Staunton Township, Macoupin County IL

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Staunton Township
Macoupin County, Illinois
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Abatement List for 1865 (Personal Property) Mt Olive/Staunton Townships

The population of all Staunton Township in 1870 was 1,604. This number included Mt Olive Township as it was part of Staunton Township in 1870.

The towns in Staunton Township are:
Mine No 1 Information

Illinois Place Names:
MINE NO 1 (Macoupin). Now part of Staunton.

(Mine No 7) Information

Illinois Place Names:
MINE NO 7 (Macoupin). IT 1930 (Stringham)

(Ruther) Information

Illinois Place Names:
RUTHER (Macoupin). IT 1930 (Stringham)

Staunton Information
Lat 390044N Long 0894728W

Staunton is located in Sections 29, 30, 31, and 32 of Staunton Township.

Illinois Place Names:
STAUNTON (Macoupin). PO est 1 Apr 1837; active; RFD serves DeCamp (Madison Co); Inc-c-2 23 Feb 1859. IT/L&M/Wab. Includes Mine No. 1. Pop. (1960) 4,228.

The population of Staunton in 1980 was 4,744 and, in 1990, the population was 4,806. How Staunton Got Its Name contributed for use by Cindy Leonard

Old Staunton Newspaper Articles contributed for use by Cindy Leonard

Black Town News (Letters) - contributed by Glenn E. Sheets
Black Town was a temporary group of buildings and tents constructed underneath the rail road trestle north of Staunton, visible from Rt. 4, during its building in the summer of 1913. It sat next to Cahokia Creek. The duration of its existance I currently do not know. Black Town News was not a newspaper. These were letters to my grandmother Edna Schmutzler, who at the time was staying in St. Louis. These were written by Nettie Fleming, Edna's sister under the psuedonymn of Jim Crow.

An Interrupted Dream - A 1906 poem about Staunton contributed by Cindy Leonard

Staunton Public Library

Old Clock restored - This clock hung on the National Bank Building at the corner of Elm & Main in Staunton from 1921 until 1999 when it was replaced with a digital clock. Restoration was done by Charles Helllige and Linda Rogers of St. Louis Time and Signal. They did a wonderful job. Pictured is Chuck and Cindy Leonard

Staunton IL Web Page

(Village of Staunton)
The Village of Staunton no longer exists. If anyone has information on the former Village of Staunton, please let the county coordinator know. Staunton and the Village of Staunton apparently existed as separate towns at the same time.

(Frog Town)
(not really ever a town) contributed by Laura Johnson
The reason that it is called Frog Town is that the land is lower in this area of town. During the rainy spring time, the frogs are very abundant in the area.
Frog Town is south of Tenth street and west of Maple in Staunton on the south side of the tracks and south of Washington Street on the north side of the tracks. I live in Frog Town which is a part of Staunton on the north side of the tracks. But Frog Town on the South side of the tracks can be in both Macoupin and Madison County. Union Street in Staunton picks back up on the south side of the tracks and once it crosses the county line, there are probably about 25 houses out that way that are considered Frog Town as well.

A train stop on the IT railroad. Listed on IT member's database.

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