Girard Township, Macoupin County IL

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Girard Township
Macoupin County, Illinois
T12N R6W
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The population for all of Girard Township in 1870 was included with Virden Township and the total for both was 3,075.

Towns in Girard Township are:

(Fulton) extinct
Girard (formerly Otter Creek, Pleasant Grove, Waytown) Lat 392647N Long 0894651W
Otter Creek
Pleasant Grove

(Bowman) Information

Illinois Place Names:
BOWMAN (Macoupin). IT.

(Fulton) Information

Fulton was never an incorporated village. The plat was laid out but never became a village when the railroad decided to run farther east.

Illinois Place Names:
FULTON (Macoupin). See Girard Gazette 6/16/1955

History of Fulton contributed for use by Carolynn Jones Bettis

Girard Information
Lat 392647N Long 0894651W

Illinois Place Names:
GIRARD (Macoupin). PO est. (ch. from Pleasant Grove) 20 Jan 1855; active; RFD serves Coopers, Green Ridge and McVey. Inc-c-2/14/1855. C&NW / CB&Q / GM&O / IT. Formerly Otter Creek, Pleasant Grove, Waytown, Pop. (1960) 1734. Girard's population in 1980 was 2,246 and, in 1990, the population was 2,164.

"Our Town" (Girard, Illinois) from the Girard Gazette 8 Feb 1879

History of Girard with many many names
contributed for use by Carolynn Jones Bettis ("The History of Girard, Illinois, 1855-1955,")


Girard East Elementary School 1911-1912

Girard Elementary School 3rd Grade Class of 1946

Picture - Girard High School Class of 1905

Picture - F.W. and Serilda GIBSON GATES Family taken about 1891

Girard Township Library

Girard Festival Days

Girard Festival Days held the last weekend in July is sponsored by the Girard Chamber of Commerce.

Activities include a carnival, craft booths, and food booths. The food booths are sponsored by the Girard Community Schools, the Lions' Club, and the Girard Fire Protection District. The Firemen's food booth includes a fish fry, ribeye steaks, and pork chops.

Good Fun for all ages! Fine Crafts! Delicious Food! See you at Girard Festival Days!

For more information, contact:
Dawn Cherry
Phone: 217-627-3497

Otter Creek Information

Illinois Place Names:
OTTER CREEK (Macoupin). Now Girard. Cf. Otterville.

Otterville Information

Illinois Place Names:
OTTERVILLE (Macoupin). Now Girard. Cf. Otter Creek

Pleasant Grove Information

Illinois Place Names:
PLEASANT GROVE (Macoupin). PO est 20 Jul 1848 and dis. Sep 1849; reest 1 Mar 1850; ch. to Girard 20 Jan 1855.

Waytown Information

Illinois Place Names:
WAYTOWN (Macoupin). Now part of Girard.

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