Bird Township, Macoupin County IL

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Bird Township
Macoupin County, Illinois
T10N R8W
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Towns in Bird Twp
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Population in 1870
1875 Atlas
1875 Atlas Names

The population for all of Bird Township in 1870 was 999. The towns in Bird Township were:
(Bear Creek Point)

Charity Baptist Church Records

"Wheeler Air Field" article from Jim Frank

Samuel Love, living in Bird Township about 1890 may have been the first white child born in Macoupin County by Ron Grassi

(Bear Creek Point) Information

Illinois Place Names book:
BEAR CREEK POINT (Macoupin). See 1879 hist. 43.

(Comer) Information Lat 391735N Long 0895814W

Illinois Place Names:
COMER (Macoupin). Listed in RM56 but not 58; PO est. 2 Apr 1887; dis. 29 Feb 1904; RFD Carlinville, Pop. 6. Named for Samuel Comer, PM.

Comer was established when the Jacksonville Southeastern RR Line was built. Comer was located near the railroad. Comer was located northwest of Carlinville in Section 22 of Bird Township.

Comer is marked on a recent plat book.

(Delay) Information Lat391804N Long 0900027W

Illinois Place Names book:
DELAY (Macoupin). PO established 04/09/1888, changed to Enos 04/10/1895

(Enos) Information Lat391804N Long 0900027W

Illinois Place Names book:
ENOS (Macoupin) PO est. (ch. from Delay) 4/10/1895; dis. 6/15/1913; now RFD Carlinville. Also an IT stop from IT data.

Delay/Enos was located in Section 20 of Bird Township northwest of Carlinville near the Jacksonville Southeastern Railroad Line. Delay/Enos had a store and quite a few town lots.

The location of Enos is marked on a recent plat map.

Wheeler Air Field - article found by Jim Frank

Bunker Hill Gazette August 27, 1926 edition:
"Uncle Sam has rented a forty acre field from Joseph Wheeler of Carlinville for the purpose of using it as an airplane field for it's mail service. The land is located in Bird township and was rented for the price of $10 per acre."

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