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Some Macoupin County IL Marriages
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ABBOTT, Patrick to Miss Catherine LYNCH, 18 June 1862, 4070
ADCOCK, Anderson and Sarah OLLER, per father 21 Feb 1862, John C HART JP 3992
ADCOCK, Beverly and Maria Louisa EADS, 15 Sep 1853, 2039/235; page 92
ADCOCK, Caleb D. and Mary Jane SWIFT, 24 AUG 1854, S S GILBERT County Judge; 2211/497
ADCOCK, Caleb M F, lived in North Otter, 20 yrs, farmer, born in Macoupin Co, parents Caleb ADCOCK and Mary J SWIFT, married Fannie F HARBOUR, from South Otter, 18 yr, born in Macoupin Co, parents Elisha HARBOUR and M SHELTON, 23 Jul 1882 at the bride's father's house, witness was Sam HARBOUR, by T W BRENDLE, JP, # 789, p 97.
ADCOCK, Henry and Martha Ann SWIFT, 27 Jul 1854, Asher SOLOMON JP; 2192/478
ADCOCK, Israel, farmer, 23 yrs, from and born in Macoupin Co, parents Edmund ADCOCK and Hester Ann COVERDILL, married Seria (supposed to be Sina) HAYS, born in Macoupin Co, 17 yrs, parents James M HAYS and Hannah NASH, 25 Oct 1883 at James M HAYS home by S J HAYS, JP, witness was Joseph ENGLAND, #1236, p131.
ADCOCK, James J. and Diana DALTON, 2 Oct 1870, Joel TURNER Baptist Elder 6985
ADCOCK, John H. and Mary E. SWIFT, 18 Sep 1873, B L BERRY JP 7911
ADCOCK, Meridy G, 24 yrs, born North Otter, parents Edward ADCOCK and Sarah HODGES, married Georgeana A STONE, 18yrs, born North Otter, parents Reuben STONE and Emaline REYNOLDS, married 18 Dec 1879 at Reuben STONE's, by ????? can't read, #9889.
ADCOCK,William and Mrs Mahala HUMPHREYS, 20 Jul 1866, James W HUTCHINSON MG 5230
AHLERS, Henry and Emma STEHLIN, 25 Feb 1880, J G LEWEN, MG 9971 Information
ALDERSON, Charles A, living in Sangamon Co, farmer, 22 yrs, born Macoupin, parents John ALDERSON and Sarah NEVINS, married Ida B BEASON, born Morgan Co, 18yrs, parents Henry BEASON and Clara BRADY, married North Otter, 23 Oct 1879, by Joe WINTERBOTTOM, Minister, #9824.

ALEXANDER, Nelson and Rachel SMITH, 11-11-1829, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
ALFORD, William H. and Miss Nancy M. FORTNER, 29 July 1873, Thos W. CHILES JP 7851, Information
ANDERSON, Carten K. and Johanna H. DRUYSEN?, 26 Feb 1880, G GOEBEL, MG 9972 Information
ANDERSON, J. W. M. and Miss J. B. CARPENTER, 23 Sep 1869, Milton MCCLURE J. P. 6484 Information
ANGELO, Benjamin, 23 yrs, born Morgan Co IL, parents Apenar ANGELO and Elizabeth MARKNEALY, married Mattie A CHERRY, 20 yrs, born Macoupin Co, parents Peterson CHERRY and Emily EMMERSON, married 8 Jan 1880 by William E VAUGHN, JP, #9922.

ANGELO, Thomas and Miss Elizabeth HOOVER, 13 April 1848, Information
ARNETT, Peter and Lizzie TOSH, 28 May 1896, Information
ARNETT, Wm. R. and Emma A. SIMS, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
ASKER, Robert to Miss Laura Ruth MCGHEE, 12 August 1865, 4850
ATTERBERRY, B. C. 25 yrs Mrs Malinda D GIBSON 22yrs, 1 Nov 1874, George W BULLOCK JP 8258
ATTERBERRY, William W. and Mrs Louisa M. CRAFT, 4 Feb 1871, Hugh LAMONT MG 7102.
AUSTICE, Charles Fredrick, lived in Girard IL, 24 yrs, coalminer, born Athens IL, parents Edward AUSTICE and Clarissa Caroline HUN, married Emma Anna ADCOCK, of and born in Girard IL, 21 yrs, parents Beverly ADCOCK and Louisa EAD, 16 Mar 1883 at Girard IL by W T BRISTOW, JP, #1039.
AUSTIN, William E, living in Springfield, 27yrs, 2nd marriage, laborer, born at Chatham IL, parents Ed V AUSTIN and Clara C HAUN, married Anna V HART, maiden was Anna V CHERRY of Girard IL, 29 yrs, born in IA, 2nd marriage, parents James P CHERRY and Jane STEWARD, 16 Sep 1881 at Carlinville, witnesses L W RICHARDS and Matilda RICHARDS, by L P PEEBLES, County Judge, # 463, p 72.

BAILEY, William P or T and Lucretia Jane GRAVES, 15 Dec 1850, George A W CLOUD JP 1584/127
BAKER, Charles R. and Miss A. E. RAFFERTY, 10 Oct 1869, Saml B. CULP, Minister of the Gospel 6506 Information
BAKER, George and Elizabeth J. POWELL, 17 March 1863, Aaron BUTTER, JP
BAKER, Samuel and Mary SIMS, 24 January 1830, Jacob NIFONG, MG
BAKER, Thos J. and Miss Nancy Jane BRIDGES, 09 Aug 1873, James S. DUNCAN JP 7866, Information
BANDY, Anderson and Armandy BRUNER, 2 Aug 1865, both consent of fathers - Aaron BUTLER JP 4841
BANDY, William M. and Nancy Jane BRUNER, 21 Sep 1862, J F NICHOLES Minister 4129
BANDY, William M. and Mrs Mary SHARP, 11 Mar 1869, Willaim M GRAY JP 6538
BARROW, John J. and Mary E. MORRISON, 19 Feb 1863, Andrew A ATKINS JP 4234
BARROW, Simeon and Elizabeth Ann HODGES 16 Jul 1857, Thomas M METCALF JP 2867/1153
BARTLETT, Augustus E. and Maggie STEWART, 18 Jan 1871, I W THOMBS 7088
BARTLETT, Cromwell L. and Susan BAKER, 22 February 1855, John SCOTT, JP
BAYLESS, Allen and Jane SUTTON, 4 Sep 1864, C J T TOLLE 4566
BEAN, William and Anna MORRISON, 6208, 11 Mar 1868, J A SCARRITT MG
BEASLEY, Wilh. and Anna LORENZ, 28 August 1898, Information
BEATY, Joseph A. and Mary Ellen COVERDILL, 7 Oct 1869, W C F HEMPSTEAD 6500, Information
BELL, Alexander Hamilton and Flora Grace MOUNTS, Dec 12, 1877, Ledger 6, p 1, 9263, from M Trover, also in a list in
Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877.
BERRY, George L. and Miss Harriet E. DICKERSON, 07 Aug 1873, John B. L. SOULE Clergyman 7863, Information
BEST, Henry A. and Margaret POWERS, 2-13-1859, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
BINGHAM, Samuel and Dianah ENGLAND, 15 Dec 1850, George A W CLOUD JP 1582/125
BIRD, T. M. and Miss Demmy FARRIS, 3 Oct 1869, S. R. TUSON? M.G. 6488 Information
BIVIN, James D. and Sarah Ann CRABTREE, 23 Mar 1853, Lewis SOLOMON JP 1961/247
BIVINS, William and Nancy HAYS, 6 Feb 1862, George A W CLOUD JP 3972
BOHN, William F. (St. Clair Co.) and Miss Ellen A. FRISBIE, 10 Aug 1873, Richard C. STONE MG 7868, Information
BOND, Oliver and Malvina (Melvina) RUCKER, 04 Nov 1896, Joe CAMPBELL, JP, Information
BOND, William S or J and Nancy ENGLAND, 24 Dec 1857, George A W CLOUD JP 2989/1273
BRADEN, James and Irene GWIN, 21 Mar 1872, Book/Page: 5 /83, # 7462
BRAHM, John J. and Miss Charlotte FRICKE, 12 Aug 1873, Ph. F. MENSCH MG 7870, Information
BRAMLEY, Robert and Miss Mary E. WEAVER, 6 Oct 1869, Joseph Adderly Rector of St. Peter Ch. Chesterfield 6499 Information
BREDEN, Isaac and Miss Anna MCDERMOT, 05 July 1873, H. CLEEVER MG 7840, Information
BRIDGES, George A. and Polly LAIR, 22 Sep 1851, Harmon BAILEY 1703/108
BRISTOW, F. P. and Mrs Sarah Ann ??Fally?? COVEY 2 Aug 1866, Joseph CRAWFORD JP 5236
BRISTOW, Francis P. Jr, and Nancy V HAGGEY, 22 Dec 1870, Henry I HOWARD 7056
BRISTOW, Isaac V M and Martha S R MORRISON, 20 Sep 1854, William OWEN 2222/508
BRISTOW, James M. and Nancy A. STRAHAN, 27 Nov 1872, Pete W CLARK JP 7649
BRISTOW, Josiah W. and Lucy M. JENKINS, 23 Apr 1874, J L PLAIN JP 8120
BROWN, Isaac O. and Laura Sophia EARNEST, 25 Feb 1880, J W HELMICK 9968 Information
BROWN, John W. and Sarah CHAPMAN, 24 Dec 1854, Samuel V RHOADS 2287/573
BROWN, Joshua B. and Christianna S. NASH, married name, 8 Feb 1854, William OWEN 2116/402
BROWN, Thomas and Nancy C GARDNER, 29 Jul 1866, W H MCVEY MG 5234
BRUNNER, James H. and Miss Mary CORDER, 6 Oct 1869, Jacob L PLAIN 6501, Information
BURGDORFF, Friedrich and Olga KASTEN, 22 February 1898, Information
BURGDORFF, Hermann and Dora HENTIES, 9 March 1866, Information
BURGDORFF, Wilhelm Ferdinand and Lina LIEBER, 22 October 1868, Information
BURGIN, Ellis M. and Miss Sina DAVIS, 07 Aug 1873, James LEATON MG 7850 Information
BURNS, C, no age, and Sarah E SIMS, 23 yrs, page of record 67, Applied 21 Jan 1876, 8699, date of return 2 Mar 1876.
BURTON, John E. and Ida M E BREBNER, 5 Feb 1880, James D. CHARLES, MG, 9970 Information
BUSH, J. S. and Miss Maggie A. CORDER, 22 Sep 1869, Preston WOOD, M.G. 6483 Information
BUXTON, R. A. and Miss L. A. STIVERS, 7 Oct 1869, Wm. C. F. HEMPSTEAD, Baptist Minister, 6502 Information
CALKUM, Hubert and Miss Kate SCHAEFER, 13 February 1890, Information
CAMPBELL, Marion and Eliza PERRINE, 21 Mar 1871, William STEVENSON MG 7151
CAMPBELL, Thomas and Miss Emily J. EDDINGTON, 27 Sep 1869, George Compton, Minister of M.E. Church, 6475 Information
CANNEDY, William F. and Laura PITCHFORD, 5 Oct 1873, S D CANNEDY JP
CARPENTER, Charles and Miss Lottie PEAK, 19 Sep 1869, Samuel CUMMINGS J. P. 6480 Information
CARTER, George W. and Mary Ann RICHARDS, 18 Sep 1851, 1701/106
CARTER, Henry and Jane RICHARDS, 17 Feb 1841, Book 2, #570
CASWELL, Andrew J. and Lucinda HODGE (no S), 1 Jan 1852, David ???, JP 1757/42
CASWELL, Lewis B. 28 yrs and Sarah M. RICHARDS 18yrs, 12 Jul 1874, C H BUSH MG 8157
CATO, James C. and Ida M. JOLLY, 23 Oct 1882, T N MARSH 886 Information
CHAPMAN, Daniel and Lucretia V or N RICE, 30 Nov 1854, James SOLOMON; 2271/557
CHAPMAN, Enoch M, 20 yrs, and Eliza G WYATT, 21 yrs, H J ??HORN?? OR ??HOBE??, Pastor of St Mary's Church in Carlinville, 8556.

