History of the County and Courthouse, Macoupin County IL

History of the county and courthouse
Macoupin County Illinois

gif IL map with Abe Macoupin County became the 50th county in Illinois
on 17 January 1829 by an Act of the General Assembly
out of unorganized Greene County and Madison County.
Carlinville, the county seat, has a population of 5,416.
The 2000 US Census shows the county's total population
is 49,019.

This index is layed out like the county. If we have history for a town in or the township itself, the township will be linked.

Scottville Twp

North Palmyra Twp

North Otter Twp

Virden Twp

Girard Twp

Barr Twp

South Palmyra Twp

South Otter Twp

Nilwood Twp

Western Mound Twp

Bird Twp

County and Carlinville Twp and courthouse

Shaws Point Twp

Chesterfield Twp

Polk Twp

Brushy Mound Twp

Honey Point Twp

Shipman Twp

Hilyard Twp

Gillespie Twp

Cahokia Twp

Brighton Twp

Bunker Hill Twp

Dorchester Twp

Mount Olive Twp

Staunton Twp

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Carlinville Township History includes Courthouse

Act of the General Assembly creating Macoupin County Illinois contributed by Robert Fletcher "The first known white men to cross the land that became Macoupin County were 350 soldiers from Fort Russell in 1812, led by Territorial Governor Ninian Edwards. Perhaps the earliest settlers were part of the so-called "Great Migration," which began at the close of the War of 1812 and had as one of its results the founding of the State of Illinois in 1818." (Taken from the Macoupin County Courthouse Centennial 1867-1967 booklet provided by a committee of citizens with Lucille Paul Carney, Chairman.)

First Macoupin County Courthouse 1829 Newspaper Excerpts relating to that courthouse excerpts from Missi Darnell

Macoupin Courthouse Bonds for sale, NYTimes - May 26, 1869 - contributed by Larry Clark

A Brief History of Macoupin County an article by Joseph Howell (many area names) - from James Stratmann
1851 Map by Joseph Howell

Personal Recollections of the Early Settlement of Carlinville, Illinois(by Mrs. M.B.W.) - contributed by Mary Ann Stewart Kaylor

The first white child born in Macoupin County was probably Samuel Love born in South Palmyra Township 1822. Descendant of Samuel Love is family researcher Ron Grassi. The Macoupin County Courthouse is a grand and huge structure for such a small county, 47,000 population. In the 1860's, the price of a courthouse costing over a million dollars sounds unthinkable but it was built and still stands off the square in Carlinville as the largest courthouse of its time.

Macoupin County's Famous Courthouse by Cynthia K. Leonard, a genealogy researcher and a newspaper column writer for the Staunton Star Times. Cynthia's article provides a brief history of Macoupin County from its beginning in 1829, the origination of the name Macoupin and the problems in the building of the elaborate courthouse.

Macoupin County Courthouse by Pat Hauter, The courthouse is listed in the National Register of Historic Sites - printed in The Story Of Macoupin County 1829-1979, p 1, by Pat Hauter.

Index of History Book 1829-1979 compiled by Littleton Bradley - contributed by Cindy Leonard - not searchable - can search by browsing.

The History Of A Famous Court House Located At Carlinville Illinois by W. B. Brown
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Picture of the 1870 million dollar courthouse (recent) courtesy Wayne Hinton  **Self-guided tours are available of the Macoupin County Courthouse. The Carlinville Community Chamber of Commerce has recorded the tour on cassette (which takes 20 - 30 minutes) and provided Walkmans for individuals to take their own tours. The walkman and cassette are available in County Clerk Mike Mathis' office during regular business hours. A small deposit is collected, but fully refunded upon return of tape and recorder.

Macoupin County Courthouse in Carlinville (taken early 1900's) from M Trover

Macoupin County Courthouse picture showing the iron fence around it. borrowed by Anne Michael

Early Macoupin County Courthouse postcard from Annette Miner

1869 Macoupin County Jail
Article - "Cannonball Jail" - Springfield IL Journal Register - 22 April 2017 - Page 1 - Page 7  - courtesy Linda Kmiecik
Picture of the Veterans Memorial in Carlinville on the courthouse grounds courtesy Wayne and Marie Hinton

Water powered Mills in Macoupin County from Jim Frank, from his book, History of Polk Township

