Cahokia Township, Macoupin County IL

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Cahokia Township
Macoupin County, Illinois

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Towns in Cahokia Township
Cemeteries Schools
Population in 1870
1875 Atlas
1875 Atlas Names

The population for Cahokia ownship in 1870 was 853.

The towns in Cahokia Township:

Benld in Cahokia Twp Lat 390534N Long 894814W
Eagerville in Cahokia Twp Lat 390642N Long 0894702W
Part of East Gillespie in Cahokia Twp
Part of Gillespie in Cahokia Twp
(Hammer's Point
Henderson in Cahokia Twp Lat 390921N Long 0894743W
Henderson Cross Roads
(Honey Point)
(Hornsby) in Cahokia Twp Lat 391014N Long 0894442W

Benld Information

Lat 390534N Long 0894814W

Illinois Place Names:
BENLD (Macoupin). Named for Ben L. Dorsey. PO est 21 Mar 1904; active. Inc-c-7/30/1904. C&NW/IT/L&M. Pop. (1960) 1848.

Article abstract about the new town Benld from Mt. Olive Herald 1903 donated by S. Viehweg:

"The St. Louis paper contained items that contracts for 800 houses that had already been let and that a new town between Mt. Olive and Gillespie will soon have a population of 5,000. Of course these figures are rather large and it will be quite awhile before it will come up to the expectation of the founders. The new town has been named "Benld." It is a peculiar name and is thus explained. Benjamin L. Dorsey was a leading light in getting the coal rights and the land for the town. When the naming of the town was at hand, he drew "Ben" from his Christian name, "L" from his following name and the "D" stands for the Dorseys, who have done so much for the farmers and farm owners in that section."

Benld School - 1920 - 3rd Grade donated for use by David Richard

Benld School - 1920 - 6th Grade donated for use by David Richard

Benld School - 1930 - 3rd Grade donated for use by David Richard

Mine No. 5, the booze mine from Daryl Butcher

Coliseum, Dominic Tarro, Benld courtesy Mathias Leonard and Heyen

George Lacy relates his story about Lindbergh; Capone and Mine #5

Mine No. 5 - Investigation by Frank Masters

(Clyde Information)

Illinois Place Names:
CLYDE (Macoupin). Now Hornsby.

(Douglass Information)

Illinois Place Names:
DOUGLASS (Macoupin). PO est. 30 Dec 1835; ch to Hendersons Cross Roads 23 Jan 1839; now Henderson.

Eagerville Information
Lat 390642N Long 0894702W
Illinois Place Names:
EAGERVILLE (Macoupin). PO est. since 1931; active. Inc-v-10/28/1915. Pop. (1960) 149.

History of Eagerville contributed by Freida Price

Coal Mine No. 1 picture

(Hammer's Point) Information

Illinois Place Names:
HAMMERS POINT (Macoupin). Now Hornsby.

(Henderson) Information
Lat 390921N Long 0894743W

Illinois Place Names:
HENDERSON (Macoupin). Listed in RM 56 but not 58; RFD Gillespie. Pop. 40. Formerly Douglass, Hendersons Crossroads.

(Henderson Cross Roads) Information

Illinois Place Names:
HENDERSON CROSS ROADS (Macoupin). PO est. (ch. from Douglas) 23 Jan 1839. dis. 10 Dec 1841. Now Henderson. Douglas 30 Dec 1835 changed to Henderson's Cross Roads 23 Jan 1839.

(Honey Point) Information

Illinois Place Names:
HONEY POINT (Macoupin). PO est. 30 Jul 1833; dis. 22 Jun 1835; reest. 5 Sep 1848; ch. to Mt. Olive 27 Jan 1852; reest. (Mt. Olive PO continuing) 6 Oct 1853; ch. to Hornsby 24 Dec 1855; reest. (Hornsby PO continuing, but Mt. Olive PO having been discontinued) 8 Jul 1862; dis. 13 Mar 1865.

(Hornsby) Information

Lat 391014N Long 0894442W

Illinois Place Names:
HORNSBY (Macoupin). PO est. (ch. from Honey Point) 24 Dec 1855; dis. since 1931; now RFD Litchfield. NYC. Formerly Clyde, Hammer's Point, Honey Point, Pop. (RM58) 60.

History of Hornsby with many names contributed for use by Shirley Denson

AN OLD SETTLER, a news article told by P. B. Karnes

Karnes Union Cemetery

Marriage for Peter Karns & Sarah Proctor courtesy Leslie Karnes

Carlinville Democrat September 7, 1871 page 2

Clyde, Sept. 4, 1871
Eds. Dem.--Let me give you a bright sketch of my first experiences in Illinois. I came to Macoupin County in the fall of 1831--and have been a citizen of the count just 40 years. With the exception of three families that came with me, my nearest neighbor was from 6 to 8 miles distant. I had money to buy a quarter section, and get a little meat and bread. I got up a small house, daubed it with mud in and out, laid floors with puncheon, and made chairs and table of same material. The chimney was bat and clay, so called. My bedstead was two holes in the logs and front posts. Honey and deer meat were abundant. In the spring of 1832, T. Kinder, A snook, and myself, started for a place called Alton. There were no roads then.--Our first stopping place was at Richard Chapman's near Staunton, thense to Alton, which was about as large as Clyde. It had the penitentiary, one stone building containing three prisoners, also, 2 stores, one grocery and a saw mill. Snook got a job of butting saw logs, Kinder, one of cutting cord wood. We got a skillet each of meat, bread, coffee, and a pot, and went to work. Laid by the side of a log, covered with leaves, made $10 each, bought our sugar and coffee, and returned home warmly welcomed.
Now, M. D., if the young men who are looking out for the other rib can't stand this sort of fare to make their wives happy, my advice to them is to stay with their mammas and let the old lady's daughter alone.
Yours,     P. B. Karnes

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