CHAPMAN, Fletcher H. and Cecilia C BURNS, 12 Apr 1862, D W DRESSER, MG, 4029
CHAPMAN, Fletcher H. and Sarah M. CREECY, 22 Feb 1854, J R DUNN MG 2123/409
CHAPMAN, George and Sarah A FRUIT, 30 Aug 1866, George SILVER MG 5264
CHAPMAN, George W. and Charlotte NEVINS 20 Nov 1857, Joham GIBSON MG 2950/1236
CHAPMAN, H W, from White Hall, born in Cincinnati OH, physician, father Wm S CHAPMAN, mother Louisa EVANS, mar Annie HENDERSON, born in Macoupin to James W HENDERSON and Sarah J KIDD, married at home 3 Nov 1878, by James W HELMICH?9491.
CHAPMAN, Joseph R, 37 yrs, 2nd marriage, born Greene Co IL, parents William CHAPMAN and Ann M STEVESON, married Isabella A ROGERS, 25 yrs, 1st mar, born in Montgomery Co IL, lived in Nilwood, parents William ROGERS and Mary PORTER, married 29 Jul 1880 at Carlinville. #77

CHAPMAN, Samuel H. and Maranda GARRET, 25 Dec 1831, Book 1, #42
CHAPMAN, Samuel H. and Eliza J. SNYDER, 5 Oct 1869, D BARDRICK MG 6496 Information

CHAPMAN, Samuel H, from Bird Twp, farmer, 37 yrs, 2nd marriage, parents Charles B CHAPMAN and Phoebe ADAMS, born Macoupin Co, married Kate TEATSIL, 2nd marriage, previously to a BIGGS, 27 yrs, Irish, married 6 Feb 1881, by ????#264, p 56.
CHAPMAN, T. J. and E. A. ENGLAND, 11 Sep 1861, J H ???? 3882/155
CHAPMAN, W. B. and S. A. HENDERSON, 20 Dec 1866, Galen M GOODE 5431
CHERRY, Henry A, 25 yrs, and Anna B SUTPHIN, 20 yrs, 19 May 1875, Abel H SCOTT, MG, 8452.
CHERRY, J P F, 20 yrs, and A A HART, 18 yrs, page of record 466, Applied 20 Apr 1876, 8757, date of return.
CHERRY, James P, 23 yrs, and Annie M CRUMP, 18 yrs, page of record 24, 8595, Applied 3 Nov 1875.

CHERRY, James P. and Nancy Emeline ATTERBERRY, 24 Dec 1865, Isham J PEEBLES JP 4989
CHERRY, Pleasant F. and Mary A HUNT, 5 Aug 1852, Asher SOLOMON, JP 1835/120
CHERRY, William B. and Sarah A. BRISTOW, 2 Dec 1860, Aaron BUTTER JP 3696/199

CLARK, Berridge, 22 yrs, and Catharine A UPTON, 21 yrs, page of record 116, Applied 10 Aug 1876, 8821, date of return 11 Aug 1876.
CLOUD, George A. W. and Mrs Mary SIGLER, 11 Sep 1866, Robert BACON JP 5290
COERVER, John and Matilda GARDNER, APPLIED ONLY 6 Aug 1866, 5239
COREY, T. B. and Mrs Ida L GARDNER, 23 Feb 1869, Justus BULKLEY Minister 6526
CORRELL, Peter J. and Mary KING, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
COVERDILL, Eli and Mrs Rachel JENNINGS, 2 Aug 1865, application only
COVERDILL, Israel and Mary W. PARK, 29 Jul 1841, Book 2, #609
COVERDILL, Israel and Elmira EMMET, 2 Feb 1859, George A W CLOUD JP 3298/1583
COVERDILL, William and Mary Ellen DRENNAN, 13 May 1866, Sebrid ENGLAND 5170
COVEY, John M J, of North Palmyra, farmer, 20 yrs, born in Macoupin Co, parents Samuel COVEY and Sarah ADCOCK, married Mary A COVEY, of Palmyra IL, born in Macoupin Co, 22 yrs, parents Robert COVEY and L DALTON, 6 Oct 1883 at Carlinville by L P PEEBLES, County Judge, witnesses Robert COVEY and R DANIEL, # 1207, p 129.
COVEY, Samuel and Sarah Ann ADCOCK, 24 Oct 1854, D MCDANIEL JP 2242/528
CRAFT, George and Mrs. Mahala F. HENSON, 11 Aug 1873, B.L. BERRY JP 7869, Information
CRAIG, William E, of Cahokia Twp, born Cahokia Twp, 20 yrs, parents Loreace(should be Larkin) CRAIG and Nancy M KEEL, married Emma E PERRINE, born Greene Co IL, living in Dorchester Twp, 18 yrs, parents Jacob PERRINE and Emeline L J BURCH, married 1 Jan 1880, by G W JONES, MG, married at Jacob PERRINEs in Dorchester Twp, #9911.
CRAWFORD, David O, farmer in South Otter, 24 yrs, born in IL, parents Isaac CRAWFORD and Polly TOSH, 1st mar, married Isabella JENKINS, 16 yrs, lived in South Otter, born IL, parents George W JENKINS and Lulitia SWIFT, married 24 Feb 1881 in South Otter, witnesses Grant MAHANT and Dutch ENGLAND, by W H MCGINNIS, #286, p58.
CRAWFORD, E. and Harriet CLARK, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
CRAWFORD, Elijah B, 24 yrs, Mary J LAIR, 16 yrs, 7 Jul 1875, W J CRAWFORD, Gospel Minister, 8488.
CRAWFORD, James Milton and Mary NASH, 4 Jan 1866, Pleasant F CHERRY 5015
CRAWFORD, James M, lived in Polk Twp, farmer, 22 yrs, born in Shelby Co TX, parents John CRAWFORD and Sarah E THOMPSON, married Angelina DAVIDSON, from Girard, born in Macoupin Co, 17 yrs, parents Joseph DAVIDSON and Lydia WHITWORTH(think this should be WHITLEY?), 12 Aug 1882 at Carlinville by L P PEEBLES, County Judge, # 802,p 98.
CRAWFORD, James Milton, 37 yrs, born Macoupin Co living in South Otter, parents Joseph CRAWFORD and Belle LEDFORD, Nancy Ann ADCOCK, born in North Otter, parents Edmund ADCOCK and Hester COVERDILL, married 26 Mar 1879, at residence of S J HAYS, JP, Joseph ENGLAND and Frank Mahon witnesses, #9661.
CRAWFORD, Johnathan and Sarah Malinda JOHNSON, 7 Mar 1859, D MCDANIEL JP
CRAWFORD, Jonathan, 27 yrs, Adora Louisa KLOGES, 18 yrs, 10 Dec 1874, Lewis T PEEBLES, County Judge, 8304.
CRAWFORD, Samuel S, born Macoupin, 21 yrs, parents George D CRAWFORD and Nancy BRIDGES, marry Mary F JENKINS, 17 yrs, born Macoupin Co, parents Moses JENKINS and Mahala CONNOL, 6 May 1880, at M B CLEVENGER, by John B CLEVENGER, #25.
CREECY, William, of Zanesville IL, farmer, born in MO, 46 yrs, parents George CREECY and Margaret BANDY, married Rachel E YOUNG, of Palmyra, 42 yrs, born in Macoupin Co, parents James YOUNG and Hannah HAMILTON, 12 Aug 1884 at Carlinville by L P PEEBLES, County Judge, #1490, p 159.
CROSS, Emanuel, 38 yrs, Laura I DAVIDSON, 24yrs, page of record 102, Applied 29 May 1876, 8782, date of return 19 Jun 1876.

CROUCH, William H. and Della A. LANDRETH, 26 July 1893, A. M. STAMPER, MG
CROUCH, William P. to Miss Martha Jane LYNCH, 1 Dec 1870, 7047
CRUM, Gordon J. and Catherine A. ROHRER, 25 Feb 1880, Sargeant GOBBLE, JP, 9969
CRUMP, John Louis, 25 yrs, born North Otter, parents John CRUMP and Nancy ENGLAND, married Mary Jane HAYS, 18 yrs, born North Otter, parents James Monroe HAYS and Hannah NASH, 19 Feb 1880 at residence of James M HAYS, M M JENNINGS and Mandy CRUMP witnesses, by S J HAYS, JP, #9964.
CRUMP, John W. and Amanda J. GIBSON, 1879, Information
CRUMP, John W, 27 yrs, born Macoupin Co, living North Otter, parents Thomas CRUMP and Martha ANDERSON, married Louvena ADCOCK, 17 yrs, parents Beverly ADCOCK and Louisa EADS, married at Carlinville, 22 Oct 1879, witnes ses were E H RICHARDS and Moses A MEYER, by J L PLAIN, JP, #9828.

CULP, W. M. and Rachel E. FRAZER, 19 Jan 1862, W C ROACH 3962
CUMMINS, John and Dora MIEHER, 4 August 1895, Information
CURD, James E. and Georgia M. BARTLETT, 26 September 1897, E. T. MARTIN, MG
CURRAN, Thomas and Margaret WHALEN, 7 Oct 1896, John J. CLANCY Catholic Priest, Information
CURRY, Edward to Miss Catherine LYNCH, 7 Feb 1871, 7109
CURTISS, Noah and Miss Gerondia BOND, 29 July 1873, B. L. BERRY JP 7852, Information
DANIEL, George and Lucy A POINTER, 21 OCT 1882, L P PEEBLES, County Judge 887 Information
DAVIDSON, Thomas S, lived in North Otter, born in Carlinville, farmer, 23 yrs, parents Joseph DAVIDSON and Lydia C WHITNEY, married Sarah Jane ADCOCK, 21 yrs, born in North Otter, parents Edmund ADCOCK and Hester COVERDILL, married at bride's father's home, 2 Jul 1879, by Asa M STAMPER, Minister, #9723.
DAVIDSON, William L. and Margaret Jane ENGLAND, 7 Apr 1853, Harmon BAILEY 1964/250
DAVIS, David and Mrs. Matilda HULBERT, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
DAVIS, Elisha and Sarah HAYS, 18 Sep 1862, T L LOOMIS County Judge 4131
DAVIS, Jefferson and Eliza STEWART, 20 Jun 1870, Wm O JENCKS JP 6908
DEAHL, Henry and Miss Susan IWICK, 07 Aug 1873, W. R. ADAMS MG 7862, Information
DEATHERAGE, George R. and Miss Emily Jane BONNER, 15 Aug 1873, George HUNTER Police Magistrate 7874, Information
DINWIDDIE, John Walter and Miss Mary S. CAPE (by Fathers const.), 30 July 1873, M.R. Judd MG 7854, Information
DITZLER, Robert H, 44yrs, born in KY, physician in Vernon Co MO, 2nd marriage, parents George Y DITZLER and Mary J MARTIN, married Candis MORRISON, maiden name was GROVER, 2nd marriage, 36 yrs, born in IL, parents Jacob GLOVER and Candis BARNETT, married 17 Feb 1881, in Virden IL, by A C BYERLY, Paster ME Church, #278, p 58.
DODGE, Sherman and Mrs. Drusilla STOTT, 6 Oct 1869, A. C. RAFFERTY 6491 Information
DOUGHERTY, Charles A, 30 yrs, and Mattie PITCHFORD, 24 yrs, page of record 169, Applied 21 Dec 1876, 8951, returned 27 Dec 1876.
DOW, Edward H. and Mrs. Harriet W. CARROLL, 28 Sep 1869, Richard C. STONE, Pastor 6485 Information
DRAKE, C. and Martha PALMER, 28 Sep 1858, G W WAGGONER 3195/1479
DRAKEFORD, Moses W. (cold for colored) and Emma NASH, (cold), 6 May 1871, William STEVENSON MG 7183.
DROKE, William S. (could this be DRAKE?) and Melinda J. STEWART, 11 Sep 1870, Z B LAWSON JP 6961
DROKE, Winfield S. and Miss Sarah E. CORDER, 7 Oct 1869, Peter SLAGEL MG 6504 Information
DRURY, George and Elizabeth WHALEN, 8 May 1888, James HOWARD Catholic Priest, Book 2 page 6, Information
DUNN, James, 45 yrs, and Mrs Susan STEWART, 28 yrs, page of record 164, Applied 8 Dec 1876, 8940, returned 12 Dec 1876.
EBELE, John W. and Mrs. Nancy L. MCMINIS, 16 Sep 1869, L. B. ROSS, 6476, Information
EDGERTON W. A. and Mary GARDNER, 22 Apr 1865, W C ROACH 4719
EILERS, Heinrich and Maria SIES, 10 Aug 1884, P H HOLTORMANN Information