Tunnels In and Around Carlinville - research done by Frank R. Masters

Bridge - Route-66 Deerfield Road - Investigation Report by Frank R. Masters

Stage Coach Inn - courtesy Don Eichen & Frank R. Masters

Heard Mr. Lincoln Make His Speech In Carlinville (Macoupin County Enquirer, August 7, 1929, p 8.) - from M Trover

Around The Square In Eighteen Ninety-Six from Mary McKenzie

1870 Ed Trover letter to Frank and Elizabeth Trover Russell, Carlinville Township contributed by M Trover

Ed Trover's 1905 Recollections of Carlinville contributed by M Trover

Alms House

Bethel Holiness Orphanage and other known orphanages

George Huston Holliday - George Huston Holliday was one of the commissioners appointed in the building
of the courthouse and later he was county clerk when misuse of funds became an issue.
Contributed by Dennis H. Watkins.

Macoupin County Fair of 1859 (Macoupin County Enquirer, March 22, 1911, Page 5  -from Glenda Sue Raffurty McMurry

Jarrot and Samuel Dugger contributed by Lee Waters and Helen Pockrus

Great-Grandfather Gets Arrested Riding His Horse Too Fast shared by Brenda Hersch
Mrs. Millie SEAMAN RODGERS, One of Our Well-known Citizens, Remembers Hearing Lincoln and Douglas in Their Speeches in 1858 - Owns Printed Confession of Aaron TODD.

Lester Kahl was probably the last person hung in Carlinville - 1924

Standard Addition - The Homes That Sears Built

Lawyer Gives Farm To Blackburn College, St Louis Post Dispatch  -from Larry Clark

Harris Law School - Just a Dream written by Lucille Carney - from Cindy LeMons

Fire - 1899 in the County Courthouse

Macoupin County Fact Sheet at the IL State Archives site

1875 Atlas - Early Settler Names

Carnegie Heroes Honors - presented by the Macoupin County Historical Society - Aug 2016

Barr Township
Barr Township History from Mary Ann Stewart Kaylor

Barr's Store Register 1849-1850 Index

Asbury Cemetery History from Mary Ann Stewart Kaylor

Bird Township

Charity Baptist Church Records

"Wheeler Air Field" article from Jim Frank

Samuel Love, living in Bird Township about 1890 may have been the first white child born in Macoupin County by Ron Grassi

Brighton Township
Merchants in Brighton -1880

Bunker Hill Township
Old Bunker Hill Macoupin Co IL Newspaper Stories from Mary McKenzie

Old Bunker Hill Newspaper Stories contributed for use by Cindy Leonard

Some Old Settlers Bunker Hill 1889 from the Bunker Hill Gazette contributed by Stephen Crawford

Bill Behrens Memories, Bunker Hill, as told to Lula Vaughn

Grandma Ladendroff - Bunker Hill IL written by Lula Vaughn

A Sketch of Woodburn - Bunker Hill Township (Bunker Hill Gazette, July 6, 1876, page 2.)

Charles A. Jacobi letter from Frank Sellers

Bunker Hill Man Votes For 58 Yrs, Is Not Citizen from Debbi Geer and Linda Kmiecik

Cahokia Township
Eagerville, Cahokia Township, history from Freida Price

Hornsby History Cahokia Township from Shirley Denson

Coliseum, Dominic Tarro, Benld courtesy of Mathias, Leonard and Heyen

Lacy shares encounters with Capone and Lindbergh, news article

Spring Creek Church

An Old Settler 4 Sept 1871 article

Chesterfield Township
History of Harmony Baptist Church

History of the Loomis House, Chesterfield Township (Macoupin County Enquirer January 9, 1901) - from Glenda Sue Raffurty McMurry

History of Historic Chesterfield Congregational Church (Macoupin County Enquirer, February 21, 1923) - from Glenda Sue Raffurty McMurry

Medora History, Chesterfield Township from Mary McKenzie

1934 Medora High School Yearbook from Jere Braden

Dorchester Township
Dorchester History Carlinville Free Democrat and Macoupin Times - from Cindy Leonard and Mary McKenzie

Wilsonville Is Newest Town In Old Macoupin, Litchfield News Herald - from Edna Grosenheider

Gillespie Township
Larry Clark remembers Gillespie

Growing Up In Coal Town: Main Street by Victor Hicken

Mount Clare History from Edna Grosenheider

Lawyer Gives Farm To Blackburn College, St Louis Post Dispatch  - from Larry Clark

