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CUMMINS, PEEBLES posted by Tatum Lee Evatt Yount on Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I read a post about Martha Lillian peebles born around 1860 in Illinois and that her mothers maiden name was Cummins I think. well my great great great grandmothers name is Martha Lillian Peebles born in Illinois in 1865 to George B and Nancy H Peebles. I've always been told that she never had a gray hair it stayed cold black her whole life that it was so long to. Everyone has told me that either her or her mother was in the trail of tears. Just curious if anyone has information about this or a Nancy H Cummins? Just needing a little help on Marthas mother.

DEVAULT, HUNT posted by Kay Christlieb on Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I have been trying to find information about my GG-Grandfather, Thomas Hyder (sometimes spelled Hiter) Hunt. He was born in Tennessee 7 Apr 1861. Thomas, his wife Rachel Mary DeVault Hunt and family moved to Western Mound Township prior to 1850. They came with other family whose surnames were DeVault and Kitzmiller. Thomas Hyder Hunt died in Macoupin County, 7 Jun 1863. I would like to know his cause of death. Does anyone know if death records or newspapers from 1863 still exist? I understand he is buried in Reader Cemetery. The family all moved to Missouri in 1869 due to financial losses and the death of two sons in the Civil War. Thank you, Kay Christlieb

BROWN, WIGGINS posted by Joanne Brown Peyton on Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm looking for burial sites for Alexander Sandy Wiggins and his wife Levina. They had a large family. I've been unable to find any of them and many of them died in Chesterfield, IL including my great great grand Matilda Wiggins Brown. It seems many died around 1880, so plan on researching for those details once I find the graves. I'm searching for the gravesites of Alexander Sandy Wiggins b. 14 March 1798 in North Carolina d. 4 October 1871 I'm also looking for his daughter Elizabeth Matilda (Wiggins) Brown b. 1838 d. 12 March 1884 she was married to my great great grand Williamson Brown who is buried in Denby Cemetery these are the children of Sandy and Levina (children listed on Ancestry) Milla Wiggins 1822�1822; Marjory Ann Harris Wiggins 1825�; Robert A Wiggins 1826�1880; William Jackson Wiggins1827�1880; James Monrow Wiggins 1829�1880; Nancy Jane Wiggins 1831�1917; Francis Marion Wiggins 1832�1880; Lucinda Emley Wiggins 1834�; Sophronia Winney Wiggins 1836�1882; Elizabeth Wiggins 1838�1884; John Harris Wiggins 1840�; Newton White Wiggins 1842�1854; Mary Emeline Wiggins Thank you, Joanne (Brown) Peyton

BROWN, HOUNSLEY posted by Joanne Brown Peyton on Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I am looking for information on my great great Aunt Molly. Her maiden name was Mary Levina Brown, daughter of Williamson Brown. She married Thomas Hounsley and died Jan 5, 1951. She was a very special person. She is buried in Carlinville City Cemetery. I have photographs of her as a younger and older woman, she helped raise my father Howard Paul Brown. Anyone with more information on this BROWN HOUNSLEY family, I would love to hear it. Thank you.

ATTEBERRY, CARROLL, LAUSTON, MEINECKE, RAMSEY, ROWLANDS posted by William R. Atteberry, Jr. on Friday, October 8, 2010

James and Hannah Lauston Carroll�s son John Mitchell Carroll born April 8, 1863, married Almeda Ramsey on Nov. 22, 1890 in Bond County, Illinois. They had three children, John M. Carroll, Arminda (Minnie) Carroll Rowlands and Ruth M. Carroll Atteberry. I am looking from any information on Ruth And Minnie from 1928 to 1939 when there father John died in Gillespie at the home of his niece Mrs. William Meinecke. I am also looking for any information on Almeda Ramsey Carroll�s death between 1896 and 1900.