EMMET, Robert and Elmira ENGLAND, 18 Nov 1856, ?Sebert? ENGLAND 2701/987
EMMONS, Amedee (by father's consent) and Lucretia STEWART, 21 Aug 1873, B L BERRY JP 7879
ENGELHOF, William and Mata JOHNSON, 17 Oct 1882, M. SHCNIERLE, MG 876, Information

ENGLAND, Aaron C. and Mary S BETTIS?, 7 Mar 1852, 1785/70
ENGLAND, B F, 24 yrs, and Mary L ADCOCK, 19 yrs, page 24, Applied 3 Nov 1875, 8594.
ENGLAND, Charles T, of and born in North Otter, 23 yrs, parents Thomas ENGLAND and Margaret COX, married Mary S DAVIDSON, of and born in North Otter, 16 yrs, parents, Elisha DAVIDSON and Sarah HAYES(should be HAYS), 8 Nov 1882 at Elisha DAVIDSON's #901, p 105.
ENGLAND, Elias, 26 yrs, Annie YOUNG, 20 yrs, page of record 83, Applied 21 Mar 1876, 8734, no date of return mentioned for this although there are returns on the page.

ENGLAND, Elisha and Elmira WITHROW, 27 JAN 1850, performed by Harmon BAILEY (SS) 1472/14
ENGLAND, Elisha, 31 yrs, farmer, 1st mar, living North Otter, born Macoupin Co, parents Joseph ENGLAND and Mary A HAYS, married Ada N ENGLAND, 18 yrs, born Macoupin Co, living in South Otter, parents John ENGLAND and Elizabeth DAVIDSON, married 28 Sep 1880 at Carlinville, by H H BURTON, #124, p 46.
ENGLAND, George F, 21 yrs, and Lucy L ADCOCK, 18 yrs, page of record 116, Applied 9 Aug 1876, 8820, date of return 12 Aug 1876.

ENGLAND, John and Mary Susan THURMAN, 10 Jan 1867, Seabird ENGLAND 5474
ENGLAND, John and Elizabeth DAVIDSON, 2 Mar 1853,
ENGLAND, John L. and Mary S. BIGGENSTAFF, 13 Mar 1861, 3770/44
ENGLAND, Joseph W. and Malinda TAYLOR, 15 Aug 1852, George A W CLOUD JP 1836/121
ENGLAND, Marshall 28 yrs and Melinda M ETTER 18 yrs, 17 Sep 1874, Sebird ENGLAND MG 8024
ENGLAND, Marshall, born in Macoupin, of European, parents are Samuel ENGLAND and Louisa C SMITH, married Alice LAPP, born in Macoupin Co, of European, her parents were John LAPP and Louisa DEEDS; married at Girard 11 Dec 1878, witnesses were Samuel ENGLAND and H C HAMILTON, married by A M PILCHER, at the M E Church. 9536,
ENGLAND, S. W. and Julia Ann LUTTRELL, 17 Aug 1865, S F CLARK JP 4854
ENGLAND, Samuel and Sarah Ellen SWIFT, 13 Feb 1870, Rev Sebird ENGLAND 6826
ENGLAND, Samuel W. and Myra Jane DRENIN, 20 Mar 1870, Henry C WALLACE MG 6851
ENGLAND, Thomas and Margaret N COX, 2 Dec 1850, Harmon BAILEY (SS) 1580/123
ENGLAND, Thomas J, 20 yrs, and Mary HARLAN, 19 yrs, page of record 478, Applied 8 Aug 1876, 8818, date of return 12 Aug 1876.
ENOS, Samuel H. and Miss Mary MURPHY, 11 Oct 1869, Jacob L. PLAIN, acting Justice of the Peace 6509 Information
EPPS, Sebert and Mary A ADCOCK, 3 Mar 1880, A M STAMPER, MG 9975 Information
EPPS, Sebert, born NC, 22 yrs, parents William D EPPS and M A HALL, married Mary A ADCOCK, born North Otter, 21 yrs, parents Edmund ADCOCK and Hester COVERDILL, 3 Mar 1880, witnesses Beverly ADCOCK and N GRAY, married at residence of A M STAMPER, Minister of the Gospel, #9975.
ESKEW, William A. and Minnie M. (May) WALLS, 16 Dec 1896, Balfour COWEN, County Judge. Information
FIELWILER or FULWILER, John W, lived in South Otter, farmer, 25 yrs, born in Sullivan Co TN, parents William FULWIELER and Susan SLAUGHTER, married Emma F ADCOCK STONE, lived in South Otter Twp, born in Macoupin Co, 20 yrs, 2nd marriage, parents William ADCOCK and Sarah OLLER, 20 Aug 1882 at the residence of R N SANDERS by T W BRENDLE, JP, # 809.
FILE, John H. to Miss Elizabeth LYNCH, 11 April 1867, 5563
FINNERTY, John and Mary WHALEN, 20 Oct 1898, Rev. Thomas J. MARINO, Information
FARMER, Porter W, 26 yrs, lived in Palmyra, he was a miller, born in IL, parents were Alfred C FARMER and Martha JOHN, married Elizabeth HODGES, 21 yrs, lived in Palmyra, born in IL, parents Samuel B HODGES and Elizabeth RICE, married 31 Jul 1881 by W J NEWMAN, MG, #415, p 68.
FLANAGIN, John and Miss Kate CULLIMON, 21 Sep 1869, Justus BULKLEY 6479, Information
FORD, Henry B. and Hannah MORRISON, 1864, application only
GARDNER, Allen and Sarah Ann FINK, married 29 May 1850, performed by James SOLOMON (SS) #1509/#57
GARDNER, J. W. and Lucy Ida GARDNER, 10 Sep 1865, A R GARNER MG 4878
GARDNER, Jasper N. and Margaret D. BAIRD, 3 Oct 1864, A C RAFFERTY MG 4591
GARDNER, John ?middle? and Sarah HILL, 20 Nov 1849, applied Oct 29, 1849; married by G W ??????
GARDNER, Joseph and Hellen M LAMB, 15 Oct 1857, Henry CALDWELL 2915/1201
GARDNER, Joseph and Mary Jane CALDWELL, 2 Apr 1852, 1792/77
GARDNER, Joseph L. and Lowina C ALLMOND, 24 Dec 1863, A R GARNER MG 4426
GARDNER, Zarial W. and Miss Ann JOHNSON, 7 March 1843, Information
GATES, Leander W. and Nannie LOFTON, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
GAUG, Louis and Hannah MIEHE, 5 May 1870, Information
GEPHART, William and Rebecca M SUTTON, 26 Aug 1858, D MCDANIEL JP 3174/1458
GIBERSON, W. C. and Alice RICHARDSON, 15 Dec 1896, W. A. ATKINS, Police Magistrate, Information
GIBSON, Benjamin W. and Martha Jane BAKER, 30 November 1854, John SCOTT, JP
GILL, John H, 19 yrs, and Elizabeth C ENGLAND, 19 yrs, page of record 472, Applied 8 Jun 1876, 8792, date of return 8 Jun 1876.
GLESNER, Alexander and Nancy Ann WALKER, December 23, 1841, Information
GOOD, D. L. and Margaret J. MOORE, 1 September 1863, Information
GOOD, John W, from and born in North Otter, farmer, 19 yrs, parents D L GOOD and Margaret MOORE, married Sarah Jane HAYS, 16 yrs, born in North Otter Twp, parents Aaron HAYS and ?Lisa? (I think should be Sinai) CHAPMAN, 8 May 1884 at Steward HAYS home by S J HAYS, JP, ?P M? HEGGY and I M GIBSON, witnesses, #1429, p 146.
GOODWIN, Geo. E. and Emma F. CRUIKSHANKS, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
GRANT, James F, 35 yrs, of Bunker Hill, parents James F GRANT and Maria KELLEY, married Maria T RICHARDS LEE, 39 yrs, 2nd marriage, parents Thomas RICHARDS and Eliza TOMLIN, 13 Dec 1882 at Carlinville, p 108, #940.
GRAY, William M or W and Eliza Jane ATTERBERRY, 7 Nov 1850, James BRISTOW (LS) 1568/111
GROGAN, Frederick and Bridget MURPHY, 24 Sep 1862, Rev F SCHREIVER 4134
GROTEFENDT, William J. C. and Anna LORENZ, 6 November 1883, Information
GUNN, John W. and ? D. SMITH, 10 Dec 1896, Balfour COWEN, County Judge, Information
HAASIS, Abraham and Miss Sophia ZAEPFFEL, 05 Aug 1873, William W. FREEMAN JP 7859, Information
HAIDER, Michael and Miss Agnes HESSELDENZ, 29 July 1873, Henry EGGLESTEIN Catholic Priest No # Information
HAMMOND, Wilson M, 25 yrs, Rosa Jane CARTER, 16 yrs, 5 Jul 1875, Murray CHENEY, Police Magistrate, 8480.
HARBOUR, Elisha and Matilda C BROWN, 1 Oct 1850, Samuel B CULPE 1544/87
HARBOUR, Elisha and Tabitha RIBBLE, 19 Oct 1871, James SOLOMON MG 7317
HARBOUR, Levi and Elizabeth HODGE, applied Jul 1862, mother's permission
HARLAN, George T. to Miss Emer Caroline MCGHEE, 10 Dec 1879, 9880
HARRIS, Thos. and Luella PARDY, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
HART, George and Nancy B RICE, 1 Sep 1859, Demas D WILLS JP 3433/1717
HART, Thomas B. and Elizabeth J. SIMS, 9 Nov 1865, John SCOTT JP 4945
HART, John E, 20 yrs, and Sarah M CHERRY, 17 yrs, page of record 470, Applied 25 May 1876, 8781, date of return 5 Jun 1876.
HAYS, Aaron and Sinai CHAPMAN, 2 Jan 1853, George A W CLOUD JP
HAYS, Eli and Mrs Polly HARRIS, 9 Sep 1869, Rev Sebird ENGLAND 6465
HAYS, J. W. and Lucinda ENGLAND, 6 Dec 1860, George A W CLOUD JP 3702/205
HAYS, James and Hannah NASH, father consent married 23 Dec 1860, George A W CLOUD JP 3712/215. Applied 21 Dec 1860
HAYS, James Marion and Sarah Melinda SHORES, 28 Feb 1861, George A W CLOUD JP 3758/32
HAYS, Lewis C. and Clarissa M CONVERSE, 8 Feb 1862, J L SHERMAN JP 3979
HAYS, Matthew and Margaret CROMWELL, 24 Dec 1860, W W FREEMAN MG 3717/220
HAYS, Patrick and Ann KINNEY, 16 Mar 1865, Rev F SCHREIBER 4736
HAYS, Samuel J. and Ellen SHORES, 24 Mar 1864, Milton MCCLURE JP
HAYS or HAYES, Starkey, of North Palmyra, farmer, 40 yrs, born in KY, 2nd marriage, parents William HAYS and Nancy KINNET, married Emma GOOCH, 27 yrs, born in Macoupin Co IL, parents John GOOCH and J JONES, 10 Sep 1882 at Palmyra IL by W C BELL, Minister of the Gospel, p 100, #831.
HAYS, Steward, born North Otter, 21 yrs, f Aaron HAYS, m Sinai CHAPMAN; mar Martha E GRIMMETT, born in North Palmyra, f John C GRIMMETT, m Martha HUSON, mar at William HUSON'S on 21 Mar 1878, by Asa M STAMPER, MINISTER, 9343.
HAYS, William, 42 yrs, and Mrs Ann WHEALAN, 30 yrs, 23 Sep 1875, H J ??HOBE??, Pastor of St Mary's in Carlinville, 8555.

