Macoupin County IL Virden 1930 Graduation Class

Virden 1930 Graduation Class
Virden 1930 Graduation Class Program
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Pictured from Left to Right
1st Row:
Dorothea McGlothlin , Charles Stalega, Margaret Vietti, John Parks, Mary Betts, Clarence Clark , Clarence Boyle, James Bradley, Joseph (Francis) Cinotto, Velma Novotny, William Vivian, Mary Klein, Arline Smithson.

2nd Row:
Okal Wrightsman, Miriam Brubaker (Secretary), James Clark, Lucille Burgess, Clifford Hunter, Mamie Jones, LaRue Andrews (Vice-President), George Trojack, Lauretta Tobin, Herbert Malsbury, Nina Scofield, Elmer Riva, Doris Davidson, Earl Ritchie.

3rd Row:
Edvige Calsoni, Harold Vivian, Earl Graham, Hazel Haines (Treasurer), Anton Borella, Bernice Williams, Andrew Hunter, Doreen Bailey, Thomas Mellish, Dorothy Schien, Eldon Rutherford, Genevieve Smithson, Howard Dodd, Mary Baruzzini.

4th Row:
Archie Wilson, Wilma Long, Charles Bolton, Norma Baumgartner, Clyde Friend, Virginia Linkinholder, James Murphy (President), Enid Alderson, Charles Cowdrey, Thelma Harshbarger, Morrell Jacoby, Ethel Hammer, R.M. Alderson.

5th Row:
Dwight Branham, Alice Fletcher, Houston Lay, Fern Way (class Sponsor), O.T. Marston (Principal), Atili Chiti (Class Sponsor), Maurice Snell, Mervin Guthrie, Margaret McCready.

all rights reserved. Debbie Stalego

all rights reserved. Debbie Stalego

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