SCOTT posted by Martin Fogarty on Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm interested in knowing what become of (at least one) descendant of Thomas A. Scott and his wife, Margaret H. Scott. In the 1920 U.S. Federal Census they were living on a farm in Chesterfield Township of Marcoupin County with nine of their children. In the 1930 U.S. Federal Census, it appears the older children had moved, leaving only the five younger children at home. In 1930, the oldest son (Joseph), was twenty-one and may have been helping his father with the farm business? It is unlikely he would be alive today, but could have living descendants. In 1930, another son (William A.), if he were alive today, would be 95 years old, but he too, could have descendants. In 1930, the youngest son (Russell M.), was three years old and could be alive today and possibly living in your area? The women in the family are harder to trace because they change their name after marriage. I know the whereabouts of one daughter (Verda L. Scott), she married in Alton, Illinois to George P. Fogarty who was born and raised at Grand Junction, Iowa. He worked in Alton, IL for Owens-Illinois Glass Company. They moved to Huntington, WV with the company in the early 1930's and he continued employment until retirement. The couple had no children and left no descendants. George P. Fogarty (1903-1989) died Dec. 15, 1989; his wife, Verda L. Scott Fogarty (1903-1996), died Dec. 6, 1996, they are both buried in Woodmere Memorial Park in Huntington, WV. Thanking you with Highest Regards, Martin Fogarty 604 2nd Street Cylinder, Iowa 50528

BROWN, THURMAN posted by Joanne Brown Peyton on Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lucinda Brown, nee Thurman, married to my great great great grandfather Williamson Brown, mother of a Williamson Brown as well. born in Virginia, arrived Carlinville, IL in 1830, died later that year at the Good's in Carlinville, probably early 1831. I am looking for any other Thurman that might have arrived around the same time! Seeking to trace her Virginia heritage, as I am unable to locate a marriage bond in Virginia. I know that she gave birth to Williamson Brown in Virginia in 1828 and her daughter Levina L. Brown was born in Tennessee in January of 1830. I suspect they were with a family group but I have been unable to ascertain if other Brown's came with them or any Thurman's. I have researched land plats to no avail! I have posted Levina L. Brown's testimony in the widow's pension affadavit. Thank you Joanne Peyton

CAMPBELL, HOBSON posted by Ernest Campbell on Sunday, November 14, 2010

I am looking for any information on Alice Gwendolyn Hobson, daughter of George B. Hobson of Greene County, Illinois, and sister to my grandmother Edith E. Hobson, on my father's (Campbell) side of the family. I know that Alice lived in Hettick, Illinois and I believe was involved as a teacher there in the 1920's, and possibly 1930's. Any help or direction that you could send me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time. Sincerely, Ernest Campbell [email protected]

WORDEN posted by Ben Worden on Sunday, November 14, 2010

I am looking for more information that Adelbert J. Worden is buried in Virden Cemetery. The honor roll mentions that he is and an old cem book mentions that he is but that is all I have. I do not have a place of death or when he died. He with his family was found in the 1870 census record of Township 12 Range 6 in Macoupin Co., Illinois. The post office was Virden. His parents are James Paine Worden & Luffany Crandall. His siblings are Geoge H., Oney & Addie. He is a Civil War Veteran. He enlisted into Company C. of the 48th NY Infantry on 1/11/1865 and discharged on 7/17/1865 for a disability at McDougall General Hospital, NY Harbor. Then it looks like he reenlisted into the 19th NY Cav. which then became the 1 NY Dragoons.