HAYS, William and Candace NASH, 24 Dec 1861, J S ?CARTER JP 3950
HAYS, William W. and Harriet WATER, 23 Dec 1863, A S MCCOY 4430
HEADLEY, George W. and Nancy Jane RICHARDS, 1 Sep 1870, Milton MCCLURE JP 6958
HEADLEY, James Monroe, born in Rush Co IN, 37 yrs, farmer, from Morgan Co, parents James A HEADLEY and ?Hahala A CHRISTIANSON?, married Louenna ADCOCK, 2nd marriage, lived in North Otter, born in Macoupin, 21 yrs, parents Beverly ADCOCK and M L EADS, 22 Feb 1883 at E H RICHARDS by S J HAYS, JP, #1000, p 113.
HEATON, Orange B. and Mrs. Margaret J. HEATON, 02 July 1873, William L. TARBET MG 7838 Information
HENDRICKS, Harrison and Miss Lizzie WAGONAFT, October 15, 1869, Charles Witte MG 6512 Information
HENRY, Richard and Mrs. Drusilla MOORE, 28 June 1873, Maccabeus CARR JP 7837, Information
HETTIGER, Warren and Mrs E A CHAPMAN, 8 Feb 1869, John EVERLY MG 6511
HILL, Alfred and Miss Eunice THOMPSON, 19 Sep 1869, Solomon I. PENDARVIS 6477, Information
HILL, John D. and Lucinda RICE, 25 Jun 1851, H D PLATT MG 1662/67
HILL, Joseph B. and Margaret A. SUTTON, 14 Sep 1873, C H BUSH MG 7902
HILL, Wyatt R. and Elizabeth HUGHES, 7-19-1833, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
HILLMANN, John Ernst Carl Christoph and Juliana Auguste SCHULZE, 27 January 1895, Information
HINES, Thomas, 26 yrs, and Georgiana A STUART, 24 yrs, page of record 11, Applied 14 Oct 1875, 8568.
HODGE, William H, and Clara J RIDGEWAY, 21 yrs, 8 Feb 1875, Andrew S ARMSTRONG, JP, 8362.

HODGES, Garrison? or Harrison? and Amanda WITT, 6 Sep 1860, 3637/140
HODGES, James and Jeanna WALKER, 31 Mar 1867, T B ROSS JP 5552
HODGES, James W. and Sarah E. WRIGHT, 31 Jan 1858, R. HOLDING MG 3032/1316
HODGES, John and Elizabeth KILIAM, 12 Feb 1864, S B ROP JP 4456
HODGES, John L. and Jemima RICE, 26 Mar 1857, 2804/1090
HODGES, Joseph and Susan RICE, 30 Jan 1853, James SOLOMON 1920/206
HODGES, Samuel B. and Elizabeth M. RICE, 8 Feb 1855, J W CARTER MG 2316/602
HODGES, William and Hannah F ROSS, 10 Feb 1853, John SCOTT JP 1931/217
HODGES, William W. and Delisba RATTAN, 1 Apr 1858, Sebird ENGLAND 3098/1382
HODGES, William W. and Mary A DE BAUN, 20 Sep 1866, George SILVER 5280
HOGGATT, John A. and Miss Emily J. RULE, 07 Aug 1873, J. C. CANDLE MG 7858, Information
HOHLEN, Behernd and Mrs Margaretha SITTEN, 4 Jun 1874, Joh. T MUELLER MG 8134
HOLLIDAY, George W. F. and Miss Mary V. GARY, 23 July 1873, J. C. Sargeant MG 7847, Information
HOLT, William to Miss Yenoth Matilda MCGHEE, 15 August 1867, 5966
HOOK, Henry M, from St Louis MO, publisher and correspondent, 40 yrs, born in MD, 1st marriage, parents Henry F HOOK and Maria L BENSON, married Elizabeth SMITH RICHARDS, from Bunker Hill IL, 25 yrs, born in PA, parents Thomas Smith RICHARDS and Louisa H SHEAFE, 17 Jan 1884 at Bunker Hill by Rev B E REED at ??Rutger Mount? Church, #1331, p 139.
HOOVER, Norris L. and Miss Serena TONGATE, 7 November 1839, Information
HORD, Alexander and Lucy G HILL, 20 May 1857, J PERRY JACKSON MG 2828/1114
HOWELL, James M. 25 yrs and Margaret A. MORRISON 22 yrs, 24 Sep 1874, Jacob L PLAIN JP 8212
HUCKLEBRIDGE, Charles, 21 yrs, and Jane PERRINE, 20 yrs, 24 Jan 1875, Joseph EARP, MG, 8349.
HUDDLESTON, Amos E, 30 yrs, born in Macoupin Co, farmer, 2nd marriage, parents Robert W HUDDLESTON and Eliza A M FARRIS, married Clara E PERRINE, 27 yrs, born in Hilyard, parents Daniel PERRINE and Emily DOYLE, 7 Oct 1884 by J W VAN CLEAVE, VDM, #1539, p 155.

HUNTLEY, William F. and Mary E MORRISON, 6 Oct 1858, Mahlon ROSS JP 3207/1491
HUTCHISON, James T. and Sarah B. HAYS, 26 Sep 1850, Harmon BAILEY (LS)
JACKSON, Elihu F. and Amilda STEWART, 8 Mar 1860, Ira MOORE 3553/55
JENKINS, George and Letitia SWIFT, 17 Dec 1863, C JOHNSON JP 4424
JENKINS, Isaac T. 21yrs Eliza Frances BUSH 16 yrs, 5 Nov 1874, George HUNTER Police Magistrate 8261
JENKINS, William, 25 yrs, and Mary Ann FOGG, 20 yrs, 24 Nov 1874, W W DORMAN, JP, 8281.
JENKINS, William H, 24 yrs, and Charity E HAYS, 15 yrs, 15 Jul 1875, Sebird ENGLAND, MG, 8494.
JENNINGS, Charles E, 23 yrs, and Mattie A MATTHEWS, 18 yrs, page of record 122, Applied 26 Aug 1876, 8838, date of return 31 Aug 1876.
JENNINGS, James G, 24yrs, and Mary Frances BARROW, 17 yrs, 31 Dec 1874, C H BUSH, MG, 8335.

