Macoupin County

Reader Family Cemetery

Western Mound Township
Section 24
Map Lat 39.1755N Lon -90.0249W
Located 1/2 mile west of the village of Reader

The cemetery is in the middle of a field, so after proceeding west 1/2 mile on Route 108 from the junction, turn left and go south about 1/2 mile, and turn left onto a dirt road between fields, and you will find the cemetery in a grove of trees. It was being kept up fairly well a few years ago.

The cemetery was laid out by Paschal Reader on his farm. He buried his sister Nancy (Reader) Brown there in 1834. Almost all the Reader family who died before 1900 are buried there, including in-laws. There are about 24 other family names there as well.

Ironically, Paschal is not buried in the Reader Cemetery, although his monument was erected there. He died in Texas in 1868-9 while visiting relatives.

More family info can be found at Jeptha Reader Family.

Arnett, Andrew J.Nov 30, 1846Sep 30, 1849son of T & EG, 2y
Arnett, Elizabeth G. W. Reader17 Apr 1805 Overton Co TN27 Aug 1864 w/o Thomas, 59y1m29d
Arnett, Mary H. or M.29 Feb 183427 Jul 1845dau of T & EG
Arnett, ThomasAug 17, 1865 vs 1864son of T & EGW
Arnett, Thomas04 Oct 1804 NC; 69yrs 4mos 26dsFeb 21, 1874s/o John; "Thomas was the son of John Arnett and the father of George Arnett. George was born in North Carolina. The family came to Illinois in 1829 and was early settlers of Morgan County. He was the spouse of Elizabeth Reader, daughter of Jephtha & Winney."
Arnett, Winney12 May 184528 Feb 1846dau of T & EG, 11m
Bobison, Livonia11 Oct 1853dau of J & N Bobison, 5m12d
Brown, Cristeeny28 Dec 1850w/o John M, 55y vs 35y3d
Brown, Eliza A.11ms 23dsJan 13, 1844d/o J & S.M.
Brown, Ibham7d12 Oct 1843son of J & SM, 7d
Brown, John M.65y9m7d22 Mar 1852h/o Christeeny
Brown, Nancy R.30yrs 2wks 28dsMay 1, 1834w/o Williamson, d/o Jeptha & Winney Harrison Reader; married 01 Jul 1832 in Macoupin Vol 1 license number 56
Comer, Clerrindy A.25 Apr 1859dau of Samuel & Carolline, 1y1m22d
Comer, Infant Son20 May 1856son of S & C
Etter, Henry20yrs 2ms 18dsNov 12, 1853
Etter, Martin V.10y6m18d10 Sep 1843son of JP & E vs H & E
Falter, Dora ClausApr 8, 1829Feb 24, 1888w/oJacob, 58y
Falter, JacobApr 22, 1828Sep 29, 191385y
Fitzjerrel, Haset B.04 Nov 1865dau of WR & MaryE, 1y1m17d
Gillmore, John20yrs 11ds 15dsAug 17, 1860Paschal Reader took in both John & Ephraim Gillmore. Ephraim died Mar 24, 1899 in Chicago Cook Co IL at 70 yrs.
Gracey, Emery09 Aug 1860son of LD & MA, 11m15d
Hagaman, George R.18731929son of JJ & NJ
Hagaman, Hattie E.22 Sep 1877dau of JJ & NJ, 10m3d
Hagaman, John Justin, III16 Jan 1836 Salt Lick, Bath Co KY26 Oct 1912son of JJ & MS, h/o Nancy Jane Reader
Hagaman, Nancy Jane Reader20 Apr 184206 Feb 1899dau of PL & MR, w/o John Justin, died in Jacksonville, Morgan County IL
Hagaman, Paschal L.26 Dec 187023 Nov 1904son of John J & NJ
Harrison, Dr. James B.28 Aug 1822, Overton Co TN02 Sep 1864, Hardin Co TN died during battle of Shiloh, 45y5d
Hill, Anna Johnson75yrsNov 22, 1851w/o Abner; "Abner and Annie had a child named Charity"
Hill, Rev. Abner, Jr.1779, Chatham Co NCJun 7, 1858h/o Anna Johnson; "Abner was the maternal grandfather for Mrs. Bird. He was also the Baptist Preacher in Greene County."
Hunt, James M.22y3m18d26 Nov 1860
Hunt, Thomas H.17y07 Jun 1869
Lee, 4 children of G.Q. & M.E. Lee
Lee, Arthur Francis04 Aug 189607 Nov 1954
Lee, Arthur W.1y5m9d26 Feb 1855son of OW & RT
Lee, Christine Morroww/o William Eugene
Lee, Conrad V.2y7m9d30 Oct 1876son of AV & VA
Lee, Cyrus F.1y3m18 Oct 1865son of PM & Louise
Lee, George Q.Jan 5, 1857Jan 23, 1926married Maggie E Randolph 01 Jun 1881 license 361 Vol 6 page 64;"His parents may have come from Yorkshire England. He has a brother Josiah who was a prisoner of Andersonville during the Civil War. His son Samuel was a dealer in wine and liquors. His son John A. Lee was born in Morgan County."
Lee, James AllenMay 11, 1944May 11, 1944 s/o William Eugene and Christine
