Macoupin County

1850 Census - Index by Name

We thank Littleton P. Bradley for allowing us to use his book.

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The 1850 census was enumerated in the following way -


numbered in the order of visitation


numbered in the order of visitation

The Name of every Person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June, 1850, was
in this family.

Age Sex

black, or mulatto.)

Profession, Occupation, or Trade

of each Male Person over 15 years of age.

Value of

Real Estate

Place of Birth.

Naming the State,
Territory, or Country

within the year

within the year


over 20 yrs of age
who cannot read & write.

Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

In Mr. Bradley's 1850 Census Macoupin County Transcription, columns 11, 12, and 13 were not used. And, "Married within the year" in column 10 is entered as notes under the names of those who fit the category.

Columns 1 and 2 are noted on a transcribed page of the census beside the surname of the household such as (1-1)
All surnames under (1-1) are in the same household until you get to the next household (2-2).

Column 6 is noted on a transcribed page beside Column 5 as Bl=Black and Mu=Mulatto.

Column 8 is the value of real estate in dollars not acres

Some households continue to the next sheet. For instance, the Edward Bell family (7-7) on page 269A continues onto the top of page 269B.

Note: Some page divisions, parts A and B, may start with a name which belongs on the previous or later page.

Instructions to the 1850 Enumerators

"He (the assistant marshal) is to approach every family and individual from whom he solicits information with civil and conciliatory manners, and adapt himself, as far as practicable, to the circumstances of each, to secure confidence and good will, as a means of obtaining the desired information with accuracy and dispatch.

"If any person, to whom application is made for information should refuse to give it, or should designedly give false information, the assistant should inform him of the responsibility he thereby incurs, and that he renders himself liable to a penalty, according to the fifteenth section of the act of Congress.

"The act provides that 'the assistant marshals shall make the enumeration by actual inquiry at every dwelling house, or by personal inquiry of the head of every family, and not otherwise.' This requirement must be strictly observed."

We thank Rose Hyde for retyping the index so the whole name would be in the index. Credits for typing go to Eric Adcock, Pat Crouse, Debi Faris, Gloria Frazier, Norma Hass, Rose Hyde, Mary Ann Kaylor, Charlie Neff, and Mark Strohbeck, for scanning pages and sending to typists, Larry Clark, and for advice on contents, Becky Hargett and Judy York. Proofreading done by Larry Clark, Mary Collins, Norma Hass, Win Shores, and Sally Peterson.

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