JENNINGS, Jesse and Sarah ???AFFICER???, 24 Jan 1861, L B SMITH JP 3741/15
JONES, Elah and Mary Ann HAYS, 3 Mar 1859, George A W CLOUD JP 3318/1603
JONES, George F. and M. SOLOMON, 31 Dec 1857, Lewis SOLOMON County Judge 3003/1287
JONES, George T. and Luella GLEASON, 19 Feb 1880, John R. BARBER 9966 Information
JONES, Jeremiah and Louisa Jane D CRAWFORD, 1 Jun 1851, Elder George OWEN (LS) 1658/63
JOHNSON, Charles Henry and Mary L. DAVIS, 29 Feb 1880, J W CALDWELL, MG 9976 Information
JOHNSON, Jesse N. and Martha ENGLAND, 24 Dec 1867, John EVERLY MG 6134
JOHNSON, John H. and Margretha BAUMANN, 8 January 1884, Information
JOHNSTON, David R. and Mrs. Lucy A. GREENWALT, 30 July 1873, D. P. DEADRICK MG 7855, Information
JOHNSTON, Hugh K. and Anna P. RICHARDS, 26 Nov 1873, G W VAINUM MG 7996
JOHNSTON, Isaac N. and Emily F. CHAPMAN, 17 Sep 1867, John EVERLY MG 6057
KALBRIER, Otto and Frieda ROHR, 5 September 1897, Information
KASTEN, Albert and Minnie STAATS, 10 April 1890, Information
KASTEN, Carl and Emma Augusta WIESE, 24 April 1881, Information
KASTEN, Christ and Christine MIEHE, 1854, Information
KASTEN, Emil P. and Fanny N. HENRICKS, 30 June 1897, Information
KASTEN, Gustav and Emma OELTGEN, 22 April 1883, Information
KELLER, Marcus L. and Polly A CHAPMAN, 12 Feb 1852, R RANDEL MG
KELLY, John and Miss Sophie POWELL 05 July 1873 by James LEATON MG 7843, Information
KINDER, Abram and Adelia A CHAPMAN, 19 Jan 1865, C J T TOLLE 4685
KING, D. H. and Mrs Sarah A RICHARDS, 15 Dec 1867, T B ROSS JP 6120
KNOWLES, Wm. H. and Mary N. FEGG License returned 07 Jul 1873 no marriage 7839, Information
LADLEY, David L, farmer, lived in Barr Twp, born in Macoupin Co IL, 23 yrs, parents Thomas J LADLEY and Caroline REYNOLDS, married Amanda M SUTTON, 21 yrs, born in Greene Co IL, parents John SUTTON and Nancy D STAMPER, 5 Mar 1882 at John SUTTON's by James W DRAKE, Minister of the Gospel, #673, p 88.
LADLEY, Derastis, 24yrs, parents David LADLEY and Sarah STOUT, married Mary REYNOLDS, of Barr IL, 19 yrs, parents James REYNOLDS and Lydia EDGARTON, 24 May 1880 at Carlinville, #43.
LADLEY, George W, lived at Barr's Store, 30 yrs, machinist, born in Jersey Co IL, 2nd marriage, parents David LADLEY and Sarah STOUT, married Elizabeth BATTY, of South Palmyra, 21 yrs, born in IL, parents Richard BATTY and Melinda JONES, 9 Oct 1881 at residence of J W DRAKE, by J W DRAKE, MG, #490, p 74.
LAIR, Austin S. and Elizabeth Jane BRIDGES, 1 Feb 1854, Information
LAIR, George and Elizabeth TAVIS, 7 Aug 1851, 1677/82
LAIR, Thomas M, 35 yrs, and Mrs Emla MOREHEAD, 39 yrs, page of record 108, Applied 29 Jun 1876, 8800, date of return 29 Jul 1876.
LANDRETH, Edwin and Delilah BARTLETT, 26 August 1857, John SCOTT, JP
LAYCOCK, George, 19 yrs, and Mary E HODGES, 17 yrs, page of record 461, Applied 25 Mar 1876, 8738, date of return 27 Mar 1876.
LAYTON, Elwood and Miss Sarah R. WEISS, 30 Sep 1869, J. W. LANE, 6486 Information
LEARER (LEAR), John and Mary A. WALKER, 2-28-1830, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
LINCK, Conrad to Miss Caroline GEHRIG, No Date, 6940
LOBB, Hiram J, from Virden, 24 yrs, farmer, born in KY, parents James LOBB and Nancy A WILLSON, married Emily J SHIPP, of Virden, born in KY, 22 yrs, parents George SHIPP and Martha OWEN, 17 Nov 1883 at Carlinville by L P PEEBLES, County Judge, #1245, p 132.
LOGAN, James and Cynthia HAYNES, 7-20-1833 , transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
LOGES, Heinrich and Hedwig ROHR, 12 April 1888, Information
LORENZ, Bernhard and Theressia BREXENDORPFF (nee WHITTEL), 15 Decemeber 1883, Information
LORENZ, George W. and Miss Addie JOICE, 31 December 1890, Information
LYNCH, Alford to Miss Elizabeth P. BRISTOW, 5 Nov 1835, 199
LYNCH, Barney to Miss Bridget MCDERMOTT, 16 Nov 1869, 6548
LYNCH, E. W. to Miss Susan E. KLIPPER, 18 August 1867, 5968
LYNCH, James to Mrs. Jane ROBINSON, 3 December 1862, 4181
LYNCH, James M. to Miss Josephine F. STRONG, 26 Feb 1871, 7135
LYNCH, James O. to Miss Amanda E. PARKER, 21 Sep 1873, 7914
LYNCH, John to Miss Jane MCNIGHT, 2 Nov 1841, 519?
LYNCH, John to Miss Sarah CHERRY, 24 December 1866, 5442
LYNCH, M. Powell to Miss Esther SHARP, 3 Mar 1839,
LYNCH, Peter to Miss Evaline LEACH, 23 Aug 1873, 7880
LYNCH, Tilman to Miss Melinda Jane HOWARD, 8 September 1867, 6000
LYNCH, Tim to Miss Kate DRISCOLL, No Date, 5973
LYNCH, William H. to Miss Bettie ELLIS, 6 Aug 1871, 7232
MCCLANNAHAN, David A. and Lizzie A. STEWART, 28 Jan 1874, S B CULP MG 8057
MCDANIEL, William F. and Mrs P. T. NASH, 27 Sep 1854, D MCDANIEL JP
MCDONALD, James and Margarett MORRISON, 28 Feb 1859, D MCDANIEL 3293/1578
MCDONALD, William and Mrs. Elizabeth A. SLUSSER 07 Aug 1873, N. D. SHACKELFORD MG 7860, Information
MCGHEE, Alfred to Mrs. Sarah WALLER, 1 October 1863, 4373
MCGEE, Benjamin J. to Miss Frances E. HUSBAND, 15 June 1880, 59
MCGEE, Cornelius to Miss Elizabeth FORTUNE, 24 Sep 1872, 7575
MCGHEE, David to Miss Delilah KING, 1 January 1863, 4185
MCGHEE, David to Mrs. Melissa A. RUTHERFORD, 20 August 1857, 2879
MCGHEE, James to Miss Pauline I. HARLAN, 9 Feb 1843, 758
MCGHEE, Rollie Eugene to Miss Mollie N. FOSTER, 14 Oct 1885, 1846
MCGHEE, Wyatt W. to Miss Laura D. STUTSMAN, 23 Aug 1883, 1152
MCGILL, Squire M. and Mary A. WHALEN, 2 Jul 1887, P J ONEILLE Book 12 page 221, Information
MCGLOFFLIN, William and Cynthia Ann OLLER, 5 Feb 1866, Seabird ENGLAND 5047
MACKEY, William and Mrs Mary Jane CRUMP, 28 Mar 1864, Milton MCCLURE JP 4494
MAGEE, James W. to Miss Caroline MCCONAHAY, 7 November 1867, 6088
MAHON, James M. 21 yrs and Nancy M. CRUMP 15 yrs, 22 Oct 1874, J KEATHCART MG 8244
MANN, Charles and Ophelia HOWARD, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
MANN, Harrison and Bethanice STEWART, 2 Feb 1851, J E ARNOLD JP 1605/9.
MARTH, Charles and Louise SCHAUM, Oct. 23, 1895. Information
MARTIN, William E, farmer, 27 yrs, born Greene Co IL, parents John H MARIN and Ellen J BLISSIT, married Amanda J HARBOR, born in Sangamon Co IL, living in South Otter, 25 yrs, parents Elisha HARBOR and Maudilla SHELTON, 30 Nov 1881 by S J HAYS, JP, at Elisha HARBOR's, #562.
MASSEY, Isaac and Rachel LEE, 12-7-1830, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
MATLOCK, Jesse B. and Miss Mary S. ABBOTT both of Macoupin Co IL, 22 Nov 1856, married at Alton Madison Co IL, Joseph EARP, Pastor of M.E.C. Information

MAY, John F. and Sarah Agnes WHALEN, 3 Nov 1896, Rev. J. J. CLANCY M.G. Book 2 Item 2 page 238, Information
MAYER, David M. 24 yrs and Amanda J. ENGLAND 27 yrs, 20 Oct 1874, Adam WAGGONER MG 8243
MEEDS, Silas and Mrs Sarah ADCOCK, 16 Aug 1868, Pleasant F CHERRY JP 6329
METCALF, Francis and Jane Ann HOGG, 14 Feb 1858, James BRISTOW 3048/1332
MEIHE (MIEHE), Frank and Miss Lena BURGDORF, 28 September 1868, Information
MEYER, Charles and Miss Mary DUGAN, 7 Oct 1869, Michael CLIFFORD J. P. 6497 Information
MEYER, John H. and Ricka MEYER, 22 Feb 1880, Carl BECKER, MG, 9967 Information
MIEHE, Charles D. and Miss Mollie ROARK, 30 March 1889, Information
MIEHE, Edward and Bertha HENSHEN, 31 Oct 1884, Information
MIEHE, Frederick and Miss Rebecca JACOBS, 23 August 1868, Information
MIEHE, Henry and Mene LEIKIFYT (LYCKEFYT), 28 November 1857, Information
MIEHE, Otto W. and Lena LUFERS, 5 February 1894, Information
MIEHE, Walter F. and __inta May BRANAN, 30 November 1898, Information
MIEHER, William H. and ______ GRIFFEL, 15 April 1896, Information
MILLBOWER, John and Mrs. Catherine BOHN, 11 Oct 1869, W. J. HOVEN a Catholic Priest 6507 Information
MITCHELL, Benjamin and Emma SUTTON, 3 Jan 1861, 3728/2
MITCHELL, John H. and Charlotte Breden (Breeden), 1 April 1879, Shipman Township.
MOORE, Alexander and Miss Mary NEVINS, 20 October 1836, Information
MOORE, James Edward and Maggie R E TAYLOR, 22 Oct 1882, Leroy F. WOOD, MG 885 Information
MORRISON, George and Rebecca JONES, 24 Dec 1867, J L PLAIN JP 6141
MORRISON, John, 21 yrs, and Maggie REARDON, 20 yrs, page of record 126, Applied 2 Sep 1876, 8845, date of return 14 Sep 1876.
MORRISON, John C. and Mary COX, 18 Oct 1882, L P PEEBLES, County Judge 883 Information
MORRISON, Robert and Bridget COONEY, 17 Feb 1867, John O'SULLIVAN 5508
MORRISON, Walter A. and Candis GROVES, 30 Nov 1864, John W KELLAR PG 4647
MULSHINOOK, Thomas and Miss Mary DELANEY, 23 July 1873, Henry J. Hoover Catholic Priest 7846 Information
MYERS, David and Nancy Jane CRUMP, 20 Jul 1854, 2189/475
MYERS, Milton A, 24 yrs, and Mary A OLLER, 30 yrs, 15 Jul 1875, Sebird ENGLAND, MG, 8493.
MYERS, Moses A. and Martha Ann ADCOCK, 27 Jul 1871, B L BERRY JP 7227.
NASH, Hiram 53 yrs and Ellen ARMSTRONG 23 yrs, 8 Jul 1874, Peter W CLARK JP 8156
NASH, John and Christiana Ann ENGLAND, 12 Sep 1850, Harmon BAILEY (SS) 1540/#83.
NASH, John M. and Angeline MYERS, 26 Feb 1857, I H MOORE 2793/1079
NEIGHBORS, Woodford and Julia Ann DUNCAN, 7 Apr 1853, Lewis SOLOMON JP
NEST, Lewis and Miss Jennie REA, 20 Sep 1869, J. L. PLAIN JP 6481 Information
NEVINS, James and Miss Miranda SIMS, 28 October 1836, Information
NEVINS, Patterson and Sarah CHAPMAN, 4 Sep 1851, 1693/98
NEVINS, Thomas C, 22 yrs, his parents were Elias NEVINS and Eliza THOMAS; Emma CRUMP, 19 yrs, both natives of North Otter, Emma's parents were John CRUMP and Nancy ENGLAND, married at Carlinville 5 Sep 1878, witness was Marshall JENNINGS and married by L P PEEBLES, County Judge, 9428.
NIGHBERT, Joseph and Evaline BANDY, married Aug 23, 1849, 1413/87
NORVELL, Joseph W, born in Macoupin Co, school teacher, father James NORVELL, mother WALKER, married Lina Elizabeth ENGLAND, 24 yrs, father Joseph ENGLAND, mother May HAYES. Mar at Joseph ENGLAND'S home 3 Oct 1878, by M V KITZMILLER, MG, witness Thomas ENGLAND, 9452.
OBRIEN, William and Miss Margaret DOWNS, 11 Oct 1869, Michael CLIFFORD, C.P. 6508 Information
OLLER, A J, Jr, of Harvel Montgomery Co IL, farmer, born west of Girard, 22 yrs, parents A J OLLER Sr and Nancy HAYS, married Barbara E EBERLY, 19 yrs, born near Girard, parents John J EBERLY and Mary BEANBLOSSOM, married 8 Dec 1881 at residence of J M BROWN and Mary J BROWN by F J WOOLEY, JP, #574, p 80.
OLLER, Amos, Brushy Mound Twp, 23 yrs, origin English, lawyer Macoupin Co, parents P C OLLER and Elizabeth SNOOK, married Ida E HUDDLESTON, of Brushy Mound Twp, 16 yrs, Samuel HUDDLESTON and Sarah Ann WALTON, married 19 Jan 1879, at bride's father's home, by R H MASSEY, Minister of the Gospel, #9580.
OLLER, George T, from Honey Point, farmer, next bday 27yrs, born Macoupin Co, parents Perry OLLER and Elizabeth SNOOK, married Mildred J DOOLEY, of Brushy Mound, 20 yrs, born Macoupin Co, parents Elihu DOOLEY and Susan BAGBY, 24 Apr 1884 at Brushy Mound by D W BAGBY, JP, #1420, p 146.

OLLER, Leonard and Tabitha KENT, by George A M CLARK, 25 Oct 1849, Issued Oct 16, 1849 - #1431/#105 - Both of age
OLLER, Perry C. and Elizabeth SNOOK, 12 May 1855, ??? JONES, JP, 2358/444
OLLER, Perry C. and Mrs Mary Ann KINDER, 5 Jan 1869, J NORRIS JP 6478
OVERBAY, Humphrey, 41 yrs, coalminer, from Staunton, born in TN, 2nd marriage, parents Robert OVERBAY and Elizabeth POLLARD, married Ellen J SUTTON, 34 yrs, 1st marriage, from Dorchester, born in IL, parents Jeremiah SUTTON and Martha SWAIN, married 2 Dec 1880 in Staunton by Josias R RIPLEY, Police Magistrate, #215, p53.
OVERBEY, William A, from Greenfield IL, farmer, 39 yrs, born TN, 2nd marriage, parents William OVERBEY and Maria SEARLS, married Mary F PITCHFORD, from Western Mound, born in IL, 1st marriage, 34 yrs, parents Eli PITCHFORD and Melinda BOGGS, 12 Sep 1883 at Melinda PITCHFORD's by J W ?TIERNEY, Reg Minister, #1178, p127.

