1935 Medora High School Yearbook, Macoupin County Illinois

1934 Medora High School Yearbook
belonged to
Viola Saathoff-Searles

scanned and donated by Jere Braden

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History of the school

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Carr, Earl W. Bennett, Skippy Bruce, Matilda Barnes, Helen Alward, Josephine
Dodge, W.K. Bowker, Walter Carroll, Edward Bowker, Elmer Bennett, Milford
Hayward, H.M. Bowker, Jim Craig, Reta Belle Bowker, Viola Challacombe, Wayne
Reader, Marguerite Bowman, Carl Ewin, Kathryn Dodge, Robert Christopher, Miles
Rhine, C.W. Brown, Fern Fricker, Sarah Dodge, Mary Christopher, Milton
Rhoades, Irl W. Bruce, Mylored Greer, William Downs, Ruth Downs, Ina
Sarginson, S.M. Burns, Mary Hobkirk, Donald Elliott, Strait Elliot, Maurine
Scesna, Harrreld Dikis, Lucille Kitzmiller, Martha Gorham, Elmore Ewin, Dorothy
Smyth, L.L. Downs, Kenneth Maple, Jessye Hoffnagle, Eugene Gaffney, Elston
Tober, J.L. Forward, Margaret Odell, Paul Hunt, Roberta Gorham, Eugene
Watkins, C.O. Goodwin, Inez Peebles, Iola King, Beulah Johnson, Pearl
  Harris, Wanda Powell, George Lockyer, Faye Johnson, Vesta Louise
  Hoffman, Dorothy Reed, Irl Lutz, Helen Kirchner, Robert
  Houseman, Willie Shelton, James Mae, Letha Kirsch, Anna
  Johnston, Charlie Stanton, Ray Marshall, Marshall Maska, Vernon
  Linker, Pooch Strunk, Earl Martin, Mary Lou Powers, Edwin
  Muffley, Leonard   Muffley, Alice Rhoads, Betty
  Rich, Joe   Powers, William Rice, Johnson
  Saathoff, Viola   Randolph, Louise Rich, Lorraine
  Strunk, Frances   Sarginson, Martha Rodell, Myldred
  Strunk, Wardie   Searles, Thelma Ruyle, Byron
  Tucker, Dorothy   Shelton, Ruth Sarginson, Vernon
  Tuetken, Everett   Vorhees, George Tuetken, Laverne

Wadsworth, Milo Wilton, Louise
  Wadsworth, Milton  
  Wayman, Evelyn  
  Wilton, Russell  

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