Staunton, who died on March 2, 1947. On January 12, 1949, he married Mrs. Edna HUSSMAN of Nokomis, who survives.
Atty. H. H. WILLOUGHBY was widely known, having friends throughout this part of the country, as well as in Florida, where he usually spent his winters. Until about a year prior to his death he was an ardent fisherman, making many trips both north and south to follow the sport. During his active years he maintained a keen interest in the affairs of the community, and gave much time and effort to matters which tended to improve conditions in Staunton and vicinity. The community has lost another one of its substantial citizens, and Harry WILLOUGHBY will long be remembered by all who knew him.

Obituary of Price WILSON, Macoupin County Illinois (c)2002 Submitted by: Chris Grove Surgis

Name of Deceased: WILSON, Price
Name of Newspaper: Daily Enquirer
Date of Obituary: June 27, 1911 
Obituary: A Well Known Resident Passed Away Saturday Night at 1:45 o'clock Mr. Lusk WILSON, a well known and aged citizen of this city passed away Saturday night at 10:45 o'clock aged 74 years 7 months and 11 days. Death was the result of old age. Deceased has been a resident of this city for a number of years, and for 35 years was sexton of Elmwood cemetery. On a account of poor health he was forced to resign a few years ago., since which time he has been very feeble. The loss of his son a few months ago is also thought to has shortened his days. The funeral services were held at 1:30 Monday afternoon at the residence on Union avenue, Rev. W. H. GRONER officiating.

Obituary of Charles WILTON, Macoupin County Illinois (c)2001 Submitted by: Sue Raffurty McMurry

Name of Deceased: WILTON, Charles
Name of Newspaper: Carlinville Democrat, Carlinville, IL
Date of Obituary: September 23, 1943
Obituary:Charles WILTON, 82, of Chesterfield, died Sept. 13th, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Arthur LEE in Lubbock, Texas. Decedent was a son of George and Harriet PALMER WILTON and was born in Westonsoyland(?), Summersetshire, England, Nov. 10, 1859. He came to this country when a boy of 12 years, arriving July 11, 1871, with his parents, who were early pioneer settlers of Macoupin county. He was one of a family of ten children. The family first settled on a farm near Blackburn bridge south of Chesterfield where decedent attended the rural schools. Mr. WILTON was united in marriage with Clara V. DUCKELS on Nov. 4, 1896. His wife preceded him in death July 4, 1912. To them were born two children, a daughter, Beatrice, wife of Arthur LEE of Texas, and a son Myron who died July 3, 1927. In early life Mr. WILTON united with the Methodist church at Chesterfield, remaining a member until his death. He engaged in farming and for many years dealt in the grain business at the Chesterfield elevator. He retired a number of years ago. Besides his daughter, Mr. WILTON is survived by one grandchild, Claribel LEE, of Lubbock, Texas and one sister, Mrs. Lillie CLOWER, of Salem, Oregon. His deceased sisters and brothers are William, John, Sydney, Richard and Edwin WILTON, Flora ROBINSON, Augusta LOWIS and Sabina BROWN. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon from the United church in Chesterfield, Rev. HENDERSON officiating. Interment was in Keller cemetery.

Obituary of Eliza Anna WITHROW (WEST), Macoupin County Illinois ©1999 Submitted by: M Trover

Name of Deceased: WITHROW,
Eliza Anna (WEST) 
Name of Newspaper: Macoupin County Enquirer 
Date of Obituary: February 28, 1917 
Obituary: Death of Mrs. Eliza WITHROW; Mrs. Eliza Anna WITHROW, nee WEST, died at the home of her son, Benjamin C. WITHROW, Sunday afternoon at three o"clock, aged 69 years, three months, and four days. She had been suffering for many months from an incurable illness, which she bore with great Christian fortitude and the end came as a blessed relief to her. Eliza Anna WEST was born in Birksville, KY, Nov. 21, 1847, one of three children, two girls and one boy, born to Mr. & Mrs. Samuel WEST. On the maternal side, she was a niece of General Winfield SCOTT, who won his fame during the Mexican War and was in command of the United States Army at the outbreak of the Civil Was. About the year 1864, she came to Illinois, making her home near Plainview. In 1866, she married to Julius WITHROW of near Plainview, and in that vicinity she made her home until about seventeen years ago. Her husband's demise occurred 34 years ago and since that time she remained unmarried, devoting her remaining years to the raising of her family. Nine children were born to the union of Mr. and Mrs.WITHROW, of whom five are still living, three girls and two boys, namely: Mrs. R. O. JARBOE, of Lake Villa, Ark; Mrs. Alta NAGEL of Springfield; and Mrs. Ollie BOUILLON, Benjamin C. and James H. WITHROW of Carlinville. One sister Mrs. C. J. NEELEY and eight grandchildren also survive her. Seventeen years ago she came to Carlinville, and has made her home here ever since. Mrs. WITHROW joined the Baptist Church, while a very young girl and has always been a member of that church ever since, living a faithful Christian life in the tenets of her faith. The funeral was held Tuesday at 2 PM from the Baptist Church, with Rev. O.W. SHIELDS, the pastor officiating. It was attended by a large number of relatives and friends. The interment was in the City Cemetery. The pall bearers were Chris REMLING, Wm. VAN METER, Charles GEHRIG, A.M. BOATMAN, Wm. LOGES, and Rufus JACKSON.

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