PADDOCK, Robert and Mary L WEISS, 4 Mar 1880, J A SEERITT, MG 9977 Information
John McAuley and Malinda Ann NEELEY, December 21, 1842, 2/742 Information
PARK, Hugh S. and Amanda PAUL, 9 Mar 1893, J. W. MCNEILL JP, Information
PARTRIDGE, Charles John and Nancy Mariah ALLEN, 26 Feb 1880, R Z FAHR, Pastor ME Church 9973 Information
PAYRAN, Clarence E. and Miss Sarah A. BLANCHARD, 23 July 1873, W. W. FREEMAN JP 7848 Information
PEARSON, William and Susan HODGES, 6 Jul 1872, James SOLOMON MG 7842 Information
PERCY, William P. and Mary E. SEAMAN, 14 Aug 1889, W W FREEMAN MG, Information
PERRINE, Ezekial and Minerva WEATHERFORD, 26 Nov 1854, D MCDANIEL JP 2266/552
PERRINE, George W. and Mary J. MITCHELL 26 Mar 1868, W W FREEMAN MG 6232
PERRINE, James W, 27 yrs, and Alice MITCHELL, 19 yrs, page of record 125, Applied 30 Aug 1876, 8843, returned 31 Aug 1876. PERRINE, Martin Luther, 19 yrs, and Martha Emma ISON, 18 yrs, page of record 435, 8586, Applied 27 Oct 1875.
PERRINE, John H. and Mariah E. JONES, 12 Oct 1871, B L BERRY JP
PERRINE, Samuel and Mrs Visa BATES, 25 Sep 1870, William VANCLEVE MG 6980
PERRINE, William and Jane ANDERSON, 8 Apr 1858, J L COTTER JP 3105/1389
PETER, Thomas C. and Mary H RICHARDS, 14 May 1854, C J T TOLLE MG 2158/444
PHILLIPS, Eugene and Miss Mollie UNDERCOFFER, 28 Sep 1869, Rev. M. R. JUDD 6489 Information
PITCHFORD, George, 18 yrs, and Matilda Ellen JACKSON, 17 yrs, 8587, page of record 436, Applied 28 Oct 1875.
PITCHFORD, Sebastian, 21 yrs, and Edmonia CARR, 19 yrs, 24 Dec 1874, L L HARLAN, MG, 8319.
PLASTER, William and Miss Mary DRISKELL, 5 Oct 1869, William DORMAN, J.P. 6493 Information
PLETGER, Casper F, from Honey Point, farmer, 30 yrs, born in Long Island, 1st marriage, parents Christ PLETGER and Dora D OXEN, married Sarah Jane BANDY, of Honey Point, 26yrs, born in TN, parents Robert D BANDY and Martha Jane ATCHISON, 22 Nov 1883 at residence of George P BROWN by Leo MITCHELL, Minister, witness Charles W CLARK and Josie BANDY and Grace MITCHELL, #1270, p 134.
POOL, George and Miss Catharine HOOVER, 21 ?May 1835, Information
POTTER, Edgar S, from Quincy IL, R.Y Postal Clerk, born Cawdeu IL, 25 yrs, parents John H POTTER and Julia ?PLUMHETT?, married Puso SIMS, born in and from Virden IL, 23 yrs, parents Willis SIMS and E M SHARP, 24 May 1882 at Virden, W A DUNNING, ??, # 746, p 94.
POTTER, W. H. and Miss Cordelia STEWARD, 20 Sep 1869, A. C. RAFFERTY 6482 Information
POWARS, Chris and Miss Molly TONGATE, 7 October 1896, Information
POWELL, Henry S. and Sarah E. BAKER, 16 October 1867, W.W. FREEMAN, MG
POWERS, Daniel and Lucy CORMACK, 12-12-1832, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
POWERS, John and Mary RYAN, 2-11-1843, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
QUICK, J. A. and Wilhelmina MITCHELL, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
REIKER, Reiker and Miss Mina WITT, 27 June 1873, Jacob L. PLAIN JP 7836, Information
RENFROW, Absolum and Elizabeth CORMACK, Jan 30 1830, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
RENO, Granville Giles and Louisa Ellen RHOADS, Dec 16, 1877, Ledger 1, p 251, 9252, from M Trover, also found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877.
RENO, James W. and Mary Jane MITCHELL, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
RHOADS, Benjamin C. and Miss Lisenia? BROWN, 13 Aug 1873, B. L. BERRY JP 7871, Information
RHODES, Hillery and Mrs. Matilda HALL, 5 Oct 1869, J. L. PLAIN J.P. 6492 Information
RICE, Hugh and P. M. POWERS, 2-27-1852, license, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
RICHARDS, Alfred P. and Sarah A. VANCE, 18 Dec 1855, ???Sirnus??? D WELLS JP 2474/760
RICHARDS, Charles J, 24 yrs, lived South Otter Twp, farmer, born in North Otter Twp, parents Peter RICHARDS and Nancy SEXTON, married Eliza E HUNT, lived in South Otter, 18 yrs, born in Macoupin Co IL, parents George C HUNT and Alzina CHERRY, 19 Mar 1882 at the home of bride's mother by Thomas W BRINDLE, JP, #685, p 89.
RICHARDS, Edmond and Mrs Charity SHORES formerly Charity ADCOCK, APPLIED ONLY 8 May 1867, 5893
RICHARDS, Edmund and Mrs Lienary A RICHARDS, 7 Oct 1867, George A NORVELL or NOWELL JP 6039
RICHARDS, Edmund and Mary M MORRISON, 18 Mar 1856, F P CHERRY JP 2540/826
RICHARDS, Edmund H. and Maria GOOD, 2 Jan 1853, George A W CLOUD JP 1900/185
RICHARDS, Edmund Hendley and Nancy Jane ADCOCK, 19 Feb 1874, William H HART JP 8075
RICHARDS, Enoch S. and Elizabeth A MOORE, 4 Aug 1860, Andrew A ATKINS JP 3620/123
RICHARDS, Ferdinand S. and Elvira JOHNSON, 27 Jun 1867, W L TARBET MG 5933
RICHARDS, George Presket, 24 yrs, born in North Otter, parents Lanketon RICHARDS & Jane HAYS, married Anna SWIFT HAYS, born North Otter, parents John SWIFT and Susan WILLIAMS, 18yrs, 20 Feb 1879, m at the residence of Mrs Ann HAYS, Joseph NORVELL and Lucy NORVELL witnesses, married by S J HAYS, JP, #9618.
RICHARDS, George W, from Dorchester, farmer, born in Moro IL, 25 yrs, parents Jervis RICHARDS and Caroline WILSON, married Annie E KNIBB, of Bunker Hill, 21 yrs, born in St Louis, parents William J KNIBB and Elenor C MOORE, married 7 Sep 1881 at Bunker Hill, by George SILVER, Pastor of the Baptist Church, # 452, p 71.
RICHARDS, James, 26 yrs, and Elizabeth CRAWFORD 22 yrs, page of record 187(book6), Applied 1 Feb 1877, 8992, date of return 26 Feb 1877.

