Old Place Names, Macoupin County Illinois

Old Place Names
Macoupin County IL

Macoupin County Place Names extracted from Illinois Place Names, compiled by James N. Adams, 1968

"In this appendix one asterisk means that the name is both a locality and township or precinct, while two asterisks (**) indicate a township or precinct only. If the name is in bold face, the locality is on the county line, partly in the county given; and if in bold face with one asterisk (*) it is a locality and township or precinct on the county line. Should the county have an Indian name, you may determine its origin by consulting Virgil J. Vogel's Indian Place Names in Illinois, (Springfield, 1963)."

Adden (IT) East Gillespie Nilwood** Nilwood*
Adler East Mt. Olive North Bend
Alton Siding Elm Grove North Otter**
Elroy North Palmyra**
Anderson Substation Emrick/Emerick Nursery (Place Names-
IT 1930 (Stringham).
Atwater Enos Otter Creek
Barr** Barr*
Fulton Otterville
Barr's Store Garrell (IT) Palmyra
Bayless Gillespie** Gillespie*
Baylestown Girard** Girard* Plainview
Bear Creek Point Gopher Hill Pleasant Grove
Behme Greasy Polk**
Benld Green Ridge Prairie Farm
Benny (listed in book but no ref.) Greenridge Reader
Bierd Hagaman Reeders
Bird** Halpin Rhoades' Point
Borough Station Hammann Rinaker
Bowman Hammer's Point Rising Sun
Boylestown Harris Point Ruther
Brighton** Brighton* Henderson Sawyerville
Bristol Hendersons Cross Roads Schoper
Brooklyn Hettick Scottville** Scottville*
Brushy Mound** Hickory Grove Shaw's Point**
Brushy Mound Prairie Hillyard** Shaw's Point** Shaw's Point*
Buford Hoehn ? Sheeps
Bunker Hill** Bunker Hill* Holiday (Place Names Book) Shipman** Shipman*
Burgdorf (IT) Holliday Mills Smutzlar
C&NW Crossing (IT) Honey Point* South Otter**
Cahokia** Hoosier Mine South Palmyra**
Carlin Hoover's Point South Standard
Carlinville**Carlinville* Hornsby Spanish Needle
Cavendar Karnes Standard
Challacombe Leach
IT 1930 (Stringham)
Standard City
Chapman's Point Lincoln Staunton** Staunton*
Chesterfield* Chesterfield** Locust Spring (Place Names
PO est. 8/26/1842; dis 11/10/1854)
(don't know where this was)
Chicago, Burlington &
Quincy Junction (Listed in RM56
but not 58; RFD
Mt Olive. L&M)
Loveless Stirrup Grove
Clark Macoupin Stull (IT 1930 (Stringham)
Clyde Macoupin Station Sulphur Springs
Coline (IT) McVey Summerville
Comer Medora Tickey Mound
Coopers (RFD. Girard. IT) Mell (Place Names
IT 1930 (Stringham)
Coop's Mound ( See 1879 Hist.
Meyer (Place Names
IT 1930 (Stringham)
Vancil's Point
Corn (PO est. Jul 9, 1895;
dis. Aug 27, 1897)
Miles Vaniman
Corneilson Mound Miles' Station Virden** Virden*
Cummington Millville Wagoner's Prairie
Davis Mine No. 1 Waytown
Delay Mine No. 7 Weatherford's Prairie
De Piasas Modesto Weller (Place Names IT 1930 (Stringham)
Dickerson (IT.) Monroe Western Mound**Western Mound**
Dingerson Moody
RFD Carlinville. IT.)
White City
Dorchester** Dorchester*
Mt. Clare Whitworth
Douglass Mt. Olive** Mt. Olive* Wilsonville
Drummond Station Mounts (Place Names
IT 1930 (Stringham).
Wolf Ridge*
Dry Point (PO est. Mar 17, 1838;
dis. Jul 6, 1838)
Negro Lick (Place Names-
See 1911 hist. 398)
Duncan New Hartford (Place Names-
See TISHS XVII: 195)
Eagarville Newburgh Youngs
Eagle Point Niemann's Settlement Zanesville

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