Hopewell Baptist Deed

Lester Kahl murders Marguerite Slaughter Kahl - 1924 from David Richards

Howard Keel

Girard Township
Girard History, Girard Gazette - from Carolynn Jones Bettis

Girard History, excerpted Girard 1855-1955, Historical Committee - from Carolynn Jones Bettis

Orphanage at the Church of the Brethern Home

Head of Otter Creek Primitive Baptist Deed

Hilyard Township
History of Plainview - researched, written and donated by Jim Frank

History of Wagner Cemetery - researched, written and donated by Jim Frank

Corrections to the History of Wagner Cemetery from Debbi Geer

The Cyclone, Shipman and Plainview Vicinity, 1883, Macoupin County Ilinois, from the Carlinville Democrat, typed and donated
by Sue McMurry

Where Was Brooklyn, Macoupin County, and When Was It Laid Out, and By Whom?(Carlinville Democrat, 24 December 1930) - from Robert L. Shultz

The Centerville Record - Seventh Homecoming 1930 - contributed by Thomas Meyer ( 2.7 meg file )

Honey Point Township
Honey Point Township history, 1879 History of Macoupin County - from Jacque York Sparks

Honey Point Successful Farmer Ferdinand Stratmann extraction contributed by James Stratmann

Mt Olive Township
Mt Olive High School Graduates 1895 - 1910, Mt Olive Herald - from Gloria Frazier

Sawyerville History, Mt Olive Township  by Edna Grosenheider

White City Remembrances - Mt Olive Township from Gerry Clark

Memories of Chapman Cemetery from Carla Hunter

Coalminers Side of the Story

Union Miners Cemetery from S Joan Miley

Mt Olive High School Graduates - 1895-1910

Mt Olive - Coal Mine #8

Mine Riot of 1898

Telemachus Camp - Evangelist from Elder Robert Webb

Nilwood Township
Nilwood History from Baptist Church History and remembrances

Greenridge Nilwood Township History from Carolynn Jones Bettis

Greenridge Nilwood Township - 1985 Reunion from Wanda Mayernick Bober

Stead's Park

Wild Rural Park

North Otter Township
Everly Baptist Church Record

Union Chapel Methodist Church Records

North Palmyra Township
Palmyra Village Organization from Robert Fletcher

Palmyra Village History from Mary Ann Stewart Kaylor

Modesto History - North Palmyra Township from Robert Fletcher

City Fathers Of Modesto And Their Families from Robert Fletcher

Polk Township
Beaver Dam State Park History by James H. Frank

History of Polk Township by James H. Frank

Mills - Water-Powered by James H. Frank

Scottville Township
Scottville History and Charter, History of Macoupin 1879 and Charter - from Robert Fletcher

Shipman Township
History of Piasa, Shipman Township by Mrs. Howard Reno

History of Shipman by James H. Frank

Lester Kahl murders Marguerite Slaughter Kahl - 1924 from David Richards

The Cyclone, Shipman and Plainview Vicinity, 1883, Macoupin County Ilinois, from the Carlinville Democrat,
typed and donated by Sue McMurry

South Palmyra Township
South Palmyra Township History, 1879 Macoupin County History - from Mary Ann Stewart Kaylor

History of Hettick - South Palmyra Township written by Mary Wheeler Ladley - from Mary Ann Stewart Kaylor

Concord Primitive Baptist Records 1836-1897

Samuel Love, reportedly to be the first white child born in Macoupin County

Staunton Township
Old Newspaper Articles, Staunton Star Times - from Cindy Leonard

How Staunton Got Its Name from the book, Staunton in Illinois, by Dorrell Kilduff  - from Cindy Leonard

History: Poem about Staunton - An Interrupted Dream - Macoupin County ILStaunton Star - from Cindy Leonard

Black Town News - from Glenn E. Sheets

Frog Town

Virden Township
Virden History excerpted from Carlinville Free Democrat, October 27, 1859 - from Mary McKenzie

Mine Riot of 1898

Western Mound Township
Bear Rough Point - How It Got Its Name - Article from Jim Frank

General Store - Family Maintains historic Hagaman landmark - Article from Mary Ann Kaylor

Letters - 1837 to 1854 written to Caroline Churchill Bingham and found in a barn in Monroe Wisconsin - from Fredi Perry

Indian Tribes in Illinois History at Lee Sultzman's site

Townships and Towns of Macoupin County.

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