JOHNSON, SMITH posted by Judy Atkisson on Friday, March 18, 2011

My ggg grandfather was John Wesley Johnson, born abt 1818 and died 2/4/1865. I know nothing abt him before he was married to Missouri Ann Smith on 1/3/1850. Have copies of records where estate went through probate. Just saw a photograph of his tombstone in the Piasa Cemetery which gave me another clue to research but I don�t know where to start. He was apparently a Mason as the Masonic emblem is on his headstone. I am curious to know if any records might be available that far back and if they might include information on where he was born (census records show IL) and what his parents� names were. If anyone knows how to locate those records, please let me know. Thanks

KILLAM, LAWRENCE, MCDANIEL, POCKLINGTON, ROSS, WATSON posted by Karen Morton on Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am researching the descendants of James Pocklington born Yorkshire UK 1791 died 1859 Macoupin. He married Mary Sissons (2nd wife) 1824 . They had 2 children in Macoupin John Wesley b 1834 and Elizabeth Lawrence b1837. JOHN WESLEY Pocklington born 6.6.1834 married Martha McDaniel in 1856 and they had 4 children JAMES W , REBECCA J, DAVID W, AND GEORGE W JAMES W was born in 1856 HOOVER POINT. ELIZABETH LAWRENCE POCKLINGTON married Erastmus Herman ROSS and died in 1.5.1918 JAMES POCKLINGTON's first wife was Hannah Watson and they had a son Martin born 5 12 1819 but Hannah died in 1822. Martin Pocklington came to America with hs father and new wife around 1826/27 . Martin married Malissa Anderson from Carlinville and they had 6 children John W b 1840, James W b 1841, Hannah E b 1842 ,George W 1844, Sarah A b 1846, and Thomas W b 1849. James pocklington born 1840 married (Mattie) Martha L Killam born 1848 in 1869 in Macoupin County and they are both buried in the Killam Cemetry outside South Palmyra along with the other Killam family members. I am particularly interested in finding out the connection with the Lawrence surname . Is this a connecton to Hannah Watson's family ...her mothers maiden name? Any help finding the next layer of descendants for any of the above would be appreciated. Karen Morton

RUE posted by Maureen Smith on Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My great, great, grandfather, John M. Rue, enlisted in the Civil War showing that he lived in Virden, IL at the time. I can find the Rue family in 1850 in the Monmouth County, Manalapan Township, New Jersey Census, but I can't find the rest of John M's family in Illinois yet. I do find the family in Marion County, Iowa after the Civil War. The parents of John M. Rue, were Joseph R. Rue and Cornelia Mount-Rue. John M. had an older brother, William M. Rue, who I have found living with his sister in the 1860's but I don't know if he was in the Civil War also or not. I'm still filling in the pieces. I have a copy of John M. Rue's Civil War certificate and also a history of his company. John M. also had two sisters, Rebecca Ann Rue-Craig, and Sarah Jane Rue (who died at the age of 19). I think that a tanning factory at Hightstown, New Jersey closed down and that may have been the reason why the family moved west. My great, great, great, grandfather, Joseph R., is listed as being a tanner on the 1850 Census. What is interesting is that I inherited "tanning instructions" that my brother had gotten from my grandfather. I'm wondering where the instructions originally came from. John M. Rue married Martha Ann Bell and had two children, Sarah Ellen Rue and Earl Elmer Rue. In October of last year I became a member of the Daughters of Civil War Union Veterans (DUVCW) and in February of last year, I joined the DAR ( Were you wanting to know any information in particular? I think that the Rue side of my family tracks back to a Matthew Rue (LaRue) who was a Revolutionary War Patriot (1st Monmouth Militia, Captain Hankison's Company - New Jersey), but I'm still doing research on it. My first Patriot for the DAR was Jacob Miller Jr. (Frontier Ranger). Regards, Maureen Smith

SPRINGER, WEATHERFORD, WHITE posted by Jo Davis on Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Information on Joseph White a well known Baptist preacher who died in 1861 was a well known Baptist, I have been told. He moved to IL from TN. I am told that he renewed his license or something like that at Wolf River Meeting House in 1823, 1824 and some years later when he moved to IL, he was married to Natichia and she died cr. 1840 He then married Martha Jane weatherford 5 Jul 184. Martha was born in Kentucky. One of their daughters Julia Anna married Dennis Springer. Is there anywhere that has information on preachers.

