Hilyard Township, Macoupin County IL

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Hilyard Township
Macoupin County, Illinois
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Hilyard Township was named for John Hilyard who settled 1834 in the township.
The population for Hilyard Township in 1870 was 1,072.

The towns in Hilyard Township are:

  • (Brooklyn) Extinct
  • (Centerville) Extinct Lat 390603N Long 0895841W
  • Plainview - (Wagoner's Prairie) (Plainview Station) Lat 390933N Long 0895923W
  • Royal Lakes Lat 390637N Long 0895741W
  • (Wagoner's Prairie)

  • Charles Hucklebridge came to Hilyard Twp in 1836 with the Hooks, Howertons, Church's, and Eddingtons
    donated by Christene Hucklebridge

    (Brooklyn) Extinct Information

    Illinois Place Names book:
    BROOKLYN (Macoupin). see 1911 hist. 404.

    Where Was Brooklyn, Macoupin County, and When Was It Laid Out, and By Whom? (Carlinville Democrat, 24 December 1930) - from Robert L. Shultz

    Map from M Trover showing Brooklyn

    (Centerville) Information
    Lat 390603N Long 0895841W

    Not mentioned in Illinois Place Names.

    Centerville was not established until after 1893-94 although on the 1875 plat map a church, cemetery, and school were at the same location. Centerville is marked on a recent plat map at the intersections of Sections 27, 28, 33, and 34 in Hilyard Township.

    The Centerville Record - Seventh Homecoming 1930 - contributed by Thomas Meyer  (2.7 meg file)

    Centerville as included in "Plainview History" by Jim Franks

    Plainview Information (Wagoner's Prairie) (Plainview Station)
    Lat 390933N Long 0895923W

    Illinois Place Names:
    PLAINVIEW (Macoupin). PO est 8 Jun 1846; active; RFD serves Macoupin. GM&O. Pop. (RM58) 150.

    Illinois Place Names does not mention Plainview Station

    Plainview Station was established and before 1853 it was moved to the tracted Plainview. Plainview's RFD postal service served Macoupin (Macoupin Station.)
    Plainview is located in Sections 4 and 9 of Hilyard Township. In 1875, the population of Plainview was nearly 400. In 1875, the Chicago, Alton, and St Louis Railroad ran through Plainview.

    History of Plainview - researched, written and donated by Jim Frank

    History of Wagner Cemetery - researched, written and donated by Jim Frank

    The Cyclone, Shipman and Plainview Vicinity, 1883, Macoupin County Ilinois, from the Carlinville Democrat, typed and donated by Sue McMurry

    Plainview Hilyard Township Town View, Post Office and Confectionary, and F. R. Shanner General Merchandise Store
    circa 1920's or 1930's courtesy Cheryl Ratz Gross (large file)

    Edward John Ratz, Sr., house in Plainview, mid to late 1920's courtesy Cheryl Ratz Gross

    Plainview 1921 Elementary Class - courtesy Cheryl Ratz Gross

    Royal Lakes Information

    Lat 390637N Long 0895741W
    In 1956, a Chicago Company bought two farms, created the Royal Lakes Resort Properties and plotted and laid out the farms into lots in sections 26 and 27 of Hilyard Township. Three small lakes were constructed and named Shadrach, Meshach, and Shad. Originally, older people from St. Louis had bought lots. In 1973, the village was incorporated and took the name of Royal Lakes. The population is less than 200.

    Wagoner's Prairie Information

    Illinois Place Names:
    WAGONER'S PRAIRIE (Macoupin). See 1879 hist. 213.

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