Carlinville Township, Macoupin County IL

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Carlinville Township
Macoupin County, Illinois
T10N R7W
Lat 391647N Long 0895254W

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Towns in Carlinville Twp
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Population in 1870
1875 Atlas
1875 Atlas Names
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Carlinville - 1873 - Birdseye View (huge file)

The population for all of Carlinville Township in 1870 was 5,808.

The towns in Carlinville Township are:

(Alton Siding) IT only a train stop
(Anderson) only a train stop
(Bierd) only a train stop
(Carlin) only a train stop
(Clark) only a train stop
(Moody) only a train stop
(Mounts) IT only a train stop
(Rinaker) only a train stop
(Sheeps) only a train stop
(White City)
(Alton Siding) only a train stop

(Bethel) was a community about 10 miles east of Carlinville.
Anderson Information

Illinois Place Names:
ANDERSON (Macoupin). IT; RFD Carlinville.

Bierd Information

Illinois Place Names:
BIERD (Macoupin). Listed in RM56 but not 58; GM&O. RFD Carlinville.

(Carlin) Information

IT Train stop north of Carlinville.

Carlinville Information

Illinois Place Names:
CARLINVILLE (Macoupin). PO est. 26 Feb 1830; active; RFD serves Anderson, Bierd, Clark, Comer (Bird Township), Davis, Enos (Bird Township), Hammann, Loveless, Moody, Rinaker, Sheeps, White City and Womac. Inc-3-/4/1837. GM&O/IT. Includes Alton Siding. Pop. (1960) 5,410.

Carlinville - 1873 - Birdseye View (huge file)
Carlinville, the county seat of Macoupin County, was named after Senator Thomas Carlin who in 1829 fought to form Macoupin County from portions of Madison and Greene counties. The fight to form the new county was waged against Peter Cartwright who said that "God has set apart this region as a reservation for geese and ducks."

Law creating Macoupin County - from Robert Fletcher

The population of Carlinville in 1980 was 5,433 and, in 1990, the population was 5,416.

Macoupin County - History of the County and Courthouse with pictures
Self-guided tours are now available of the Macoupin County Courthouse. The Carlinville Community Chamber of Commerce has recorded the tour on cassette (which takes 20 - 30 minutes) and provided Walkmans for individuals to take their own tours. The walkman and cassette are available in County Clerk Mike Mathis' office during regular week day business hours. A small deposit is collected, but fully refunded upon return of tape and recorder.

The History Of A Famous Court House Located At Carlinville Illinois by W. B. Brown
   Important: Click here for the pictures which go with pages.

1869 Macoupin County Jail

Picture of the Veterans Memorial in Carlinville on the courthouse grounds courtesy Wayne and Marie Hinton

Alms House

Bethel Holiness Orphanage

Carlinville - Parade on the square 15 Aug 1945 for VJ Day.

Tunnels In and Around Carlinville - research done by Frank R. Masters

Bridge - Route-66 Deerfield Road - Investigation Report by Frank R. Masters

Stage Coach Inn - courtesy Don Eichen & Frank R. Masters

Standard Addition - The Homes That Sears Built

1859 Macoupin County Fair Reminisced in Newspaper Story donated by Sue McMurry

Carlinville Public Library

Many Carlinville Names in this old poem "Around the Square in Eighteen Ninety Six" contributed for use by Mary McKenzie.

John Woodson donated land near Gillespie to Blackburn College - article contributed by Larry Clark

Harris Law School - Just a Dream - contributed by Cindy LeMons

Jarrot and Samuel Dugger contributed by Lee Waters and Helen Pockrus

Great-Grandfather Gets Arrested Riding His Horse Too Fast shared by Brenda Hersch

Personal Recollections of the Early Settlement of Carlinville, Illinois article contributed by Mary Ann Stewart Kaylor

Ed Trover  - Recollections in 1905 of people and places in Carlinville - contributed by M Trover

1870 Letter from Ed Trover of Carlinville to Frank and Elizabeth Trover Russell - contributed by M Trover

Mrs. Millie SEAMAN RODGERS, One of Our Well-known Citizens,
Remembers Hearing Lincoln and Douglas in Their Speeches in 1858 - Owns Printed Confession of Aaron TODD.

Lester Kahl was probably the last person hung in Carlinville - 1924

Macoupin County Historical Society Events

Blackburn College home page

Visit Beaver Dam State Park - Illinois Department of Natural Resources - seven miles southwest of Carlinville.
Beaver Dam State Park History by James H. Frank
Polk Township History by James H. Frank

Loveless Park
Loveless Park in Carlinville is a relatively new multi-sport facility. This large sports complex offers visitors a playground, pavilion and picnic area, outdoor basketball and ice skating, Boys' Baseball Tournament, Boys' and Girls' Soccer Tournaments, Boys' and Girls' Soccer Leagues, Sand Volleyball Tournament, and Youth Baseball and Softball Leagues.
For more information about Loveless Park, contact the Carlinville Chamber of Commerce.

Carlinville Lake and Campground (217) 854-8931
15927 Carlinville Lake Rd
Carlinville, Illinois
Carlinville Lake is centrally located in Macoupin County, two miles south of Carlinville. There are 85 camping sites. There are showers and other amenities which are available from May 15 to September 1 for a modest fee. There is also a life-guarded swimming beach, bath house, and boat launch ramp.

