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2021 Jan 20

I am a descendant of Amos Baldwin CULP and Clora DAVIS. I'm looking for more information on both their parents. I am the great-great-granddaughter of their son Amos Daniel CULP. Any information would be appreciated.

I don't know much at all about Clora DAVIS except her husband was Benjamin DAVIS, so DAVIS was her married name.

My Amos Baldwin CULP was born somewhere in North Carolina in 1801 or 1804. He died in 1885 in Macoupin County. All the names of his children match so he is the grandfather in Benjamin's story [1904 Benjamin CULP biography]. His son Daniel was actually Amos Daniel CULP, who was my ancestor.

I have Amos Baldwins CULP's parents as William CULP and Mary (BALDWIN) CULP. My William CULP was the father of Amos Baldwin CULP so the William CULP in [the 1904 William CULP biography] is a cousin of my line.

Amos Baldwin CULP's wife was Jane DAVIS born in 1811 in North Carolina. She died in Brighton, Illinois in 1880.

Eliza (CULP) COFFEE, who married Henry COFFEE [mentioned in 1904 Henry M. COFFEE biography], was the daughter of my Amos and Jane CULP.

Thank you,
Debra Carlson

2020 Sep 09

My cousin, Dannell Aukerman, may have made contact with Macoupin county several years ago in reference to our shared family ancestry in Greene and Macoupin counties, from 1820 until around 1888. In case she hasn't, here's our genealogical information on John P Ward, my GGGF. I'd be interested in learning anything more about his life and associations in that county, if possible. Very pleased to make your acquaintance,
Scott A. "Scotty" Ward

2019 Dec 04

Piecing things together here’s how I think things unfolded:
1. Alfred William Robinson (1872-1949) marries Emily Jane Sawyer in the 1890s. They have two children together; Francis Alfred born about 1897 and Edward Victor born about 1901.
2. At the same time, Nellie Jane Robinson (1878-1952) is married to Alfred James. They have two children together; Annie born about 1909 and William George Manning born October 1, 1911, in Carlinville, Ill.
3. Emily Jane Robinson (nee Sawyer) dies.
4. Alfred James dies June 9, 1912.
5. Alfred Robinson marries Nellie Jane James (nee Robinson) in 1914 in Salmon Arm, BC (Nellie’s name is given as Nellie J. James and both are widowed). They have one child together; Arthur Kenneth Robinson born about 1916.
1914 marriage registration for Alfred Robinson and Nellie James
1921 Canada Census
1935 marriage registration for Edward Victor Robinson
1949 death registration for Alfred William Robinson giving spouse’s name as Nellie Robinson (birth date of 1877 differs from headstone date of 1872)
1952 death registration (transcription) for Nellie Jane Robinson giving spouse’s name as Alfred William Robinson
1998 death registration for William George Manning James giving his mother’s name as Nellie Jane Robinson
Find-a-Grave for Alfred William Robinson
Find-a-Grave for Nellie Jane James Robinson

Thanks, Charlotte Gorley

2019 Nov 27

I'm hoping to find a birth record from Carlinville, Illinois for 1911 but I'm having trouble determining where I should be looking. The birth is for William George Manning James, born October 1, 1911. I think his parents were William George James and Nellie Jane Robinson but that is one thing I'd like to confirm with a birth record.

I’ve just found William’s obituary. I’m thinking that his mother, Nellie Jane first married William George James. Maybe she was widowed. Then I think she married Alfred William Robinson.

If William George was born in Carlinville, Illinois, then it’s likely that the older children were too. However, If Alfred Robinson and Nellie James (both widowed) were married in 1914 in Canada, then Arthur Kenneth would be the only child they had together.

Alfred would have had the following with his first wife: Francis Alfred born around 1897; Edward Victor born around 1901. Nellie would have had the following with her first husband: Annie born around 1909; William born Oct 1, 1911. How can I find the birth records for Francis and Edward, presumably born in Illinois?

Thanks for your advice, Charlotte Gorley

2019 May 15

I am seeking any infomation on "Hark WEST" ?Hartwell. He lived in this area in 1870. He was a horse trainer. His wife was Jemima WEST. He was African American.
Thank you. Charlotte E. Johnson

2019 Feb 18

Does anyone else have info on BOSTON, SHERRILL, DAVIS families?

I decend from Beverly B. Boston (the Elder) via his son, Rueban N Boston, and Rueban's wife, Nancy Sherrell, via their daughter, Elizabeth Ann Boston, who married B C Davis 29 Aug 1872 Macoupin co Ill. Their daughter, Ballie Esther Davis, married Harry Thomas Brokaw 26 Sep 1906 in Montgonery co. These are my great grands. Their daughter, Letta LaVerne Brokaw, married Euegene Thomas Evans in Madison co Ill. Their son, Larry K Evans, was born 1930 and died 1988.

Thank-you for any info or guidance,
Denise (Evans) Hanson

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