Polk Township, Macoupin County IL

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Polk Township
Macoupin County, Illinois

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Towns in Polk Township
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Population in 1870
1875 Atlas
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The population for Polk Township in 1870 was 643.
Towns in Polk Township are:
None exist today.

(Holliday Mills)
(Macoupin Station)
(North Bend)

History of Polk Township contributed for use by Jim Frank

Mills - Water-Powered by James H. Frank

Beaver Dam State Park

(Holliday Mills) Information

Illinois Place Names:
HOLLIDAY MILLS (Macoupin). Now Macoupin.

(Macoupin Station) Information
Lat 391248N Long 0895726W

Illinois Place Names:
MACOUPIN STATION (Macoupin). PO est 11 Apr 1866; disb 19 Aug 1869; reest 20 Dec 1869; changed to Macoupin 14 May 1883.

Macoupin Station located in Section 23 of Polk Township was established before 1875. There was a Post Office, School, store and cemetery. In 1875, the Chicago, Alton, and St Louis Railroad ran by Macoupin Station. Macoupin Station was bustling when Beaver Dam and Clubhouse was built nearby. There was a hotel nearby then.

In 2015, the Macoupin Station building is still standing and being taken care of. It is located on the Shipman road between Carlinville and Shipman about a 1/4 mile north of the Beaver Dam State Park entrance.

Also See Jim Frank's History of Polk Township paragraphs for information on Macoupin Station.

(Macoupin) Information

Illinois Place Names:
MACOUPIN (Macoupin). PO est. (ch. from Macoupin Station) 14 May 1883; dis. since 1931; now RFD Plainview. GM&O. Formerly Holliday Mills, Macoupin Station.

(North Bend) Information

Illinois Place Names:
NORTH BEND (Macoupin) Also Steubenville (1879 hist. 213)

Mentioned in Jim Frank's, History of Polk Township

(Steubenville) Information

Illinois Place Names:
STEUBENVILLE (Macoupin) - Also North Bend (Alton Telegraph 4/6/1836; 1879 hist. 213; 1911 hist. 397)

"The beginning of a town named Steubenville - see History of Polk Township by Jim Frank - paragraphs for more information about Steubenville.

Beaver Dam State Park in Polk Township (Section 22):

History of Beaver Dam State Park

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