Carlinville Country Club phone: (217) 854-9316

Macoupin County Historical Society

Directions: 920 Breckenridge St., Carlinville, Ill. 217-854-2850
On the north end/side of Carlinville on route #4, the only stop light in town is at Hardee's; go west at the stoplight, then just cross the rr tracks make a right, and you should see a sign to the museum grounds.

Activity Dates:
Spring Festival end of May
Road Show (antiques appraisals) September
Fall Festival September
IVBA Hammer-in (blacksmiths) November
Christmas Show December

The Spring and Fall Festivals are hosted by the Macoupin County Historical Society, the Macoupin Antique Machinery Assoc., the Illinois Valley Blacksmith Assoc. and held on the Macoupin County Historical Society Museum grounds on Breckenridge Street, Carlinville, IL.
Free parking and admission.
There is a flea and craft market, toy show, entertainment and daily demonstrations. Great Food.
It's a wonderful Festival and one of the Society's means of support, and so well-worth coming.

Jarrot and Samuel Dugger

contributed by Lee Waters

The early Carlinville newspaper, The Macoupin Statesman, was established by Samuel Dugger. He was the son of Jarrot Dugger and Polly McAdams who came from Madison County to Carlinville in 1833. Jarrot established the first orchard and the first Sunday School. In 1844, he was the proprietor of one of the four or five stores about the square and served as County Commissioner.

contributed by Helene Pockrus

Contact Helene for more information from the book "Earth Horizon."

!Quoted from "Earth Horizon" autobiography of Mary Austin, pub. 1932, pg 13: 'There was also the traditional assurance that the American Daguerres were collaterals of the distinguished French chemist, Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre, inventor of the daguerreotype. The relationship, though without any authentication, is borne out by a marked family resemblance.'

!Earth Horizon also states on page 13: "Of Jarrot, eldest son of Pierre, who by the time he comes into the story was spelling his name Dugger, there is, apart from the history of the family, not much to say. He married Polly McAdams in Sumner County in 1811, and shortly afterward enlisted for the War of 1812. In 1818, on the admission of Illinois to statehood, the two brothers John and Wesley, with their families, moved to Madison County, and in the 1820's Jarrot and Polly followed, settling in Carlinville (Madison Co.) in 1833. Jarrot planted the first orchard and organized the first Sunday School. the frame house which he built on the site of the earlier log cabin still stands, the fields that he cleared and fenced still produce. In 1844 he was the proprietor of one of the four or five stores about the square, and served acceptably for several terms as County Commissioner. There were Duggers in the Black Hawk War, which was not properly a war, but merely a concentrated incident of pioneer life in communities in which a youth was counted a man as soon as he could shoot straight and grow a beard."

Picture of the 1869 Macoupin County Jail

Macoupin County's 1869 Jail, on the National Register of Historic Places since 1976, served the County well as a jail from 1869 to 1988. The tiny "prison" designed by architect E. E. Meyers, the same architect who designed the majestic Macoupin County Courthouse, is a unique medieval inspired fortress.

Great-Grandfather Gets Arrested Riding His Horse Too Fast
shared by Brenda Hersch <>

My story begins on February 23, 1905. It was the day of my great-grandparents auction sale and the day of my grandfather's birth. As the story goes my great-grandmother went into labor during the sale and as my great-grandfather raced to town, on the horse to fetch the doctor, he was arrested. His crime was going too fast down the main street of Carlinville.I don't know what happened after that but evidently Mary did fine as my grandpa, Ed, lived to the age of 77. I hope to someday see Carlinville for myself.

Standard Addition, a nine-block neighborhood located in the northeast part of Carlinville has the largest collection of homes still standing and ordered from Sears Roebuck . In 1918, one hundred fifty six homes in eight various models were ordered from the Sears Roebuck Catalog. Since 1918, three of the Sears homes were destroyed by fire and one was moved to a country location.
In 1918, the demands of the war in Europe on American industry combined with severe winter to create a shortage of coal. Standard Oil of Indiana, in need of coal for its refineries, decided to sink two new coal mines near Carlinville. The mines operated from 1917 to 1926 and at the height of production employed over 1,000 men. Carlinville with a population just under 4,000 in 1917, boomed to a population of 6,000 in 1923. This rapid increase in population created a demand for housing and C. W. Clark, manager of the Standard Oil Coal Mining Division, turned to the 1918 Sear-Roebuck Catalog for an answer to the housing problem.
For more information write to:
Standard Addition
1014 University
Carlinville, IL 62626


Clark Information

Illinois Place Names:
CLARK (Macoupin). RFD Carlinville. IT.

Moody Information

Illinois Place Names:
MOODY (Macoupin). RFD Carlinville. IT.

Rinaker Information

Illinois Place Names:
RINAKER (Macoupin). Listed in RM56 but not 58; RFD Carlinville. GM&O.

Sheeps Information

Illlinois Place Names:
SHEEPS (Macoupin). RFD Carlinville. IT.

White City Information

Illinois Place Names:
WHITE CITY (Macoupin). RFD Carlinville. Inc-v-6/21/1907. Pop. (1960) 197.

Womac Information

Illinois Place Names:
WOMAC (Macoupin). PO est. 8 May 1888; dis 15 Oct 1910; now RFD Carlinville. C&NW.

Alton Siding Information

Illinois Place Names:
ALTON SIDING (Macoupin). Now part of Carlinville.

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