Lee, Maggie E. Randolph20 Oct 186501 Dec 1956w/o George Q
Lee, Martha M.29y3m9d20 Jul 1866dau of OW & RT
Lee, Obadiah W.68y9m9d27 Jan 1877h/o Rebecca T.; "Daughter, Mary J. Lee, was married in Feb 1856 to William Wheeler. He came to Illinois in 1830-1831."
Lee, Rebecca T.67y4m4d04 Feb 1877w/o OW; "She came to Illinois in 1830-1831"
Lee, William EugeneJul 15, 1893Feb 28, 1962Pvt Co M 54 Infantry WWI
Lee, William H.38y3m1d15 May 1877son of OW & RT, Pvt Co A 32 IL Inf
Marshall, Sarah A. Reader48yrs 3ms 22dsAug 22, 1864w/o William H, married 28 Jan 1837 in Macoupin County license number 312
Marshall, Williamson H.181408 Oct 1856h/o Sarah A Reader
Mc___, S. M._y7m28 Feb
McCleskey, Elzirah E. Lane65yNov 1913w/o James M
McCleskey, James M.43y7m3d28 Feb 1862h/o Elzirah E Lane
McCleskey, Lucy Jane10 or 20y19 Jun 1869dau of JM & MJ
McCluskey, Thomas J.27 Dec 1918Pvt 159 Depot Brigade WWI
McManis, Miram B.5y25d20 Apr 1848dau of JV & N
Nevans, Mary M.Dec 30, 1831Oct 17, 1864
Nevins, Byron G.Nov 25, 1870Mar 25, 1886
Nevins, Ida M.Jan 18, 1867Jun 3, 1881
Nevins, Inda E.Mar 1, 1845Mar 18, 1921
Nevins, Leonard E.12 Nov 187223 Dec 1879
Nevins, Martin V.Apr 3, 1842Jan 18, 1917
Nevins, Maudie1896w/o Wilbur
Nevins, Wilbur E.18811940h/o Maudie
Peebles, Elizabeth T. Reader19 Oct 18401909dau of PL & M Reader, w/o A.B.
Peebles, George W.1m15d23 Dec 1864son of AB & ET
Peeples, Margaret H. Readermaybe 06 Dec 1843w/o Jessie P, married 28 Jun 1835 Macoupin County license number 195
Reader, Elizabeth T.
Reader, George W.17 Sep 18471930son of PL & M; "George married Emily 'Emma' Smith 25 Jan 1876 Macoupin license 8683 Vol 5 page 115
Reader, Harriet CarolineMar 25, 1851Sep 6, 1853dau of PL & M
Reader, James K. PolkMay 13, 184617 Sep 1847 vs ?son of PL & M; "James Reader married Louise E. Poley 10 Sep 1868 license 3266"
Reader, Jeptha1776, Mecklenburg Co VA1839Lt.Col Black Hawk War
Reader, Jeptha H.183909 Aug 1842son of PL & MR, 2y9m26d
Reader, JosephJun 12, 1853Oct 1_, 1853son of PL & M
Reader, Margaret Rafferty18161889wife of Paschal
Reader, Martha Emaline06 Dec 1843married George R. Orr 21 Mar 1867 Macoupin license 5543
Reader, Martha H.24y1m24d09 Feb 1835dau of J & W
Reader, Mary VirginiaFeb 18, 1845Apr 13, 1845d/o Paschal & Margaret
Reader, Nancy J.
Reader, Paschal L. "Squire"15 Aug 1812 Pickett Co TN 09 Nov 1867 Dallas Co TXson of Jeptha & Winney, IL State Militia 1832 Black Hawk War, monument only - buried in Texas
Reader, Rebecca L.15yrs 4ms 29dsSep 11, 1835 vs 1836d/o J & W
Reader, William D.07 Nov 1848son of PL & M; "William was born in Western Mound. He was the youngest living child of Paschal and Margaret. He married Lucy J. Albin. She was the daughter of William and Margaret Albin. They had living sons named Elmer P. and George W. William was known as a Democrat, a Town Clerk, a Collector, a Township Supervisor, and a Justice of the Peace. He ended his work life as a lumber merchant in Cheseterfield in 1891. William's name has also been spelled Reeder in some documents."
Reader, Winey Harrison76yrsOct 25, 1873w/o Jeptha, married 1803 in VA
Reeder, GepthaOct 5, 1839Aug 9, 1849
Sell, Luther N.1y20d26 Dec 1845son of M & S; "Michael and Sarah Brown Sell's children included Caroline, Sarah, and Luther. Caroline married Samuel Comer 28 Jan 1857. It is possible they had 5 sons and 4 daughters. Clarinda and Lucy died in infancy. Samuel Comer had been a postmaster and a Highway Commissioner for Bird Township."
Sell, Mary44y28 Oct 1852dau of N & M
Snider, Aquilla Isaah41y5w22d12 Sep 1851h/o Elizabeth
Sullivan, J. M.19y1m10d28 Jan 1859
Sullivan, N.59y22 Jul 1881Macoupin death certificate number 1133 Vol 1 page 88
Watson, William J.2y7d11 Feb 1863son of JT & MJ
Wheeler, Edgar E.5y10m4d10 Dec 1874son of W & MJ
Wheeler, Lydia M. D.18y04 Jan 1880dau of W & MJ
Wheeler, One stone down
Wheeler, Paul09 Jan 188310 Apr 1883son of JW & SE

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