Shaw's Point Township, Macoupin County IL

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Shaw's Point Township
Macoupin County, Illinois
T10N R6W

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Towns in Shaw's Point Twp
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The population for Shaw's Point Township in 1870 was 870.

Towns in Shaw's Point Township are:
Atwater Lat 391958N Long 0894330W (Barnett)
(Coops Mound) an area in Shaw's Point Township
(Schoper) Lat 392017N Long 0894703W
(Shaw's Point)
(Womac) Lat 391617N Long 0894717W Part of Standard City (Standard City listed under Nilwood Township)

Atwater Information
Lat 391958N Long 0894330W

Illinois Place Names:
ATWATER (Macoupin). PO est. 24 Feb 1881; active; RFD serves Schoper. CB&Q. Pop. (RM58) 100.

Atwater is located in Section 11 of Shaws Point Township. Atwater was not established until after 1875 and the Jacksonville Southeastern Railroad line was built. The town is about three blocks by three blocks with quite a few town lots in size. There was a post office in Atwater. Atwater still exists as a small town. Before Atwater existed, post offices used by the area's people were Zanesville and Litchfield in the cross the border county of Montgomery. Zanesville post office was discontinued by 1881 and mail for that community went to Atwater.

(Barnett) Information

Illinois Place Names:
In Montgomery County.
BARNETT named after Fred C. and Authur L. Barnett. Est. 7 Sep 1880, disb since 1931; now rfd Carlinville. CB & Q Railroad.

(Schoper) Information
Lat 392017N Long 0894703W

Illinois Place Names:
SCHOPER (Macoupin). PO est. 5 Mar 1920, dis. 28 Feb 1922. now RFD Atwater. C&NW.

(Shaw's Point) Information

Illinois Place Names:
SHAW'S POINT (Macoupin). PO est. 7 May 1852; dis. 20 Nov 1865; reest. 15 Mar 1866; dis 19 Nov 1868; reest. 13 Jan 1869; dis. 28 Apr 1871.

Womac Information
Lat 391617N Long 0894717W

Illinois Place Names:
WOMAC (Macoupin). PO est. 8 May 1888; dis 15 Oct 1910; now RFD Carlinville. C&NW

Womac is located in Section 32 of Shaws Point Township. Womac was established after 1875 when the Jacksonville Southeastern Railroad went through the area.

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