Virden Township, Macoupin County IL

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Virden Township
Macoupin County, Illinois
T12N R6W
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The population for all of Virden Township in 1870 was included with Girard Township and the total for both was 3,075

Towns in Virden Township are:
(Monroe stop)
(Vaniman stop)
Virden Lat 393003N Long 0894604W

Monroe Information

Illinois Place Names:
MONROE (Macoupin). RFD Virden. IT. (a stop on IT located about a 1/2 mile south of Virden)

Vaniman Information

Illinois Place Names:
VANIMAN (Macoupin). RFD Virden. IT. (a stop on IT located about a 1.6 miles south of Virden) (possibly in Girard Twp)

Virden Information
Lat 393003N Long 0894604W

Illinois Place Names:
VIRDEN (Macoupin). PO est. 12/10/1852; active; RFD serves Monroe. Inc-c 2/16/1865. C&NW/CB&Q/GM&O/IT. Pop. (1960) 3,309.

Virden's population was 3,899 in 1980 and, in 1990, Virden's population was 3,635.

"History of Virden" contributed by Mary McKenzie

Littleton Bradley, Virden Historian and Compiler of Virden Census Data

Picture of Littleton and Vivian Bradley

Picture of Littleton Bradley's parents in a 1903 wedding picture of Littleton Bradley II and Maggie Keeler.

Picture of Maggie Keeler Bradley's mother Margaret Keeler.

Virden Mine Riot of 1898 Feature Page

Picture of Virden High School circa 1908

Picture of Virden Tigers Football Team 1917

Picture of Virden Bulldogs 1928 or 1929

Picture of Virden High School 1930 Graduating Class with Program

Picture of Virden Christian Church Sunday School Class Circa 1921

Old Graves Unearthed contributed by Mary Ann Kaylor - excerpted from an IL State Journal Article

The Grand Prairie of the West Public Library District

COIN SEARCH ENDS WITH DISCOVERY OF EARLY SETTLERS' GRAVES IN VIRDEN Excerpted from the Illinois State Journal, Springfield, Illinois Issue: October 13, 1971, (Story and photos by Henry Willhite) Contributed by Mary Ann Kaylor
While searching for coins, Carl HANNON and Bob PRATT found gravestones on the Carl HANNON property.
"Nine stones in all were uncovered. Large concrete slabs held two stones each about 20 inches wide and 40 inches tall, which were bolted to the slab with an iron strap.
The inscription on one slab reads: SAMUEL C. REYNOLDS, died Nov.14, 1857 at the age of 23 years, 10 months and 25 days.
Another bears the name ALEXANDER HORD who died Nov. 13, 1856 at the age of 36 years and 16 days.
An epitaph on one slab reads: "For now that we see through glass, darkly but then face to face: now I know in part but then shall I know even as also I'm known now abideth Faith, Hope, Charity these three; but the greatest of these are Charity.
"Another inscription reads: OSCAR and ORVIL S. STONE, twins, died, OSCAR M. on Aug. 9, 1856, and ORVIL S. six days later, Aug. 15, 1856.
One stone is inscribed H.G. and A.S. WESTON, died Sept. 3, 1858, age 8 years, 1 month, 19 days.
One stone was that of an 8 month old child, GEORGE F. VIRDEN, died July 5, 1855.

The History of Virden, written by HENRIETTA VIRDEN, tells of an ALEXANDER HORD who built the first home here which he and his family occupied. MR. HORD was a clerk of the First Baptist Church here.
After many inquiries concerning the tombstones and their location, LYNN BERRY, local funeral director, came upon the information that many years ago a Baptist Church stood near the spot where the stones were unearthed."
Why the stones have remained hidden this many years remains a mystery.

A few years ago a call to LYNN BERRY led him and me to a field southwest of here where still another burial plot had been found.
A flat stone revealed the names of CHARITY and CHARLES STEWART, Revolutionary War soldier and his wife. CHARLES STEWART was born in 1738 and died at the age of 73 years in 1833. (?1760?-mak)
Perhaps more of the past history of Virden and its early settlers remains but a few feet underground. We can only remember that many covered wagons passed this way in the quest of a homesite.
Hardships were plenty, and many burials must have taken along the roadsides, in church cemeteries, and those that may have been near a school house where public meetings were held in lieu of a church building.

(Submitted by Mary Ann Stewart Kaylor
----I searched Virden, Girard & misc. cemetery readings and could only find ALEXANDER HORD and CHARLES & CHARITY STEWART as listed in any of the books. ALEXANDER HORD is listed as buried in Virden Cemetery.
CHARLES & CHARITY STEWART are listed in N. Otter Twp. cemetery readings as buried in STEWART/CRUMP CEMETERY, Sec. 20. Perhaps this will help someone find their long lost family!)

Contributed by Richard Davidson who found the card with his grandmother's,
Emma Adcock Davidson's, belongings in her trunk.

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