FOSTER, HART posted by Robert Foster on Wednesday, September 14, 2011

John William Foster, b. Nov. 1851 in Carroll Co., Arkansas m. Emma Jane Hart 1878 in Morgan Co., Illinois. They were in Macoupin Co. by 1910. John Moved to Mower Co., Minnesota and died there in 1929. His body was interred at Girard Twp. Cemetery. The census records from 1880 through 1910 give his birthplace as Illinois, but I know that he was born in Arkansas to Richard Foster and Sarah (name unknown). The 1930 Census in Minnesota gives birthplace as Arkansas. Three of his sons lived and died in Macoupin Co. They were Herman, George Richard, and Floyd. His father died in Arkansas and his mother returned to Illinois. They were In Greene Co., Illinois in 1870. I�d like to know more about John�s ancestors. In particular who his father�s parents were.

XNONE posted by Gloria Frazier on Saturday, August 4, 2012

X - There are no surnames starting with x.

FINLEY, WILDER, WYLDER posted by Terri Vinas on Thursday, August 23, 2012

I would like to find the burial places for: Matilda Wylder/Wilder: died January 17,1897 in Modesto, Il Greenberry Wylder/Wilder: Died before 1860? Zuriah Finley: Died 1842 (according to A Black Hawk War Veteran Thank you

SWEENEY posted by Jim McMillan on Thursday, August 23, 2012

I am researching the family of John Steele Sweeney (1834-1908). John moved to Illinois around 1854. His father (Guyrn Emerson Sweeney) and grandfather Job Sweeney moved to Illinois shortly after John, about 1855. All three generations of these Sweeneys (Job, Guyrn and John) were ministers for the Christian Churches that were founded by Alexander Campbell. In census records, ministers of that group are sometimes called Campbellites. John had a younger brother named Zachary Taylor Sweeney (1849-1926), who also became a Christian Church minister after he attended Eureka College. He spent several years in Scottville, per this biographical sketch: "When he had attained the age of six years [this would be 1855 JLM], his father moved to Macoupin County, Illinois. Here the son attended the public schools until he was fifteen years of age, when he entered a seminary at Scottville, Illinois, where he laid the foundation for a collegiate education. His father being a poor man, and unable to furnish him the money with which to attend college, the son obtained the requisite funds for this purpose by teaching. He attended Eureka College, Eureka, Illinois, for a short time in 1868, and afterwards entered Asbury University, Greencastle, Indiana, in which institution he remained for three years." Job Sweeney passed away in 1871 while the family was living in Scottville. His wife Martha survived him and apparently was the executrix of his will. Their names are listed in the probate index here: References in other sources from that time (1850s to 1870s) mention a Christian Church congregation in Scottvile with G. E. Sweeney as minister. As late as 1915, when N. S. Haynes compiled his "History of the Disciples of Christ in Illinois 1819 -1914," there was an existing Disciples (= Christian Church or possibly Church of Christ) congregation at Scottville, with a membership of 160 and property valued at $3,000.00, indicating a church building. I am wondering if there any historical references in Macoupin county histories about the Macoupin county relatives of John Steele Sweeney. Are there any records about the closing of the Scottville Christian Church? Any guesses about what cemetery in Macoupin county Job Sweeney might have been buried in? I am quite willing to share the references I have about the Scottvile activites of the Sweeneys. Making that information available on your site might allow me to connect to others who have more information about people who have roots in the Christian Church. I have a nice reference library of Christian Church periodical indexes and am willing to check those resources for references to other people's ancestors if they have a Christian Church/Disciples connection. My John Steele Sweeney blog (link below) has some more information about John, G. E., Job and Z. T. Sweeney.

