Nilwood Township, Macoupin County IL

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Nilwood Township
Macoupin County, Illinois
T11N R6W
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Nilwood Celebrated 130 Years in 1997.
The population of all Nilwood Township in 1870 was 1,211.

Towns in Nilwood Township are:

(Greenridge) (Green Ridge) Extinct Lat 392510N Long 0894740W

Illinois Place Names:
GREENRIDGE (Macoupin). PO est. 24 Aug 1896; dis. 23 Jun 1898; reest. 4 Mar 1899; dis 31 Jan 1919; now Green Ridge.

GREEN RIDGE (Macoupin). RFD Girard. Formerly Greenridge.


(Grinnerville) Information

Girard Gazette Apr. 21, 1881, pg. 1 - McVey is a small town situated four miles southeast of Girard, 5 miles E. of Nilwood, 1 1/2 miles of Grinnerville.
Grinnerville was located east of Nilwood. Anyone know anything about Grinnerville?

Harris Point (Never a town, just a point of timber.)

Illinois Place Names:
HARRIS POINT (Macoupin). See 1879 hist. 207

Girard Gazette - Mar 25, 1880 pg. 4
"Harris Point is located five miles S. E. of Girard just across the lane south of T. McBride's dwelling. Harris Point is a point of timber, which is at present being divested of its largest trees to increase Mr. Mc's stock of rails."

HARRIS Graves near Sulphur Springs contributed by Mary Ann Stewart Kaylor

I found a newspaper clipping in one of my many binders about yet another tombstone found, this one in the Nilwood area. Not sure what newspaper the article was in or the date, but appears to be fairly new. Possibly IL State Journal, Springfield. The scope of the article states that a new purchaser of 270 acres of land near Sulphur Springs, south of the Nilwood-Waggoner blacktop, was told that buried somewhere on the farm was Macoupin County's first settler and sheriff, JOHN HARRIS. HARRIS was a captain of the Macoupin Milita during the Black Hawk Indian campaign, which mustered in at Beardstown on April 20, 1831. Abraham Lincoln, captain of the Sangamon County Militia, also served during that campaign, reporting in with his company the next day. They were organized to run Black Hawk back across the Mississippi. But neither man probably saw action as Black Hawk had surrendered. HARRIS was influential in shaping the history of Macoupin County. He was the first landowner in the northeast part of Nilwood Twp. in 1829, after the Black Hawk War. He achieved rank of brigadier general of Macoupin's Milia. He served as sheriff from 1829 through 1834, as a state representative from 1834 to 1838 and as a state senator from 1840 through 1846. He also owned and operated a water mill. The gravesite was found in the middle of a field between two cherry trees with a well nearby. Briars and brush were cleared and two stones were found....JOHN HARRIS and his 2 year old son, JOHN HARRIS who died in 1842. A headstone was obtained through the Dept. of Veterans Affairs free of charge as JOHN HARRIS was Brig. Gen. IL Militia for the Indian Wars. He died 20 Oct 1852. The stone was placed next to one of the cherry trees overlooking Macoupin creek. (These two tombstones are not listed in the Cemetery books for this area)

Carolynn Bettis added,

"Talked with Linda Libbra just a few minutes ago (her husband Pete instigated the search and the cemetery is on their property) and John Harris and his small son DID have and do have original stones on the farm near Sulphur Springs. The Sheriff was moved into Carlinville because of vandalism and cemetery destruction, but she doesn't know about the son's remains, but believes they may have been left on the farm. They still erected the Vet's stone as they thought it was due him since that WAS his original burial location. The dates of the newspaper articles were Virden Recorder (Virden, IL), Jan. 25, 1995 and the Journal Register(IL State Journal-Register, Springfield, IL) was February, 1995."

McVey Information
Lat 392323N Long 0894447W

Illinois Place Names:
MCVEY (Macoupin). PO est. 21 Feb 1881; dis. 30 Dec 1916; now RFD Girard. Pop. (RM58) 25.

Girard Gazette Apr. 21, 1881, pg. 1 - McVey is a small town situated four miles southeast of Girard, 5 miles E. of Nilwood, 1 1/2 miles of Grinnerville.

McVey was established after 1875 when the Jacksonville Southeastern Railroad was built in the area.
McVey was located in Section 22 of Nilwood Township.
McVey was named after the MCVEY Family who settled in Macoupin County in 1825 and owned the land where the town of McVey was established. McVey had about 60 town lots, an elevator, and a depot.

Stead's Park

Lat 392353N Long 0894831W

Illinois Place Names:
NILWOOD (Macoupin). PO est. 3 Oct 1856; active. Inc-t-3/9/1867. GM&O/IT. Pop. (1960) 274.

The Story of the Coopers, A Pieced Together History, book by Christy Jacobson, 2010

History of Nilwood

Nilwood Elementary School picture - built 1927 - closed in the 1970's - still standing in 2004 - torn down 2013

(Seymour Station)

No information on Seymour Station. There was no post office at Seymour Station. Mentioned below in Girard Gazette article about Sulphur Springs.

Standard City Information
Lat 392108N Long 0894715W

Illinos Place Names:
STANDARD CITY (Macoupin). Inc-v-6/14/1920. C&NW. (PO as South Standard) Pop. (1960) 182.

Standard City is located southeast of Nilwood in Section 32 of Nilwood Township and Section 5 of Shaws Point Township. Standard City was built from coal mining. It was incorporated as a village 14 Jun 1920. The post office was called South Standard according the Illinois Place Names Book

Population of Standard City was 148 in 1980 and, in 1990, the population was 128.

South Standard City Information
Lat 392108N Long 0894715W

Illinos Place Names:
SOUTH STANDARD CITY (Macoupin). PO est. 26 Mar 1921; active. (Inc. & RR [C&NW] Standard City.)

(Sulphur Springs) Information

Illinos Place Names:
SULPHUR SPRINGS (Macoupin). See 1911 hist. 376.

Girard Gazette Apr. 14, 1881, pg. 1 - Sulphur Springs is a small village, so called from two springs of sulphur water near by, and is situated one quarter miles west of Rural Park, and one mile east where Seymour Station ought to be.

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