RICHARDS, Jeremiah and Maria OLLER, 13 Sep 1855, P F CHERRY JP 2423/709
RICHARDS, John and Louisa HEWITT, 18 Sep 1861, J S CARTER or COLTER JP 3890/163
RICHARDS, John, 36 yrs, and Mary A BRAKEBILL, 32 yrs, page of record 91, Applied 19 Apr 1876, 8755, date of return 27 Apr 1876.
RICHARDS, John A, from Hancock Co IL, age 23, farmer, born in Adams Co IL, f J W RICHARDS, m Marriana H JUDY; Cora E HOUCHENS, of Shipman IL, 21 yrs, born in Macoupin Co IL, f J B HOUCHEN, m Sarah A KEYS, married at Piasa IL, 1 Jan 1878, witnesses S B and Sarah TROTTER , by N E HARMON, M E. 9286.
RICHARDS, John W. and Aliecirey E. TOSH, 17 May 1866, T L LOOMIS County Judge 5175
RICHARDS, Peterson W. and Sarah Ann WOLFE, 5 Oct 1871, William H HART JP 7297
RICHARDS, Samuel M. and Josephine BURNS, 7 Jan 1874, William L TARBET MG 8045
RIDDLE, George F, 22 yrs, of Palmyra, farmer, born in IL, parents George F RIDDLE and Rachel ALFORD, married Mollie T HAYES, 17 yrs,living in Palmyra, born in NY, parents Starkey HAYES and Mary M NEAR, married 7 Aug 1881 by C A KING, #423, p 69.
RITTER, George L 25 yrs and Harriet A. SIMS 17 yrs, 3 Sep 1874, Marshall M GOODE MG 8188
ROBERTS, Andrew J. to Miss Sampta MCGHEE, 29 May 1851, 1665
ROBERTS, Thomas J. and Elviria M. DUGGER, 18 Oct 1882, Sargeant GOBBLE, JP 877
ROBERTSON, Daniel and Clara B. FARMER, 18 Oct 1882, J J BRISTOW 881 Information
ROBINSON, Andy E.and Harriet A. MILLER, 10 Aug 1873, John B. CORWINE MG 7865, Information
ROBINSON, Hugh to Miss Maria MCGHEE, 29 March 1868, 6233
ROBINSON, Hugh, 43 yrs, and Lucinda MORRISON, 19 yrs, record of page 224, Applied 4 Jun 1877, 9073, returned 7 Jun 1877.
ROBISON, William H. H. and Mary Elizabeth STEWART, 22 Jun 1856, Isaac F COLBY JP 2602/888
RODERICK, Daniel, from MO, he was a cauvaser, born in OH, 45 yrs, 3rd marriage, parents John RODERICK and Elizabeth LAUGHLIN, married Mary J SIMS WALLS, born in IL, 2nd marriage, 39 yrs, parents George M SIMS and Elizabeth DECK (could be DICK), 14 Nov 1883 at residence of J R SPIRES, JP, ?in Sangamon Co IL?, witnesses D L GOODE and E A GOODE, #1259,
ROSS, John C. and Miss Anna M. DAVIS, 16 January 1862, L. Diliard, M. G Information
ROSS, Charles P. and Miss Rachel A. ANDREW, 07 Aug 1873, D.H. HALLON MG 7861, Information
ROUSE, John B. and Nancy Elizabeth CHAPMAN, 3 May 1866, C J T TOLLE MG 5160
RUSHER, Robert A. and Mrs Margaret E. CHAPMAN, 27 Mar 1868, John B L SOULE MG 6230
RUTHERFORD, Edgar J. to Miss Sarah F. SPEAKMAN, 10 Feb 1870
SANDERS, William and Mary M. SMITH, 11-27-1851, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
SANFORD, Alex and Lizzie HAYS, 14 Jun 1866, J L PLAIN JP 5199
SAWYER, Theodore and Lilian A. SAWYER, 18 Oct 1882, Andrew J. WORK, JP 880 Information
SCHUPMANN, Karl and Mathilda ROHR, 15 April 1891, Information
SEAGO, Alfred and Flora A. RICE, 24 Nov 1892, Official D. P. DEADICK (info from Jeri WEBER)
SEAGO, James L. and Achsah CARRICO, 17 Sep 1863, Official Samuel LYNN (info from Jeri WEBER)
SEAGO, Wm. R. and Elizabeth T. CAMPBELL, 7 Dec 1865, Official Enoch BRIDGES (info from Jeri WEBER)
SEAGO, William T. and Lusannah JACKSON, 10 Feb 1851, Official Henry H. WITT (info from Jeri WEBER)
SEATON, George and Jane ENGLAND, 24 Aug 1854, George A W CLOUD JP 2206/492
SEGRIST, John F. and Miss Melvina HART (by Fathers const.), 31 July 1873, H. M. CARR MG 7853, Information
SEMMEN, J. and Margaret J. MCCLUSKY, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
SENSEL (SEUSEL), Charles, of Brushy Mound Twp, 26 yrs, farmer, born in Monroe Co IL, parents Peter SEUSEL and Magoline HUFFMAN, married Annie PERRINE, 21 yrs, lived and born in Macoupin Co IL, parents William PERRINE and Sarah J ANDERSON, 30 Mar 1882 at Carlinville by W W FREEMAN, Minister of the Gospel, #698.
SHARP, Levi to Miss Ann PROFFITT, 19 August 1849, 1411
SHEARBURN, Charley C. and Myrtle E. MIEHER, 24 July 1892, Information
SHEFFLER, George and Nancy Ann COVERDILL, 17 Oct 1871, Jacob L PLAIN JP 7316
SHORES, Andrew J, farmer, 20 yrs, of South Otter, born in Macoupin Co, parents A J SHORES and Charity ADCOCK, married Mary E RICHARDS, of South Otter, 19 yrs, parents Jerry M RICHARDS and Maria L OLLER, 23 Feb 1882 at bride's father's residence, Thomas H BRENDLE, JP, #660, p 87.
SHORES, A. J. to Jane SHORE, 7 Feb 1867, Isaac DANIEL MG 5498
SHULTZ, Geo. B. and Melissa A. SHORES, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
SHUMAKER, Edmund, 23 yrs, and Elizabeth F GARDNER, 18 yrs, page 35, Applied 22 Nov 1875, 8621.
SIMES, Robert, from Henry Co MO, farmer, 24 yrs, born in Nilwood, parents E SIMES and Mary E GOOCH, 2nd marriage, married Jennie M CHAPMAN, 15 yrs, lived and born in North Otter, parents George CHAPMAN and Charlotte NEVINS, 18 Nov 1881 at W H HART's , JP, #547, p 78.
SIMMONS, James M. and Sarah Elizabeth RICHARDS, 9 Mar 1854, Simon PETER 2128/414
SIMMONS, John W, 20 yrs, and Julia M PERRINE, 19 yrs, page of record 490, Applied 12 Oct 1876, 8889, returned 21 Oct 1876.
SIMS, A C, 23 yrs, and Mary A HART, 22 yrs, 16 Sep 1875, Peter W CLARK, JP, 8546.
SIMS, Edgar A, born Macoupin Co, living in North Palmyra, 23 yrs, parents Martin SIMS and Mary SCOTT, married Lucinda E HART, born in Macoupin, living North Palmyra, 23 yrs, parents Henry HART and Abegal CRAWFORD, married 2 Apr 1879, at Carlinville by L P PEEBLES, County Judge, #9668.
SIMS, Ira G, from and born in North Palmyra, farmer, 21 yrs, parents James A SIMS and Laury M CHERRY, married Lauretta I SIMS, lived in and born in North Palmyra, 22 yrs, Tabitha SIMS, no father listed, 12 Oct 1882 in North Palmyra by J W BRANNOW, JP, # 867,p 103.
SIMS, James B, from Montgomery Co IL, farmer, 25 yrs, born in Macoupin Co, parents C A SIMS and Elizabeth MASTERS, married Rachel G TROUT, from Atwater IL, 26 yrs, born in St Charles Co MO, parents Elhanoh TROUT and Annie C ANDERSON, 27 Feb 1884 at her father's home by John H BALINGER, Minsiter, #1369, p142.
SIMS, John, from Shelby Co IL, born in Madison Co IL, 63 yrs, parents Austin SIMS and Virginia NEVINS, 2 nd marriage, married Telithia SIMS, lived in Macoupin Co IL, 45 yrs, 1st marriage, parents Martin SIMS and Eleanor STEELE, 11 Mar 1883 at the Bereau Church by John H BALINGER, MG, #1031, p 116.

SIMS, W. A. and Miss Harriet R. ALLEN, 27 Sep 1869, John H. AUSTIN 6487 Information
SISSONS, Samuel and Miss Emma J. FARMER, 13 Oct 1869, T. B. ROSS J.P. 6510 Information
SITTON, John H, of North Palmyra, 24 yrs, born Pike Co IL, English, parents John SITTON and Sarah RICHARDS, married Olivia LANDRITH, 20 yrs, English, born Morgan Co IL, lived at Waverly, parents J O LANDRITH and Martha A YOWELL, 29 Mar 1881, in town of North Palmyra by George W BULLOCK, JP, #313, p 60.
SKINNER, Clifford and Flora ELDRED, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
SMALLEY, David A. and Miss Sarah C. CROMWELL, 6 Oct 1869, George Compton, Minister 6495 Information
SMALLEY, Eugene R. and Miss Mary E. CROMWELL, 6 Oct 1869, George Compton, Minister 6494 Information
SMALLEY, Oscar D, lives Bunker Hill, farmer, 22 yrs, born in Bunker Hill, married Mary Emma FOLSCROFT, parents George FOLSCROFTand H ???, both 1st marriages, married at Bunker Hill on 18 May 1880, #35, p39.
SMITH, Asa and Margaret HAMILTON, 1-12-1832, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
SMITH, Benj. F. and Mary J. HACKEY, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
SMITH, Charles E. and Betsey Jane GARDNER, 4 Nov 1855, J W CARTER MG 2449/735
SMITH, George and Maria GARDNER, 27 Feb 1859, D MCDANIEL JP 3320/1605
SMITH, Huriah and Sarah TILLEY, Aug 6 1829, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
SMITH, James J. and Ann MARTIN, 6-24-1832, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
SMITH, John and Rebecca CUMMINGS, 4-10-1832, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
SMITH, John C. and Ellen SANDERS, 11-4-1855, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
SMITH, John C. and Mrs Sarah J HODGES, 7 Sep 1869, A C RAFFERTY 6469
SMITH, Joshua and Matilda REEVES, 3-31-1832, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
SMITH, Reuben W. and Celia Adaline CHAPMAN, 17 Nov 1854, G W WAGGONER MG 2257/543
SMITH, Walter C. and Katherine L. HALL, June 1831, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
SNELL, Shelby and Fotney BEST, 6-4-1833, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
SOLOMON, Charles D and S Elizabeth CHISHOLM, 24 Oct 1882, W A SMITH, MG 888 Information
SOLOMON, John and Lottie STEWART, 23 Dec 1872, James LEATON MG 7666
SOLOMON, Rochus[?] L. and Ida MIEHER, 22 May 1895, Information
SPENCE, Charles G. and Jane SUTTON 1432/106, Married Oct ??can't read 1849, Issued 20 Oct 1849 both of age; married by Henry CALDWELL cs
SPROUSE, Thomas and Winney RICHARDS, 17 Aug 1854, George A W CLOUD JP 2207/493
STAMPER, Asa Martin and Amanda Catharine DAVIDSON, 20 Feb 1862, A P GIBSON Minister 3994
STEAD, Benjamin A. and Cordelia A. HICKS, 12 Aug 1873, John R. BARBER Minister 7864, Information
STEAD, Benjamin G. and Anna Maria HECKMANN, 24 Dec 1878, ?? GIBSON, MG 7553 Certificate
STEWARD, Brainard and Mary HORD, 14 Jan 1869, M V KITZMILLER 6488
STEWARD, Samuel and Sarah S SOLOMON, 2 Nov 1851, Samuel B CULP 1723/8
STEWARD, Samuel P. and Mrs Mary Jane DAVIS, APPLIED ONLY 25 Jun 1866, 5206
STEWART, Allan M, 22 yrs, and Sarah A ELY, 19yrs, page of record 18, applied 26 Oct 1875, 8583.
STEWART, Eminger and Louisa PATCHEN, 18 Oct 1871, Hugh LAMONT MG 7303
STEWART, F. and M. E. TUNSTALL, 28 Dec 1859, H D PLATE MG 3481/1765
STEWART, Frank and Clara I. THOMPSON, 15 Oct 1873, I W THOMBS MG 7944
STEWART, Irenius D. and Nellie A HICKS, 2 Sep 1870, Hugh LAMONT MG 6960
STEWART, James L. and Mrs Eliza COFFEE, 16 Oct 1866, J B CARSON JP 5343
STEWART, James M. and Elizabeth Ann SMITH, 6 Sep 1866, Z B LAWSON JP 5281
STEWART, James M. and Samantha E. WILLIAMS, 21 Sep1871, Seabird ENGLAND MG 7280
STEWART, John R. and Huldah WHEELER, 15 Jan 1860, Thomas J FINLEY JP 3500/2
STEWART, John R. and Sarah A. POST, 18 Apr 1860, J B JACKSON MG 3584/87
STEWART, John W. and M. A. L. CHAMPNEY, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
STEWART, John W. and Louise or Louisa Ann RUTHERFORD, 25 Sep 1867, John C CAUDLE MG 6020
STEWART, Oliver P. and Sarah E WILLARD, 19 Feb 1852, George W REYNOLDS V.D.M. 1776/61
STEWART, Robert, 24 yrs, and Sarah E WASHBURN, 21 yrs, 8 Apr 1875, L S HOLDEN, JP, 8426.
STEWART, William R. and Miss Fannie GRISWOLD, 23 July 1873, J. A. SCARRITT J.P. 7849 Information
STIRRUP?, Joel (may be STRUMP) and Susannah PERRINE, 10 Jun 1855, D MCDANIEL JP 2384/670
STONE, Charles D, farmer, born in Greene Co IL, 23 yrs, parents Reuben STONE and Emily RUSSELS, married Emley F ADCOCK, 19 yrs, born in Christian Co IL, lived in South Otter, parents William A ADCOCK and Sarah OLLER, married 25 Feb 1882 at Jerry RICHARDS home by Thomas W BRENDLE, JP, #664, p 87.
STONE, John Titus, 25 yrs, born Greene Co IL, parents Reuben STONE and Emelia REYNOLDS, 1st mar for both, Mary V RICHARDS, 20 yrs, born Macoupin Co, Enoch RICHARDS and Eliza Ann MOORE, Mary was married at home in Macoupin Co, 23 Sep 1880, witnesses Hugh PARKER and John RICHARDS, by L J HAYES, JP, #114, p 45.