DODSON, TERPENING, TURKNEY, TURPENING posted by Natha Lee Bilash on Monday, March 25, 2013

Can someone help me to find old school records if any are available. My ggrandfather Benjamin Franklin Dodson and family lived in South Palmyra Township from 1871 to 1880. I need to find a record with the name of my ggrandmother Julia on it. I need a marriage or death date for Julia. My grandmother was born 1871, so she would have been in school during some of those years. I have a birth record for Woney born Mar 11, 1878 in Macoupin County, daughter of Julia Turkney and Benjamin Franklin Dodson. I believe this should be Julia Terpening (Turpening ). Woney was a sister of my grandmother. I can't recall the name of the Doctor who recorded the birth of the daughter Woney.

HARRIS, WOHLERT posted by Tim Lake on Friday, May 3, 2013

I am trying to find information about the Harris family of Bunker Hill in 1940. Arthur Farr Harris and Nellie Ellen Wohlert Harris. Their son, Victor Arthur Harris, was killed as the pilot of a plane that crashed in Western New York State in 1951. I am researching his background as part of a book on three plane crash events of 1951. Siblings of 1951 deceased Victor Arthur Harris: Laura, Elaine and Virgil Harris. Virgil born about 1927. Victor Arthur Harris born about 1924. 1940 census shows the Harris family living in Bunker Hill. I need to find some more history on the family other than what I can find on census reports and military records. Any tips on tracking down family of Virgil Harris would be greatly appreciated.

KLAUZER, PLETERSKI posted by Steven E. Klauser on Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I am interested in the genealogy of either surname. I am the grandson of Josef and Mary KLAUZER. Josef's sister, Helen, married Frank PLETERSKI in Staunton.

FRANCE posted by Erik Donald France on Friday, November 15, 2013

Any info. on Mine No. 2 and Progressive Coal Miners of America. Researching: France and related families I have an site/ Thank you!

ALLEN, HEIGERT, HUNDLEY posted by Ruth Hundley on Monday, August 18, 2014

Looking for anyone Hundley / Allen / Heigert of Staunton relations on back in county. Would love to hear from you. Ruth in O'Fallon, IL

AYDELOTTE, WILLIAMSON posted by Daniel Williamson on Sunday, February 5, 2017

Seeking information on two surnames; Aydelotte and Williamson. My ggg-grandfather, David Williamson, died on September 5, 1845 and is buried at the Maple Lawn Cemetery near Medora, Illinois. My ggg-grandmother, Rachael (Comption) Williamson remarried Andrew Jackson Aydelotte. This Aydelotte family has been subsequently lost from the family history. Any information on their life and death would be greatly appreciated.

HILYARD posted by Suzanne Kaspar on Sunday, February 5, 2017

I am a descendant of the Hilyard family. My Mother was Patsy Joan Hilyard, daughter of Harry M HIlyard and Genevieve Lyles HIlyard. There are very few left with the last name of Hilyard, but I tracked them to Joseph HIlyard who married Elizabeth Morris of VA whose grandfather is my DAR patriot. William Morris. The HiIyards also settled in Missouri where they still reside and there was also a group who traveled the Oregon Trail to go find gold in California. We still have descendants there. The Hilyards were considered well to do in Bunker Hill and have a long history of being barbers.

MCDANIEL, TANNER posted by George McDaniel on Sunday, February 5, 2017

My gggrandmother was named Jennette (spelling uncertain) Tanner who was born in Indiana about 1820 and according to her obit �grew to womanhood� in Carlinville. There she met my gggrandfather, Cavil M. McDaniel who was born in Tennessee in 1811 and at some point came with his family to Carlinville. His father was John S. McDaniel. Jennette and Cavil were married about 1834 and in 1836 moved to Iowa. I am seeking formation about them, especially the names of her parents. Apparently at least one other part of that generation of McDaniels was in Carlinville for time before they too came to Iowa. I would appreciate any help you can give me. A more general question is why did people come to Carlinville in the 1820 and 1830s? Was there mining, agriculture? Thank you. George W. McDaniel

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