Catalogue of City School No. 3 Carlinville In the Winter Session of 1858-9

©Compilation 2009 M Trover

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Catalogue of City School No. 3 Carlinville
In the Winter Session of 1858-9

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Rev. L. S. Williams Principal
  Miss Harriet A. Whitaker, Assistant in Grammar Department
Miss Flora F. Andrews &
Miss Maria Fishback, Teachers in the Intermediate and Primary Departments

Susan Actone +
Mary C. Adams
John D. Allen
William T. Allen
Nancy Anderson
Wm. A. Anderson
A. M. Baird*
Franklin Baird
Margaret Baird
Mary J. Baird
Virginia Baird
Charles Bailey
Theodore Bailey
Robert Bates
Martha Bates*
Andrew J. Bates*
Isabella Bates
Lucy Beattie
John H. Boyd
Thomas H. Boyd
Samuel I. Berry*
Robert Berry
Sam'l M. Berry*
Edward Berry
Kate Berry +
Belle E. Berry*
Henry Bartles
Richard Baker*
Thomas Baker*
Robert Bell

Martha J. Drish*
James Burch
Wm. Bremer
Edgar Brink*
Emily Bacon
Alex M. Boring +
S. Elizabeth Braley
Sarah E. Braley
Elnora Braley
Nancy Burnett
John H. Cherry*
Sarah Cherry
Edward Cherry
Wm. Chapman*
Samuel Chapman
John Conover*
James Clark
Samuel Clark
Thomas Cook *
Thomas Crew
Walter Crew +
James Crew
C. W. Crone
Coll'n J. Cockrell*
H. P. Cockrell
John E. Cockrell*
Wm. Campbell
Susan Davis +
Sarah T. Davis +
Nicholas Dubois
Cath'e M. Dubois
Sarah Doss
Lewis Deasel*
James Denison*
Archy Denison*
Ellen Dugger*
John W. Dugger
Jackson Drennan*
T. A. Ellis
Oliver Fishback
Eliza J. Fletcher
Aleta Fitzgerald (??) *
W. D. Graham*
Mary Grubbs
Wm. S. Grubbs
Catharine Grubbs
Charles Glass
Orville Glass
John Glass*
Isabella Garnett
Eleanor Glesner*
John A. Glesner
T. F. Glesner
Julia Hamilton*
Mary H. Headley
Robert Hankins +
John C. Hankins +
Keturah Hart
Samuel Mills*
Sus'n Halderman*
M'y F. Halderman*
J. B. Halderman*
Mary E. Oldham*
Sarah A. Hicks
John W. Hicks
Sarah Hall
John W. Hall*
James O. Hall*
Sophia Hobson
Jane Hall
Jimmy Hall*
Sarah Hill*
Wm. H. Jordan
John Jones +
Sam'l T. Keller*
Cind'lla C. Keller
Mary C. Keller
Wilbur F. Keller
Aug. Klanenberg*
Anto'e Knabnor +
Wm. C. Logan*
Mary V. Logan*
Sa'h J. Hamilton*
Vivian Logan*
Mal. Lightbo??n
Diana Lentz*
Henrietta Lentz +
Lena Lentz
Far. Steinmeyer
Hannah Mills +
Mary A. Mills
James J. Mead
Ellen Neeley *
Eliz'th A. Palmer +
John M. Palmer*
Amanda Patison
Henry Pollard
Charles Pollard*
Julia Pollard
G. Pocklington +
Sarah Pockl'ton +
P. H. Pentzer*
John Phillips +
Robert Queen
James D. Queen*
Ellen C. Robert'n*
Eli'th Robinson*
David Robinson
Emma Rider
B. F. Ross
Mary A. Smock*
John H. Shibley
Edward Logan*
Antoinette Snow
Hezekiah Short*
John Spoon*
John Shilinglaw
Otto Steinmeyer*
Hy. Younghans
Mary Taggart +
Edward Trover +
John L. Tunnell*
Susan Uhl
James Uhl
Jesse Underkofler*
H. Underkofler
Mary Underkofler
Eliz Underflofler*
Chas W. Vankirk +
Emma Vankirk*
James Vankirk*
James Vanmeter
Jas. Vanarsdale*
Ella Vanarsdale
Mary E. Whitaker
H. B. Whitaker
Edna C. Whitaker
Charles Walker*
Fannie Woods*
William Woods
Soph Woodward*
Emma Welton +
Wm. Stanford
Mary Welton
Ha't Weatherford
Margar't J. Work
William Work*
Edw. Younghans
Mary Younghans  

"OUR School"
Keep this while you live, mark those who die before you, and let us all meet in that "Better Land far, far away."

Names marked with + are living and are residents of Carlinville. Those marked with * are known to be deceased.

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