STONE, Luther and Rhoda S. SUTTON, 9 Feb 1873, L F HOLDEN JP 7723
STORY, Charles M. and Minda STEWART, 27 Oct 1870, Henry C WALLACE MG 7019
STUART, Alexander P. and Nancy A. HARRIS, 23 Dec 1869, William STEVENSON MG 6782
STUART, Edward A. and Josephine COWEN, 29 Dec 1870, William L TARBET B D M 7074
SUBER, Louis and Mary SICKMEYER GERBST, 18 Oct 1882, D W BAGBY, JP 882 Information
SUIMOUS or SIMMONS, Henry C, from Virden, an attorney, 28 yrs, born in TN, parents George W ?SUIMOUS and Sarah COLBER, married Mollie W SIMS, of Virden, born in IL, 27 yrs, parents Willis SIMS and Elizabeth SHARP, 18 Oct 1883 at the bride's residence by W L TARBET, VDM, #1224, p 130.
SUTTON, David J. and Nancy Jane MITCHELL, 10 Jul 1856, J S COULTER JP 2609/895
SUTTON, Jesse and Mrs Sarah J. BORRILL, 15 Jul 1868, J L PLAIN JP 6299
SUTTON, Lewis M. and Ada PALMER, 22 Jul 1868, C NASH MG 6302
SUTTON, Merida W, 21 yrs, and Rebecca L SCOTT, 21 yrs, page of record 145, Applied 14 Oct 1876, 8891, returned 26 Oct 1876.
SUTTON, Stephen A. Mary L. SIMMONS, 6 Aug 1870, Elder D B DAVIS 6938
SUTTON, Thomas S. and Sarah E. MILLER, 6 Feb 1873, Wesley O CLEVENGER JP 7717
SUTTON, William and Lydia SCROGGINS, 11 Oct 1866, J W KELLAR MG 5326
SUTTON, William H, of Madison Co IL, farmer, 46, born in Madison Co IL, 1st mar, parents Jeremiah SUTTON and Martha SWAIN, married Arcady BAIRD, prev married to BULLOCK, 45 yrs, 2nd marriage, born in Macoupin Co, parents George W BAIRD and Catherine BEAL, married 14 Nov 1880 in the office of the Thomas SWAIN, JP, witnesses Peter SUTTON and Mary ?LACTAU?, #190, p 51.
SWEET, Harry C. to Miss Etta ARENDT, 19 Sep 1883, 1188
SWIFT, John M. and Susan WILLIAMS, 20 Mar 1856, George A W CLOUD JP 2549/835
SWIFT, James W, farmer in North Otter Twp, 19 yrs, born in North Otter, parents John M SWIFT and Susana WILLIAMS, married Mary HAYS, born North Otter, 19 yrs, parents Daniel J HAYS and Elby F SHORES, 11 Sep 1884 at George RICHARDS by W H HART, JP, # 1509, p 152.
SWIFT, W. T. and A. Louisa WARD, 29 Sep 1867, Sebira ENGLAND L D 6029
TALLEY, Harmon J. and Louisa A HODGES, 13 Jan 1853, 1912/198
TAYLOR, John William, from St Louis, 39 yrs, 1st marriage, parents Henry TAYLOR and Harriet J THOMPSON, married Annie E RICHARDS, from Bunker Hill, 22 yrs, born PA, parents John S RICHARDS and Julia VAN WILLIAMS, married 29 Mar 1881 in Bunker Hill, #550.
THACKER, Thomas W. to Miss Julia LYNCH, 24 March 1867, 5544
THARP, Mitchell and Miss Sarah Jane DEBAIM, 14 Aug 1873, John W. LANE Minister 7872, Information
THEIL, Adolph and Annie EUBANK, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
THOMAS, Joel H. and Clarinda STEWART, 22 May 1858, James SOLOMON 3126/1410
THOMPSON, Andrew J. and Temperance J. BANDY, 18 Oct 1853, James SOLOMON 2059/345
THOMPSON, Charles D. and Sarah WHALEN, 27 Jun 1896, J. J. CLANCY, Information
THOMPSON, Leonard J. and Phebe CRAWFORD, 8 Feb 1850, performed by Elder G OWEN #16
TONGATE, John H.and Miss Mary Elizabeth KING, 10 Aug 1873, James SOLOMON MG 7867, Information
TONGATE, Perry, and Mary Cecilia GARDNER, 8 February 1863, Information
TOSH, C.O.B. and Miss Sarah J. DANLEY, 16 March 1847, Information
TOSH, Levi F. and Miss Sarah M. LAWS, 18 July 1877, Information
TRABUE, Charle E, from Woodburn IL, farmer, 24 yrs, born in Macoupin Co, parents Stephen TRABUE and Mary BOYD, married Dora May PERRINE, from Hilyard IL, 21 yrs, born in Macoupin Co IL, parents Daniel PERRINE and Emily DOYLE, 9 Jan 1884 at Corrington Chapel by James W VAN CLEVE, witnesses Benjamin TRABUE and Ed PERRINE, # 1325, p 138.
TRAVERS, Joseph and Miss Jemima DARR, 6 Oct 1869, Preston WOODS, MG 6503 Information
TRIBBLE, John 35 yrs and Sarah E. STUART 28 yrs, 12 Nov 1874, William L TARBET MG 8268
TROVER, Edward and Julia MORRIS, from M Trover, found in a list in Macoupin County Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1877, could not be found in county or state records.
TURNER, John R S, of North Palmyra, born Morgan Co IL, 51 yrs, 2nd marriage, farmer, parents Thomas TURNER and Susan BARNHART, married Nancy A ENGLAND (maiden), married name was CRUMP, 48 yrs, 2nd marriage, born Morgan Co IL, parents Sebird ENGLAND and Mary A WHITE, married 15 Jul 1879 at the LOOMIS House in Carlinville, by J L PLAIN, JP, #9730.
UPTON, John and Jane LAVIN, 6 Jul 1858, J S COTTER JP 3151/1435
UTL, Neapoleon B.(could it be Utt?) and Mrs. Nancy C. WARD, 14 Aug 1873, B.L. BERRY JP 7873, Information
VALENTINE, H. F. and Mrs. Frances V. FRIDLEY, 7 Oct 1869, John C. YOUNG Gospel Minister 6505 Information
VANCE, William J. and Nancy J. M. CRAWFORD, 31 Aug 1865, Joseph CRAWFORD JP 4869
VANORSDALE, Thomas to Mrs. Mattie HAVENS, 1 September 1867, 5989
VANTUYL, Arthur and Lucetta STEWART, 15 Oct 1873, James LEATON MG 7948
VICKERY, Robert W and Ida E. FILE, 26 Feb 1880, Saml B CULP, MGC 9974 Information
WALKER, Jacob and Hannah JACOBS, December 30, 1869, Information
WALKER, James and Mary BENTLEY, August 12, 1841, Information
WALKER, James R. and Mrs. Matilda HALL, November 1, 1862, Information
WALKER, John and Barbara Ann JENNINGS, application only 3 Mar 1858, both of age 3063/1347
WALKER, Philip V. and Frances BEST, 5-14-1833, transcribed by Beverly Himes Barger
WALTERS, Silas and Miss Mary J. BOND, 03 Aug 1873, J.W. NICODEMUS MG 7857, Information
WARD, Charles C, of South Otter, 26 yrs, farmer, born in Schuyler Co IL, parents Jesse L WARD and Julia LYNDSLEY, married Lina L RICHARDS, 21 yrs, living in South Otter, born in IL, parents Peter RICHARDS and Nancy SEXTON, 12 Mar 1882 at the residence of the groom, by M HARRIS, ??, #679, p 88.
WARD, James H. and Miss Margaret E. JONES, 03 Jul 1873, B.L. BERRY J.P. 7841, Information
WARDRIFE, Castleberry and Elizabeth F HAYS, 29 Sep 1850, George A W CLOUD (RLS) 1545/88
WARREN, H. A. and ??Welthy?? RUTHERFORD, 5 Feb 1874, H M CARR Baptist Minister 8064
WARREN, James B. and Georgiana HOWARD, 17 Jun 1869, Marshall M GOOD MG 6618
WARREN, John W, 20 yrs, and Mary E HOWARD, 18 yrs, 3 Apr 1875, M M DUNCAN, JP, 8421.
WARREN, William, from Chicago IL, commercial traveler, 30 yrs, born in Genessee Co IL, parents Nelson WARREN and Mary STANTON, married Frances MILLER, 21 yrs, born Chicago IL, parents Richard MILLER and Mariah TAYLOR, 8 Sep 1884 at Carlinville by W H HILLIS, Minister, #1508, p 152.

WARREN, William F. and Maria A. BLAKE, 6 Jan 1865, Rev Gideon C CLARK 4681
WAY, John and Mrs Nancy A COVERDILL, 5 Jun 1869, S F CLARK JP 6615
WEBB, Hezekiah and Susan F HODGES, 30 Sep 1858, R HOLDING MG 3203/1487
WEBERLING, Henry and Miss Louisa REHMS, 19 Sep 1869, C. WITTE Minister of the Gospel 6478, Information
WEED, George B, 34 yrs, and Sarah C CHERRY, 23 yrs, 15 Sep 1875, M V KITZMILLER, MG, 8540.
WEISS, John A. and Miss Catharine T. YARAUM, 17 July 1873 by J.A. SCARRITT MG 7845 Information
WEISS, Wilson T. and Mary ROWAN, 18 Oct 1882, H D PLATT MG 879 Information
WELCH, Wm. H. and Miss Mollie E. BARTOW, 6 Oct 1869, Eil Wilmotte TAYLOR 6498 Information
WELSCH, John to Miss Susan LYNCH, 26 Oct 1868, 6399
WESTROPE, Isaac A. to Miss Mary C. LYNCH, 22 Dec 1872, 7663
WHALEN, James and Margaret Mary EVANS, 15 Jan 1894, Rev. J. MORENO Book 2 Item 2 page 166, Information
WHITHORN, David G. and Mrs. Harriet C. HUSSONG, 30 Sep 1869, John R. BARBEE A Minister of the Gospel 6490 Information
WHITWORTH, Thomas and Mary Ann PERRINE, 2 Jan 1854, J MCDANIEL JP 2098/384
WHITT, G. C. and Miss Bettie Ann GIBSON, 12 Oct 1869, D. W. DRESSER M.G. 6511 Information
WILSON, Robt. D. and Clara Belle ALLEN, 19 Oct 1882, Wm W. FARRIS, MG 884 Information
WITNEBEN, Charles and Lena OEHLER, 7 Oct 1873, PH F MEUSCH MG 7940
WOOD, Frank and Catherine STEWART, 20 Oct 1882, Thos. F. DAVIS JP 878 Information
WOOD, George F, from Nilwood, farmer, 34 yrs, born in IL, parents Miller C WOOD and ???? DEATHERAGE, married Julia Ann SUTTON, of Nilwood, 25 yrs, born in KY, parents William SUTTON and ??? GRIME, married in Zanesville, 9 Oct 1881, by A D BECKHART, Minister at the ME Church, # 489, p 74.
WOOD, William R. and Sarah J WOOD, 30 Sep 1852, John C YOUNG MG 1849/134
WOODS, John L. and Nancy NASH, 21 Oct 1857, P F CHERRY JP 2932/1218
WOODS, Robert M. and Ferlissa Ann NASH, 28 Oct 1857, F P CHERRY JP 2933/1219
WRIGHT, Geo. W. and Miss Alice GILLMARTIN, Sept 16, 1869, M. A. Hewes M.G. 6474 Information
WRIGHT, John S. and Bertha M GARDINER, 20 Oct 1870, Rev Sebird ENGLAND 7006
YORK, Calvin M. and Mary E SUTTON, 23 Oct 1873, Jacob L PLAIN JP 7963
YOUNG A. M. and Prudence E. MORRISON, 18 Jan 1866, W F SHORT MG 5032
YOUNG, Christopher and Agnes P. WALKER, October 24, 1867, Information
YOWELL, James H. and Edith Ann HUSBAND, 5 Aug 1853, Ira MOORE MG 2030/316
YOWELL, O. P. and Mary Ann WOOD, 12 Feb 1860, Ira MOORE 3529/31
YOWELL, William and Sarah K. PRICE, 30 Apr 1874, J W JOHNSTON JP 8124
ZENGERLE, Casper and Ida LORENZ, 19 November 1896, Information
ZUMWALT, Ephraim and Mrs. Mary A. WRIGHT, 13 July 1873 by L.W. CHILES JP 7844 Information

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