Macoupin County


Sarah Elizabeth Smith Collection  (8-page pdf)

I have ... found definitive proof that the 4 are siblings.
There are two types of documents:
1) The Will of their father (Peres PACKARD) lists all 4 siblings in the guardianship section.
2) The land records of the siblings: Mehitable, Almira, and Gridley each sold their 1/4 share of their father's land and when they did so it noted that they were the children of Peres. For Mehitable it notes her married name and husband. I wan't able to find the same for Clarissa, however 3 of 4 and the fact that all 3 siblings spent their lives in the area (far from where they were born in Massachusetts) is very good evidence. Luckily the sibling I was trying to prove was Mehitable and she has excellent documentation in her land record.
Actually this was the last item for my Mayflower society application so; these siblings trace back to three mayflower passengers - Father Peres traces to John ALDEN and Francis COOKE, and Mother Mercy traces to Henry SAMSON.
Sarah Smith
2021 Aug 07

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