Chesterfield Township, Macoupin County IL

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Chesterfield Township
Macoupin County, Illinois
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The population for Chesterfield Township in 1870 was 1,048. Towns in Chesterfield Township are:
Partial Abatement List For 1866 Delinquent List of Tax Payers on Personal Property Chesterfield Township

Chesterfield Congregational Church History

History of the Loomis House -built 1844-1845

History of Harmony Baptist Church

Picture of Harmony Baptist Church and Union School

Challacombe Information
Lat 391306N Long 0900716W

Illinois Place Names book:
CHALLACOMBE (Macoupin). PO est. 3 Jun 1887, disb 19 Jan 1909, now RFD Medora.

Challacombe was located in Section 20 of Chesterfield Township. Challacombe was established after 1875 with the building of the St Louis, Chicago, and St Paul Railroad Line. The area is marked on a recent plat map.
Chesterfield Information
Lat 391518N Long 0900347W

Illinois Place Names book:
CHESTERFIELD (Maccoupin). PO Est. 9 May 1838; active; RFD serves Hagaman and Reader/Reeders. Inc-v-8/22//1881. Pop. (1960) 280.

In 1875, Chesterfield had a Masonic and IOOF Hall, the Congregational Church, the Methodist Church, a Mill, the Episcopal Church, and Greenwood Academy.

By the time of the 1893-94 plat map, the St Louis, Chicago, and St Paul Railroad ran through Chesterfield. Two grain elevators were built near the railroad tracks, a hotel was in the town, a creamery was located near the tracks, a store was in the town, and the Greenwood Academy does not show on the 1893-94 plat map.

Delaware Information

Illinois Place Names book:
DELAWARE (Jersey). PO est. 1 Apr 1837; ch. to Rhoades' Point 30 Jun 1851; now Medora (Macoupin Co.) (in Greene Co. prior to creation of Jersey Co. 28 Feb 1839).

Medora Information Lat 391028N Long 0900835W

Illinois Place Names book:
MEDORA (Macoupin). PO est. (ch. from Trumbull) 9 Jul 1866; active; RFD serves Challacombe. Inc-v-1/10/1874. CB&Q. Formerly Delaware, Rhoades' Point, Trumbull. Pop. (1960) 447.

History of Medora with many names contributed for use by Mary McKenzie

1934 Medora Yearbook donated for use by Jere Braden

Rhoades' Point Information

Illinois Place Names book:
RHOADES' POINT (Macoupin). PO est. (ch from Delaware 30 Jun 1851; ch. to Trumbull 16 Feb 1863; now Medora.

Summerville Information
Lat 391120N Long 0900725W

Illinois Place Names:
SUMMERVILLE (Macoupin). See 1911 hist. 403-4.

Summerville was established before 1850. It was located on the cross lines of Sections 29, 30, 31, and 32 in Chesterfield Township. There was a school, Baptist Church and Cemetery, and about 40 town lots.

By 1893-94, the St Louis, Chicago, and St Paul was built and ran through Summerville. The location is marked on a recent plat map.

Trumbull Information

Illinois Place Names book:
TRUMBULL (Macoupin). PO est. (ch. from Rhoades' Point) 16 Feb 1863; ch. to Medora 9 Jul 1866.

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