Mt Olive Township, Macoupin County IL

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Mt Olive Township
Macoupin County, Illinois
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Memories of Chapman Cemetery from Carla Hunter Southwick of New Jersey - sent in 2007

Abatement List for 1865 (Personal Property) Mt Olive/Staunton Townships

The population of all Mount Olive Township in 1870 was part of Staunton Township which was 1,604.
Staunton Township was split in 1884 and formed the second township, Mount Olive Township.

The towns in Mt Olive Township are:

(Adler) Information
IT Train stop from IT database

(Carlsburg) Information
No Information

Edna Grosenheider wrote, "I don't know the history of Carlsburg, but there are still people living there and it touches Mt. Olive on the north. I don't know that it is indicated on any map."

(Dingerson) Information
IT train stop

(Drummond Station) Information
Lat 390420N Long 0894338W

Illinois Place Names:
DRUMMMOND STATION (Macoupin). Now Mt Olive (1879 hist. 126.

East Mt. Olive Information

Illinois Place Names:
EAST MT OLIVE (Macoupin). Now part of Mt. Olive.

(Honey Point) Information
Lat 390420N Long 0894338W

Illinois Place Names:
HONEY POINT (Macoupin). PO est 30 Jul 1833; dis. 22 Jun 1835; reest. 5 Sep 1848; changed to Mt. Olive 27 1852; reest. (Mt Olive continuing) 6 Oct 1853; ch. to Hornsby 24 Dec 1855; reestablished (Hornsby PO continuing, but Mt. Olive PO having been discontinued) 8 Jul 1862; disbanded 13 Mar 1865.

(Karnes) Information

Illinois Place Names:
KARNES (Macoupin). RFD Mt. Olive. L&M / Wab.

Mount Olive Information
Lat 390420N Long 0894338W

Mt Olive is located on Route 138 east of Interstate 55.

Illinois Place Names:
MOUNT OLIVE (Macoupin). (a) PO est. (ch. from Honey Point) 27 Jan 1852; dis 8 Aug 1855; (reest. as Honey Point). (b) PO est. (ch. from Rising Sun) 23 Aug 1867; active; RFD serves Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Junction and Karnes. Inc-v-10/?/1874 (1879 hist. 126; c-2/19/1917, IC/L&M/Wab. Includes Drummond Station, East Mt. Olive, Niemann's Settlement. Pop. (1960) 2,295.

Mt Olive's population was 2,357 in 1980 and, in 1990, the population was 2,126.

Mine Riot of 1898

Mt Olive - Coal Mine #8 Coal Miner's Side of the Story

Mother Jones Monument

Picture of Mother Jones, Union Labor Leader buried at Mt Olive Macoupin Co IL

"Union Miners' Cemetery Mt Olive IL" contributed for use by S Joan Miley

Mt Olive Library - Mother Jones Pamphlet available for sale.

Mt Olive High School Graduates - 1895-1910

Telemachus Camp - Evangelist

Picture of Mother Jones Monument and Coalminers Grave.

Picture of Mother Jones

Mary Harris, better known as Mother Jones, was known throughout the nation for her dedication to the welfare of coal miners, her support of child labor laws, and her work associated with the United Mine Workers of America.
When Mary Harris, Mother Jones, died at the age of 100 in 1930 in Washington, D.C., union members followed her instructions and buried her in Mt. Olive, a town which she had never lived, with the "Virden Martyrs to sleep beneath the clay with my brave boys."

You are welcome to visit the Mother Jones Monument in Mt. Olive at any time. Mt. Olive is located at Exit 44 on Interstate 55.

For more information contact:
City Clerk
City of Mt. Olive
200 East Main St,
Mt. Olive, IL 62069
Phone: 618-999-4261

(Niemann's Settlement) Information

Illinois Place Names:
NIEMANN'S SETTLEMENT  (Macoupin). Now Mt. Olive (1879 hist. 126).

(Rising Sun) Information

Illinois Place Names:
RISING SUN (Macoupin). PO est. (in Montgomery Co.) 26 Sep 1851; ch. to Macoupin Co. ca. 11 Feb 1854; ch. to Mt. Olive 23 Aug 1867.

Sawyerville Information

Illinois Place Names:
SAWYERVILLE (Macoupin). PO est 17 Sep 1906; dis. 15 Jan 1910; reest. 6 Sep 1910; dis. 15 Dec 1914; reest. 21 Jun 1916; active. Inc-v-6/12/1907. IT. Pop. (1960) 362.

History of Sawyerville

(Smutzlar) Information (name could be Schmutzler)

Illinois Place Names:
SMUTZLAR (Macoupin). IT 1930 (Stringham).

Mine No. 2

"Big John" MALNAR - Sergeant Major John M. Malnar (Sawyerville son) served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam

Picture of War Monument in Sawyerville courtesy of a relative. all rights reserved.

White City Information

Illinois Place Names:
WHITE CITY (Macoupin). RFD Carlinville. Inc-v-6/21/1907. Pop. (1960) 197.

Remembrances of White City contributed for use by by Gerry Clark.

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